IDWYR – 112

Chapter 112: My husband is too black-bellied. 

Ling Zhanyi carried Su Ziyang out of the venue and went straight to the parking lot. Resting in his arms, Su Ziyang couldn’t be bothered to feel embarrassed at this point. He surely didn’t expect himself to suffer from a stomachache from just having that few mouthfuls of wine.

While rushing to the parking lot, Ling Zhanyi had asked Su Ziyang to take the car keys from his pocket. He then opened the door, settled Su Ziyang in the back seat, closed the door, and hurried to the driver’s seat. He then drove the car out like it was a rocket.

“The doctor has already said several times that you are not allowed to consume any stimulating food before you have fully recovered. Pepper, wine, raw, and cold food are things that you can’t consume. Did you not bring your brain out with you? Do you really have to drink it just because someone toasted you? And why did she specifically ask for a toast to you for no reason? When you don’t even know her? What can she do if you refuse to drink? Why did you even try to act tough?!”

“Fortunately, I’ve realised in time and had you spit out the wine, or you would have already died from the pain!”

Nestled in the back seat, Su Ziyang kneaded his stomach with a curl on his lips as he listened to Ling Zhanyi nagging all the way without refuting any of his words.

He could only blame himself for being in the wrong!

Ling Zhanyi chided him as he drove, but when he saw Su Ziyang sitting in the back seat blinking pitifully at him, all his anger vanished. He sighed helplessly before toning down his voice and asked concernedly, “Does it hurt a lot?”

Su Ziyang blinked and softly replied, “En.”

In fact, it wasn’t that painful anymore, but he was afraid that if he shook his head and said it doesn’t hurt, he would attract a series of reproach from Ling Zhanyi, so he simply decided to put on an act.

When Ling Zhanyi heard it, he indeed looked worried, and coaxed him, “Endure a while more, we are reaching the hospital soon.”


When they reached the hospital, Ling Zhanyi had the doctor do a thorough check up on Su Ziyang several times; stomach, spleen, heart, liver, lungs, and so on, he had the doctor thoroughly checked them. It was almost eleven o’clock at night when they were done.

While waiting for the result, Su Ziyang had made himself comfortable in Ling Zhanyi’s arms and was dozing off, but he wasn’t sleeping well. Thus, Ling Zhanyi hugged him, covered him with the suit, and used his hand to help him rub his stomach.

When the results came out, Su Ziyang was already sound asleep.

Ling Zhanyi laid him down and went to the office with the doctor.

“There aren’t any major issues, but mainly because he had just given birth and his uterus takes longer to recover than that of a woman. Due to the pregnancy, his endometrium has been stretched thinly and it caused his sensitivity to increase. As he hasn’t recovered yet, the added stimulation of the alcohol cause the pain to act up. I will prescribe some medicine for him. Don’t let him drink any more alcohol next time.” The doctor advised.

Ling Zhanyi nodded. “Okay, I understand. Thank you, doctor.”

After prescribing the medicine and paying the medical fees, Ling Zhanyi woke Su Ziyang up. “Wife, wake up, it’s time to go home.”

Su Ziyang blearily opened his eyes and leaned into Ling Zhanyi’s embrace. He looped his arms around Ling Zhanyi’s neck and rubbed his head on his neck. “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that you will have to come back tomorrow for a gastroscopy.” Ling Zhanyi deliberately put on a long face to scare him.

Su Ziyang suddenly became awake. “What? Gastroscopy? But I feel much better now. It doesn’t hurt as much… Besides, the pain I felt was in the middle of my belly and not in my upper abdomen…”

“So, in addition to the gastroscope, you will have to proceed with a colonoscopy examination too…” Ling Zhanyi continued with his charade expressionlessly.

“Ah?” Su Ziyang was terrified, both the procedure of gastroscopy and colonoscopy are very painful. He would not do it, he resolutely would not want to go through it!

“Yi, can we not do it? I’m not in pain anymore… I’ll never drink again…” Whenever Su Ziyang thought of how he had to experience those torture tomorrow, he got covered with goosebumps all over. He hooked his arm around Ling Zhanyi and said, “Husband… I am not in pain anymore… Can we not do gastroscopy and colonoscopy? I’ll be fine after a night’s rest… Husband… I won’t drink any more, okay? Tell the doctor we’re not doing the examinations anymore, okay?”

Hearing Su Ziyang calling him ‘husband’ twice, Ling Zhanyi was over the moon. However, his expression still looked grave. “No, it’s for your own good. I won’t feel relieved until you get examined.”

“But undergoing those procedures would be very uncomfortable, very painful…” Su Ziyang said bitterly.

“Now you remember what pain is? Before that, weren’t you still drinking foolishly?” Ling Zhanyi continued to exploit this rare opportunity to scold him.

Su Ziyang bowed his head in silence and looked downwards. He looked like an aggrieved little wife.

Ling Zhanyi almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud. He squatted in front of Su Ziyangand said with a tone that didn’t sound angry at all. “Alright, it’s very late now. Let’s go home first! Come up, I’ll carry you down. “

Su Ziyang pouted and refused to say anything and neither did he move.

Ling Zhanyi slightly raised his tone. “Being disobedient again?”

Su Ziyang then threw himself on Ling Zhanyi’s back with force and strangled his neck as if he was trying to vent his anger with this.

Ling Zhanyi almost fell on the floor because of the pounce. Fortunately, he was prepared and had stabilized himself in time. He hooked Su Ziyang’s under knees and lifted him before carrying his little angry thing across the hospital corridor, went into the elevator, arrived downstairs, and finally to the parking lot.

Ling Zhanyi was aware of Su Ziyang’s bad mood along the way. When he got to the parking lot, he felt that he had scared him enough. He then coughed softly and said in a low voice, “You really don’t want to do gastroscopy and colonoscopy?”

Su Ziyang gave a dull “En”.

“It’s not impossible for you not to do it…” Ling Zhanyi continued to pretend to consider this matter carefully.

Su Ziyang’s eyes brightened and he rubbed against Ling Zhanyi’s neck. “Husband, I promise I won’t drink any more. Even if I’m in good health, I’ll stop drinking! How about that?”

Ling Zhanyi could not help laughing and nodded. “En… I’ll spare you this time, but you should have a good rest when you go home. The doctor prescribed some medicine for you. When you go back, remember to drink it obediently…”

“En, En!” Su Ziyang nodded his head in a hurry and Ling Zhanyi then tilted the left side of his face to him, “Kiss me and call me Husband two more times…”

How would Su Ziyang know that the gastroscopy and colonoscopy examination were fabricated by this guy in order to scare him? He only thought that Ling Zhanyi was a good man for agreeing to not let him undergo those suffering. Compared with the pain of going through the gastroscope and colonoscopy, calling him husband twice and using some of his sex appeals was nothing. 

Therefore, without hesitation, Su Ziyang kissed Ling Zhanyi several times, and called out, “Husband… Husband… you are so good…”

Ling Zhanyi ultimately couldn’t hold back and let a hearty grin escape his lips.

When they came to their car, Ling Zhanyi settled down Su Ziyang and placed him in the back seat. He covered his suit on Su Ziyang before going to the front door and started driving.

Su Ziyang was lying happily in the back seat with the suit in his arms when he suddenly smelled alcohol. His mouth couldn’t help frowning and he crumpled Ling Zhanyi’s suits into a ball before throwing it to the front passenger seat.

Ling Zhanyi stared at him grumpily. “I wondered who vomited on my suit just now, it’s good that I didn’t mind your smell, okay?”

“You deserved that! Who told you to suddenly stick your finger into my throat?” Su Ziyang had recovered his energy at the moment and was now arguing with him confidently.

Ling Zhanyi glanced at him from the corner of his eye. “I. Deserved. It?”

Su Ziyang suddenly remembered that he had just escaped a calamity, so it was not wise to provoke Ling Zhanyi now. Thus, he waved his hand and laughed, “I’m kidding… Why don’t I wash it for you when we reach home…”

Well he might have said that truthfully, Ling Zhanyi couldn’t bear to let him get wet. In the end, he took out all miscellaneous stuff from his suit pocket and left it in the bathroom. Anyway, the family had hired a nanny, so leave it for the nanny to wash it tomorrow!

Su Ziyang went back to his bedroom first, so after Ling Zhanyi had put his suit back, he thought that the little thing would go to bed and rest. But as soon as he pushed the door open, he saw that Su Ziyang had turned on the computer and was sitting there doing something.

“It’s past twelve. Why aren’t you sleeping yet? I remembered that someone just promised me that he would rest when he gets home!” Ling Zhanyi said as he walked to Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang turned his head and smiled pleasantly. “Give me half an hour, I’m almost done.”

“What are you doing?” Ling Zhanyi leaned over and pressed on Su Ziyang’s shoulder just to see the different photos displayed on the computer screen, which was the picture of Kang Yujiao and several other stars at the reception party. Ling Zhanyi could not help frowning. “You didn’t want to sleep because you wanted to do this?”

“En, I promised Lin Kai to help him edit this publicity video. Can you ask Uncle Li to go to my company and pass this to Lin Kai tomorrow morning?” Su Ziyang didn’t notice the change in Ling Zhanyi’s expression as he was still staring at the screen and editing the photos.

Ling Zhanyi clenched his teeth. “Who is Lin Kai?”

“Oh, He’s my former colleague. I saw him at the reception party, and e asked me for help. Ah, right, he is that cubby, and rather cute guy standing next to me at that time. Did you see him?” Su Ziyang explained.

It would have been better if he didn’t explain himself, because the moment he clarified his reasons to him, the more Ling Zhanyi looked indignant. “You. Are. On. Leave!”

What damn fatty? At that time, he was only focused on Su Ziyang, how would he notice any damn fatty?

“I know, but he’s my colleague and this is just a small favour. If I can offer any assistance to him, then I will.” Su Ziyang softly said.

“You’re on vacation and he still went to you asking for your help! Did you forget who caused this incident today? If he hadn’t asked you for help, you wouldn’t have been forced to drink!” Ling Zhanyi reached out to grab the mouse on Su Ziyang’s hand, “Don’t do it anymore, go to bed immediately!”

Ling Zhanyi snatched the mouse and was about to delete the video, making Su Ziyang exclaim in alarm, “Don’t–“


The minute he yelled the word “husband”, Ling Zhanyi hesitated for a second, and Ziyang took the chance to snatch the mouse back. He then hugged Ling Zhanyi’s neck and kissed him twice on the lips, coaxing him, “Husband… Just give me another ten minutes. Go and warm our bed first, okay? I finally managed to finish this, if you delete it, I will have to re-do it again. This is just lending a hand. Don’t be so stingy…. Husband…”

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