IDWYR – 100

Chapter 100: Serving tirelessly!

In fact, Ling Zhanyi heard him but pretended not to and went in front of Su Ziyang. “Wife, what do you want to do? I didn’t hear you…”

Su Ziyang’s face went red, and he scowled as he looked at Ling Zhanyi in resentment. He gritted his teeth and raised his tone, “I said- I, want, to, pee!” 

Ling Zhanyi laughed evilly and replied, “Okay! Lord Wife please give me a moment, this one will get the chamber pot now!” 

Chamber pot…he even spoke so genteelly, tsk–

Ling Zhanyi took out the chamber pot from the bed, lifted the blanket, and removed Su Ziyang’s loose sleeping pants before carefully supporting him. “Okay, wife, you can pee now…” 

Su Ziyang tilted his head to the side to ignore Ling Zhanyi’s burning gaze. After readying himself, he began to pee.

The splashing sound made him blush uncontrollably.

By the time he was done, his face was beyond red.

Ling Zhanyi got closer to him. “Wife, are you shy?” 

“Shy your head- go and pour it away…” Su Ziyang pushed the laughing Ling Zhanyi who then went out of the ward with the pot. 

The nutrient solution in the drop was almost used up, Ling Zhanyi had specially taken a look at it before he exited. When he came back, he called the doctor to remove the needle and had him examine Su Ziyang.

“He is recovering well, however, his wound is rather big so his recovery will be slower. Before he has completely recovered, it’s better if he doesn’t eat anything. If he wants to eat, he has to consume a liquid diet to prevent another tear.” The doctor suggested, “In addition, sexual intercourse is not advised for the next three months after the patient has recovered.” 

Su Ziyang closed his eyes awkwardly. He still felt that he was a freak for using such a method to give birth to two babies.

Ling Zhanyi listened seriously and noted down whatever things the patient had to take note during the confinement period such as tonics and how to prepare them.

“When can he eat? I mean other than having a liquid diet.”

“One month later.”

“Eh?” Ling Zhanyi was surprised. “So long?”

“Yes, hence his recovery is slower. He must pay attention to his health in these four months. He mustn’t receive any shock or wear himself out.” 

“Okay, I understand. Thank you, doctor.”

After sending the doctor off, Su Ziyang looked at Ling Zhanyi with a bitter face. “I can’t eat anything for a month? I will starve…”

“Don’t worry, I will make porridge for you, I will not make you feel hungry.” Ling Zhanyi coaxed.

“Then when can I be discharged?” Su Ziyang was vexed from lying down. It was still fine when he was unconscious as he couldn’t feel anything, but now when he was awake, he could only twist and turn around and it made him sticky and uncomfortable.

Although it was early autumn now, it was still very hot.

“Probably another week more.” Ling Zhanyi replied.

Su Ziyang sighed. “I have to endure another week… I’m sure I’ll stink…”

“No you won’t, be good. Your body is too weak to make contact with water now. Bear with it. When you get home, I’ll use hot water to scrub you.”

“That is the only way…”

Su Ziyang stayed in the hospital for another nine days before he was discharged. 

During this period, he could only drink brown sugar water and milk, as well as some tonic soups and nutrient solutions. He couldn’t eat anything else as he feared that the digestion and bowel movement would bring him discomfort.

At least his wound had finally recovered.

As he didn’t eat much, Su Ziyang was still weak but he had been approved to walk around. At this point, walking no longer pulled at his wound, but he still felt strengthless and his legs giving up on him.

Ling Zhanyi was supporting him at the moment. Su Ziyang felt that he had been on the bed for so long that he had already forgotten how to walk.

“Let me carry you!” Ling Zhanyi had already intended to carry the person in his arms downstairs to the car but Su Ziyang didn’t comply with him. He wanted to take some steps by himself, saying that if he doesn’t walk anymore, he would forget how to do so.

“It is not that ridiculous, it’s because you are too weak to walk right now. Walking is a human instinct. Even if you stay in bed for a month, you can’t forget it.” Ling Zhanyi could not help saying as he leaned over and picked up the man. “Alright, don’t you want to go home? Have you not stayed enough in the hospital? Isn’t it nice for us to go home early! Don’t want to see your sons?”

Speaking of which, the two babies were fetched home on the sixth day by their parents. Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang, the biological parents of the kids, only manage to take a single look at their two sons.

When it came to his sons, Su Ziyang no longer protested and asked Ling Zhanyi to carry him.

After returning home, Ling Zhanyi still carried him from the garage to the living room.

Once inside, Su Ziyang felt as if his home had become a kindergarten.

Baby crib, baby stroller, baby bassinet walker, and all kinds of small toys were piled on the floor. The living room was no longer an elegant room with renowned paintings and antiques, instead, the two parents had replaced them with warm and lovely baby pictures stuck all over the walls.

Su Ziyang couldn’t help thinking of his former home with only two bedrooms and a living room that was only once pasted of many baby pictures by Ling Zhanyi. His lips curled into a smile and leaned close to Ling Zhanyi’s ear before softly saying, “I can see that you are the son of your parents. Your thoughts are the same!”

Ling Zhanyi thought of the pictures he had pasted at Su Ziyang’s house and responded with a smile. “Don’t you like it?”

Su Ziyang swirled his eyes. “I like it…”

How could I not like it when it looked so warm?

At the moment, Zhan Huashan was taking care of two little kids in the guest room which had also been decorated by her and Ling Xiaotian. It had been transformed into a very suitable environment for children to live in. The wallpaper was a light blue, the curtains were a light green, as for the carpets, it was a light pink and light yellow colour. There was also a dark green cushion in the middle of the floor to facilitate convenience when changing their diapers or carrying them, There were a few bright-coloured small toys scattered on the mat, which was to prepare for the children’s future eyesight training, at present, it was to coax them to sleep.

Ling Zhanyi, carrying Su Ziyang, was surprised when he passed by the guest room and saw the transformation. They looked at each other, and Su Ziyang sighed. “Dad and Mom are more amazing. This room’s transformation is so much more than the living room!”

“En, it’s called keeping one’s counsel!” Ling Zhanyi also praised.

Su Ziyang moved his body, signalling Ling Zhanyi to put him down, but Ling Zhanyi did not comply with his request. He carried him and stepped inside the room. “Mom, are they sleeping?”

Zhan Huashan lifted her fingers and shushed. Needlessly to say, those two babies were sleeping.

Su Ziyang was embarrassed to be seen in this state by their parents, but if Ling Zhanyi doesn’t let him down, there’s nothing he could do about it. He was carried to the babies’ beds before Ling Zhanyi was willing to release him, but he still had his hands around his waist. Both of them looked at the sleeping babies together.

The babies were wearing the same green outfit. Their skin was much better than when they had just been born. Their skin had opened up and was smooth and tender to touch. Ling Zhanyi stretched out his hand and lovingly rubbed his index finger against the face of the baby who was closer to him. He smiled and whispered, “They had become beautiful. When they were born, they were so ugly. I even wondered if they are my sons when I’m so handsome and elegant…”

Zhan Huashan slapped him on the head and lowered her voice. “Nonsense, if they are not your son, whose sons are they? If you don’t stop uttering nonsense, see if I will beat you!”

Ling Zhanyi laughed even more treacherously and whispered, “Mom, do I look like this when I was young? Ziyang, do you look like this when you were young?”

His fingers were still rubbing the baby’s pink cheek.

Su Ziyang shook his head. “I don’t know. But looking at their foreheads, they do resemble you a little…”

Zhan Huashan pointed to the baby’s mouth and said, “His mouth looks a little like Ziyang’s, his nose is like mine… his eyes resemble Zhanzhan… His cheeks look like Ziyang…”

“Don’t they have any areas that look like dad?” Ling Zhanyi laughed.

Zhan Huashan also smiled. “Yes, their chin looks like your father…”

“Eh?” Let dad wash cloth diapers? Don’t we have disposable ones? Why don’t we buy that instead?” Ling Zhanyi unconsciously raised his voice, causing Zhan Huashan to shoot him a glare. Ling Zhanyi hurriedly lowered his voice.

“You youngsters don’t know that disposable diapers aren’t good, it’s cloth diapers that are better. It wouldn’t cause too much harm to the baby’s thighs. Moreover, the weather is still hot and diapers have to be changed consistently, what if the babies get heat rash? It wouldn’t be good.”

“Oh… I see.” Ling Zhanyi was enlightened, and the baby that he rubbed with his index finger hummed and moved his head, seemingly showing signs of waking up. 

Zhan Huashan quickly removed his finger. “Go, go, go. Don’t make a disturbance here. They have just fallen asleep and you are waking them up.” Zhan Huashan then asked Su Ziyang, “Are you tired from the car ride? Zhanzhan, faster bring Ziyang to rest! He cannot feel exhausted, his body hasn’t recovered!”

Su Ziyang had been sitting next to them and looking at his sons silently. Hearing Zhan Huashan’s words, he still refused to leave. “Mom, I’m not tired. I want to watch them a little while longer.”

“Aiyo, alright, have a few more looks. This is our house, you will be able to see them anytime. Aren’t you tired? You still have to rest if you aren’t tired, otherwise, my heart will aches! ” Ling Zhanyi then picked him up without any explanation and walked to their bedroom. “I’m sure you’re tired after such a long drive. Let’s go rest.”

Su Ziyang was helpless, so he could only be carried away. When he looked up, he saw Zhan Huashan waving at them with a smile, indicating that they would see him later. That slightly mischievous smile of hers made Su Ziyang blush.

This family pampered him too much!

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