TYIOZ – 41.1

Chapter 41: Guanyin’s Underling(1).1

Luya’s popularity on the internet sustained on for several more days. In fact, Duan Jiaze even saw people digging out Bai He’s streaming video from that day.

In the video, Luya who was perched on Duan Jiaze’s shoulder was carried down and pried open for everyone to see. He even joked that the bird was extremely fierce before saying it was adorable. Meanwhile, Luya didn’t show much resistance throughout it (he was stupefied) before he flew away at the end.

At that time, many of the netizens expressed their hilarities on the screen. A portion of them even felt that although the bird was huge and had sharp claws, its temperament had softened down because it had been raised by a human.

Now that the video had emerged, comparing the various kinds of comments was interesting.

Even the details in the earliest video had been edited out, which was the scene of Luya leading the birds back to their nests as Tongxin Primary School’s students waved goodbyes. This really reflected his standing tremendously.

“…I feel that Yuánzhǎng is the fiercest now.”

“What goddamn adorable! Yuánzhǎng, take a look at the criminal’s tomato sauce pecked out by your adorable bird before you say your bird is adorable again!”

“Yuánzhǎng is the real man. I feel traumatized just looking at the bird. Look at how he gripped its wings apart like he was holding his own old hen…”

“What old hen 2333333, it does belong to Yuánzhǎng!”

“It is saved by Yuánzhǎng after all. This is true love.”

“This bird is really amazing, a leading boss. No wonder it can stay alone.”

“This is equivalent to Yuánzhǎng having a bodyguard. That’s very good.”

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover. This Yuánzhǎng is young and looks honest, but he is actually playing with such a vicious bird.”

“May I know what I should do in order to marry Yuánzhǎng? I feel like I have fallen in love.”


Luya’s vicious reputation had circulated so widely that Duan Jiaze had no choice but to seriously consider getting a new office for him.

There was no suitable exhibition area for him at the moment, so Duan Jiaze had decided to choose one of the newly built exhibition areas to be his exclusive office. However, it would take some time for the construction to be completed and the audience’s voices were getting louder during this time.

For the time being, Duan Jiaze had located Luya to the reptile zone. Bai Suzhen, Xiao Qing and Jin Zi who were staying there also belonged to the eerie and scary category.

Because of this, Jin Zi’s stress was going to increase. Living with Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing was already enough for it…

The label outside Luya’s enclosure was normally left blank, although it still did not have its breed’s name, there was another line of description: This is a bird of prey, please do not tease it.

Luya was still jabbering on, “I want my new office to be bigger, the pillar must be pasted with gold leaves…”

Gold leaves? Why don’t I build a Palace of Heavenly Purity1for you instead?

Duan Jiaze worshipped Luya before saying. “Ge, this is a small business. Are you forcing me to sell my blood?”

Luya glanced at him unhappily. “You hurry go and earn money.”

“I wish to too…” Duan Jiaze heaved a long sigh and studied the list of grade 2 protected animals again. He shouldn’t haphazardly bring a dozen of them in; money spent should be spent meaningful too. There must be people willing to see them so that a virtuous cycle could be created. This, therefore, required meticulous planning.

As an ultra-raptor, Luya had been placed into another exhibition area and even rumoured to be placed in a single building in the future had aroused everyone’s curiosity towards it even more.

No one was able to identify Luya’s breed clearly, but there were numerous guesses for Duan Jiaze’s taming method, and many people speculated with clear and logical reasons.

Those tourists who visited Lingyou even made heavy demands as to whether the director would be able to demonstrate how he tamed the bird.

Although many zoos organise animals’ performances, Duan Jiaze had no plans to organise this activity. Lingyou’s animals’ intelligence had surpassed their own breed, so there was no need to lead the animals for performance because they were all entertaining by themselves.

When Duan Jiaze saw how terrified the tourists were despite their desire to see a performance, which was self-contradicting, he tactfully rejected it.

Huang Qi who was beside him suggested, “You can refuse the animals’ performance, but this bird— right, what is it called?— And the arctic fox is a marketing point. I suggest you privately film some video of you and it and post it on Wechat and Weibo.”

“It’s possible to film clips—” Duan Jiaze looked at Luya, “—It’s called…”

Luya looked coldly at him.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Receiving Luya’s stare, Duan Jiaze felt a little guilty and didn’t dare to utter any nonsense.

And Huang Qi was still looking at Duan Jiaze sincerely with an inquiry expression. “En? What is it called?”

Duan Jiaze: “It’s called Luya…”

Huang Qi exclaimed his surprise. “Isn’t that Lu-gē’s name?”

Duan Jiaze laughed awkwardly. “Yes, don’t you think they look alike?”

Huang Qi looked at Duan Jiaze oddly. What kind of strange fetish was this? However, this was rather amusing too so he couldn’t help nodding his head. “Alright, Luya-bird.”


At noon during lunch hour.

Looking at the food, Huang Qi gained some inspiration and suggested to Duan Jiaze, “Yuánzhǎng, why don’t we head back and take a video of you feeding Luya?”

Duan Jiaze: “Okay.”

Both of them noticed that everyone was looking at them weirdly after they ended their conversation.

Huang Qi: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Especially for Xiao Su who had entered into a state of daydreaming as she gnawed a pair of chopsticks in her mouth.

Liu Bin couldn’t refrain from voicing out, “Yuánzhǎng, isn’t Lu-gē too much? He brought all his relatives over, makes you wear his old clothes, wants you to make his food, and now, he even wants you to feed him?” 

Duan Jiaze: “Pfff!!”

Cough, cough, cough! Cough!” Duan Jiaze wiped the table splattered with the rice he had coughed out as he said, “What nonsense are you spurting about!”

Liu Bin looked around and weakly said, “Am I wrong to say that?”

——Based on their expression, they seemed to have agreed with Liu Bin.

Actually, Huang Qi also agreed with Liu Bin about how Luya was bringing his relatives for free food and free lodging. However, the Luya he was referring to was not this Luya. “Wrong, we are talking about that raptor. Yuánzhǎng has named it, it is called Luya too.”

Liu Bin awkwardly lowered his head. “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

Xiao Su: “Ah… Giving it the same name…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Xu Chenggong patted Duan Jiaze and sincerely said, “Yuánzhǎng, although it is a misunderstanding, what Liu Bin said is right. Even if your relationship is good, when it’s time to reject, you have to reject. Don’t be too indulgent. Look at how busy you are at times, but Xiao Lu still wants you to cook his food. It is really somewhat insensible. You better talk to him about it.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze awkwardly said, “Thank you for all your concerns, I will consider it, but you all better not say such words in front of Luya.”

The rest of the employees quickly shook their heads. Why would they dare to say this right in his face? Lu-gē looked really aloof, so they merely agreed with it privately. Although one was willing to beat while the other was willing to be beaten, Yuánzhǎng really spoiled Lu-gē too much. If their relationship were really good and that Yuánzhǎng also treated Lu-gē well, then Lu-gē should be more considerate toward him too. 

This was an issue that got exposed as the zoo got busier and with the continuous arrival of people one after the other. In other people’s eyes, Luya actually had solidified such an image, it seemed that he could no longer say that the dispatched animals were Luya’s relatives.


A day later, a video clip titled, “The Hundred Ways to Feed a Raptor” was released in the zoo’s official Wechat and Weibo accounts.

The person in the video seemed to be seated at the entrance of the enclosure. A hand had been stretched out and some cooked rice was on the palm. He called the raptor over to eat, “Luya, come here.”

Luya really flew over and stooped down to smell it. Not only did it not eat  it but it also used its wing to brush off the cooked rice from the palm.

The camera lens tilted and the screen went black.

It was the second segment of the video. This time, it was bread crumbs on the palm. “Xiao Lu, eat?”

Once again, Luya came over. This time around, without even smelling the food, it swept them off the palm straight away. Afterwards, it used its wings to slap the person filming the video a few times.

So the scene changed to the third feeding time: This time, it was a piece of cooked lean meat, probably beef.

“Lu-gē, have some meat?”

Only then did Luya folded up its wings, stood in front of the palm, and bowed its head to eat the meat.


“666666666, is Yuánzhǎng feeding it? He’s not afraid of getting his hand pecked!”

“So this raptor is called Luya? This name is very deceptive! The zookeeper is also very cute, he calls it Lu-gē 233.”

“It’s not a zookeeper, it should be Yuánzhǎng. His voice sounds similar to the voice on the news. Do you think any ordinary zookeeper dares to feed it?”

“Luya? (Braised Duck)”

“Misheard words xswl!”

“Hahahahah, it knows how to throw a temper and slap people with its wings, it is not too much to say that it has a temperament!”

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