Chapter 31: Vinegar flavor flying all over the sky, flying all over the sky

When Luoyang received Su Ziyang’s phone call, he was giving classes to the students. He was slightly stumped as he looked at the name displayed on the screen of his phone.

Yesterday, Ziyang was taken away by that man and did not come back since then. Although it was very common to stay out all night, for this to happen to Su Ziyang, Luoyang still felt somewhat incredible.

Raising his hand and indicating to the students, Luoyang took his phone out of the classroom. He then pressed the answer button and was just about to ask him what happened after he left with the man yesterday, such as `Is the child really that man’, `Are you two reconciled’, `What on earth did you talk about to not return for a night, but before he could speak, Su Ziyang’s voice came first.

“Luoyang, I have something to ask you!” Su Ziyang reclined on the bed, glancing at the Ling Zhanyi beside him. Instinctively, he did not want to let him hear the contents of his telephone conversation with Luoyang.

He already said that Luoyang would pick him up and discharged later. Why didn’t this guy leave yet?

“What’s the matter? You tell me.” Luoyang straightforwardly said.


“Can you pick me up at the Municipal hospital?” Su Ziyang once again moved his body sideways, but because he was sitting on the bed and leaning against the pillow, so no matter how he changed his position, he could not stay away from Ling Zhanyi’s vision. What’s more, he was carrying a belly. It was impossible for him to lean over entirely, it was just that his head and hands were doing a suspicious-like defensive action.

Ling Zhanyi stood aside and looked at how Ziyang’s eyebrows curved when he was on the phone with Luoyang. The vinegar jar had been knocked over several times. He stared gloomily at the cell phone in Su Ziyang’s hand. How wished he could stare until a hole appeared. Then he would let the anger in his eyes burned Luoyang at the other end of the phone through that hole!

When Luoyang heard Su Ziyang saying that he should go to the hospital to pick him up, his heart was full of fear and he asked, “What’s wrong with you? What happened?”

Is that man not responsible? Or did he hurt Ziyang?

“It’s all right. Don’t be nervous. It’s just that I have risked a little possibility of miscarriage. It’s a little painful in the stomach. It’s all right now.” Su Ziyang briefly skipped pass the topic, “I didn’t bring any money, help me pay the medical expenses first.”

“No problem. I’ll be right there. Don’t move. Be careful of your health.” Luoyang entrusted and hung up the phone. He pushed the door opened and told the students in the classroom that ‘Class is over’.  He ran away in a hurry without even entering the classroom and taking the teaching.

Hearing the inexplicable instructions from Luoyang, most of the students were still very happy. With a shout of joy, they began to pack up their books and go back to their dormitories to play games.

In the first row of seats facing the platform, a bored boy who was turning his pen had his eyes following along Luoyang’s voice. He glanced at the door, however, there was no more sight of Luoyang.

The action of the pen in the boy’s hand abruptly ceased and the ballpoint pen fell into his palm obediently. He swatted the pen on the table and the automatic chair he was sitting on rebound as he stood up. The boy put his hand on the table and with a little effort, he jumped over the desk agilely. After stabilizing, he stepped onto the platform and took the folded the teaching plan on the desk under his arms. Slovenly, he left together with the laughing students…

Su Ziyang, after making the phone call, played with his cell phone by sitting in a hospital bed and fiddling with it idly. As soon as he started a game and played two rounds, Ling Zhanyi took the cell phone away.

“Cell phones had radiation which is not good for the child.” Ling Zhanyi’s words stopped Su Ziyang’s.

Su Ziyang had no choice but to shift his attention from his mobile phone to Ling Zhanyi.

“Why haven’t you go yet?”

Ling Zhanyi almost crushed his mobile phone. This little thing, actually want to drive him away?!

Recalling that he had just called the white chicken in the phone to pay for the medical expenses, Ling Zhanyi was even more nervous.

The father of the child was just right here, how could someone else pay for it? He had paid that money long ago all right!

Of course, these frustrations did not appear on his face, but in his heart, he cursed: Su Ziyang, don’t you want to stay aloof of me? Very well, then we’ll start from being distant as a start!

Was it easy to pay me back? But it would not be after mixing in a third person!

Ling Zhanyi glanced at Su Ziyang but did not speak. Instead, he hoisted Su Ziyang’s mobile phone back into his coat pocket and turned to go out.

Su Ziyang was stunned for a moment. Where was he going? Was he going to be obedient and leave?

It was not until Su Ziyang was left alone in the ward that he realized that the Bastard Ling was really gone! Fuck! Why don’t you be so obedient at other times!

Su Ziyang muttered, and he had to admit that after Ling Zhanyi left without saying a word, he felt a little bit  …Uncomfortable in his heart.

Was Ling Zhanyi really gone?

The answer was ——of course not!

He left the ward and went to the counter for making payment. He easily bribed the sister in charge of issuing the receipt; he asked her to write a huge receipt to a patient named Su Ziyang later. Of course, Ling Zhanyi didn’t touch any vital interest of the hospital. He just wanted to play with the one surnamed Luo.

Luoyang rushed to the hospital and asked Su Ziyang’s ward at the first moment. Then he was too impatient to take the elevator, so he ran up the stairs to see him.

Seeing Su Ziyang staring with boredom at his stomach and talking to himself through the window glass, Luoyang was a little relieved.

Luoyang tapped twice on the door and pushed the door in. His chest was still undulating and gasping from the run just now.

“Ziyang, are you really all right? Just stay in hospital and observe  for two more days if you really aren’t.”

“It’s all right. You can help me pay the medical expense first. I’ll change my clothes. We can leave the hospital and go home when you come back later.” Su Ziyang opened his mouth with a smile.

“Well, it’s the same as you going home to rest. I’ll nourish your body with good food!” Luoyang also smiled. He was relieved to see that Su Ziyang had such a good spirit. After another two sentences, Luoyang left the ward and went downstairs, ready to pay for the expense.

What he did not know was that there was another round set waiting for him downstairs.

“What?! So much?!” Luoyang’s eyes before the grew big, “It just an operation? It could not be more than 50,000, be you are charging 100,000?!”

“Sir, would you mind not speaking so loudly? We won’t open the receipt randomly. Please take a closer look. The receipt indicates the cost of medicine, surgery, and nursing. If you don’t understand it, I can explain it to you one by one. The girl who issued the receipt dealt with Luoyang according to what Ling Zhanyi taught him. She spoke with a strong voice and a strong sense of righteousness. “Patient Su Ziyang did an operation to ensure his fetus is kept. He had to be careful with his medication. These are famous medicines imported in that do no harm to the fetus, so the price is naturally very expensive. If cheap medicines were used, the operation may not succeed… I don’t think you want to hear the result of the unsuccessful operation, sir?”

Luoyang was speechless, if his family wealth was huge, of course, he would not talk bother talking nonsense with this person. The key point was that he did not have so many savings. Although he was a university professor, the salary was also okay, but after all, he was only twenty-five years old. He joined the faculty to teach when he was twenty-two years old , even if his salary was higher, three years could not be enough to save 100,000 ah!

Besides, he had to spend his money on rent, food, clothes, and entertainment… He was essentially a person who was good to himself and his friends, so he never treated himself or his friends badly, nor did he had a strong sense of need to deposit his saving. It good as long as he lived a good life every day.

No, counting all the money in his wallet and several bank cards, he had only 60,000 yuan, which was all his savings.

“Sir, if you haven’t brought enough money, please go home and fetch it once. We have to check in and out of the hospital for other patients. Please make way.”

Perhaps Luoyang held his bank card for a long time, the girl remembered Ling Zhanyi’s last request and came to this sentence.

“Can I hand in some of the first and then add in the rest later?”

“I’m sorry, sir. We only accept a one time payment. Please cooperate.”

When Luoyang heard his words, he had to move aside. After thinking for a moment, he took out his phone and pressed out his address book. Sliding his fingertips until he stopped at a name. His fingertips moved indefinitely. Finally, he pressed the name card named Damn Little Kid.

Meanwhile, Ling Zhanyi returned to the ward to see Su Ziyang. He had no time to watch the white chicken make a fool of himself.

Nevertheless, the scene he saw when he pushed open the door of the ward suddenly changed his expression.

—— Su Ziyang was done with his infusion, so he pulled out the needle himself, and got out of bed. He was removing his hospital gown to change his attire.

Because it was already summer, the hospital’s gown were all white T-shirts with a loose neckline. Su Ziyang pulled up his clothes and his head was naturally blocked. So he didn’t notice that Ling Zhanyi was staring at his bare chest and belly by the door.

That gaze, it was just lacking spitting fire.

—— This little thing, to be so bold to show his body to others to see? He really did not grow any brain. Did he not know what self-protection was?

So an attractive figure, it was a loss to be seen by others! Fortunately, the white chicken was not here now, otherwise…

Ling Zhanyi closed the door in a huff, thinking about how Luoyang and Su Ziyang had been living together for nearly four months, and the fire in his belly became more intense…

As soon as Su Ziyang took off his hospital gown, he saw that there was a sudden surge of a person in the ward. He was so shocked that he almost cried out. He stared and stepped two steps back: “You, you, you… Didn’t you went off!”

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