IDWYR – 95 – 97

I’m sorry to disappoint you guys, but this isn’t an update, but a post to announce that Chapter 95 to 97 are out because I haven’t officially published this post, yet somewhere it was linked to NU and I guess many readers have already read them.

What about the next chapter and so on?

Chapter 98 to 101 are done! I’m working on Chapter 102 and 103 at the moment. Chapter 98 will be out tentatively next week and the update will resume!

Thank you for your patient!

See ya!

4 thoughts on “IDWYR – 95 – 97

  1. Now why would I be disappointed when you’re already making progress on the translation? Even if I’m late to know, I’m still glad that you’re finally back.
    The only thing that I’m disappointed is that I can’t comment on the last chapter.
    Dunno why.
    My profile was recognised and I was able to write a comment. But when I hit the Reply button, I got an Error report, saying I should be logging in.

    1. ohhh, hahaah hello Zo! Thanks for the patient! and also for the feedback, I’m clueless about managing this site, perhaps I did something to the web unknowingly!

  2. Awww….thank you so much for your new update..looking forward you lots 😍😍

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