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Chapter 11: Fate

Tonight was an extraordinarily quiet evening, even the candle flame flickered significantly lesser. In the small room, Shen Qingxuan’s volume wasn’t loud, but it was utterly clear. He had a very serious expression on his face, so serious that it could even be considered imposing.

While still wearing this expression, he said, “Let’s head to the same destination, okay?”

Yi Mo was a little surprised.

Why wouldn’t he be surprised?

He was a snake chosen to be enlightened; the sole reasoning being his cold disposition. The person who had enlightened him was already an immortal in the celestial heaven. He, who had been cultivating for a millennia, would be able to cast off his old self and become an immortal after the upcoming tribulation, and a final one1. This was only a matter of another two or three hundred years. Yet, at this time, there was Shen Qingxuan, a mortal, who spoke with such certainty, “Let’s head to the same destination.”

Which destination were they heading to? Heaven or earth?

Yi Mo could tell that Shen Qingxuan did not have any talent for cultivation, and this was related to his fate. Shen Qingxuan’s fate was exuberant and would be filled with unspeakable fortune, but that was only suitable for the world of mortals. Although the riches-and-honours-filled Shen Qingxuan was in dire straits now, it was merely a period of misfortune.

From their first encounter, Yi Mo already knew that this was serendipity. He was destined to meet him, otherwise, why would he have entered Shen family’s courtyard on that day on a whim when he had always been hiding in the mountains? He even revealed his snake form and coiled himself around the railing to bask in the sun, causing Shen Qingxuan to splash a cup of hot tea on himself.

Therefore, him helping Shen Qingxuan was merely conforming to the mandate of heaven. According to the saying of the mortal world, he was Shen Qingxuan’s nobleman. If he could help him overcome his adversity, he would also obtain merit and virtue.

Shen Qingxuan, who would live through his misfortune, would naturally follow fate and be conferred a high rank, and would have nothing to do with him in the future. Yi Mo never paid attention to human’s wealth and status, but Shen Qingxuan’s destiny had been predetermined and could not be changed.

And a mortal wouldn’t live more than a hundred years, but for him, it was merely a droplet in the ocean. In the future, Shen Qingxuan would die of old age and his bones would be all rotten while he would still retain the same appearance. So where did that same destination come from?

Yi Mo went over slowly and stood in front of Shen Qingxuan. He lowered his head and looked at him for a long time before eventually saying, “I’ve really belittled you.”

Shen Qingxuan knew that his words were bold and even to the point of being offensive, so he didn’t know why he would say this. At this moment, Yi Mo still had his usual cold demeanour on, so he couldn’t see any indication from him. Hence, Shen Qingxuan took this sentence as a compliment. Unexpectedly, Yi Mo calmly said, “Although you are so weak that the wind could make you fall, your lasciviousness is tremendous.”

Having received a sudden evaluation from Yi Mo, Shen Qingxuan couldn’t react momentarily. He still had his face risen as he looked at him stupidly. When his senses returned, there was an amorous blush spreading rapidly on his face and he couldn’t even speak coherently. He softly berated, “What-what are you talking about?”

Yi Mo was still standing with one of his hands in the front, while the other was behind his back. There wasn’t any expression on his face as he spoke unhurriedly, “I have saved your life and allowed you to recover, it’s natural that you should repay me with yourself, however, I haven’t had shown any sexual desire but you are already so anxious, this made me very surprised.”

His words were spoken clearly and orderly, yet it exploded Shen Qingxuan’s train of thoughts into dregs, making him unable to speak.

Seeing that Shen Qingxuan had lost his composure, blushing as if he was about to combust in the next second and looking frantically like he was tongue-tied, he raised his hand after a moment of pondering. The slightly curled fingers reached towards that outrageously warm face like he was examining it, yet it also seemed like an extremely gentle touch.

The heat transferred to his fingertips and it was smooth to touch. Yi Mo then opened his palm and turned his wrist sideways to completely and thoroughly cover the heat source with his cold palm. It was extremely warm.

Soon, he gently stroked that face with his palm, starting from the forehead to the cheekbones, then to the cheeks, and eventually stopped on Shen Qingxuan’s thin chin. Even after having his cold palm touch Shen Qingxuan, his face temperature did not drop but became even hotter.

Ignoring Shen Qingxuan’s gaping eyes, Yi Mo continued to touch for a while more before he took back his hand. “You have become thinner, but your face is still smooth.”

Shen Qingxuan shouted out an “ah” before he instinctively shrunk backwards and reacted. He hastily scolded, “Do you think this is a business transaction where you need to do an inspection?”

Yi Mo raised his eyes and looked straight at him. “You want to give yourself to me, yet you still won’t allow me to check the quality?”

Shen Qingxuan was still blushing, but his mind had recovered for the most part. Seeing that he was so frank and shameless and that there were only two people in the room, with them being so close to each other where their close breaths added more ambiguity, he simply decided to lay down his shame. Softly, he said, “According to your words, I want to repay you. Have you ever seen a man repay kindness by giving himself? There are no such records in those books.”

While he was talking, Yi Mo reached out again and untied his belt.

The moment his belt got loosened, Shen Qingxuan pursed his lips and swallowed back what he was going to say. His heart suddenly became clear. It was not that Yi Mo had failed to understand him, rather he had deliberately eluded his feelings as repaying kindness. In this way, it would be much easier when they were to resolve it as it wouldn’t have too much entanglement.

Shen Qingxuan understood this point and felt that his heart had been watered by ice water and cold air permeated around. However, he had some experience after all, and in an instant, he came back to himself and thought that he wasn’t an opponent against the knowledgeable and experienced old demon. On the outside, he remained motionless and let Yi Mo undress him.

Silence suddenly returned to the room, with only a slight rustling sound of clothes being untied could be perceived.

Shen Qingxuan looked down as his robe got untied, revealing his white middle coat. He then saw those thin and strong long fingers moving nimbly, loosening his waist ribbon, and then they went on to untie the next ribbon. When Yi Mo’s cold fingers touched his skin, Shen Qingxuan felt cold, and goosebumps appeared on his body.

Aware of his reaction, Yi Mo stopped his action and paused momentarily. He asked, “Are you still willing to give yourself to me like this?”

Shen Qingxuan also quietened down for a moment, then with a slight smile, he lifted his hand to remove his head crown. His long head of hair dropped down, covering half of his face.

“If I want to repay your kindness, I should be sincere.” Shen Qingxuan curled his lips and put his crown aside. He turned back with a smile on his face. “Don’t say you’re a snake because I won’t freeze to death. Even if it’s millennia of ice2, I am willing.”

After hearing this, Yi Mo remained silent and stretched out his hand again to stroke the thinnest curve of his waist slowly through the loose clothes.

Shen Qingxuan shuddered upon his touch before he relaxed his body. He closed his eyes as if he didn’t want to see the scene at this time, and felt for the hand that was touching his waist wholeheartedly. He rubbed on his curve lightly and heavily, sometimes pausing only to rub slowly again, sometimes he would increase his strength and tighten his grip around his waist.

Perhaps the difference in body temperature had constantly reminded him that the person touching him at this time, although was not human, he was of the same sex. The part that shouldn’t have been so sensitive became extremely sensitive at the moment. Shen Qingxuan only felt that the skin on his waist was burning from the inside to the outside. The feeling of soreness transferred from his lower back to half of his body, even the connected meridians in his lower abdomen were being kneaded and pulled so much that he could no longer use his robe to hide a gradually rising part within his pants.

Shen Qingxuan opened his eyes while breathing unevenly, only to meet a pair of eyes akin to a cold pool. At that moment, his heartbeat that was gradually getting out of rhythm became completely disordered.

Shen Qingxuan didn’t know where his courage came from. He grasped Yi Mo’s lapel in one go and pulled him until they were face to face with their nose and lips touching. “Take me to the bed.”

Hearing his slightly weak voice ringing, Shen Qingxuan instantly blushed, yet he still said,

“I can’t walk and I’m frail. You should take on more responsibility.”

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