IDWYR – 108

Chapter 108: Naming our sons!

“It’s fine, I’ll get him water instead. What business do you have to come back here?” Ling Zhanyi asked, “Didn’t I ask you to go to the reception venue to help out? So why are you back here?”

“Oh, I came back to retrieve something and report a matter to the president.” Zhang Qing retracted his line of sight from Su Ziyang and felt that the person who was called ‘wife’ by the president looked very familiar.

“What’s the matter? Speak!” Ling Zhanyi put the lunch box and the thermos flask on the table before looking back at her.

Zhang Qing hesitantly looked at Su Ziyang. She had never reported work matters to the president in front of an outsider before.

Ling Zhanyi hooked Su Ziyang’s hand and fiddled with his fingertips, causing their rings to glisten upon the mutual reflection. Ages passed, but Ling Zhanyi still hadn’t heard Zhang Qing speak, so he probed, “Go on? What exactly is the matter?”

Zhang Qing took a deep breath. Forget it. They were already wearing the same set of rings, and the president treated Su Ziyang so well, she believed that Ling Zhanyi wouldn’t mind letting Su Ziyang hear about some of the company’s inside information.

“Isn’t the president secretly buying the Su family’s shares? President Su discovered our tracks and began to reclaim part of the shares. He also sent an invitation, saying that he would be attending the reception in the evening and would like to have a good talk with President Ling.” Zhang Qing handed a golden glazed invitation card over, and when she mentioned President Su, she suddenly realised something and glanced at Su Ziyang stealthily. Yes, this Su Ziyang had a little resemblance to President Su and his face was also rather similar to Mrs Su.

Su Ziyang… Su Ziyang… She remembered that Su Ziqi, the daughter of the Su family, was engaged to the president early on, but the engagement was cancelled not long after… 

Could it be…

Now the president had announced that he and Su Ziyang were in a relationship and would be getting married soon, thus, in other words…

“Oh, I understand. If there is nothing else, you can go to the reception!” Ling Zhanyi took the invitation card and tossed it on the table.

Zhang Qing complied. “Yes.”

When the door of the office was closed, Su Ziyang realized that Ling Zhanyi’s mood was fluctuating. He couldn’t help but wonder, “What are you buying that family’s shares for? Do you want to take them down?”

Ling Zhanyi casually said, “It’s nothing, I just want to teach them a lesson.”

He had not forgotten the words Su Ziqi had asked Gu Feng to pass unto him last time; she said something about not giving up, and that she would make him regret it.

Wasn’t it because of her affluent background that the woman dared to talk big? If the Su family collapsed, what else could she do when she had no money and power?

At present, he was only buying a small portion of their shares to warn her, if she still refused to retreat on her advances, then don’t blame him for his ruthlessness!

Of course, there wasn’t any need for Ziyang to know about this kind of thing.

“Did they offend you?” Su Ziyang didn’t ask any further questions. On one hand, he didn’t know much about shares. On the other hand, he didn’t care about the people that were going to be out of luck. In the business world, everyone would scheme against each other and place their interest as their priority. It was a winner-takes-all world, so having sympathy for their opponents would just be unnecessary.

Ling Zhanyi nodded. “En.”

Su Ziyang curiously picked up the invitation and fiddled with it. “Can I go to the party with you in the evening?”

“…” Ling Zhanyi was stunned for a moment. He did not expect Su Ziyang to change the topic so fast, and he pondered for a moment. “You should go home and have a good rest.”

“I haven’t been to a party reception for a long time. I want to join the crowd.” Su Ziyang seldom acted this coy. “Take me, please! I promise I’d be good.”

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t help smiling, he then took him into his arms and kissed his forehead. “Okay, I’ll take you, I’ll take you! But, I still have some work to deal with. The lounge is over there. If you are tired, go and sleep for a while. If you are not sleepy, then stay here with me.”

“Okay, I’ll sit here and accompany you.” Su Ziyang sat on the sofa opposite Ling Zhanyi and played with his phone, meanwhile, Ling Zhanyi sat next to his computer and began to go through his email.

When he saw that evil video on the desktop, Ling Zhanyi’s mouth couldn’t help curling up.

Su Ziyang would occasionally look up at Ling Zhanyi. Seeing that he was focused on the work in hand, Su Ziyang then stealthily set up his phone and intended to take photos of him secretly. However, he had forgotten to switch off the shutter of his phone’s camera. With the clicking sound, it instantly exposed him. Ling Zhanyi looked up upon hearing the click, and his handsome face was photographed just like that.

Su Ziyang saw Ling Zhanyi’s teasing smile and felt somewhat embarrassed. However, he just resumed playing with his phone and set the photo he just took as his phone’s wallpaper.

——It had always been Ling Zhanyi who set the wallpaper on his phone and in both his work and home computers using his photos, but Su Ziyang still hadn’t changed any of his phone’s set-up.

Oh, right, next time he should also take pictures of his sons, just like that photo on Ling Zhanyi’s desk…

Thinking of this, Su Ziyang couldn’t sit still anymore. He took his phone and ambled closer to Ling Zhanyi. He then put his arm on his shoulder, and pointed to the computer, saying, “Yi, send this photo to my phone.”

Ling Zhanyi rubbed his cheeks against Su Ziyang’s arm and nodded. “Okay.”

After setting up his phone, Su Ziyang went around Ling Zhanyi’s back and placed both his arms on his neck. He asked boredly. “Are you done yet?”

Ling Zhanyi titled his head to the side and kissed the back of Su Ziyang’s hand. “Soon, I’m almost done.”

“This is so boring…” Su Ziyang rested his chin on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder. Like a child, he pressed his chin on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulders and moved back and forth.

However, Ling Zhanyi felt very comfortable at Su Ziyang’s actions. He suddenly felt inspired and asked, “Wife, why don’t you massage my shoulder for me? I’ve been sitting here for nearly an entire afternoon. My shoulder is sore, my neck is also aching. I’m all stiff and uncomfortable.”

“Ah? Why don’t you say so earlier!” Su Ziyang didn’t put on airs and refused to give him a massage, in fact, he even complained about why Ling Zhanyi didn’t say it early on.

As he massaged him, Ling Zhanyi squinted his eyes in pleasure. “En, there, use more force… So good…”

Su Ziyang massaged him enthusiastically, while Ling Zhanyi also enjoyed this treatment.

“By the way, aren’t you going to call mom and inform her that you are gonna come home late?” Ling Zhanyi asked Su Ziyang who shook his head, “I will call her later.”

“Then I’ll call her instead, and inform her that you’ll be coming home with me.”


Ling Zhanyi dialled the phone and talked to Mother Ling for a while. As the conversation went on, he started missing his two little sons, so he asked, “Mom, can you let the two little guys make some noises, I miss them.”

“Alright, hold on, I will let you hear them. It just so happens that both of them are awake!” Mother Ling laid down on the bed and said to the two babies, “Dear babies, it’s Daddy. Daddy misses you two. Come on, say something to Daddy.”

“…” When Su Ziyang and Ling Zhanyi heard some cooing and gurgling over the phone, they looked at each other and smiled. They chatted with Mother Ling for a while more before they hung up the call.

Su Ziyang then patted Ling Zhanyi’s back. “Get back to work!”

“En, I will be done soon!” Ling Zhanyi sat upright, moved the mouse, typed on the keyboard, and concentrated on his work.

Sure enough, he was done ten minutes later.

“Wife, I’m done!”

Su Ziyang subconsciously nodded at him. He was leaning on the side of the table with his head down and holding his phone. Who knew what he was looking at that he didn’t even pay a single attention to what Ling Zhanyi had said at all.

Ling Zhanyi got up and walked over to him. He pointed out, “Wife, what are you doing?”

Su Ziyang passed the phone to him. “Just now when mother called our sons, ‘babies’, I just realized that our sons don’t have their names set yet, so I searched for a name software to check out the various kinds of names out there.”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned when he heard his words. Although he was between laughter and tears, he also felt a sense of sudden realisation together with some guilt. “Yes, our sons haven’t gotten their names yet.”

When they were at home, they either called them big brother and younger brother or sometimes, they would call them big baby and little baby. They basically had forgotten to name them!

Since it was only 4 pm right now, and the reception would begin at 7 pm at most, so for the remaining three hours, Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang would, from time to time, use their mobile phones, and every so often, write and scribble something on the paper, and then race to sit on the swivel chair to check some information on the computer.

In the end, Ling Zhanyi sat on the chair with Su Ziyang sitting on his thighs. Ling Zhanyi held Su Ziyang’s waist with both hands as they filtered the names one by one in front of the computer screen.

“How about this one?” Su Ziyang blinked his dry eyes. He had been staring at the screen for a long time and his eyes felt a bit uncomfortable, but he still had not found any suitable names yet. It seemed like looking for names was really not an easy thing to do!

Ling Zhanyi’s attention had long been diverted from naming his sons’ to something more…With his wife in his lap, he would really be sorry to waste this good opportunity if he doesn’t do anything!

When Su Ziyang asked him, he perfunctorily answered. “Wife, you can make the decision, I trust you!” After that, he continued to kiss and nibble Su Ziyang’s neck. His hands, which had been originally holding Su Ziyang’s waist obediently, began to look for little Su Ziyang to have a discussion with him…

“Don’t play around!” Su Ziyang moved his body and avoided his naughty hands. He looked at the screen carefully and continued to ask, “How about Ling Zixuan and Ling Zihao?”

“Nng, it’s nice, it’s nice…” Ling Zhanyi gasped and replied, but his mind was focused on Su Ziyang’s movements just now. The friction made his little brother rouse.

“So it’s settled then?” Su Ziyang got up and took his phone to tell Father Ling and Mother Ling, “Let me call our parents and have them participate in brainstorming.”

“They don’t have any opinion on this.” Ling Zhanyi hugged him and refused to let him leave his arms. He painfully endured his energetic little brother that was pressing against Su Ziyang’s ass and wanted to charge in badly.

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