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Chapter 106: The evil video on the computer desktop

The usually all-powerful President Ling was actually feeling afraid, and getting beyond apprehensive. Just as he was about to explain himself, Su Ziyang came out of the elevator unhurriedly, smiled at the woman, and said in fluent English. “Yes, I’m a delivery man. President Ling wanted you to try our authentic Chinese dishes. I wonder if this beautiful lady would give us the honour of trying our Chinese cuisine?”

“Yes, yes!” As expected, the foreigner was beyond enthusiastic. Hearing Su Ziyang’s words, she went forward with a smile and hugged Su Ziyang. She complimented, “You look so handsome and stylish! You are the most handsome delivery man I have ever seen!”

Su Ziyang stood still and didn’t move, however, Ling Zhanyi’s eyes darkened. He grabbed Su Ziyang’s wrist and pulled him to his side, successfully avoiding the foreigner’s passionate embrace.

“Wife, why are you here?” Ling Zhanyi awkwardly asked.

Su Ziyang shook the lunch box in his hand and replied, “Don’t speak nonsense, I’m just a delivery man…” After that, He turned his head back and spoke to the foreign woman in English. “Beautiful lady, not only do I deliver the food, but I also cooked the dishes myself. Would you like to have a try and see if it suits your taste?”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyebrows knitted together and he didn’t have the mood to appeal to his client’s mood anymore. At present, the most important thing was to pacify his wife! Look at how fast this little thing moved when holding grudges. He was already taking his revenge in front of him right now!

The food in the lunch box was made by Su Ziyang himself and was specially sent to him. How could he let this foreigner gain such a deal? So Ling Zhanyi used his actions to express his thoughts. He held Su Ziyang’s waist and pulled him into his embrace. He said to the foreigner, “Alice, this is my wife. He came to deliver food to me. I’m sorry, but I won’t be accompanying you for lunch. I’ll invite you for a meal some other day!”


When Alice heard this, she blinked her big blue eyes in disbelief. “But he’s a man…”

“Miss Alice, don’t listen to his nonsense. I’m a delivery man. Let’s go. Let’s find a good place to eat.” Su Ziyang tried to get Ling Zhanyi to release him.

But why would Ling Zhanyi let him go? He hastily coaxed, “Wife, don’t be angry. Isn’t this essential when socializing? I really have nothing to do with her…”

Su Ziyang snorted and didn’t bother to look at him as he turned his head in the other direction.

What kind of socializing prerequisite is this? Would socializing require her to hold your arm so intimately? If there is nothing between you, why didn’t you push her away? And you are even talking to her so happily!

In moments of desperation, Ling Zhanyi raised his head and showed Alice the hickeys on his neck. “Alice, didn’t you tease me a while ago about that passionate little chilli in my house this morning, I didn’t deny it, did I? These marks here are given by him.”

Alice smiled brightly and nodded her head in understanding. Her eyes swept between Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang. “Oh… So you are g a y… It doesn’t matter. I can accept it. I wish both of you happiness all the time!” As she said this, Alice smiled at Su Ziyang and explained, “Don’t be angry, hippy little brother. He’s been shrinking his arm all the while I was holding him. He’s very loyal to you!”

Su Ziyang’s eyes moved, but he refused to comment.

Alice pressed the elevator button, and as the elevator was on this floor, the door opened quickly. Alice walked inside with a sway on her hips, and when the elevator door was about to close, she popped her head out and waved to Su Ziyang. “Bye, hippy little brother!”

Consider yourself tactful!

Although half of Su Ziyang’s anger had been extinguished, a warning should still be given. He turned around with his lunch box in hand and pressed the elevator button. Ling Zhanyi stopped him with a hug, and with their bodies sticking together, Ling Zhanyi leaned over to kiss Su Ziyang. Su Ziyang turned away and said, “Aren’t you going to eat? Then go ahead, I am going home.”

“No! Wife, you’ve already brought me my food, I don’t need to go out for lunch! Don’t be angry, will you? I’ll show you around my office. Let’s go, wife!” Ling Zhanyi swung Su Ziyang’s hand, obviously, he was acting coy.

Su Ziyang thought about it, and agreed, now that he was here, wouldn’t he achieve nothing if he were to leave so soon? What if there were some hidden danger in his office, wouldn’t it be too good for Ling Zhanyi?

Therefore, Su Ziyang lightly coughed and glanced at Ling Zhanyi. He ordered, “Lead the way!”

Ling Zhanyi immediately beamed. He held Su Ziyang’s waist intimately and walked inside. When they reached the enormous glass door, Ling Zhanyi pulled it open and let Su Ziyang go in first.

After they went in, Ling Zhanyi submissively took Su Ziyang’s lunch box. “Wife, let me hold it. You’ve been holding it all the way, aren’t you tired?”

Su Ziyang felt that his arm was indeed a little sore, so he released the lunch box and let Ling Zhanyi carry it.

“Wife, have you eaten yet? Let’s eat together! ” Ling Zhanyi continued to ask.

His wife had been pulling a long face, and it made him feel especially unsure.

“En, I’ve already eaten. You can eat by yourself!” In between the conversation, the two had already reached Ling Zhanyi’s office. There was another glass room next door with a computer that was switched on, but no one was inside. Su Ziyang curiously asked, “Who is stationed there?”

“Oh… It’s my assistant.” Ling Zhanyi replied truthfully, “She is out for lunch at the moment, probably entertaining clients with Gu Feng and the rest.”

While Su Ziyang retreated his gaze, Ling Zhanyi had already pushed his office door open. He smiled flatteringly. “Wife, welcome— to my office!”

The entire floor belonged to Ling Zhanyi’s office except for the glass room, so it looked very large. The office was divided into the office area and the lounge. After Su Ziyang entered the door, he got a whiff of a very heavy scent of perfume. It smelled like the perfume on Alice’s body and he couldn’t help but frown.

Seeing him frown, Ling Zhanyi ran to the window and opened it. He explained, “Foreigners love using heavily scented perfume, so don’t think too much about it.”

“Come on, I’m not that petty. Go and eat it now, it will turn cold soon. I also brought you chicken soup, so drink more of it.” Su Ziyang saw the photo of them on Ling Zhanyi’s desk, and pictures of himself were flashing on the screen desktop constantly, making all his anger vanish into thin air.

Ling Zhanyi had already used one of his photos as his desktop screen saver, and their group photo was also placed in the most prominent place which showed that Ling Zhanyi was clearly thinking about himself, so how could he still have the mind to think of anyone else?

In fact, Su Ziyang was not that petty of a person. When he first saw Alice hugging Ling Zhanyi at the beginning, he was seething with anger, but after listening to his explanation, he lost most of his temper. The reason why he was pulling a long face was that he wanted to catch Ling Zhanyi. But now that he saw these photos of him, he was relieved of all his unhappiness.

Seeing him still not smiling, how could Ling Zhanyi still dare to eat? He placed down the lunch box and crept closer to him before asking carefully, “Wife, are you still angry?”

“I already said I am not that petty. Quickly go and eat!” Su Ziyang’s tone softened. Ling Zhanyi was then relieved to open the lunch box and saw the food with all sorts of colours and flavours. He was in a good mood, he took a piece of chicken meat and placed it close to Su Ziyang’s mouth. “Wife, will you accompany me to eat?”

Su Ziyang opened his mouth and ate the meat. Then he pushed Ling Zhanyi to sit down. “I ate a lot before coming here and I’m not hungry now. Hurry up and eat, have a good meal.”


Ling Zhanyi was eating at one side, while Su Ziyang was sitting opposite him— he was sitting on the chair that Ling Zhanyi would use when he was working. He moved the mouse, and the pictures on the screen saver disappeared. The computer desktop was then exposed. The desktop background was a picture of the twins. The two babies were still drooling, but they grinned so cutely that one just felt soft inside at the sight.

A smile couldn’t help appearing on Su Ziyang’s face, and he curiously asked, “When did you shoot this?”

“Ah?” Ling Zhanyi was busying away and heavily invested in eating the love lunch brought to him by his wife. When he heard the question, he looked up with a grain of rice on the corner of his mouth which made him look very funny. However, President Ling didn’t realize it. When he saw Su Ziyang staring at the screen, he suddenly realized that he was asking about the background picture on the desktop, so he explained, “Oh, that, I took it from the daily clips you filmed… How was it? Doesn’t it look good?”

Su Ziyang’s line of sight was drawn back from the desktop background, and he looked at Ling Zhanyi. He smiled and nodded. “En.” When Su Ziyang’s eyes fell on the rice at the corner of his mouth, Su Ziyang chuckled with a big smile, which made Ling Zhanyi feel inexplicable and got goosebumps.

“Wife, what’s the matter?” Ling Zhanyi stared and asked, “What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing-nothing… Haha… go on and eat, I’ll play with the computer.” Su Ziyang could not help but exhort, “Don’t forget to drink the soup.”

“En, I’ll drink it now!” Ling Zhanyi picked up the thermos flask and unscrewed the lid. The scent of the chicken soup spread, and he blew it before taking a tentative sip. He sucked a mouthful of air in as he hissed, “Hot… Hot…”

“Don’t you know to transfer it out of the flask first? Stupid!” Su Ziyang rolled his eyes and went to him. He poured the chicken soup in the thermos contained into its lid, blew it for a little while longer, before handing it back to Ling Zhanyi, “Here, drink it.”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes twinkled, and he concealed his triumphant smile. He took it over and took a sip. He exclaimed, “The love lunch delivered by lord wife is simply too delicious!”

“Then finish all of it since it’s so delicious!” Su Ziyang was still laughing. The rice was still stuck on the corner of Ling Zhanyi’s mouth, and it looked so hilarious!

“En!” Ling Zhanyi was only half full. He certainly must finish the remaining half!

Su Ziyang again sat back to the swivel chair next to the computer and suddenly saw a file on the desktop with the title, <My Baby>. Su Ziyang thought that it was a video clip of their twin sons edited by Ling Zhanyi, so he curiously clicked on it…

As soon as the video was played, Su Ziyang’s face immediately turned bright red. Ling Zhanyi was drinking the chicken soup when he heard the familiar dialogue. He almost spurted the chicken soup out, and although he didn’t, he still choked on some of it. He ran over and tried to stop him. “Wife, cough… Don’t look at this anymore…”

“When did you take it? Damn bastard, how did you record everything? Why didn’t I know that you filmed this kind of thing? You even put it on your desktop so blatantly!” Su Ziyang glared at Ling Zhanyi.

Ling Zhanyi was about to close it but Ziyang pressed onto his hand and didn’t allow him to do so. “Hold on, I want to see how much stuff you have captured!”

——Do you still remember the time when Ling Zhanyi went home drunk and Su Ziyang helped him?

The camera that was used to shoot Luoyang and Ye Shuo in the daytime had been forgotten and wasn’t switched off, so it automatically shot the scenes of them in bed…

Ling Zhanyi wanted to keep it after he had edited it, but Su Ziyang suddenly had a stomachache so he was rushing to send him to the hospital. When they came back, Ling Zhanyi couldn’t remember which card had it. He specially searched for several days to find this clip from that pile of cards. He copied one copy on his home computer and a backup copy on his desktop in the company. When he was free, he’d opened it to have a look and also to constantly remind himself that– look at how good his wife treated him! When he was pregnant, he still served him like that!

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