Yu She

Summary: Being showered with a hot cup of tea like it was a bowl of dog’s blood.
The snake demon could not keep calm. After biting, he realized that, in fact, there wasn’t a difference between biting and not biting.
This man was going to die.

Table of Content:

Translator’s rambling:

It’s angsty.

10 thoughts on “Yu She

  1. Hi, may I translate your translation, Yu She into indonesian? Ofc I will give the link to reach your translation. I will wait for your replay

    Thank you ^ ^

    1. The English translation is only on chapter 8, so did you read it in Chinese? How many volumes/chapters are there?

  2. Hello! Thanks for the translation. Could you ask if I could do a translation of this Novel into Spanish? If one already exists, no problem.

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