TVITB – 28

Chapter 28: The King and Queen

Xu Xingzhi immediately grabbed Tao Xian, turned around and made a bolt. 

He had only taken two steps before he was forced to halt his movement and had to back off slowly instead.

The man who was originally lying on the throne was now standing in front of him. The man’s locks of hair were akin to a waterfall and he had a cup of fruit wine in his hand. A drop of wine ran down the corner of his lips, so he casually wiped it away and it left some stain on the back of his pale hand.

He asked with a smile, “Where are you going?”

Xu Xingzhi instinctively looked back, and saw that the man was still seated on the throne, sending a smile to him with his cheek propped on his hand.

When he turned his head back again, his neck was strangled by a hand. 

With his legs leaving the ground, Xu Xingzhi couldn’t breathe properly. When he was about to use the dagger in his hand, he felt his hand getting emptied.

“This is a good dagger.” The man effortlessly weighted the dagger he had snatched from Xu Xingzhi. “The blade is thin, and it could slice through metal like it was soil. It is a good stuff to eliminate ghosts and subdue demons.”

Xu Xingzhi struggled in an attempt to remove the man’s hand, but his hand was akin to steel, and it refused to budge even a fraction.

With the intention to fight with him, Tao Xian pounced forward, but the man deigned about it. With a wave of his sleeve, a gush of strong wind blew up gently and sent Tao Xiao knocking into a pottery human figure. By the time he dropped down from it, he had lost his consciousness.

The man reverse gripped the dagger and tossed it out. The dagger produced a long and sharp whistle in the air, and stabbed into a pottery human figure’s shoulder.

A weird hoarse scream came from the pottery human figure and echoed in the spacious hall.

“These are the people who have made me unhappy before.” It was obvious that the man didn’t want Xu Xingzhi to die in front of him right now. He put the strengthless Xu Xingzhi on the ground, and leaned closely towards Xu Xingzhi’s buzzing ear. “Their souls are trapped inside the clay. Whether they are willing or not, they will have to see me everyday. If you don’t want your friend to become my pottery figure, then obey my words.”

Xu Xingzhi expectorated a cough that reeked of blood. In his mind, he had ascertained that this man was the lord of the Tiger Leaping stream, the ghost king that controlled multitudinous ghost troops. “…I will listen to you, so can you let him go?”

The ghost king considered carefully. “I will kill him right away so that he will undergo less agony.”

Xu Xingzhi praised, “You are really kind.”

The ghost king could hear the sarcasm in his tone, but he only smiled and didn’t answer him.

After coughing several more times, Xu Xingzhi gradually regained some of his strength.

He got up and said, “…Promise me that you will not do anything to him until my death.”

The ghost king was intrigued and asked in return, “Oh? Why is that so?”

“We have made a promise that he will not die before me.” Xu Xingzhi said, “Didn’t you say that you appreciate my ‘heart of benevolence and righteousness’? How about considering granting its wish a little?”

“You and him…?” The expression etched on the ghost king’s face looked a little weird. “What is the relationship between you and him?”

While Xu Xingzhi touched his throat that was bruising from the strangle, he mentally counted, and gave a relatively accurate number. “I have known him for a total of ten days. He could be considered an acquaintance of mine.”

The ghost king didn’t believe him and sneered.

Xu Xingzhi stared unwaveringly at him.

Seeing his attitude, the ghost king gradually ceased sneering. “…You want to save him?”

Xu Xingzhi supported himself with his remaining hand. “How can I save him when I can’t even save myself?”

Ghost King: “Someone is breaking into my twenty-seven level formation in order to save you. Do you intend to hold off until they arrive?”

Xu Xingzhi wiped off the blood that was dripping from the corner of his lips and then unscrupulously cleaned his hand with the ghost king’s gorgeous clothes. “I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to wait until they arrive, but he might still be able to.”

Xu Xingzhi felt that his life had been constantly hanging on the line ever since he had arrived in the wilderness. Now that the sword wavering above his head had slashed down, if he did not make use of this opportunity to run his mouth off and make it happy, he wouldn’t be able to talk anymore after his death, and that would certainly be a pity.

“Within the Tiger Leaping steam is a twenty-seven level formation. No one has solved it till this day. There was only one person who had reached the deepest level, and that person is still trapped within the illusion of the thirteenth level in derangement.” The ghost king looked at Xu Xingzhi as if he had found some novel toy. “…Your companions are dead meat.”

Xu Xingzhi casually replied, “Oh, that’s very amazing.”

Ghost King: “…”

After a long silence, the ghost king raised his first and struck Xu Xingzhi to the ground without warning.

It was a good punch from him, and Xu Xingzhi couldn’t hear or see anything for a long time.

By the time he could see clearly again, he had been dragged into a room and bound to a bed. His limbs had been paralyzed by some unknown drug and couldn’t move.

…Ever since he had entered the wilderness, Xu Xingzhi seemed to have never obtained relaxation. If he wasn’t bound, then he would be handcuffed. Even on their more than ten days journey to the Tiger Leaping steam, Meng Chongguang would still use the silver chain to bound him to his side before he would willingly sleep.

So at the moment, although Xu Xingzhi was tied like a dead pig, he could still maintain his emotional stability.

The ghost king looked down at Xu Xingzhi. 

His face was void of emotions as he spoke, “…No one else has talked to me like that except for him.”

This man’s capricious nature was completely exposed within a few interactions, but Xu Xingzhi still went on his bigoted course. He pressed on the bleeding wound that had been bruised by his teeth with his tongue, and he couldn’t articulate properly, “Then you are really pitiful.”

“You are a very interesting person.” The ghost king revealed a grim and malicious smile alike to a venomous snake. “You can talk more because after your soul has been washed, even if you want to say any more of these mystifying words, I’m afraid there will be no chance for you.”

…Soul washing.

Xu Xingzhi’s appreciation in his reading preferences had always been miscellaneous. He had long forgotten what was the strange book at the corner he had briefly read about this secret art, but at least he still clearly remembered that “soul washing” was a common technique belonging to the ghost clan.

In this technique, it would be used to stimulate a wisp of incomplete remnant soul that had been placed into a body with a complete soul. The memory in the remnant soul would gradually infiltrate into the complete soul, grow branches and cling to the complete memory to complete itself while washing away the memory from the complete soul.

After seizing the body, the caster only needed to lead the soul out of the body of the complete soul together with the body’s warm heart to the remnant soul’s body, then he would be able to successfully revive the person.

To put it simply, the reason why the ghost king set up the traps and had been very careful in his selection was because he wanted to use a heart and utilise the soul washing technique to revive a person.

Not waiting for Xu Xingzhi to resist, the ghost king eagerly took out a linen handkerchief that was tattered at the corner from his left chest and unfold it out smoothly.

A dry flower in the center of the handkerchief flew up upon this. It fluttered and fell onto Xu Xingzhi’s chest.

Lying in the center of the handkerchief was a small soul trapping jade jar1, as well as a number of dried Louhan flower petals.

The ghost king carefully twisted open the lid of the pot inlaid with jade chains and protected it with the palm of his hand. He poured the soul that was so thin that it only left a wisp into Xu Xingzhi’s forehead.

At the moment when the remnant soul entered Xu Xingzhi, it seemed like a giant axe had cut through his forehead. He straightened up his body and uttered a heartrending scream.

Layer upon layer of lights and shadows sped past his eyes, and many fuzzy details became clear through the scouring of time. After fumbling through the complicated and confusing beginning, Xu Xingzhi was eventually ushered into a multicoloured story.

In the following moment, Xu Xingzhi dreamed of a very long dream.

And right in the beginning of it, the dream told him, he was called Ye Buyi, and the other person in the dream was called Nan Li.

Ye Buyi met Nan Li thirteen years ago while carrying a corpse on his back.

Nan Li was adjusting his bamboo pipes musical instrument at the cliff blooming with Louhan flowers when he casually looked down and saw a little daoist priest, Ye Buyi, struggling to walk with a corpse on his back.

Ye Buyi’s pair of eyes were red from crying, and it looked like a little fresh and replete peach. He seemed like he wasn’t afraid of damaging his eyes as he had been repeatedly wiping it with his sleeve.

Nan Li watched him for a long time.

But Ye Buyi didn’t notice him. He was tired of walking, so he carefully placed the corpse on the ground. After catching a breather, he carried the corpse on his back again and resumed his journey.

Nan Li suddenly reminded him, “Tiger Leaping stream is ahead, do you still want to proceed?”

Ye Buyi was startled from hearing someone else’s voice, and he raised his eyes to look at him. His bulging peach eyes made him look like a small animal.

After staring at Nan Li’s small eyes with his big eyes for some time, Ye Buyi finally realised that the person in front of him was a resident of the wilderness.

He pulled out his sword shakingly. “Don’t-don’t come near me.”

Nan Li jumped from the cliff and it scared Ye Buyi into closing his eyes. However, when he opened his eyes again, there was no trace of Nan Li.

In his bewilderment, the sounds coming behind him almost made him drop his sword in fright.

Nan Li looked at the corpse on Ye Buyi’s back. “How is this person related to you?”

Ye Buyi quickly took a few steps back and struck close to the cliff wall. Grasping his sword nervously, he answered, “…I don’t know this person.”

Nan Li’s curiosity was piqued. “You don’t know this person, then why are you carrying him?”

Ye Buyi softly said, “We are from the same sects. Lending a hand is what a gentleman should do… This is what Senior Brother Xu taught us.”

Nan Li smiled. “Then did your Senior Brother Xu teach you that a gentleman will look at the person whom he is talking to?”

Ye Buyi felt that it made some sense and wanted to look at Nan Li, but was forced to avert his gaze because of his handsome face. “…Are you from the wilderness?”

Nan Li took a careful look at his evading eyes and remained silent.

Noticing that Nan Li was staring at him, Ye Buyi’s face was getting hotter. “I’m leaving.”

But Nan Li grabbed his wrist. “Where are you going alone?”

Ye Buyi was very nervous. “Let go of me. I heard from the real world that the ghost king lives in the Tiger Leaping stream. He’s been here hundreds and thousands of years ago, I wouldn’t be able to fight him.”

Nan Li asked, “Where are you going with a corpse on your back?”

“I will find a place where there is plenty of water and vegetation.” Ye Buyi said innocently, “I want to bury this daoist comrade properly.”

“I’m afraid you only work yourself to death.”

Nan Li chuckled. “It has been very bizarre these days. Many practitioners have been thrown into the wilderness one after another. A while ago, sixty-seven monks have died in this area.”

Ye Buyi opened his eyes and said, “Really?… Who collected their bodies?”

Nan Li: “There is no such custom of burying corpses in the wilderness.”

Ye Buyi: “…Why?”

Nan Li didn’t know why he had been so patient and he explained to Ye Buyi. “There are always ghosts and demons with low cultivation who can’t compete for food. Those dead bodies are their feast. If you bury them, they have to spend great effort to dig them out. Aren’t you adding trouble for them?”

Ye Buyi clutched his clothes nervously and said, “Then what should I do for this daoist comrade?… I can’t leave him alone.”

Nan Li thought for a moment and said, “I know of a freshwater lake in the Tiger Leaping stream that is surrounded by mountains and rivers with vegetation and pleasant scenery. If you believe me, follow me.”

“But the ghost king is in the Tiger Leaping stream…”

“I know the ghost king.” Nan Li said, “If I say something good for you, he will definitely grant your request.”

“You are lying.” Ye Buyi’s black eyes swirled around. “…You are lying, you are the ghost king.”

This time, Nan Li was stunned. “How did you know…”

As soon as he spoke, Ye Buyi was shocked, he took up the corpse and ran away.

Nan Li understood, and with a flash, the little rabbit-like Ye Buyi who was trying to escape bumped into his body and almost fell.

His mouth raised a little bit. “…Little Daoist, how dare you cheat me.”

The sword in Ye Buyi’s hand was shaking like a dying candle in the wind, and his eyes were full of tears. “Don’t come here, you…”

Nan Li laughed at him. “Has no one ever taught you to hold a sword?”

Ye Buyi shivered. “I am an outer disciple. I have poor talent…”

Nan Li forced himself not to laugh. “Then what do you do in your sect?”

Ye Buyi was crying. “…I clean.”

Nan Li’s laughter came out.

He simply did not conceal his identity anymore, and openly stated his conditions. “I will give you a place to live and let this stranger daoist comrade be safely buried, but you will have to follow me.”

Ye Buyi instinctively refused. “No.”

Nan Li asked, “Then where else can you go? To your group of dead friends lying on the ground? Or get captured by some wild ghost and demon and be tortured to death? It’s not easy to get a shelter when you are in the wilderness. Don’t fail to appreciate kindness just because I’m taking you in as your appearance suits my sights.”

After some pondering, Ye Buyi felt that his words were reasonable. “…But, you must not force me to kill my daoist comrades…”

Before he came in, he heard that the people of the wilderness were savage. These exiled prisoners were imprisoned after being punished by the sects. They had incurred hatred against the sects for a long time, so once a daoist disciple who had committed a big mistake was thrown into the wilderness, he would definitely be played by them before getting killed.

He dreaded that Nan Li harbour intention and was concocting a conspiracy in his desire to bring him back.

Nan Li: “…Don’t worry. With your subpar swordsmanship, there’s only room for you to be killed by them.”

Ye Buyi thought about it again and felt that what he said was reasonable again. “En!”

Seeing his silly manner, Nan Li’s mood gradually improved. “…Silly Daoist.”

Ye Buyi asked again, “…But what can I do for you?”

Nan Li patted his head. “Cleaning.”

Nan Li took the muddle-headed Ye Buyi back to Tiger Leaping stream and accompanied him to bury the stranger daoist comrade by a beautiful lake.

That night, Ye Buyi cleaned Nan Li’s room for the entire night and cried for the entire night. He turned his crying eyes into peaches again.

I have never swept the footpath for any visitors, but today I will sweep it for you. 

I have never opened that shed room for any visitors, but today, I will open it for you.

Ye Buyi who had suffered a great loss was no longer willing to entertain Nan Li. He shrank himself in the quilt and trembled.

Nan Li touched his damp hair. “Be good.”

“You lied.” Ye Buyi complained tearfully, “The reason why you brought me back was because you want to… you want to…”

Ye Buyi couldn’t find a suitable word to describe the situation at the moment. His cheeks lost colour from the anger he felt. “…You will be punished.”

Nan Li patted the bed and laughed uncontrollably.

Ye Buyi buried his flushed face in the quilt and mumbled unclearly, “Liar.”

Nan Li, who was lying on his back, pinched Ye Buyi’s chin so that he would be looking at himself. “I won’t lie to you in the future anymore. I will treat you well, okay?”

Ye Buyi didn’t believe him. “Then do a pinky swear with me.”

Nan Li asked, “…What is a pinky swear?”

So Ye Buyi taught him personally, and soon, both of their little fingers were hooked together. After intertwining, their thumbs intersected with each other and made a seal.

Ye Buyi’s face had turned red for doing such an ambiguous action, and when he wanted to take his hand back, Nan Li held his hand and refused to let go.

Nan Li asked, “Let’s do it again?”

Ye Buyi jumped out of bed in fright and ran away, but Nan Li mercilessly carried him back.

…Ye Buyi had settled down in the Tiger Leaping stream.

He was only responsible for cleaning the ghost king, Nan Li’s room, and each time he cleaned his room, he wouldn’t be able to get up for several days.

Nan Li treated him very well and learned many things through him.

Ye Buyi was a concubine’s son from a large merchant family. As Ye Buyi’s body was frail, his father listened to a wandering daoist and believed that if Ye Buyi practises Daoism, he could keep his life. Therefore, his father took a large sum of money and travelled thousands of miles to send Ye Buyi to Yingtian Island, one of the four famous sects in the world.

Although Ye Buyi had stayed in Yingtian Island from the age of five to seventeen, he didn’t learn any decent skills. Instead, his body became sturdy because of his daily cleaning task.

All the ghosts servants in the Tiger Leaping stream knew what the little daoist priest donned in a dark blue robe with a golden cloud shoulder embroidery brought back by the ghost king was for. Those who were more mature would be respectful towards Ye Buyi, and those who were more quirky personality would call him queen in private.

Every time he heard someone calling him this title, Ye Buyi’s face would turn a deep red, then he would run away so rapidly.

Occasionally, he would visit that stranger daoist comrade. When he came back, he would carefully bring a bunch of flowers he had picked from the lake to Nan Li. “These are for you.”

Nan Li took them. “Why?”

“Because…” The little daoist blushed, “…because I think it’s suitable to put it in our home.”

Nan Li smiled and declined to say anything. He took him in his arms and kissed his forehead.

So the little daoist’s face turned red again and he ran to the courtyard to take a deep breath.

Sometimes, Nan Li would also take the little daoist to swim in the clear lake.

Nan Li liked to drop some scraps of treasures into the lake and ask Ye Buyi to go into the water to look for it.

Although Ye Buyi couldn’t swim, the lake wasn’t deep, so he would still go down obediently and searched the bottom of the lake while holding his breath.

There wasn’t any special significance behind this kind of dull game. If he had to give some reasons, then it was because Nan Li loved to see Ye Buyi anxiously looking for his items.

Whenever he found something that Nan Li had dropped, Ye Buyi would climb up the bank proudly with his tail up. “Nan Li, Nan Li, look!”

At this point, Nan Li would press the wet Ye Buyi to the ground, and with the sky as their roof, the earth as their hut, he would love him so roughly and wildly. The little tail of his went also be successfully back.

Winter gave place to spring, and with the continuous passage of time, Ye Buyi had already unknowingly spent three years in the Tiger Leaping stream.

One day, Ye Buyi wanted to make use of the rare fine weather to dry Nan Li’s clothes. He held Nan Li’s wet clothes which he had just washed and walked to the courtyard when he heard a pair of ghosts talking.

They mentioned a “queen” in their conversation.

Initially, Ye Buyi thought that they were talking about himself. Embarrassed, he was about to run away until he heard one of the ghost servants lamenting. “If only the queen and the flesh in her belly were still alive…”

The other servant replied, “That’s right, if they were still around, the king would not have abandoned himself to this extend and mingle with the same man all day long.”

Ye Buyi listlessly held the damp clothes and left.

He had covered his mouth out of fear that he might let out a little sound and alarm the two ghost servants.

Has Nan Li ever had a wife or child before? Why didn’t he hear him mention it before him?

After Ye Buyi dried the clothes somewhere else, his mind was in a mess, and he didn’t want to go back to his room. Thus, he simply wandered around aimlessly and used the opportunity to comfort himself.

As he passed by a gorgeous stone palace, Ye Buyi stopped walking.

Nan Li had half-jokingly instructed him before on the bed that he could go anywhere in the Tiger Leaping Stream, except for the stone palace at the east.

At that time, Ye Buyi asked curiously, “What will happen if I go in?”

Nan Li grinned. “Then I’ll dig out your eyes.”

In that kind of charming atmosphere, Ye Buyi thought that he was joking, but when he looked at the palace in front of him now, a chill began to form into the deepest corner of his heart.

He carefully pushed open the dusty palace.

An hour later, he walked out of the hall with a pale face.

The hall was filled with all sorts of things that Nan Li’s wife owned before her death.

She was a woman, a woman who could give birth to a baby.

…And he was a man.

She was Nan Li’s childhood sweetheart and a ghost.

…And he was a human.

She loved to laugh. The mural that took up an entire wall was painted with her smiling face, and through it, Ye Buyi suddenly felt like he could hear her clear and loud laughter.

…And he loved to cry so much.

According to her biography, she was a woman with spiritual power that was as strong as Nan Li.

…And he was a useless person who had been practising for twelve years but achieved nothing.

The only thing Ye Buyi could compare with that woman was his eyes.

The outline of their eyes was so astonishing similar that Ye Buyi felt as if he was watching himself in the mirror when facing the huge mural, and it left him feeliechfrozen.

After returning to the room, Ye Buyi was lost in thought for a long time

Inexplicably, he thought of the game where Nan Li would throw things into the lake.

This time around, Nan Li had lost a very, very important person, and Ye Buyi wanted to find the person for him.

No one had taught the silly little daoist how to like a person, so he began to learn everything about the dead woman.

He learned to wear indigo blue clothes made from flower dye like that woman.

In order to learn needlework, he had riddled his hands with hundreds of holes.

He learned to smile without showing his teeth so that he looked generous and tolerant.

The changes in Ye Buyi was so starking obvious that there was no way Nan Li couldn’t tell.

But when Nan Li realised this, he became cold towards Ye Buyi. He no longer asked him to go to his room as frequently aseldom tease him as often as in the past.

Ye Buyi was getting more and more flustered, but he didn’t know what he had done wrong, so he industriously practised even more needlework, and tried to search for the variety of plants that could be knitted into soft fabrics.

One day, Nan Li came to see him. He only said a few words before he frowned. “Why are you putting your hands behind your back?”

Ye Buyi flusteredly said, “I-it’s nothing.”

Nan Li didn’t let him have his ways anymore. He pulled Ye Buyi’s hand out and his face immediately sank upon seeing it.

The back of Ye Buyi’s hand and his palm were swollen and covered with the stings from the poisonous plants. The older wounds had overlapped with the newer ones, making it looked particularly terrifying.

Ye Buyi was too flustered to look at Nan Li. “I-I…”

Shortly after, he heard Nan Li’s evaluating him with disgust. “So disgusting.”

Ye Buyi thought that he had heard wrongly, so he turned his sight back and stared blankly at Nan Li.

Nan Li stood up in an extremely bad mood. “I’m leaving.”

After Nan Li left, Ye Buyi felt out of his mind and went to the backyard. With all his might, he rubbed his hands with the soap bean and futilely attempted to rub the red and swollen marks off his hands.

The soap bean in the wilderness was made with animal oil and vegetable oil, so it was extremely rough. Under the intense rubbing that lasted for half an hour, Ye Buyi’s hands had become painfully numb.

As he washed his hands, he cried in pain.

…However, it was self-defeating, washing his hands only made it redder and more swollen.

Ye Buyi returned to his room in dismay and circled several times. With great determination, he took out the linen handkerchief he had originally intended to give Nan Li today and dashed to his palace.

…He wanted to reconcile with him. He didn’t want Nan Li to hate him.

As Ye Buyi was approaching the palace, he could hear the sound of items being smashed echoing from within, as well as Nan Li’s servant, Zhu Dongfeng comforting

Me him.

All at once, Ye Buyi lost the courage to go in. He paced back and forth two times and was about to leave.

Just as he had turned around, he heard Nan Li’s voice in the hall. “…Do you know? He actually wants to become Yunhua.”

… “Yunhua” was Nan Li’s queen.

Somehow, Ye Buyi ended up sticking his face to the door and carefully listened to their conversation.

Zhu Dongfeng said, “Mimicking and blindly copying others will just end up making oneself look foolish. He is not worthy.”

Nan Li was extremely irritated. “Why can’t he learn from anyone else? Why must he imitate Yunhua? Did he think I would like it if he does this? Is he a woman? I loath such a pretentious man who imitates a woman!”

Ye Buyi opened his mouth but realised that he had lost all his strength and could not even let out a whisper.

…He had put in his best effort to become the person Nan Li truly loved. He wanted to make Nan Li a little happier, yet he made such a remark about him.

Truly disgusting, disgusting.

Before Ye Buyi had time to take in another breath, he heard Nan Li’s rage-filled voice again, “Frankly speaking, the only similar thing about him and Yunhua are his eyes, the rest of him is practically different. If he didn’t have those eyes, I would not care about him if he died

anywhere else in the wilderness!”

Nan Li was really flustered and exasperated.

When he discovered that Ye Buyi had begun to imitate his dead wife’s behaviour, he knew that Ye Buyi must have entered the palace where he was not allowed to enter.

What Nan Li hated the most was when someone disobeyed him. What’s more, the person was his most obedient Ye Buyi.

But he didn’t want to admit that when he learned about it, he was very scared.

Funny to say, the ghost king was actually afraid of a shoddy little daoist.

But Yunhua was Yunhua, and Ye Buyi was Ye Buyi. He didn’t like Ye Buyi becoming anyone, let alone Yunhua.

Driven by such emotions, he even speculated whether Ye Buyi wanted to coerce himself by imitating her, implying that he had known his secret?

Was he waiting for himself to explain to him?

Was he secretly laughing at his fretful behaviour?

Did he really think he meant so much to himself?

Nan Li loathed the feeling of being threatened. But after he lost his temper to Ye Buyi just now, he was in a worse mood.

…It was true that his pair of eyes was the reason why he had taken a fancy to him.

But who would have spent three years was someone just because of a similar pair of eyes?

After gulping down a cup of bitter wine, Nan Li ruthlessly flung the silver wine cup to the ground.

With his mind filled with annoyance, he didn’t even notice that a little daoist priest with low spiritual power had been standing at the door for a long time.

It was Zhu Dongfeng that noticed the thin and small figure hidden between the door’s crack.

He said in surprise. “…Queen?”

Nan Li immediately raised his head.

The little daoist at the door took two steps back, turned around and ran.

Nan Li didn’t have the time to process how much Ye Buyi might have heard. His expression instantly changed, and with a wave of his hand, the unprepared Ye Buyi was vigorously swept by the gush of wind which strength Nan Li didn’t manage to control. He fell down and spat a mouthful of blood right on the spot.

Nan Li stood up, but he didn’t hold the wine cup in his hand properly. It dropped to the floor and clanked.

He even felt trepidation and muttered, “…Ye Buyi?”

Nan Li loved to lie to Ye Buyi.

Sometimes, he would be up to mischief and deliberately lied to Ye Buyi, saying that he had thrown something into the lake when the item was actually in his hand. Looking at Ye Buyi doing his best to find his stuff with his butt protruding out made him feel amused.

Ye Buyi had also grumbled to Nan Li for lying to him. He had ranted numerous times, and each time, it seemed like he had experienced gargantuan grievances as he stared at him in tears.

But this time around, there weren’t any traces of sorrow or grievances in Ye Buyi’s tone.

Or perhaps it was because he was truly serious this time around.

“…Nan Li, you are really a liar.” Ye Buyi wiped the corner of his lips and mumbled as he slowly got up from the ground, “…You have been lying to me all these years.”

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