IDWYR – 104

Chapter 104: Keeping a close watch on the husband who is heading out

Ling Zhanyi gasped and softened his tone. “My wife is so good, he has already trained my appetite, no one else can enter my eyes now!”

“This better be the case!” Su Ziyang snorted, and his proud little appearance made Ling Zhanyi’s heart grow with fondness. He pounced on him and bit Su Ziyang for a long time before he was willing to let him go.

Just like this, Su Ziyang’s agenda of returning to work earlier was put on hold.

The next morning, Ling Zhanyi woke up feeling refreshed. After washing up, he changed into a proper suit and twirled in front of the mirror before shooting Su Ziyang a passionate gaze. “Wife, do I look handsome in this suit?”


Su Ziyang lazily glanced at him with his half-opened eyes only to close them again. He used his actions to clearly show his contempt towards a certain person.

Where would he be heading to early in the morning wearing such bright attire?

Hmm? Wait a second? Su Ziyang immediately opened his eyes and stared at Ling Zhanyi. “Where are you going?”

Could he be going on a date?

“I’m going back to work!” Ling Zhanyi fastened up the buttons on his coat and fiddled with his hair through the reflection on the mirror. He casually remarked, “I haven’t been managing much of the company’s affairs for almost half a year. Your body is almost recovered, you basically don’t need my assistance now. I’ll have two sons to raise in the future, I can’t slack off any more than this. I have to work hard to make more money!”

Su Ziyang sat up with the blanket in his arms. “Then, are you going to the company today?”

He thought Ling Zhanyi would accompany him until he had completely recovered.

“Yes, important clients are coming to visit the company today, I’ll have to personally go and receive them.” Ling Zhanyi added with a smile, “I still have to show my face occasionally right?”

Su Ziyang got out of bed in his loose pyjamas. The floor had been laid with a thick carpet shortly after he had been discharged from the hospital, so he didn’t have to put on footwear. He walked barefooted, chose a tie from the wardrobe, and fastened it on Ling Zhanyi’s collar before casually asking, “Male or female?”

“En?” As Ling Zhanyi was basking on the happiness of his wife’s service, he didn’t manage to react momentarily when he heard Su Ziyang’s question. He was stunned before he realized that his lord wife was asking about his clients’ gender…

Ling Zhanyi slightly shifted his gaze downward and saw Su Ziyang’s gleaming eyes and his slightly tensed face. It was obvious that he was concealing his jealousy.

He is jealous because he cares, Ling Zhanyi grinned inwardly, but on his face lay a serious facade. “Both, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Su Ziyang frowned, feeling conflicted. Should he warn this guy again? If he goes out dressed so dashingly, someone would certainly come to hook up with him.

Su Ziyang suddenly realised that he had to guard against both genders now because whether they were men or women, there was a certain possibility of them becoming his love rival. Hence, Su Ziyang realized that sometimes, reality could just make one feel so helpless.

But since he had already loved this man, then he should protect their love well.

Su Ziyang abruptly pulled Ling Zhanyi closer using his tie and planted kisses on Ling Zhanyi’s lips. 

Ling Zhanyi didn’t suspect anything, when he saw Su Ziyang taking the initiative to kiss him, he thought he was giving him goodbye kisses and responded happily. Just when he was about to entangle with a certain someone’s tongue, Su Ziyang suddenly withdrew and bit his lips. The middle section of his lower lip was bitten and the wound was strikingly obvious.

Ling Zhanyi gasped painfully, but Su Ziyang was actually chuckling and even seemed smug. “Oh, I’m sorry, I haven’t really tried kissing while standing up for a long time, I couldn’t execute it well…”

Ling Zhanyi was on the verge between laughing or crying. He thought inwardly, I can understand if you say you want to leave your mark on me, but shouldn’t you find a better excuse?

Was there any difference between standing and lying down while kissing? This reason… was too far-fetched!

Glancing at the mirror, Ling Zhanyi stretched out his tongue to lick the blood off. When he looked at the side, Su Ziyang was hugging his arm and smiling like a triumphant little fox. Hence, Ling Zhanyi decided to tease him, “Wife, it looks like I’ve been kissed passionately. Why don’t you leave some hickeys here while you’re at it?” Ling Zhanyi said as he pulled the tie Su Ziyang just fastened. The first button on the collar of his shirt was not buttoned properly, and now that the tie was loosened, together with Ling Zhanyi tilting his head up, the slender neck was now presented in front of Su Ziyang, and Ling Zhanyi’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down seductively.

Big President Ling stared at Little Fox Su with provocative eyes. “Come on, Wife! Hickeys are more telling than broken lips!”

–Hickeys indicated that both parties had slept together, while broken lips only meant that his kissing partner was passionate. Ling Zhanyi had already made his words clear, Su Ziyang’s expression instantly condensed, after all, it’s a little embarrassing to have your intentions seen through. But looking at Bastard Ling’s arrogant smile again, Su Ziyang’s embarrassment ease. Then a hickey it would be! Why would he be scared of it?

So Su Ziyang gritted his teeth, reached out his hands and pushed Ling Zhanyi to the edge of the wardrobe. He held his shoulder, jumped up like a small animal that had seen a prey, and bit a vital area– the throat!

Of course, he didn’t truly bite Ling Zhanyi’s neck. He didn’t have the ability and couldn’t bear to either. After all, the man he was viciously sucking was his husband!

Ling Zhanyi was only trying to provoke him, but he didn’t expect Su Ziyang to rush up to him with such cooperation. Su Ziyang sucking his Adam’s apple made him want to strip off his clothes and battle with Su Ziyang in bed for three hundred rounds! Although, that was just a wish…

After leaving several hickeys all around Ling Zhanyi’s throat, nape, and clavicle, Su Ziyang released him.

Looking at Ling Zhanyi defiantly, Su Ziyang began to help him tidy up his suit and fastened his tie slowly. He looked left and right, and found that the spot under his mouth was very good as the tie wouldn’t cover it. Only at this that he nodded satisfactorily and patted Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder “Okay, go!” 


Ling Zhanyi suddenly felt that he seemed to have become a big dog wearing a collar; The owner patted his head and let him go out to play in relief.

Anyway, he was wearing a collar, everyone could see that he had a master…

Su Ziyang hummed a tune, took his bathrobe and started to walk to the bathroom. Obviously, he didn’t care about him anymore and was going to shower…

Ling Zhanyi coughed softly and felt that he had received a blow. So, he added, “By the way, wife, there might be a cocktail party in the evening. I will be back later, you don’t have to wait for me, so go to bed earlier! I haven’t appeared in front of my business partners for so long. Although Gu Feng could handle it, it’s necessary for me to get together with the business partners’ board members properly as the president of Ling Group. Otherwise, I’ve been doing things behind the scenes lately, this will definitely affect the company’s reputation.”

Su Ziyang smiled back and waved to him. “Okay, remember to drink less. I’ll wait for you to come back!” Su Ziyang then sent him a flying kiss and entered the bathroom.


Ling Zhanyi sighed, feeling resigned. At first, he thought he would be able to evoke this little thing to be more possessive. It turned out that Su Ziyang thought that with him strapped with a collar, ah! What collar? It’s just leaving marks! He thought that if he left his mark on him, he would be able to rest assured.

Ling Zhanyi wished to say, Lord Wife, don’t you know that on occasions like a cocktail party, many men and women acted like wolves and wouldn’t squabble over their partner’s matter of having hickeys on your neck? If they had their goal set, they would certainly make the move.

Of course, whether the person could hook up or not would depend on the determination of the people whom they were hooking up with.

Ling Zhanyi shrugged, oh well, he would just think that Su Ziyang trusted him and believed that he had enough strength to deal with those women who take the initiative to send themselves to his embrace!

He raised his hand and looked at his watch. Ling Zhanyi didn’t delay any longer, he ran to the baby room and looked at his two sons. He gently nibbled on their small face and then walked around the bathroom door. He smiled at Su Ziyang, saying, “Wife, I’m leaving!”

“En, bye-bye– be careful on your way” Su Ziyang’s rising tone indicated that he was completely assured of Ling Zhanyi going out.

Hnn… How straighforward!

Ling Zhanyi took a deep breath and touched his neck covered with hickeys. He smiled gently, nevermind, he was already satisfied with so many warnings.

It was not like he could let Su Ziyang keep watching him until they reached the company, and not leaving him alone?

Although he didn’t mind Su Ziyang’s clinginess, he was still recovering, so it’s would be better for him to be not less tired

At this point, Ling Zhanyi went to the garage with a smile on his face and drove his car out of the house towards the company–

Su Ziyang simply took a shower, quickly wiped himself dry, changed clothes, then blow-dried his hair.

Without Ling Zhanyi at home, he was even idler. After breakfast, he stayed with his sons for a while and felt bored, so he took out his camera and began to take pictures of all the rooms in the villa with the baby room as the main focus. Of course, there were plenty of scenes of Father Ling and Mother Ling taking care of the babies.

Su Ziyang had nothing to do after he had finished filming.

He turned on the computer and intended to edit those videos he had shot in the past months, but after lazing for so long, he couldn’t get his mind to it. He started to browse the web page for a while and was attracted by the pop-up online shopping ads. He was lured to shop online and purchased plentiful of things for their parents, sons, and Ling Zhanyi. When he was paying, he intentionally used his bank card. Occasionally, he would remember that he spent all his savings, and wasn’t sure if Bastard Ling had transferred some pocket money to him. He wasn’t just all talk, was he?

After he entered the password and clicked submit, he was prompted that the payment was successful. Su Ziyang smiled, logged into the online banking account, and saw the big string of zeros on the balance. The smile on the corner of his mouth became deeper.

Bastard Ling wasn’t that bad. He didn’t give him some empty talk and had fulfilled his promise.

When Mama Zhang came to call him down for lunch, Su Ziyang was startled to realise an entire morning had gone by.

He wondered what Bastard Ling was doing right now.

Recalling Ling Zhanyi saying that he would be accompanying his clients and attending a cocktail party at night, Su Ziyang ultimately felt a little uneasy.

As a chief photographer, he had attended those banquets and cocktail parties of the upper class. He knew how easy it was to cheat on such occasions…

Bastard Ling hadn’t attended those occasions for a long time, he better not let his guard down at the moment and get lured away by any little demons that were throwing themselves at him…

Su Ziyang immediately became nervous. No, he had to take a look at his company and see if any little demons were preying on him…

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