TYIOZ – 41.2

Chapter 41: Guanyin’s Underling(1).2

Duan Jiaze was busier in the following days. He had to plan and take notes on the expenditure and consider which animals to bring in. The number of tourists had also increased, so he had begun to take afternoon naps. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to endure anymore.

Halfway through his nap, Xiao Su came over and woke him up. “Yuánzhǎng, someone is looking for you.”

Duan Jiaze dazedly opened the door. “Who is it?”

Xiao Su: “I don’t know. It’s a man who speaks too anciently with archaic expressions. He’s in the lounge chatting with Huang Qi.”

Archaic expressions? Duan Jiaze felt that something was amiss and took out his phone. The app had actually dispatched an animal!

Duan Jiaze slapped his head. He had been so busy that he didn’t notice it. Looking at the current distribution progression, it was likely to be a dispatched animal.

Xiao Su mumbled as she headed down, “Is he Luya’s relative too?”

Duan Jiaze: “…Probably not.”

Walking along the corridor, Duan Jiaze could already hear someone singing an opera in the lounge. “Hearing the rumours angered him for three thousand feet, the sun atop his head was blazing, and the thirty-six generals fled to the North and East corners1…”

This voice was pretty high and it made Duan Jiaze speculate, who is this? Which immortal or demon knows how to sing opera?

Duan Jiaze puzzledly pushed open the door—

Seated inside the room were a dumbfounded Huang Qi and a muscular man that was at least 190cm tall. Dressed in a Chinese style men’s clothes, he stood sideways at the centre and lifted his hands as he sang, “…He wholeheartedly desires to be the monarch, Princess Heyang mourns under the sword.”

Muscular Man strode forward and pointed his fingers at the side with furrowed brows and blazing eyes. “You are— a brute under a human mask!”

Duan Jiaze who was being pointed at: “…”

Huang Qi hurriedly stood up. “Yuánzhǎng is here. I will take my leave now.”

He wondered what Huang Qi said to him that he ended up singing. The worst was that Huang Qi had been frightened off by his singing.

Duan Jiaze looked at Huang Qi closing the door before he turned around and asked, “I am the Yuánzhǎng of Lingyou Zoo, Duan Jiaze. You are?”

The Muscular Man sized Duan Jiaze up and down before he elegantly straightened up his clothes— by the way, Duan Jiaze thought that his attire didn’t suit him with how his body of muscles made the clothes taut.

“I am Xiong Siqian, I will be trespassing on Yuánzhǎng’s hospitality.” Xiong Siqian even cupped his hands as a greeting. “If there is any offence, I hope that Yuánzhǎng will be able to forgive me.”

Xiong Siqian might have a sturdy physique, but he was very genteel in his speech and was the most ancient-like among the dispatched animals, but Duan Jiaze still didn’t like it very much. “That… don’t mention it, may I ask… what is your root?”

Based on his name, he might be a bear, but what kind of a bear would he be?

Xiong Siqian’s copper bell-like eyes stared at him, and he sounded astounded, “Ya, based on Yuánzhǎng’s words… could it be that you have never heard of my name before?”

Duan Jiaze: “…I have not.”

Xiong Siqian arched his back and stretched his head towards Duan Jiaze which made him look even loftier. He howled, “Laozi is a guardian deity of Luojia Mountain, you goddamn never heard of Laozi before?!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Holy crap, this person with heavy features still had another side to him?

Xiong Siqian’s verbal attack caused Duan Jiaze to fall back on the sofa. With his big mouth and his malicious-looking appearance, he was going to teach this pretty boy director a lesson and display his authority first.

At this moment in the clearly enclosed room, a gush of hot wind blew up unknowingly. A figure appeared behind Xiong Siqian, and with a kick, he fell flop on his face before getting stepped on.

Xiong Siqian’s muscles tensed, causing his clothes to tear at some parts. His veins were close to bursting as he tried to get up with his hands pushing against the floor. However, his struggles were futile no matter how he pushed.

“You’re just an underling of Guanyin but you dare to bully my people?” Luya pressed forward and Xiong Siqian’s face immediately plunged further into the floor tiles.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Wait a moment, let’s be clear, it should be your zookeeper right…

This happened so fast that Duan Jiaze didn’t have time to be rueful.

After Luya’s violent act, he lifted Xiong Siqian and threw him on the floor. “Apologize.”

Xiong Siqian swiftly got up and kowtowed several times at Duan Jiaze, resulting in another hole to appear on the floor. “Sorry!!”

“…” Duan Jiaze’s hands were still each spread open and pressing at his side on the couch he was on. He looked dumbfounded. “It’s- it’s fine…?”

At this, Xiong Siqian looked at Luya and embarrassedly said, “I didn’t know that Dàojūn is here… I was just joking with Yuánzhǎng.”

If he knew that the infamous bad-tempered person of the three realms was here, he wouldn’t have dared to show off his strength and would have instead obedient be a bear with his tail clamped between his legs.

Luya coldly “hn!” and didn’t say anything else, but anyone with eyes could see that he didn’t believe Xiong Siqian.

Xiong Siqian went back to his elegant appearance with a smile and explained to Duan Jiaze, “I was originally a black bear from Haifeng Mountain, but I went on to be a gatekeeper at Guanyin Temple. Yuánzhǎng can call me Xiao Xiong from now on.”

“I understand, I understand.” Duan Jiaze looked at Xiong Siqian whose attitude had suddenly become better and felt a little thankful. Although these dispatched animals couldn’t harm him, if they were all going to be as reckless as Xiong Siqian, he was going to be so frightened until he died of a heart attack.

Moreover, he could infer that if it wasn’t for Luya suppressing him, he might not necessarily go to work. Looking at his unseemly appearance, he probably wouldn’t care about getting a poor evaluation or not as he had already lost his freedom several hundred years ago.

He used to dislike Dàojūn in the past, but looking at the situation now, Dàojūn was already considered pretty good. Once he settled him, he had basically controlled the entire zoo. Duan Jiaze contemplated and looked thankfully at Luya.

When Luya saw Duan Jiaze’s admiration coming from the bottom of his heart (misunderstanding), he was extremely elated.


Xiao Su took a pot of tea in and saw the director and his guest sitting across from each other. The atmosphere was very good, it’s just that she didn’t know what had happened because two pit holes had unknowingly appeared on the ground. One was shallow and small while the other was big and deep, making her exclaim in surprise, “What happened?”

Duan Jiaze took a look at it. “…It’s an accident.”

“What wrecked the floor to this extent that the hole is almost as big as a watermelon?” Xiao Su mumbled, and fortunately, she didn’t enquire further. “Do you want to find someone to mend it?”

“For what? There’s no need,” Duan Jiaze waved his hand. “Save some money, this building will be demolished sooner or later.”

“That’s true.” Xiao Su said.

Duan Jiaze then introduced to her, “This is Xiong Siqian, a friend of my friend, he works nearby and will be living here in the future.”

It’s good as long as it’s not Lu-gē’s relatives again. Of course, this time, this person didn’t look like Lu-gē’s relatives. Xiao Su smiled at Xiong Siqian and greeted him.

Xiong Siqian also clasped his hands. “The lady is polite.”

Xiao Su was stunned and chuckled, “Xiong-gē is really refined.”

He sang operas and even practised ancient etiquette. However, there were plenty of such people right now too. Xiao Su could occasionally see people wearing ancient clothes on the street, and it was all hobbies. At most, Xiong Siqian was just too muscular and he looked a bit awkward in his clothes.

He didn’t know Xiong Siqian’s identity before, but now that he was aware, Duan Jiaze only had one idea as he looked at his conduct. This Black Wind King2 really didn’t change his way; he must be a cultural man.

After Xiao Su had delivered the tea and she left the room, Duan Jiaze then asked him a question, “Why did you come down?”

Xiong Siqian blushed. “I like to collect wild fruits in my normal days. Unexpectedly, the wild fruits actually turned into wine after keeping them for a long time. When I ate them, I became drunk and destroyed parts of Luojia Mountain, so I was sent to heaven to support the Hope Project, I was then dispatched here afterwards.”

Duan Jiaze: “…Oh.”

Whom are you fooling! I can believe that wild fruits can turn into wine, but how can you carelessly eat them and even get drunk?

Duan Jiaze didn’t believe it at all and thought about it again. Xiong Siqian was dispatched down because he had destroyed the environment. He had asked the rest before too; You Su (who claimed to have) beaten up a small god. Bai Suzhen was said to have had a conflict with a certain Arhat. She hadn’t been fond of bald heads ever since Fahai. 

Xiao Qing did not make any mistakes at all, he just followed Bai Suzhen blindly.

Only Luya was unwilling to say what mistakes he had committed that caused him to be sent down here.

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