IDWYR – 109

Chapter 109: Which family… is that young master from?

The peculiar situation occurring at his lower body finally attracted Su Ziyang’s attention. Fuck this lecher who is in heat anytime and anywhere!

“Ling Zhanyi, you shameless bastard– let me go!” Su Ziyang struggled to escape. He should have known better to not sit on the same chair with Ling Zhanyi. Look, look! His true colours are showing!

Ling Zhanyi continued to hug him and refused to let him go. After struggling for a while, both of them managed to overturn the chair and fell to the floor. Su Ziyang fell on top of Ling Zhanyi and Ling Zhanyi grimaced in pain. It was obvious that he had cushioned most of the impact of the fall.

Su Ziyang used this opportunity to get away from Ling Zhanyi, which Ling Zhanyi had tried to stop him but he was a step too late. He simply retracted the hand that he had stretched out and continued to lie on the carpet. He groaned and pretended that he was suffering.

With Ling Zhanyi cushioning him, Su Ziyang didn’t experience much pain from falling off the chair. When he got up and saw that Ling Zhanyi was still lying on the carpet, he couldn’t help snorting wickedly. “You deserve it! See if you still dare to go into heat next time!”

“Ouch…” Ling Zhanyi refused to get up. He continued to lie there on the floor and groaned in pain.

After laughing at him, Su Ziyang stretched a leg out and kicked him. “Hurry and get up. It’s half-past six. Aren’t we still going to the party?”

Ling Zhanyi was still crying out “ouch” and “ah” persistently.

Su Ziyang suspiciously looked at Ling Zhanyi who was lying on the carpet. Was it that serious?

Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Ziyang plaintively. “Wife, you are so cruel, you didn’t even try to help me up even though I became your human cushion. You might be fine, but I bore the weight of two people!”

Su Ziyang could not help laughing. “Who ask you to grab me and refuse to let go? Being my human cushion is a matter of fact… unless you want me to be your human cushion?”

Ling Zhanyi shook his head. “That’s impossible, I can’t bear to.”

“Isn’t that right? Get up quickly. How can the imposing president lie on the carpet and make a scene?” Su Ziyang was even too lazy to say more, showing his despise in him.

“I still feel dizzy from the fall and can’t get up.” Ling Zhanyi blinked pitifully.

“Pretend, go on pretending…” Su Ziyang was not moved at all. He turned to the table and picked up his phone to call Mother Ling, and notify them that he and Zhanyi had thought of two names, Ling Zixuan and Ling Zihao. If they do not have any objections, then they would settle on these two names. Their sons were already a month old, but they weren’t even named yet. They were really incompetent parents.

After the phone call, Su Ziyang turned around and saw that Ling Zhanyi was still lying on the carpet, refusing to get up.

“…” Su Ziyang’s forehead practically formed black lines. He really felt so helpless towards him.

After he put down his phone, he went over, stooped down and lent Ling Zhanyi a hand. “Fine, I will pull you up, okay? Hurry and stand up, don’t you feel cold lying on the floor? It’s nearly November. If you fall sick, I will punish you by not letting you do any intimate stuff with me…”

Only at this that Ling Zhanyi grievingly stretched out his hand, held onto Su Ziyang’s hand, and prepared to get up.

Su Ziyang was still wondering why Bastard Ling was so heavy when he suddenly lost his balance and fell into the arms of a certain president. Ling Zhanyi smiled triumphantly. “Wife, since you have thrown yourself in my arms, then I must do something to satisfy you and not let you down!”

“You bastard– Nng--” Su Ziyang was pressed on the carpet by Ling Zhanyi and was kissed fiercely for a long time.

Twenty minutes later, the panting Su Ziyang glared at the smiling Ling Zhanyi in the elevator. Damn bastard, he won’t deliver food to him next time! Absolutely not!

After getting in the car, Su Ziyang was still angry and hit Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder with the pillow in the back seat. “Send me home! I don’t want to go to the damn party with you anymore!”

“Don’t be angry, wife. I can promise you that you will be the most beautiful person to grace the party, okay?” Ling Zhanyi had eaten and drank enough, so he wasn’t worried about anything. He took Su Ziyang to a nearby shopping mall and bought Su Ziyang a full set of clothing. He also changed his clothes that were stained with his little brother’s ‘saliva’, and coaxed Su Ziyang to accompany him to the party.

It was 7.20 pm when they arrived at the venue, and the party had already begun. Ling Zhanyi took Su Ziyang who was no longer angry, inside. In fact, Ling Zhanyi did not go too far on his actions, he only did it once on the carpet, and didn’t really enter him. He just rubbed between his legs for a while to relieve his thirst…

Su Ziyang hadn’t attended a reception party for a long time. As soon as he entered the venue, he felt as if it had been a lifetime ago since he last attended and had instantly entered into another world after coming inside.

The reception’s ambience was very warm. The men and women had basically adorned themselves with all kinds of beautiful western suits and evening gown as they shuttle through the crowd. Many company leaders, well-known directors and actors were also present.

After Ling Zhanyi went in, he was taken away by Zhang Qing, who said that several business partners were asking to have an audience with President Ling once he arrived and had him rush to deal with them. Ling Zhanyi turned around after taking three steps and looked back at Su Ziyang, but Su Ziyang just smiled at him and indicated that he would be fine alone. He turned around to one corner and ate something while waiting for Ling Zhanyi to come back.

Su Yan came relatively late. After stepping into the venue, several old friends of his came to greet him and asked whether the Su’s shares were being sold off and why did it drop so much recently?

Su Yan was tired of entertaining them, and it took him a long time to get rid of their encirclement. He didn’t even know why Ling Zhanyi was picking on the Su Group. If it was because of his daughter’s previous act that he was unhappy with, then this matter should already be put behind since he had already destroyed one of Su’s enterprises. But now he started aiming at Su’s main business enterprise. Did he really intend to not leave a lifeline for them to live?

The two families used to be good friends. There’s no need to kill them outright, is it?

Furtively glancing around, he looked for Ling Zhanyi’s figure. If he couldn’t find Ling Zhanyi today, he could always look for the vice president, Gu Feng. Su Yan was looking for them when he accidentally bumped into Su Ziyang who was filling his stomach with cakes.

“Ah, I’m sorry about that.” Because of Su Yan’s accidental collision, the cream on the cake that Su Ziyang was holding smeared onto Su Ziyang’s chest, and Su Yan had quickly apologized for it.

Su Ziyang lowered his head and saw that his clothes were soiled with cream. He quickly wiped it with a few paper towels from the side. Hearing an apology, he subconsciously looked up and gave a smile to the middle-aged man who was constantly apologizing in front of him. “It’s fine. I’ll just go to the bathroom to rinse it.” Then he continued to wipe it.

Su Yan was stunned still. Just that fleeting glance made his heart jump–That face…

Su Ziyang wiped his clothes as he walked to the washroom. Halfway there, he happened to meet Ye Shuo, who had also come to the party. Ye Shuo greeted him happily, “Brother Ziyang! You are here too?”

Ziyang… Ziyang?!

Su Ziyang… Who?!

Su Yan subconsciously went closer to them. The more he looked at his face, the more he looked familiar. He lost his childhood innocence and became handsome, and his actions even had the demeanour of an adult.

Su Yan looked at Su Ziyang blankly and wanted to ask him if his surname was Su, but he was afraid of getting the expected answer, which made him more uneasy.

While he was hesitating, he vaguely heard the young boy who had chatted up with Ziyang asking softly. “Brother Ziyang, have you recovered? Are the babies fine too?”


Su Yan’s eyes widened. His feet were instantly nailed in place and he could not move anywhere else and stood still.

It’s him! It must be him!

His eyes fell on Su Ziyang’s hands involuntarily, and when he saw the ring on his finger, Su Yan felt even more unbelievable– he had even gotten married?! And have kids?!

Could it be true… that there is really someone in this world who could accept such a weird phenomenon happening to a man?!

Su Ziyang replied with a smile, “En, they are both fine, I had even named them just recently, which were Zixuan, and Zihao, how is it? Good?”

Ye Shuo eagerly nodded his head to express his agreement and gave a thumbs up.  “Brother Ziyang, you are amazing! These two names are very nice! I think Luoluo will like it too. I will inform him when I go back. By the way, the “Zi” must have come from your name?”

“That is, of course, the two little guys are already following the Ling family for their surnames, are they not allowed to have something similar to my own name?” Su Ziyang exchanged greetings with Ye Shuo, pulled his collar and apologized, “I’m sorry, Xiao Shuo, I have to go to the bathroom to wash this out. Otherwise, it will be hard to get rid of the stain.”

“Okay, go! I’ll visit your house some other day to see the babies! ” Ye Shuo said smilingly.

Su Ziyang left with a smile.

Ye Shuo turned around with a smile still plastered on his face and stopped just after taking two steps forward. Su Yan softly asked, “Xiao Shuo, who is the young master who spoke to you just now?”

When Ye Shou saw that it was Su Yan who had called him, he politely greeted, “Uncle Su”, and he then replied, “Brother Ziyang is not any family’s young master. He is a Chief Photographer and knew many celebrities, directors and bosses. That’s why he came here today.”

This isn’t considered a lie, right? He just saw several celebrities greeting Brother Ziyang intimately.

After all, Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang hadn’t gotten married yet, so it would be better not to tell outsiders about it for the time being.

Therefore, Ye Shuo, this little monkey spirit gave such an answer. 

Su Yan didn’t really want to know which family Su Ziyang was from, but what he wanted to know more was Su Ziyang’s family name. Strictly speaking, he wanted to verify something.

“Then, what’s his surname?” Su Yan carefully probed.

Ye Shuo beamed. “His surname is Su! Ah, that’s right, he has the same surname as you, Uncle Su! You two must have been from the same family 500 years ago! Hehe…”

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