IDWYR – 98

Chapter 98: Ee~ My sons are so ugly ah!

“I will get the doctor!” Ling Zhanyi wanted to get up but Su Ziyang stopped him and softly said, “No… Stay here and accompany me…”

Listening to Su Ziyang’s soft and squirming tone akin to being coquetry, Ling Zhanyi felt that his heart had melted into a puddle of spring water. He chimed, “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll stay here with you. I am not going anywhere else.” In between his words, Ling Zhanyi clasped his free hand and planted a gentle kiss on it. He even rubbed his cheek against it repeatedly and looked at Su Ziyang with an ever more doting look.

After all, Su Ziyang had suffered a big loss in his vitality and was weak, he soon fell asleep under Ling Zhanyi’s warm gaze despite having just woken up.

When he woke up again, it was evening.

Ling Zhanyi was still keeping watch beside his bed. When Su Ziyang saw the dark eyes circles below his eyes, he grew worried. “Didn’t you sleep well these few days?” 

“I don’t dare to sleep when you haven’t woken up, but it’s fine, this is nothing compared to your suffering.” Ling Zhanyi smiled as he said.

“I slept for a few days?” Su Ziyang blinked, he was in a much better state as compared to this afternoon.

“Counting today, it has been four days since you slept.” Ling Zhanyi put his hand on Su Ziyang’s belly and asked, “Is it still painful?” 

“…It hurts a little when I breathe, but I’m much better now.” Su Ziyang looked around and noticed that there were only two of them in the ward so he curiously asked, “Where’re our babies?”

Ling Zhanyi suddenly came back to his senses as if he had just remembered about his sons. He scratched the back of his head and a slightly awkward and forced smile appeared on his face. “I was too busy keeping watch of you that I forgot about our sons. Dad and Mom have been taking care of them for these two days.” 

“…” Although Su Ziyang was somewhat speechless, he was still more touched and gratified. 

Ling Zhanyi didn’t leave him here to accompany their sons, that was to say, in Ling Zhanyi’s heart, he was more important than their sons. He loved him the most and didn’t get together with him because of their children…

“Who… do they resemble?” Su Ziyang’s eyes twinkled as he looked at Ling Zhanyi. Now that he was talking about it, he himself didn’t look that bad, he wondered who their sons would look like. He hoped their sons would look like him but when he looked at Ling Zhanyi, he felt that looking like Ling Zhanyi was pretty good too. Of course, it would be best if their sons inherit both of their merits. 

Ling Zhanyi scratched his cheeks in embarrassment and mumbled, “I haven’t gotten the chance to see them…” 

“…” Su Ziyang rolled his eyes. “I’m really suspecting whether you were with me when I gave birth. You didn’t even see a glimpse of them?” 

Ling Zhanyi curled his lips in grievant. “I was worried about you! Why would I have the heart to bother about those two little brats! They made you suffer so much, I can’t be bothered to look at them!”

Su Ziyang cast a side glance at Ling Zhanyi, but somehow, Ling Zhanyi could see that playfulness behind it, and it made him feel like his soul had been lured. 

Su Ziyang recalled that when he was half-conscious, he heard Ling Zhanyi mentioning that he would hit the two little kids’ butts and became a little worried. Had this guy really hit them? Would he bear to?

“Did you really hit our sons?” Su Ziyang asked curiously.

With a curl of his lips, Ling Zhanyi smiled. “Make a guess?”

“You are so violent, you definitely bear to. Hmph, our sons are bullied by you right after they arrived in the world. Our positions in your heart will only get lower and lower in the future right?” Su Ziyang deliberately asked.

Ling Zhanyi smiled as he bent forward to kiss Su Ziyang on the lips before proudly saying, “You’re wrong. How could I bear to hit them? I was just making you anxious in the first place so that you won’t keep sleeping. You don’t know how scared I was at that time. I’m afraid you won’t want me anymore.” Ling Zhanyi’s expression became serious along with some fearfulness.

“I haven’t let you serve me enough, why would I let you off?” Su Ziyang reproached.

Ling Zhanyi grew elated. “Yes, then, Lord Wife, order me whenever you have any needs, I promise to meet your wishes!”

“I want to see our sons.” Su Ziyang implored as he blinked at Ling Zhanyi, making him look somewhat pitiful.

He was definitely selling meng!

Ling Zhanyi’s head was getting dizzy from being shocked by the electric coming from his blinkings. “I’ll call Mom and ask her to bring our sons here for you to see.”

“Why don’t you go instead?” Su Ziyang was puzzled.

“I’ll have to accompany Lord Wife!” Ling Zhanyi answered confidently and fished his phone out to call Mother Ling. “Mom, Ziyang is awake and feels much better now. He wants to see the kids. You and Dad bring them here!”

“Alright! Alright! By the way, now that Ziyang is awake, ask him what he wants to eat. Have him drink more brown sugar water and also eat more eggs. This is to supplement the body. He really used up a lot of energy this time around, if he doesn’t nourish himself, it’s easy for him to fall sick.” At this moment, Zhan Huashan was taking care of her grandsons with Ling Tianxiao at the nursery. When they heard that Su Ziyang had awakened and wished to see his sons, they certainly had to satisfy his wish.

As a mother-in-law, she didn’t forget to make sure that her son-in-law would be properly nourished and enthusiastically told Ling Zhanyi to take good care of Su Ziyang.

“En, I understand.” Ling Zhanyi hung up the call and asked Su Ziyang, “Wife, are you hungry? What would you like to eat? Mom said that you have to drink more brown sugar water and eat more eggs.”

Su Ziyang pursed his lips. “You know that I don’t like to eat eggs…”

“Okay, okay, no eggs, then let’s drink more brown sugar water and milk, okay?” Ling Zhanyi consulted with his lord wife.

Su Ziyang nodded. “En. I’m really thirsty.”

“I’ll pour you some water.” Ling Zhanyi released Su Ziyang’s hand and went to the table. There were plenty of plastic bags and fast-food boxes in them. Ling Zhanyi just took a few mouthfuls and threw them there these days. He hadn’t had time to clean up. In addition, there were many nourishing things in the plastic bag, such as brown sugar and red dates, which were what Zhan Huashan had bought from the supermarket below the hospital after seeing her grandsons.

Ling Zhanyi poured a bowl of water for Su Ziyang, mixed a lot of brown sugar, stirred it well, and poured it back and forth with two bowls as this would make it cool faster. He then carried it forward after testing out the temperature.

Su Ziyang wanted to sit up but Ling Zhanyi hurriedly stopped him. “Don’t move. Be careful, your wound might tear…”

Su Ziyang’s face turned red and he lay still. Ling Zhanyi looked for a bigger spoon and fed him patiently spoon by spoon.

After drinking half a bowl, the door was pushed open. Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan came in with a baby in their arms respectively.

Su Ziyang wanted to get up again. “Dad, Mom…”

“Ah– lie still!” Zhan Huashan hurried and took two steps to stop Su Ziyang. “How do you feel? Does it still hurt?”

Su Ziyang shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore…” While talking, his eyes fell on the baby in Zhan Huashan’s arms. Zhan Huashan hurriedly leaned over to let Su Ziyang see. “Come here and see your son. Is he cute or not?”

Ling Xiaotian also came over. He hunched beside the bed and showed the baby in his arms to him. “Look at him too. They look the same. If I were not there with your mother every day, I might not know which one is the elder brother and which one is the younger brother!”

Ling Zhanyi put down the bowl of brown sugar water and came to take a look. This was the first time he was seeing his sons.

However, Ling Zhanyi was shocked– the two of them were wrinkled like a bun, so ugly! Both him and Su Ziyang were very handsome, how could their sons be so ugly?

“How ugly!” Ling Zhanyi accidentally slipped out and sighed, “Was there a mutation?”

Zhan Huashan shot a sharp glare at him. “Go away! What do you know! Babies look like this when they are just born. You were not as good-looking as my grandchildren when you were a baby!”

Su Ziyang was amused by this mother and son’s words. His yearning gaze stopped at his two sons. Indeed, these two little guys were a little ugly at the moment, but they were, after all, his flesh and blood. No matter how he looked at them, he still adored them terribly.

Both of them were very obedient, they were sleeping soundly with their eyes closed, entirely ignoring how their dad, ‘mom’, and grandparents were judging them. 

In this instant, as he looked at his sons flowing with his blood, Su Ziyang felt unparalleled happiness.

This previous suffering he had endured all came to naught.

So it turned out that while there was misery, there was also happiness too.

As the family started conversing in the ward, the babies began to wail.

Zhan Huashan had an especially good experience in this field. “They are hungry. We will take these two little babies to feed them. Ziyang, have a good rest. After we’ve fed these two little guys, we’ll bring them back to you…”

“Thanks, Dad and Mom…” Su Ziyang knew that during his recovery period, Ling Zhanyi would definitely be taking care of him, so the task of taking care of the two little guys naturally fell on his parents. Babies weren’t stable, they would cry in a moment and defecate in the next second. It would definitely be tiring for them.

“Look at what you’re saying, didn’t you say that a family shouldn’t speak polite words to each other? You are a great hero of our family. It’s the most important thing for Zhanzhan to serve you well and let your body recover fast. Your dad and I are free anyway. Besides, we also like to look after the kids for you, they are our grandsons after all. We aren’t tired or fear hardships, in fact, we are glad to do it!”

During the conversation, the baby in Zhan Huashan’s arms cried even louder. Zhan Huashan hurriedly swayed her arms like a cradle and coaxed him. She then smiled at Su Ziyang and said, “Ziyang, take good care of your body and don’t overthink. I am bringing the children out, Husband, let’s go, yours is crying fiercely too. Let’s quickly feed them!”

Seeing the two elderly leaving with his sons, Su Ziyang reluctantly retracted his gaze.

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help asking softly upon seeing that Su Ziyang was a little down, “What’s the matter, wife? You can’t bear to part with them?”

“No… If only I could feed them milk… ” Su Ziyang was still spaced-out and had accidentally spoken his thought. He looked down with embarrassment and turned his head to the side, not daring to look at Ling Zhanyi.

How could he say such a thing? Ling Zhanyi would certainly laugh at him…

“It’s a miracle that you can give birth to them, and yet you still want to produce milk?” Ling Zhanyi grinned as expected. He reached closer and put his hand into Su Ziyang’s spacious collar. “How about I check for Lord Wife if there is any milk here?”

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