IDWYR – 114

Chapter 114: Bastard Ling is acting coquettish too 

Ling Zhanyi drove to Su Ziyang’s company and gave the cassette tape and flash drive to Lin Kai.

Lin Kai didn’t harbour any hope in the first place, so he didn’t expect Ziyang to actually make the publicity video for him and that the express delivery lad was actually… the president of Ling Group!

Lin Kai was a photographer of a media company. He often participated in various kinds of gatherings and he naturally recognised who Ling Zhanyi was. In fact, even if he didn’t know him before, after the incident last night, he would certainly search for this person on the Internet or ask someone else about it, so he would still recognize him ultimately.

Although he couldn’t make out what the relationship between Ling Zhanyi and Su Ziyang was, seeing that the president was so anxious about Ziyang yesterday and that Ziyang was able to get him to send the cassette tape and the flash drive to him, their relationship must be unusual…

“Um… Pre-president Ling…” Lin Kai’s hand trembled as he took the cassette tape and flash drive from Ling Zhanyi.

Ling Zhanyi originally intended to leave right after he delivered the items, so when he heard him stammering, he glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. “Hm? What’s the matter?”

“Um… Is Ziyang okay?” Lin Kai carefully inquired.

He helped him with this even though he was sick…. He felt really sorry about it…

Ling Zhanyi’s expression grew stern and he glared at Lin Kai seriously.

Lin Kai felt his heart went cold and he hastily explained, “I didn’t know that he hasn’t recovered, which was the reason why I asked him for help. I thought that he must have already recovered since he could attend the party, and that was what he said too. So-so, I asked him to do me a favour….I’m-I’m sorry… Please help me pass my gratitude to him. I didn’t expect him to help me make the video at night…. I will invite him to dinner some other day!”

“…” Ling Zhanyi looked at Lin Kai in silence and waited for him to finish his series of explanations before he replied, “En, the dinner wouldn’t be necessary. Since he is willing to help you, this just shows that you two are good friends. Before he goes back to work, all the work will be left to you to handle…”

Lin Kai touched the back of his head and said with an affable smile, “I ought to, I ought to…”

Ling Zhanyi retracted his sight and turned away.

Lin Kaichang let out a sigh of relief. Why was it that he felt more nervous in facing Ling Zhanyi than towards his boss? This man…. His aura was too strong… He was truly worthy to be a leader…

Seeing that Ling Zhanyi was about to bypass the front desk and out to the glass door to the elevator, Lin Kai suddenly came back to his senses. He quickly chased after him and called out, “Wait-wait a minute!”

Ling Zhanyi inexplicably turned back with a look of impatience on his face. “What other matters do you have?”

“Em… There was an express delivery for Ziyang this morning. I signed it for him, but I forgot about it just now. Give me two minutes, I’ll go and get it, and you can bring it back to Ziyang!” After Lin Kai finished firing off his words, he ran back and left Ling Zhanyi in place with black lines streaking his face.

How could Ziyang have such an unreliable colleague?

However, Ling Zhanyi’s expression soon became puzzled. Why was Ziyang’s mail sent to the company? Usually, the things he bought were delievered straight to their home!

What could it be?

Like what Lin Kai had said, he came running back in just two minutes. He was fat, and he was panting badly from running that short distance. With heavy breathing, he handed the delivery to Ling Zhanyi. “President Ling, here it is…”

Ling Zhanyi took the parcel in astonishment. It was a document-like item that was flat and very light. Looking at the name of the mail- it was from Mingyang University?

Was this a gift from Luoyang to Ziyang? Then it should have been sent to their house ah!

Ling Zhanyi left Su Ziyang’s office building and went to his own company first. When he reached his office, he brought Su Ziyang’s express document with him. Several times, he couldn’t help but want to open it to take a peek. But when he thought about it again, it’s better to wait for Ziyang to open it himself, or otherwise, he would be charged with invasion of privacy…

Finally, Ling Zhanyi made it till the end of work hours. He left the office with the document in hand that was making him really curious, and went down the building to go home.

When he reached home, Ziyang was playing with their sons. Seeing Ling Zhanyi coming back, he greeted with a smile, “You’re back early today.”

“En, my wife is waiting for me at home. I must come back early!” Ling Zhanyi also entered the baby room and handed the parcel to Su Ziyang, “I went to your company to pass the flash disk today, Lin Kai said that he has signed for your delivery.”

Su Ziyang was also rather surprised and he took it puzzledly. “What is it?”

Why did the delivery go to the company? Moreover, he didn’t seem to have bought anything as thin as this one?

“I don’t know either. How would I dare to open it without the approval of my wife? But seeing that the sender’s address is from Mingyang University, I guess it may be something sent from Luoyang?” Seeing that Su Ziyang was also confused, he voiced out his guess. 

“I don’t think so?” If Luoyang wanted to send him something, he would have sent it to their house directly. Why would he go through the trouble in addressing it to the company instead of sending it to our house?” Su Ziyang shook it before he tore off the seal and took out the paper inside. After clearly reading the words inside, he then realized, “Oh, it was this! I almost forgot about this matter!”

“What is it? Let me see!” Ling Zhanyi was finally able to take a look at it and made a ruckus to see it. Su Ziyang did not stop him. He handed it to him and explained, “It is a notice for the examinees to take the exam…”

“Ah? What kind of exam is this?” Ling Zhanyi stared at the words above, and then exclaimed, “Double degree examination for undergraduate students? Why are you taking this test?”

“En, I have to take this exam before I could take the test for the senior photographer’s certificate of qualification. What’s more, an extra degree in my file would be helpful in finding a job.” Su Ziyang grinned. “Although this has no use for me now, I still have to take precautions…”

Ling Zhanyi curled his lips. “It doesn’t matter if you take the exam or not, it’s not like as if I can’t support you.”

“I’m not a woman. You don’t have to support me. Besides, even women are very self-reliant now, and we shouldn’t be worse than them! Besides, this is just an examination. I’m going to prepare for it and take the exam when the time comes.” Su Ziyang took the paper over and looked at the dates; December 24 and 25, which meant that the examination would be held over two days. The location would be at Mingyang University’s Liang Cheng branch campus, which was around a three hours’ drive from this city. Well, there’s nearly two months for him to study, so there was still sufficient time…

Ling Zhanyi had also seen the examination dates and complained, “Why did they choose these two days? It’s Christmas Eve and Christmas. I wanted to take you and our sons to have a good holiday!”

Su Ziyang scooted closer and put his arm around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. He said with a smile, “Spending New Year’s Day and Spring Festival together is good too. Christmas Eve and Christmas are foreign festivals, so it doesn’t matter if we celebrate them or not…”

Ling Zhanyi was even more indignant. “This is the first festival we are going to spend together. You actually said it doesn’t matter? I don’t matter in your heart, hmph!”

Su Ziyang was between laughing and tears. What’s wrong with him today? He’s actually throwing a tantrum? Wasn’t throwing tantrums something that he should do instead? 

“Why are you making it like we are a pair of high-schoolers dating each other… How old are we already?–” Su Ziyang rubbed him with his elbow, “–don’t be so childish, okay?”

“What do you mean by how old? You are 24, and I am 28, are we very old? Sometimes, even the elderly in their seventies and eighties want to be romantic. We aren’t even 30 yet. Shouldn’t we try to be romantic?” Ling Zhanyi was really unhappy. He was born on Christmas Day and he wanted Su Ziyang to accompany him. This was the first time since he had grown up that he was looking forward to his birthday– With his wife, his children, and his parents accompanying him to celebrate his birthday. What a beautiful thing that would be!

What’s more, Ziyang would have recovered completely by then. Then he could take advantage of the celebration atmosphere, drink a little wine, and hold his wife to do this and that when he was drunk. It had been a long while since he had tasted meat… Those casual little meat and tofu he had tasted normally could just be disregarded…

Although he had already made plans, his wife would have to take his exam at those dates! And leave him all alone at home! How was it acceptable!

Su Ziyang seldom saw Ling Zhanyi sulking and he felt it was rather fresh. He became high spirited and deliberately teased him, “Can’t I be romantic with you on next year’s Valentine’s day instead?”

“No!” Ling Zhanyi was serious about it, “Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s day, Christmas is Christmas, they can’t be mixed up with one another!”

“It is really impossible?” Su Ziyang looked embarrassed, “I didn’t know you at that time when I applied for this self-taught class. How do I know that I have to take the exam on those dates? If I miss this exam and have to take it again next year, could you bear to see me worry for another year?”

“Well…” Ling Zhanyi considered and agreed with him. He already said that the more he interacted with Ziyang, the more he liked him. At this moment, this person was striving to improve himself and had self-love. He had brains, foresight and knew how to improve himself. He was such a good young man so if he stopped him from taking the examination, it’s not good either.

But what should he do about his birthday…

His first birthday celebration with Ziyang… 

He wanted to celebrate his brithday more meaningfully…

Su Ziyang didn’t ignore the disappointment in Ling Zhanyi’s eyes. He hugged Ling Zhanyi and rubbed against himself in his arms, asking, “That day… Is there any special significance other than Christmas?”

With dropped eyes, Ling Zhanyi feigned a pitiful act and weakly said, “It’s Zhanyi1’s birthday…”

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