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Chapter 105: Revenge, do it on the spot!

Once he had come to a decision, Su Ziyang could no longer sit still. He bolted his food and even requested Mama Zhang to keep two dishes and put them in a lunch box.

Both Zhan Huashan and Ling Xiaotian were curious. “Ziyang, what’s the matter? Why are you gobbling your food down?”

“I want to deliver food to Yi.” Su Ziyang rarely ate in such a hurry and was quickly swallowing his food.

“You can ask Uncle Li to deliver it. You haven’t fully recovered yet, don’t go out too often.” Zhan Huashan advised.

Su Ziyang took the chicken soup and finished it in one gulp. He wiped his mouth and said with a smile, “Mom, I’m alright now. I’ve been resting at home for more than a month and have already recovered. You are too worried. Besides, I am not going anywhere else, I am going to Yi’s company to see him. We haven’t separated for a long time and I haven’t seen him for half the day already. I-I miss him a little… I’ll be back after I send him his meal.”

At this point, Su Ziyang’s handsome face became red. Father Ling and Mother Ling saw his blush and knew that they were in their lovey-dovey period. As the saying went, a day of separation seemed as long as three autumns; only half a day had passed, but Ziyang was already missing Zhanzhan. This just showed that their relationship was good! Being affectionate and whatsoever, both of them could rest assured now.

“Alright, go ahead, but you don’t have to be too anxious. His company doesn’t have lunch until noon. Let’s have an early lunch, and you can eat slowly, it only takes 20 minutes to drive to the company and it’s just past 11 am now.” Zhan Huashan said.

Su Ziyang gulped.”I’m full, mom, I’ll get more rice for him.”

If mom knew that sending food to Ling Zhanyi’s company was just a cover, where in fact, he just wanted to investigate Ling Zhanyi’s working environment to prevent any love rivals from seducing his husband, what would she think?

However, no matter how the elder felt, she couldn’t stop him from going to Ling Zhanyi’s company.

He filled the lunchbox full to the brim, and all of them were Ling Zhanyi’s favourite dishes. The rice was soft and hot, and the leftover soup was also placed into a large thermos flask for him.

Although Su Ziyang could drive, it would be exhausting for him as he had just recovered, so, while his parents agreed to let him go out to deliver food to Ling Zhanyi, they didn’t let him drive.

So, Su Ziyang took the lunch box and sat in Uncle Li’s car.

“Uncle Li, just send me to the entrance of Zhanyi’s company.” Su Ziyang was dressed casually. He wore a light green windbreaker, a white beige trousers, and a pair of white sneakers. He leaned against the back of the car and hummed a song. His mouth was curved upwards so it was obvious that he was in a good mood.

He planned to surprise Ling Zhanyi, so he didn’t call him beforehand.

Uncle Li sent him to the entrance of Ling Zhanyi’s company and told Su Ziyang he would wait for him. Su Ziyang gave him a smile. “Uncle Li, don’t wait for me, go back first. I might be staying with Zhanyi for a while, and then go home by cab, or I’ll go home with him.”

“That’s fine. If the young master isn’t going to go home any sooner, you can call me, I will pick you up.” Uncle Li informed him and drove off.

With the lunchbox in hand, Su Ziyang stepped onto the flights of stairs briskly and stopped at the revolving door. When the door turned around, he followed the revolving door into the hallway of Ling Group’s building.

The front desk lady in the hall was looking through the lunch order list boredly. It was always an issue to have lunch every day. When she asked her colleagues what they would be eating, it would just give her an “I don’t know” answer nine out of ten times. Everyone faced a lot of trouble thinking about their lunch.

Basically, they were tired of eating the food at the shops around the company…

Like usual, she was flipping through the list and didn’t feel like eating anything. She was feeling vexed about it when a young handsome man entered from the revolving door.

The front desk lady gaped– Tsk, tsk, a high quality handsome guy!

Even though Su Ziyang wore casual clothes, his clothes were basically still fashionable. As a Chief Photographer, there’s no need to repeat how high his aesthetic requirements should be, right? Although he had exercised for a month, his slightly bulging stomach had not disappeared, but the main point was that he was lean! Most of his clothes were in a loose style, so when he wore the windbreaker and stood there with his tall figure, his stomach couldn’t be seen at all. Su Ziyang was slim, and he did have a good figure; straight and slender pair of legs, wide shoulders and narrow waist. Moreover, there was a fashionable aura that went with his conduct, and it highlighted his temperament.

What’s more, that face of his was definitely one of the best!

Su Ziyang slowly walked to the front desk. The front desk’s lady’s heart was pounding very fast. She bashfully smiled and asked, “How are you, Sir? How can I help you?”

Su Ziyang replied with a smile and pointed at the sign beside him, explaining, “Oh, thank you. I don’t need your assistance for the time being. I will look at that.”

The front desk lady’s heart beat faster again– Wow! Even his voice is so nice to listen to!

The board showed the whole entirety of the building belonging to the Ling family, the company of building A mainly dealt with the real estate business, while the company of building B focused on cultural entertainment and communication business.

Su Ziyang looked at the floor of the building. There were a total of 32 floors, and if nothing was wrong, Ling Zhanyi must be on the top floor.

Su Ziyang worked in a media company, and the big shots of some big companies he often contacted and cooperated with lliked to use the highest floor as their office, as it could show their position and satisfy their career vanity.

After Su Ziyang finished his analysis, he went to the elevator with his lunch box. The front desk lady called him, “Sir, please wait a moment!”

“En? What’s the matter?” Su Ziyang stopped his footstep and turned his head sideways.

“Sir, you will have to register the name of the person you are looking for .” 

“Could I not register? Do I have to register even though I only want to deliver food to my lover?” Su Ziyang raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was eleven fifty-two now, Ling Zhanyi was knocking off work in another eight minutes.

“Yes, sir, it’s the procedure. I hope you’ll understand.”

“Okay then.” Su Ziyang went up to take the pen and wrote on the register. Then he handed it back to the front desk lady. “Can I go now?”

“En, okay, please go ahead…” Before the front desk lady finished speaking, Su Ziyang had already turned and left.

The front desk lady sighed. He was so eager to deliver lunch to his lover, sigh, it seemed that he was another handsome man with a partner!

Glancing down at the register, the receptionist was stunned– did she see it correctly?! Why did she just see the name of their president?!

The receptionist had her mouth wide open and it didn’t close for a long time.

This handsome guy with great temperament is looking for the president?!

The president is his lover?!

President… likes men?!

–No way?!

Whether it was true or not, Su Ziyang had already taken the elevator to the top floor.

When the elevator door dinged closed, Su Ziyang was lazily leaning against the wall of the elevator, staring at the number as it slowly approached the topmost floor. When the door of the elevator opened, he naturally subconsciously lowered his sight. It turned out that Ling Zhanyi was coincidentally standing outside the door!

Ling Zhanyi was surrounded by a blonde and blue-eyed foreign girl. She looked to be around 1.72 meters tall, with protruding front and backside. She donned a red western dress and was holding Ling Zhanyi’s arm and warmly chatting in English.

It’s not that Su Ziyang didn’t understand English, but he was only focused on Ling Zhanyi at the moment. Where can he find the time to translate what this foreign girl was talking about?

–His originally lazy expression instantly condensed together and became small daggers that stabbed right at Ling Zhanyi.

Ling Zhanyi didn’t expect that when the elevator opened, his wife would appear. He looked at Su Ziyang with widened eyes and thought that, shouldn’t his little thing be resting at home? Why did he suddenly appear in front of him? Could it be because he missed Ziyang so much that he was hallucinating?

Ling Zhanyi blinked again. Su Ziyang was still leaning against the elevator wall and lazily looking at him. It’s just that… the happiness that he had in his eyes when the elevator opened from the beginning had turned into anger.

“Yi… Who is he?” The beautiful foreign woman dressed in red asked. Seeing Su Ziyang holding a lunch box, the woman asked again, “A food delivery guy?”

It’s no wonder for her to assume so. Su Ziyang was dressed so casually and had a lunch box in his hands. It’s understandable that she misunderstood him as a delivery man.

Ling Zhanyi took back his arm at full speed. He couldn’t be blamed alright?! Foreigners were extremely enthusiastic, sticking their faces, kissing and even holding his arm to drag him out for dinner, he can’t trample on other people’s face, could he?

He had just sealed a deal, at times like this, appropriate social means were necessary.

What’s more, just after the woman held his arm, the elevator door opened, and coincidences like this instance actually existed in this world rfor Su Ziyang to actually be able to chanced upon this sight. Things were going to end badly…

This is bad… He is dead meat…

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