IDWYR – 102

Chapter 102: It’s non-refundable to die by sweetness 

Although he had just recovered, in Ling Zhanyi and their parents’ eyes, it wasn’t a complete recovery, so, he did not have to bother himself with any household matters.

—Father Ling’s job was to wash diapers.

—Mother Ling’s job was to look after the babies.

—Ling Zhanyi’s job was to cook their meals.

Hence, Su Ziyang became the idlest person in the house.

He wanted to share the responsibility of washing diapers with Father Ling, but Father Ling didn’t allow him to do so. He said that the actual postpartum confinement period was two months, even Ling Zhanyi’s mother, Zhan Huashan, had rested for two full months but Su Ziyang only rested for one month. He shouldn’t have any contact with water, and even if it was hot water, he shouldn’t do it often.

Since he couldn’t make any contact with water, he went to take care of his babies. The babies had just reached their first month and their features had opened up. They looked extraordinarily adorable with their big black eyes, small nose, and mouth, however, their bodies were still very soft. They were also very mischievous, from time to time, they would either turn their head to look at the surrounding or kick their tiny legs around, sometimes, they would also move their arms. No matter how Su Ziyang held them, he felt unstable. Zhan Huashan only let him take care of them for a while, and when one of them fell asleep, she would take care of the other.

Su Ziyang felt that Zhan Huashan had slimmed down over the past weeks.

It was truly tiring to take care of babies!

“Yi…” Su Ziyang went to the kitchen and saw Zhanyi cooking. Ling Zhanyi turned his head and puckered his lips when he saw him, Su Ziyang then went forward and kissed him. Ling Zhanyi smiled satisfyingly as he continued to stir fry the food. “What’s the matter? What do you want to eat? I will make it for you!”

“I like whatever you make. I just want to say… should we hire a maternity matron? It’s too tiring for mom to take care of the two babies by herself. Mom is getting skinny, she even has dark eyes circles. We aren’t that knowledgeable on taking care of babies too, we can’t always ask mom to take care of them, right? She will exhaust herself out.” Su Ziyang frowned as he suggested.

Ling Zhanyi felt gratified when he heard this. The more he got along with Su Ziyang, the more he loved him. Look, don’t they say that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law wouldn’t get along well? When it came to his family, why did he feel his mother and Ziyang were in harmony?

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. I’ll contact a housekeeping agency in the afternoon and ask them to recommend a maternity matron.” Ling Zhanyi cooked the last dish and took it out with Su Ziyang.

“En. It would be better if we could find a nanny too. Dad shouldn’t be washing the diapers. His waist isn’t good and it is tiring to sit for too long!” Su Ziyang continued to suggest.

Ling Zhanyi nodded. “My wife is the most considerate. If not, I’ll call Mama Zhang and ask her to come over. She cooks well, otherwise, when I go back to the company, nobody will cook.”

After a discussion, they decided to have three people, a nanny, a maternity matron, and Mama Zhang.

With this, Dad and Mom would be able to relax themselves.

This month had exhausted them! 

In fact, Father Ling and Mother Ling could have requested to find a nanny or maternity matron, but those two elderly were thrilled to be grandparents. Their grandchildren were so beautiful that they couldn’t keep their mouths close, so they were happy to take care of them and wash their diapers so they did not look for any help for the past one month.

However, even if their parents didn’t want to find them, as their son and son-in-law, they shouldn’t tire them out, even if they could only relieve a little burden, that’s better than nothing.

When the two babies had fallen asleep, they used this opportunity to eat dinner.

At the dinner table, Ling Zhanyi generously praised Su Ziyang and boasted to his parents. “Dad, Mom, Ziyang is worried about both of you. He has contacted the housekeeping agency and requested for a maternity matron, nanny, and even a wetnurse who specializes in feeding babies. Both of you can relax more in the future. I also called Mama Zhang and asked her to help with our meals, so when I returned to work, you wouldn’t have to order takeout.”

Hearing this, Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan immediately felt that this one month’s hard work was worth it. “Ziyang, you are a good and sensible child. Come, eat more food. You have just recovered, you need to take good care of yourself!”

“Mom and Dad, it’s only right for both of you to eat more. Look, mom, you’re so thin. We are worried!” Su Ziyang, who could speak rather well, had been passing food to Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan.

“By the way, Ziyang, the babies are already one month old. Your dad and I want to organize a full moon party and invite our relatives and friends. What do you think?” Zhan Huashan asked.

Su Ziyang was stunned and he subconsciously glanced at Ling Zhanyi. Do they have to organize a full moon party? Wouldn’t it be better to organize a party when the babies are one year old? They are too young and wouldn’t be able to endure if their relatives and friends visit them.

However, he knew he shouldn’t say that to Zhan Huashan. Ling Zhanyi saw his surprised and worried eyes and knew Su Ziyang’s train of thoughts. Wasn’t there a saying that a couple would understand each other? So he gently said, “Mom, Dad, aren’t both of you tired? We will have to greet our guests and make sufficient preparation if we were to organize a full moon party, and if you are tired, who would help us to take care of the children? Besides, the children are too young. When they are one year old, we will hold a big birthday party. Ziyang’s body hasn’t recovered completely. Our family’s relatives and friends wouldn’t be able to introduce themselves to him when they come. He also has to greet the guests, right? It will be tiring for him.”

“You have a point. What’s more, you haven’t given Ziyang a status. It’s only right that you should quickly find some time to get married. It’s not urgent to celebrate the babies’ full moon, but it’s important that you two get married!” Hearing Ling Zhanyi’s words, both Ling Xiaotian and Zhan Huashan felt that it was reasonable. Moreover, both of them remembered that they weren’t married.

This time around, it was Ling Zhanyi who was looking at Su Ziyang. On the contrary, he wished to get married as soon as possible, but preparing for a wedding was also a taxing matter. Could Su Ziyang endure such a long struggle?

When Su Ziyang received his gaze begging for help, he said to his parents with a smile, “It’s not a pressing matter to get married, and it is because of the same reason. The two kids are still young. How are we going to prepare for the wedding? But I’m not afraid. My parents dote on me so much, Yi wouldn’t dare to abandon me!”

“That is, if Zhanzhan dares to bully you, mom will be the first to slaughter him!” Zhan Huashan thought that her son-in-law was really wonderful, no one in the world could compare to him. If Ling Zhanyi dared to change his mind, he must be foolish! Blind!

“En, with mom supporting me, I’m not anxious.” Su Ziyang said with a smile.

Ling Zhanyi curled his mouth and said grievingly, “But I am anxious, wife…”

“We have already bought our rings. Why are you in a hurry?” Su Ziyang shook the ring on his ring finger and teased.

“It’s not a wedding ring. At that time, we chose a pair of couple rings. There is a difference between a couple ring and a wedding ring.” Ling Zhanyi mumbled and got hit by Ling Xiaotian with the chopsticks. “If you know there’s a difference, why didn’t you know to buy a wedding ring and propose to Ziyang? How can I have such a stupid son like you!”

“Dad–” Ling Zhanyi stared at Ling Xiaotian, “Who says I’m not prepared? Why did you say it out? How can I surprise Ziyang when you already say it!”

“Oh, you are blaming me now? You’re just not prepared for it!”

“I’ll wait for the special day before I propose to Ziyang. Besides, I don’t need to propose but Ziyang will still agree to marry me. Right? Wife?” Ling Zhanyi had the cheek to hook Su Ziyang’s fingers and blinked at him.

Su Ziyang understood that he was unprepared and just wanted to maintain his image. Therefore, Su son-in-law couldn’t help laughing and nodding. “En, I am not interested in any ring or romantic proposal, I am interested in him.”

“Enough, aren’t you romantic? Aren’t you two tired of being together all day?” Zhan Huashan teased.

During his recovery, Ling Zhanyi was practically stuck to his side. Occasionally at night after the babies had fallen asleep, she could hear those embarrassing words and pants when she walked past their room. It’s obvious her son was pestering the recovering Ziyang to do those stuff.

As for whether they went deep into their actions, as a mother, she wouldn’t know.

That should also be limited to how much her son doted on Ziyang, right?

If it was too deep, it would hurt the body after all…

Cough, cough. Zhan Huashan thought about it and felt that she was somewhat disrespectful. Why were her thoughts turning to that direction?

Eat, eat! How the couple got along would be how they got along with each other! As their elder, she should just turn a blind eye to them… However, being lovey-dovey just proved that they had a good relationship!

As a family, getting along was most paramount!

Ling Zhanyi looked lovingly at Su Ziyang before he answered, “I’m not tired! Even if we become conjoined twins, I will not be tired!”

Su Ziyang shot him a glare and stuffed food into his mouth with his chopsticks. These sort of greasy and mushy words were only for his ears, why must he tell dad and mom? Bastard Ling was truly thick-skinned!

Ling Zhanyi could see disdain emanating from Su Ziyang. He blinked at him, thinking, “I can be even more shameless! I have already endured for one whole month, tonight… tonight shall be it. You must reward me!”

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