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Chapter 107: Don’t… We are in the office…

Alright, Ling Zhanyi had to admit that he did feel some kind of guilty pleasure… because every time he watched this clip, he would get a little excited…

Su Ziyang’s face was turning red by the minute from watching the video, so he moved the mouse to close the video. Just when he was about to close it, Ling Zhanyi quickly grabbed the mouse and held his hand to prevent him from deleting it. “Wife, why are you deleting it!”

“Asshole, did you ask for my permission to film this!” Su Ziyang hadn’t comprehended when Ling Zhanyi had recorded this, so he was angry. Besides, it’s too much to put this on a computer!

“I didn’t record this… Wife, have you forgotten? That day when you filmed Luoyang, you must have forgotten to turn off the camera before you took it back into the room. It just so happened that the camera was facing the bed, and I drank too much that night, so you helped me with that… It must have been arranged by the heavens for it to be filmed down! It wasn’t because l recorded it secretly…” Ling Zhanyi explained.

Su Ziyang glared at him. “Then why did you deliberately edit it and placed it here?”

Ling Zhanyi chuckled. “It is such a commemorative video, of course, it should be well preserved!”

Ling Zhanyi got closer to where Su Ziyang was sitting as he explained himself. He lifted his leg and pressed it on Su Ziyang’s thighs, and then pushed Su Ziyang to lie on the chair. With the grain of rice still on his cheek, he bowed his head and kissed Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang: “Hmmp…Hmmp…Hmmp...” 

As their lips rubbed against each other, the rice grain entered one of their mouths. Both Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang continuously pushed it around with their tongue. Later, it went inside one of their stomachs. In short, both of their mouths smelled like food…

After much struggle, Su Ziyang finally freed himself. His mind was still thinking about the video as he gasped for air. “Delete it…”

Ling Zhanyi resolutely refused to do so. “No! Even if you deleted it, I still have a backup!”

“You big lecher– Hmmp–“

Of course, the lecherous Ling Zhanyi couldn’t just shoulder this title without carrying out the accused deed. Once again, he pressed Su Ziyang on the chair and kissed him firmly!

Gradually their argument changed into an impassioned ambience, and the panting Su Ziyang collapsed on the chair. Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang’s waist with one of his arms and reached into his trousers with the other…

“Don’t… We’re in the office…” Su Ziyang pressed onto Ling Zhanyi’s hand and turned his head to avoid Ling Zhanyi’s passionate gaze. He whispered, “Go and eat your food… I won’t delete it okay…”

Ling Zhanyi rubbed against him and said with a naughty smile, “Don’t worry, there is no one else at the moment but just the two of us… I’ll be full by the time I eat you…”

“I won’t be able to go home if my clothes are dirty…” Su Ziyang stretched out his hand in an attempt to push Ling Zhanyi away, “Okay, stop being mushy. Go and eat! You still have to attend a cocktail party in the evening! Quickly release me so I can start packing up and go home to accompany my sons…”

Ling Zhanyi refused to let Su Ziyang go. If he didn’t eat his wife who had sent himself to his door, that would totally be a waste! 

“Don’t worry, I have a lounge… There’s a bed inside… Let’s go there…” Ling Zhanyi said and was about to stoop and carry Su Ziyang to the lounge.

Just at this time, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open, and a voice burst in, “Zhanyi, is the venue of the evening reception set in our hotel?”

Gu Feng came in with a fast-food lunch box. As soon as he voiced out his question, he saw the two of them panting with their faces flushed. He quickly shifted his sight away and explained, “Umm… I didn’t know you two are doing that… I just met Miss Alice downstairs and seeing that you are not having lunch with her, I thought you were too busy… I just want to confirm the venue and bought you some fast food for lunch… But now it seems that you don’t need to eat the food that I’ve brought…”

Su Ziyang applied some strength in his arms and pushed Ling Zhanyi away, and the chair he was seated on also wheeled backwards by about 20 cm because of the force exerted. Ling Zhanyi quickly held him, because he couldn’t bear to see him fall, otherwise, his heart would ache.

Su Ziyang was also a little embarrassed. He adjusted the collar of his windbreaker and fastened the two buttons that Ling Zhanyi had unbuttoned.

Ling Zhanyi just turned around and casually adjusted his tie. He stared at Gu Feng, who had stretched out his hands and shrugged innocently, which silently implied, how would I have know your lover is here? Oh, no, it’s your wife!

“Ziyang, your complexion looks good. Are you feeling better?” Gu Feng greeted Su Ziyang, “I have been busy with the company for the past months. I didn’t have the time to go and visit you and the babies. I’ll go and see them some other day, and I have already prepared some gifts!”

Su Ziyang smiled in embarrassment. “Okay, let me express my thanks to you first then.”

“You’re welcome.” Seeing Ling Zhanyi’s gaze that was almost about to gobble Su Ziyang whole, Gu Feng stopped chattering pleasantries, took the fast-food lunch box with him and then walked out of the office. Before leaving, he thoughtfully closed the door for them, and even going as far as to pop his head out again, saying, “I’ll go first, you two go on, continue…”

Ling Zhanyi would have loved to throw his pen at this guy. Did he not know how to knock before entering?

Su Ziyang could be considered as someone who has survived a calamity, he got up from his chair and escaped to the window. “Eat quickly, I’ll go home after you are done.”

Ling Zhanyi sighed. Forget it, he would just obediently eat his food. Being intimate and all, he could still wait until tonight and continue it at home… 

After eating all the food in the lunch box and drinking all the remaining chicken soup, Ling Zhanyi heaved a long sigh. “Home-cooked food is still the best!”

“Then I’ll bring you lunch from now on, okay?” Seeing that Ling Zhanyi had finished everything, he felt a special sense of achievement.

Ling Zhanyi nodded eagerly. “Good, good!”

Su Ziyang wanted to bring the lunch box to the washroom at the side to rinse it, but Ling Zhanyi didn’t allow him to do so. Su Ziyang couldn’t touch cold water at this time, it’d be best if he also avoids using hot water.

So Big President Ling asked Su Ziyang to roll up his sleeves for him and happily went to wash the lunch box.

Su Ziyang walked around the office and went back to sit on the swivel chair facing the computer. He glanced at the video once again. Should he delete it? Bastard Ling said he still has a backup, so deleting it would just be a futile attempt. That bastard really loved to play tricks, and he actually dared to place this kind of private stuff on his computer desktop. Wouldn’t he feel embarrassed if someone else sees it?

But… Forget it, no one else but him dared to sit here and look at his computer so blatantly.

Thinking of this, Su Ziyang couldn’t help but let the smile at the corners of his mouth surface, showing a proud smile.

The door in the office was pushed open, and Su Ziyang asked with a smile, “Yi, will I disturb your work if I accompany you here this afternoon?”

As he spoke, Su Ziyang looked up, but what he saw wasn’t Ling Zhanyi nor was it Gu Feng. It was a woman with a good figure dressed in a light grey business suit; with a protruding front and back, a slender waist, a pair of long legs, and hair tied up high, she looked very beautiful and classy.

This was Zhang Qing, Ling Zhanyi’s secretary.

Zhang Qing stared at the stranger in the president’s office in shock. After being shocked still, Zhang Qing grew alert and queried vigilantly, “Who are you? How did you get in? What is your intention?”

Su Ziyang was stunned. Zhang Qing had already taken out her mobile phone. “You even turned on the president’s computer? Are you a commercial spy? I’ll call the police and have you arrested!”

“Hey– I’m not…” Su Ziyang wanted to get up, but Zhang Qing stepped back, “Don’t come closer! I am going to call for security immediately!”

“…” Su Ziyang was speechless.

Zhang Qing retreated two steps and almost ran into Ling Zhanyi, who was back after washing the lunch box. She thought he was the stranger’s companion and screamed in fright. Ling Zhanyi was puzzled and asked, “Xiao Qing? What’s the matter? When did you come back? And why are you screaming?”

When Zhang Qing saw Ling Zhanyi, she immediately felt her heart fall back into place. She pointed at Su Ziyang and reported to Ling Zhanyi, “President Ling, this man suddenly appeared here out of nowhere. Could he be some sort of commercial spy sent by other companies? He was fiddling with your computer just now. Shall we call the police to arrest him?”

“…” Ling Zhanyi was also a little speechless.

How could he have such a secretary?

Ling Zhanyi patted Zhang Qing on the shoulder to calm her down, which made Su Ziyang squint. Ling Zhanyi quickly put his hand down and explained, “Come on, Xiao Qing, let me introduce your future president’s wife to you! When I get married, remember to come!”

Zhang Qing stared at Su Ziyang– the president’s wife?! But he looked like a man no matter which angle she observed him?! How could he be the president’s wife?!

Ling Zhanyi ignored her shock and continued to acquaint Su Ziyang with his secretary. “Ziyang, this is my secretary oh, she’s the assistant I just mentioned to you, she’s called Zhang Qing. She has been working with me since her graduation, and it has been three years now.”

Su Ziyang blinked and then showed a genial smile. He got up and went to Zhang Qing and held out his hand. “Hello, my name is Su Ziyang. I’m glad to meet you.”

Zhang Qing was still immersed in her shock. She crudely shook hands with Su Ziyang and her vision landed on the sparkling ring on his ring finger. She instantly understood– this was the same ring on the president’s hand!

“So, you are the president’s wife. I’ve been rude. Please excuse my actions.” Zhang Qing was truly worthy of being the president’s secretary. She quickly adjusted her emotions and apologized to Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang turned back and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. We haven’t gotten married yet. Just call me Ziyang.”

Ling Zhanyi spontaneously hugged Su Ziyang. “Wife, won’t we be getting married sooner or later? Call him Madame.”

Zhang Qing said with a smile, “Sit down, Madame. I’ll get you a cup of coffee!”

“No, my wife doesn’t drink coffee!” Ling Zhanyi stopped, Su Ziyang just gave birth not long ago, how could he drink coffee?

“Well…” Zhang Qing hesitated, and then she noticed that the president’s sleeve had been rolled up, and he had a lunch box and a thermos flask in his hands. It was obvious that he had just finished washing them. Instantly, she was astounded. The high-ranking president actually went to wash a lunch box? The president’s wife was actually playing with the computer in the office? What’s more, the president was affectionaly calling for his wife…

It seemed like a happy occasion is coming!

It’s just that the subject of the president liking men still shocked her tremendously!

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