IDWYR – 111

Chapter 111: Don’t tell me the man who married Ziyang… is Ling Zhanyi?!

There were two famous stars who had worked with Su Ziyang before that weren’t involved in the shooting. The photos taken by Su Ziyang were in line with their prerequisites, so when they saw him, they warmly welcomed him, “Ziyang, long time no see! Are you feeling better? I wanted to cooperate with you some time ago, but your boss said you were on leave.”

“I feel much better now. I will be able to go back to work next year. Thank you guys, let’s work together again if an opportunity arises!” Su Ziyang greeted them with ease before turning to Kang Yujiao.

Kang Yujiao was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect this person to be so popular in the entertainment industry, and that many famous stars were actually acquainted with him. What more, those famous stars also showed great respect for Su Ziyang…

Where did Lin Kai find such a person to save the show?

Someone then briefed Kang Yujiao about Su Ziyang, “That man is the Chief Photographer in Lin Kai’s company. He has been on vacation for a long while now, so I’m quite confused on why he would appear here today. I heard that his photography skill is so good that most seniors love to have him shoot for them! Yujiao, just forget it, you also want to bring your career to a higher level, right? Anyway, those second-line stars are just your foil, the protagonist is still you in the end.”

Kang Yujiao wasn’t the slightest bit concerned, after all, wasn’t it just swapping a photographer? The original intention was still to use her fame to bring attention to other people, so she just didn’t want to cooperate! Anyway, when the time comes, she would just push all the blame towards the photographer and the company wouldn’t be able to account her for it.

Su Ziyang nodded and smiled at the several stars who have a part in the coming photoshoot to ensue. He did not advise anything to them beforehand on what pose they should do, or what kind of expression they should have, but only took Lin Kai’s camera, fiddled with it for a while before turning the camera towards them.

Kang Yujiao was so angry that her face paled. There’s actually a photographer who dared to not place any importance to her?

Su Ziyang wasn’t the least bit distracted. He swiftly turned the camera to capture  everyone’s micro expression, and as for how the other party thought about himself, he was indifferent to it. He also didn’t care what the other person’s expression or posture was; in short, he had been looking at the lens the entire time with great focus and his right index finger was constantly adjusting the distance of the lens…

More than ten minutes later, Su Ziyang shrugged his shoulders and took out the memory card inside. He then said to Lin Kai, “Kai-zi, I’ll take this tape and edit it for you at night. I’ll ask someone to bring it to the company tomorrow morning and pass it to you.”

“Thank you very much! Ziyang, you are my saviour!” Lin Kai almost threw himself in Su Ziyang’s arms and give him a kiss. Fortunately, he still remembered that both of them were men and he shouldn’t act too agitated.

Su Ziyang smiled and was ready to turn and leave before he was called out.

Kang Yujiao finally decided to speak, “The way you took photos is strange. Don’t you need us to look at the camera?”

“If I asked all of you to look at the camera, would y’all do as I say?” Su Ziyang replied in return.

Kang Yujiao was speechless, and then with some reluctance, she came forward with a glass of wine. She smiled with an ill-intent. “I remember that I haven’t asked for your name yet?”

“Su Ziyang.” Su Ziyang replied as he turned to leave, but Kang Yujiao stopped him in his tracks by saying, “I’m a new star, and I haven’t heard of your name. However, as the saying goes… first time, strangers, second meeting friends, and from an exchange of blows, friendship grows. We could be considered acquainted. I’d like to propose a toast to you first before anything else, and in the future… I will still have to rely on Master Su to give me more guidance!”

“That’s very kind of you.” Su Ziyang didn’t take the glass that Kang Yujiao had handed over and was smiling apologetically, “Sorry, I can’t drink. But I have already received your goodwill. Next time, when I’m well, I’ll make amends to you!”

“Won’t you give me some face?” As soon as Kang Yujiao heard that he couldn’t drink, she was even more determined than before. If he couldn’t drink, why did he even bother to come in the party? You can’t drink, but you still want to help that fatso? Aren’t you looking down on me too much?

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to give you face, but Ziyang is still on sick leave and he hasn’t recovered yet. I’ll drink this for him instead.” Lin Kai noticed the annoyance in Kang Yujiao’s eyes and was about to reach out for the glass when she evaded it. She kept staring at Su Ziyang. “It’s just a glass of wine, would it really be that serious? If Mr. Su really doesn’t want to give me face, then I can’t do anything about it…”

At this point, Su Ziyang could only reluctantly take the glass. Inwardly, he was thinking that taking a sip of wine could be considered as giving her face, otherwise, this woman would really continue to pester him… Were stars who had just recently gained popularity this arrogant nowadays?

Kang Yujiao took another glass and clinked it with Su Ziyang’s glass of wine. “That’s right. I hope Mr. Su will guide me more in the future.” With that, she finished drinking her wine in one mouth.

Su Ziyang smiled wryly. She clearly didn’t plan to let him go from this situation. Did he really have to finish the whole glass? 

Lin Kai looked at him worriedly, while Su Ziyang went for it and drank the wine.

When he was two gulps away from finishing the wine, his wrist was suddenly held by someone. Ling Zhanyi angrily glared at him. “Who allowed you to drink? Spit it out!”

Su Ziyang’s wrist was in pain and he was forced to release his grip on the glass, causing it to drop and shatter in pieces on the floor. Ling Zhanyi was both angry and worried at the same time as he stared at Su Ziyang. He stretched out his hand and pinched Su Ziyang’s chin. “Do you still have anything left in your mouth? Spit them all out now!”

The wine that Su Ziyang hadn’t swallowed spilled out of the corner of his lips, but Ling Zhanyi still shoved his index finger into his throat, in which Su Ziyang didn’t managed to dodge in time. With his finger, Ling Zhanyi pressed at the back of Su Ziyang’s throat, and those wine that had just flowed into his stomach were vomited out just like that.

Su Ziyang glared at Ling Zhanyi in embarrassment. The wine he vomited out had stained Ling Zhanyi’s sleeves, and this sudden action also made him cough several times. He then complained, “What are you doing…”

Ling Zhanyi couldn’t be bothered to take the paper towel. Instead, he pulled his tie off and wiped Su Ziyang’s mouth with it. He questioned anxiously, “Is there any more? Has all the wine been puked out?” He wanted to press at the back of his throat again, but Su Ziyang tilted his head aside. “Stop it, there’s no more, I have already spat it all out.”

“Why were you drinking wine for no reason all of a sudden?” Ling Zhanyi ruthlessly said, “Don’t you remember that you aren’t allowed to drink any alcoholic beverage for now? It will upset your stomach and it will cause you pain, I’ll see if you dare forget this next time!”

“It’s just a few sips…. Is it that serious?” Su Ziyang knew he was in the wrong and murmured in a low voice.

“What do you mean by just a few sips, you were clearly planning on drinking an entire glass!” Ling Zhanyi was nearly angered to death. Su Ziyang had just recovered and wine was a food stimulant. In any case that he had a stomachache, it would be him who had to suffer! This little thing couldn’t be left alone even for a while.

Su Ziyang curled his lips and said, “That’s also because you are the one who caused it…”

Ling Zhanyi let out a sigh of relief and his tone turned much more gentle. “Did you drink any more before this?”

“No, this is my first glass…” Su Ziyang replied softly.

Ling Zhanyi raised his hand and carefully wiped the corners of Su Ziyang’s mouth again. He asked softly, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

After Su Ziyang shook his head, Ling Zhanyi turned his head and stared at the people around him. His sight passed by them one at a time, and eventually stopped at Kang Yujiao’s face. “Were you the one that forced him to drink?”

Kang Yujiao’s soul had yet to return back to her body, likewise, the people around her were also in shock.

Everyone in the venue knew of Ling Zhanyi’s identity. Strictly speaking, he was actually the big boss of some of these stars. Whether it be investing in a movie, tv play, album, or an advertisement, he had the final say. They never thought Ling Zhanyi could even be acquainted to this photographer, and he would be anxious enough to even reach his finger into Su Ziyang’s throat. When Su Ziyang puked on him, he also didn’t mind. Wasn’t it weird?

“Did you make him drink?” Ling Zhanyi looked enraged.

Kang Yujiao came back to her senses and sputtered, “No… Mr Ling, I didn’t force him… It’s just a general social interaction…”

“Social interaction…” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were cold, “That better be the case!”

Kang Yujiao shuddered inwardly. She begged in a low voice, “President Ling… I didn’t know that you knew him…. I promise I won’t dare to do it again… Mr Ling, don’t be angry…”

She knew that Ling Zhanyi was her top superior. If he was angry and decided to cut her off, her acting career would really be over.

She was very popular at the moment, so she cannot let such a thing affect her career!

Ling Zhanyi said coldly, “For the next three months, there won’t be any director looking for you to take any drama. Use this time to go and learn some social skills!”

“President Ling…” Kang Yujiao’s complexion was terrible, and he said such words in front of so many people, which was just outright embarrassing her! 

Isn’t he just some photographer? You don’t have to act to this extent even if you are friends, do you?

Su Ziyang pulled Ling Zhanyi’s sleeve and whispered, “Forget it… It’s not entirely her fault… If I was more resolute in refusing her, she couldn’t have forced me to drink..”

Ling Zhanyi still wanted to say more, but Su Ziyang’s voice became frailer as he said. “Accompany me to the hospital… it’s all your fault, now I really have a stomachache because of your jinx…”

Ling Zhanyi suddenly turned back and saw Su Ziyang covering his stomach with his right hand. Su Ziyang was frowning and had an unbearable expression on his face, which immediately terrified Ling Zhanyi. He hurriedly supported Su Ziyang. “Where does it hurt? Does it hurt badly?”

“Well… It’s not too painful, but it’s uncomfortable…” Su Ziyang leaned towards Ling Zhanyi with his head resting on Ling Zhanyi’s shoulder, his voice even sounded a little coy.

“Bear with me. We’ll go to the hospital right away!” Ling Zhanyi picked him up and went out in  big strides. Before leaving, he shoot Kang Yujiao a warning look.

Kang Yujiao felt her knees weakened that she almost fell to the ground. Holding the table, her mind was only blank…

Lin Kai stood in a daze. It seemed that Ziyang’s illness was not cured. He only drank a little wine and he already had a stomach ache…

Su Yan was also shocked. He had been waiting for a long time for Ling Zhanyi to get out of the private room upstairs only for him to unexpectedly rush to Su Ziyang with big strides, took his wine away, and forced him to spit out the wine he had drank. Now, he was even carrying him to the hospital…

That kind of nervous and doting expression could not be fake.

Su Yan couldn’t close his mouth for a long time, and a guess gradually formed in his heart.

Don’t tell me… The man who married Ziyang… Is Ling Zhanyi?!

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