IDWYR – 110

Chapter 110: A request from a colleague

After saying goodbye to Ye Shuo, Su Yan leaned against a corner of the wall with a glass of wine in his hand. His fingers trembled as he took a sip with a complicated expression that was difficult to discern.

His surname is Su… It’s really Su…

He… is his child…

For the past many years… He had never intentionally looked for this child, in fact, he even indulged himself in forgetting that he had such a son…Unexpectedly, he met him today! He even managed to recognise him at first glance!

Twenty-three years had passed since he placed this child at the entrance of the welfare home…

Ziyang… Ziyang… Su Yan kept on repeating this name in his heart and felt a deep sense of guilt every time he uttered his name.

He… he had wronged this child…

Su Yan was so shocked by the matter that he had even forgotten to find Ling Zhanyi to discuss the matter of him purchasing the Su’s shares…

Back then, Ziyang was just one-year-old when he was hospitalized because of an illness and had to undergo a small surgery. At that time, the doctor informed them that Ziyang’s body was special. It was a hidden double constitution and it was likely that he would grow into a monster that was neither female nor male. At that time, the Su family had just established itself in the upper-class society, and Su Yan was obsessed with his reputation, he was certain that he would be a laughing stock in their circle for having such a son. Besides, his wife was already five months pregnant at that time, so when that time comes… he’d have his second child to inherit the family business.

With this in mind, Su Yan gritted his teeth and ruthlessly forsaken Su Ziyang, who was in a stupor state, to the entrance of the welfare home. He also placed a cheque and a necklace with his name at the bottom of his clothes.

It would be false to say he wasn’t heartbroken, and he regretted it later on. But Su Yan still couldn’t muster his will to retrieve his child from the welfare home, he even told his wife that their son had died because of the illness. He had never dared to tell his wife the truth, afraid that she would be overly heartbroken and harm the fetus in her stomach…

Su Yan’s wife cried for a long time because of this. If it wasn’t because she was pregnant, he’s afraid she would have fallen into a depression and unable to recover from this setback.

This was also the reason why Mother Su named her daughter Su Ziqi. Every time she uttered her name, Mother Su couldn’t help but think of her dead son. This was also the reason why she doted on Su Ziqi excessively because she had devoted all her love for her son to her daughter too.

Their second child was a daughter, and Su Yan was a little disappointed. He tried to persuade his wife to have another child, but Mother Su didn’t agree to it. She said that she would devote all her love and attention to her daughter. If her daughter had an accident because she had neglected her during her pregnancy, she wouldn’t be able to stand another blow!

Su Yan had no choice but to slowly accept this fact. Fortunately, Su Ziqi was also very intelligent and grew to be even more charming. She was bold and ruthless, and she would get whatever she wanted with whatever possible means if she desired it. With this sort of character, she was more than suited to work in the business world.

Su Yan thought that he would be able to rely on his daughter for the rest of his life, but he didn’t expect that what happened a year ago made his daughter lose her mind completely. She was obsessed with Ling Zhanyi, and this incurred Ling Zhanyi to constantly target the Su enterprises. Seeing that his family business would be destroyed if this continued, he had to come and beg Ling Zhanyi with his old face, hoping that he would take into account the relationship between the two families for so many years and stop his actions…

However, Su Yan absolutely did not expect to meet Su Ziyang here.

His son, the son he had abandoned has now grown into a man and was even a famous Chief Photographer that knew many celebrities and stars of various movies and songs.

He is so brilliant, so dazzling.

He even…

He has even gotten married and has children…

From the conversation between Ziyang and Ye Shuo just now, Su Yan ruled out the idea that the man who married Ziyang was a woman, because Ye Shuo asked Su Ziyang, “Have you recovered?” that was to say…

My son actually gave birth to another man’s child with such a body!

Wouldn’t his partner felt eerie and be frightened when a man gave birth? Ziyang could even talk and laugh freely about this kind of matter with his friends… Shouldn’t he feel ashamed to even talk about it?

Su Yan stood stupefied in the corner, and the smile on his lips was a little weary– Perhaps, twenty-three years later, the world of today would not think that such an oddity was a disgrace?

Su Ziyang went to the bathroom to rinse out all the cream stained on his clothes, but the area on his chest was damped as a result, so he couldn’t continue wearing his outerwear. Su Ziyang simply took it off, carried it on his arm, and came out wearing just the light blue shirt out of the two-piece suit he wore.

Su Ziyang almost ran into another person at the door of the washroom, so he stepped back to avoid another collision. If anything else soiled his shirt, he would have no choice but to go bare…

The person who almost bumped against him was a fat man who had drank too much and hurried to enter the door. As soon as he entered the bathroom, he rushed to the sink to vomit. Su Ziyang saw the man’ face through the mirror– it was his colleague, Lin Kai.

Just at this time, Lin Kai also saw Su Ziyang. He glared at Su Ziyang and looked at Su Ziyang carefully. Ignoring his dripping saliva, he turned his head and asked, “Ziyang? Is that you Ziyang?”

Su Ziyang smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’s me. I haven’t seen you for a long time, Kai-zi.”

As if he had met a great saviour, he grabbed Su Ziyang’s arm and repeated. “Great, great, I’m saved today!”

“What’s the matter? Did something happen? Why did you drink so much?” Su Ziyang frowned slightly as the smell of alcohol assaulted his nose. He hadn’t been to this kind of occasion for a long time, and he wasn’t used to this sudden overwhelming smell of alcohol.

Lin Kai calmed down a little. He went back to rinse his mouth and face carefully to make himself sober before he ranted to Su Ziyang, “Ziyang, you may not know, but ever since you asked for leave, the company has entrusted me with all the camerawork and shooting. You should know my capabilities, just that few skills isn’t enough. My professional skills are not even comparable to yours! Sometimes, the model would be very picky. Besides, because I look so fat and so ugly, they won’t cooperate with me properly, and I can’t shoot well enough no matter what! They would always try to tease me in every chance and play tricks on me. Today, I met a very difficult star yet again and I had to drink a lot of wine in one shot. I almost vomited bile out. If I can’t finish shooting tonight, Old Xia will deduct my salary.”

Before, Su Ziyang had also encountered his fair share of troublesome celebrities. They were conceited and usually looked down on the photographers who would be shooting them for their publicity. They always thought that the photographers would take those photos for themselves to gain some other profits. Therefore, most of them wouldn’t even try to cooperate with them and would make trouble intentionally.

There were times where Su Ziyang wanted to say that they were just trying their best to do their job and take beautiful photos for them! So who were they to even act so conceited? Do they think it’s so great for them to have their company to back them up?

But of course, because Su Ziyang’s photographic skills were very good, people who wanted to make trouble with him basically wouldn’t succeed in their endeavour. Even if they don’t cooperate with him, Su Ziyang couldn’t still grasp that one percent or even one-thousandth of the chance and capture that moment. After careful editing and adjustments, the picky people would always be satisfied with the photos he took.

Lin Kai took Su Ziyang’s hand and begged incessantly. “Ziyang, please help me this once! I’ll treat you to dinner if I manage to get the photos done!”

“Don’t be so polite, I’ll help you if it’s within my reach. Come on, I’ll come with you and have a look.” Su Ziyang patted Lin Kai’s hand in comfort.

Lin Kai’s heart went back to his chest and he took Su Ziyang to the place where he was shooting. On the way, he suddenly remembered that Su Ziyang had taken a vacation because of an illness. He got worried and asked, “By the way, Ziyang, are you better? You have been on vacation for nearly a year. I didn’t have the time to contact you to ask about your situation. I’m so sorry. Now, I still asked you to help… I…”

“It doesn’t matter. I changed my phone number when I was on vacation, and I’ve almost fully recovered now. I’ll go back to work in a little more than two months soon.”

“In more than two months, the new year will almost be over by then. If it’s me, I will go back to work after the new year.” Lin Kai smiled foolishly.

Su Ziyang nodded. “You are right, it seems that I need to request for another half a month’s leave.” Speaking of this, Su Ziyang asked curiously, “By the way, does the leader have any opinions on my vacation? Did they say they were going to fire me or something?”

“How could that be?” Lin Kai shook his head. “You’re our company’s favourite! Don’t say one year off, even if you took two years off, they would still welcome you with open arms when you come back! Don’t worry, with your talent, the company wouldn’t bear to let you go to other places to find a job!”

Su Ziyang smiled. “I hope so.”

What Lin Kai said about the shooting was actually to capture some short snippets and interactions between the stars at the party. The company had already pointed out that the popular actress Kang Yujiao should be the main focus for the shooting, and other second-line stars would just serve as a foil.

Lin Kai had been taking pictures for a while now, and those stars have been teasing him all the way. He was chubby and short, it gave people the feeling that he was cute and had a good temper. He was teased around by several stars and didn’t manage to successfully take any satisfactory photos.

Kang Yujiao was disdainful to even look at the camera lens as she felt that appearing together in a picture with those stars would be insulting her status.

So what if the company wanted her to collaborate with other stars to create publicity? They just wanted to use her name to help her less famous colleagues.

Was she stupid? Do they expect her to do her best and pour in more effort only to end up creating more competition?

At that exact moment, Lin Kai came back from the washroom after vomiting, and these stars still intended to play around with this chubby and silly photographer.

But their eyes were immediately fixated on Su Ziyang who stood behind Lin Kai. Where did such a man with outstanding temperament come from?

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