TVITB – 25

Chapter 25: To Forget Previous Differences

Xu Xingzhi was trembling from the scorching heat like he was a swaying aquatic grass in a boiling mire that even the alkaline soil beneath had heated up from the immersion. There was a furious blaze igniting in his chest, almost burning him to ashes.

The more the blazing flames burned, the more intense it became, making Xu Xingzhi’s internals churn rapidly to the verge of throwing up from the dizziness.

At this moment, there was only a name left in Xu Xingzhi’s scorched consciousness, struggling and resisting among the flames.

He was his only protector in the wilderness and also the person who swore to never hurt him.

“Meng Chongguang!” Xu Xingzhi called out, amid his trembling, “…Meng Chongguang!!”

That monster that had sucked his filling of the liquid between his legs and was about to enter, suddenly ceased moving.

Almost instantaneously, that thick and solid monster expectedly retreated in unwillingness after turning its tendrils, and Xu Xingzhi’s arms that had been lifted high up regained freedom.

In his exhausted state, he fell sideways, but was caught in a warm embrace before he touched the ground.

Like a drowning person that had been fished out from the water, there were thunderous noises roaring in his ears, and it took some time before he could hear clearly again. “Senior Brother? Wake up, Senior Brother!”

Xu Xingzhi couldn’t exert any strength. He leaned his limp body on Meng Chongguang’s shoulder and asked hoarsely, “…How did you find this place?”

“Don’t talk first.” Meng Chongguang removed Xu Xingzhi’s wet clothes quickly, before untying his clothes and draping them onto his shoulder. “I will bring Senior Brother out to detoxify the poison.”

The last intact string in Xu Xingzhi’s mind snapped upon hearing this. His body and hip clung softly onto Meng Chongguang’s body. He suddenly realized that this felt abnormally cooling, so he proactively pressed closer to Meng Chongguang, this old tree, and unhurriedly rubbed against him.

Meng Chongguang gulped loudly and his lips pursed into a pale straight line. “Senior Brother!”

Xu Xingzhi confidently replied, “Hot.” 

Meng Chongguang’s face was turning distorded from enduring. “Senior Brother, be good, don’t move…” He held onto Xu Xingzhi’s elbows and pulled them towards his neck. “Hug me. Put your hands here…”

Losing his balance from having his hands removed, Xu Xingzhi couldn’t sit properly and fell backwards. Meng Chongguang rushed to shield his head but ended up falling together with him.

Two pairs of lips collided fiercely together.

Meng Chongguang straightened up and saw that a spot of Xu Xingzhi’s lip was broken, and from that spot, a big and round drop of blood had seeped out. It hung at that pair of red lips that had been intoxicated with desire, seemingly dripping but neither too.

Meng Chongguang couldn’t resist anymore. He held Xu Xingzhi’s chin ferociously, forcing the disoriented person to raise his head slightly upwards before ruthlessly kissing him.

Following Meng Chongguang’s burst of emotion, countless vines rose sharply from the ground and grew barbarously, weaving an unruly cage around the two people.

The beast delicately savored his captured prey in the cage and enjoyed such a blatant intimate touch, as two pairs of lips and tongues lightly rubbed against each other and slid interactively.

But the beast wasn’t willing to hurt the prey even a fraction despite this opportunity.

What he liked was a sober prey, but Xu Xingzhi was unconscious, he couldn’t cry and scream.

What he liked was a clean prey, but there was a stranger’s perfume on Xu Xingzhi, perhaps he also had her fingerprints from her fondling. That was truly dirty.

But these weren’t the most important.

What he liked the most was the lovable Senior Brother who would hug him and say, “Meng Chongguang, if you have the ability, fuck me until I cry ah. Pei.

…However, Senior Brother still hadn’t forgiven him.

He had to wait until Senior Brother forgave him before he could enjoy the best happiness in the world with him.

…However, if Senior Brother made any mistake, for instance, intending to kill him or mentioning that wretched Jiu Zhideng, then it was still alright for him to give him a small punishment in his dreams.

When Xu Xingzhi woke up, the sash on his eyes had been removed.

At the moment, he was seated in a hot spring pool with red and pink petals floating around which was obviously a woman’s preference.

Xu Xingzhi moved his body, feeling strength returning to his body. The compelling burning sensation in his body had also vanished completely. Other than the soreness in his waist, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

But Xu Xingzhi clearly remembered that before he fainted, he had been tied up by several soft yet strong strange objects. Those strange objects eagerly treated his body like a canvas, shamelessly adding details with each stroke.

At that time, the heat had fogged his mind and he simply couldn’t comprehend what those were. But now that he thought about it again, they were rather similar to the vines that had repeatedly appeared in his spring dreams.

…Then, what happened afterwards?

Xu Xingzhi stood up and was about to clean himself with the water when a big cat suddenly jumped from behind and hugged his neck despite his wetness. “Senior Brother!”

If It wasn’t for Xu Xingzhi’s stable footstep and Meng Chongguang who wasn’t that heavy, it might be unavoidable for them to fall straight into the water together and become drenched and bedraggled.

Even so, Xu Xingzhi was also going to spit blood from his strangling. “Wet, I am wet.”

But Meng Chongguang still continued to embrace him and refused to let go. He even acted childishly. “I’m not afraid.”

He rested his cheeks on Xu Xingzhi’s shoulder. “Senior Brother looks so good like this.”

With that, he cautiously sneaked out his tongue and stole a few drops of water like an oil stealing rat1 from Xu Xingzhi’s defined collarbone that could hold several copper coins when he was off guard.

Xu Xingzhi was helpless. “Could you let your Senior Brother wear his pants first?”

While Meng Chongguang didn’t show many reactions, Xu Xingzhi was flushed red upon the mention of pants.

Meng Chongguang hopped down from Xu Xingzhi and obediently waded to the shore. He took his robe and threw it to Xu Xingzhi before sitting at the side and looking at him seriously.

Xu Xingzhi felt his skin prickle from his stare. He pulled the robe over and only replied after wiping himself, “Where is the towel?”

Meng Chongguang had his arms crossed as he swiftly replied, “That woman’s belongings are dirty. Senior Brother should use mine.”

It wasn’t like this was Meng Chongguang’s close-fitting clothes, it was just an outer robe. Xu Xingzhi wasn’t a particular person, so making do with the circumstances, he wiped himself with it.

He asked as he wiped, “Is this her pool?”

“It’s not.” Meng Chongguang pointed to the piping hot spring water several feet away. “This is newly dug out by me and I have filled it up with the mountain’s spring water. I picked all those flower petals too, thinking that Senior Brother would definitely be delighted to see this when he wakes up…. Does Senior Brother like it?”

Xu Xingzhi: “…What a waste. Why don’t you use her pool?”

Meng Chongguang’s smile was as beautiful as a flower. “It’s filthy, it doesn’t matter if it’s not used.”

Xu Xingzhi wiped his body dry and threw the robe back to him. “What do I wear?”

On Meng Chongguang’s fingers, there were some storage rings used by the sects. Having heard Xu Xingzhi’s question, he lifted the Dushan Jade, and a light shone out. From the light, Meng Chongguang took out one of the clothes inside and placed it beside the pool.

That was actually a complete set of dry and soft Fengling Mountain’s uniform. He could tell it was brand new from its appearance.

At least, Xu Xingzhi thought that this was Meng Chongguang’s but after he wore it, he realized that other than the underpants being slightly loose, everything else fitted perfectly.

Meng Chongguang’s eyes were shining. “Senior Brother still looks the best in this.”

Xu Xingzhi pulled at the lapel and then turned back to look at the length. He kind of knew it in his heart. “Pretty good… By the way, this is mine, right?”

Meng Chongguang lied through his teeth. “It’s mine.”

Xu Xingzhi keenly pointed out. “Only the underpants are yours.”

Meng Chongguang didn’t expect Xu Xingzhi to see through him, and his handsome face flushed badly. He bowed his head and peeled his nails, refusing to speak.

But Xu Xingzhi who had guessed correctly wasn’t very happy, especially regarding the spacious sensation at his crotch area. For a man, there was nothing more clear about this mockery.

….But it didn’t matter as to whom this pants belonged to as long as it was clean.

Xu Xingzhi wore his clothes properly and borrowed a bronze mirror that Huang Shanyue had placed here to tidy his hair. Meng Chongguang obediently stood behind to help him.

Since just now, Meng Chongguang had been obediently quiet, but that didn’t mean Xu Xingzhi wouldn’t question him.

Xu Xingzhi asked, “…How did you get here? “

Meng Chongguang combed Xu Xingzhi’s hair with his fingers.

When Xu Xingzhi thought that he was going to lie again, he combed aside Xu Xingzhi’s hair and gently tapped his neck. “I’ve buried some spiritual energy here. Wherever Senior Brother goes, there will always be a line connecting to Chongguang.”

Xu Xingzhi turned his back and lifted up his long hair. As expected, he saw a little red on his back neck through the bronze mirror that was glimmering.

…However, the shape of that thing was a little weird. Xu Xingzhi thought that it looked like a mark caused by sucking.

He shook his head.

After being teased by that woman, his mind was full of those shameful things.

Xu Xingzhi asked again, “Then how did I…”

“I am the one who helped Senior Brother out.” Meng Chongguang’s tone was soft, and it even sounded a little ignorant and shy. “It’s not good for your health to hold it in. Chongguang has offended Senior Brother and deserves to die, but… Senior Brother looked very comfortable, I…”

Xu Xingzhi’s face couldn’t help getting red. He interrupted him with a cough. “Alright, don’t say anymore… What happened to Huang Shanyue?”

“Huang Shanyue?” Meng Chongguang was stunned this time round. When he spoke again, his tone didn’t sound right. “…Senior Brother is really popular with women. Within such a short time, you already know her name. What else do you know about her, Senior Brother? Why don’t you say it all at once?”

Xu Xingzhi: “She is from Fengling Mountain. Did you not recognize her when you saw her just now?”

Meng Chongguang didn’t have much reaction. “Senior Brother is the only one I know in Fengling Mountain. I don’t know anyone else. Besides, she was the one who laid her hands on Senior Brother first. No matter who she is, even if she is the leader of Fengling Mountain, I will take her life.”

Based on his words, Huang Shanyue must be dead.

Although the woman had captured himself and intended to do evil, Xu Xingzhi wasn’t happy to hear the news of her death.

He bowed his head and twisted the corners of his clothes. There was still something bothering him.

Since he was in the wilderness, he had had more than one strange dream. At first, he thought that since he was over-worried, it had made him sick. However, when he was poisoned, the vines that suddenly shot out to restrain his hands and feet had a similar sensation as the strange vines in his dream.

Every time he had a dream, Meng Chongguang was always beside him. This time, the vines also appeared with Meng Chongguang’s presence.

It was so coincidental that Xu Xingzhi had to wonder whether his bad dreams were related to Meng Chongguang.

While Xu Xingzhi was in a trance, he felt a pair of arms circling from the back and reining himself tightly inside an embrace.

Meng Chongguang’s voice was very light this time, it even contained some gentleness in his begging. “…Senior Brother, let’s not quarrel any more. If we hadn’t quarrelled this time, I would not have let you fetch the water, causing you to be captured. This time it’s all Chongguang’s fault…”

The body attached to his back trembled slightly along with his tone of voice. “…If you’re dead. I will really go crazy, Senior Brother… “

Xu Xingzhi’s heart was so soft that he was about to melt away. He patted his hand that was on his chest. “Alright. Don’t be sad… Also, I didn’t know that my power had recovered. Maybe it’s because of the spirit stone rain. I can’t tell. But I didn’t lie to you about it. Believe me.”

Meng Chongguang was stunned, and his voice went up. He was excited and said, “Senior Brother, you are willing to explain so much to me? You actually are willing to…”

He released his hold and like his voice, his body also went limp.

Eventually, he was on his knees behind Xu Xingzhi. He had his head against his back, while one of his hands tightly gripped his clothes and the other circled around his waist.

Xu Xingzhi was surprised. “…Meng Chongguang?”

Meng Chongguang was like a child. He said in a low and slightly aggrieved voice, “I’m not angry because Senior Brother has deceived me.”

“I just… Just thinking about how Senior Brother would be taken away to have his cultivation root removed, I felt pained for Senior Brother. It hurt so much… Later, I discovered that Senior Brother still had spiritual energy flowing in him, I just thought that I was too stupid…”

Meng Chongguang murmured, “It’s Chongguang who has a bad temper. I’m sorry, Senior Brother. “

If it wasn’t for the medicinal power making him weak, Xu Xingzhi was afraid that he would be unable to help but turn back to take Meng Chongguang into his arms and rub his hair.

The child really made him want to dote on him.

Xu Xingzhi’s little doubts were brushed away by this topic.

…Why should he doubt Meng Chongguang’s sincerity to the original owner? How could such a child like this do disrespectful things to the actual owner?

Now that they had solved the misunderstanding, they were ready to go on the road and join the group.

Meng Chongguang led Xu Xingzhi to walk around Yangchang stone path, and eventually walked out of a thousand-year-old dead tree with him.

Xu Xingzhi looked back at the dead old banyan tree. After a while, he found out that the sand here was thick and the wind howled loudly. Compared with the landscape when Xu Xingzhi was taken away, it was a new world.

Xu Xingzhi turned his head in astonishment. “Where is this place?”

Meng Chongguang answered, “The foothills between Sealed Mountain and West Mountain.”

Xu Xingzhi: “…How far away is this place?”

Meng Chongguang pondered about it. “Around three to four hundred miles?”

Xu Xingzhi: “…Then, how did you reach here?” 

He remembered that the time taken by him to wake up to the drug-taking effect was no longer than the time taken by a joss stick to finish burning. Even if Meng Chongguang could rely on the mark on his neck to know his whereabouts, how would he make it here so fast?

Meng Chongguang smiled instead of answering him, reaching out his hands to hold Xu Xingzhi’s nape, and then he covered his eyes with his sleeves.

Xu Xingzhi: “What are you-”

Before the word “doing” could come out, Xu Xingzhi felt a burst of strong wind whistling past his ears. The surrounding scenes warped strongly before it returned back to normal.

Just as Meng Chongguang put down his sleeves, Xu Xingzhi heard Zhou Wang’s surprised voice. “Uncle, don’t be anxious! Look! Xu Xingzhi and Big Brother Meng are back!

Xu Xingzhi was stupefied, and he turned his head back to look at Meng Chongguang only to see his gleaming eyes as he spread his hands. “Senior Brother, I’ve already said I run very fast.”

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