Chapter 55: Mothers are honored by their sons? A knot in the bottom of the heart

“Did you… made some woman pregnant… outside?”

Faced with Mother Ling’s tough and straightforward question, Ling Zhanyi casually answered, “No.”

一一 Ziyang was indeed pregnant, but Ziyang was not a woman.

So he could not be considered to be lying, could he? Ling Zhanyi thought without any guilty conscience

“You didn’t?” Mother Ling did not believe him. She raised her tone and questioned Ling Zhanyi, “No? Then why are you always not at home? You say no? Then why do you always ask Zhang Mama to cook for you and let Uncle Li pass it to you?” Speaking of this, Mother Ling’s tone turned complacent, “Don’t pretend anymore son! I’ve asked Zhang Mama, she said you’re chasing your wife.

And just now you asked Zhang Mama what to do when a pregnant person caught a cold… Okay, be honest with Mother about this. Is your future wife, my future daughter-in-law, pregnant? And she even caught a cold?”

Ling Zhanyi listened to a series of questions about his mother and sighed a little nervously: “Mother, can you stop being so gossipy?”

“No!” Mother Ling retorted and continued to ask, “Stinky boy, don’t diverge from the topic! Quickly answer me, is it true? Is Mother going to hold her grandchild soon?”

“Don’t you already know all about it? Why are you still asking me?” Ling Zhanyi resolutely refused to disclose any information about Su Ziyang.

He won’t let anyone bother his little thing until he was sure of their outcome.

“You 一” Mother Ling gritted her teeth in anger, but there was nothing she could do about her son. At the same time, she could not help but reflect on how they shouldn’t have relaxed their control over him.. Look, this stinky boy had developed such a disrespectful attitude towards the elderly!

Since being forceful wouldn’t work, she could only go for the soft approach. Mother Ling softened her voice and showed a pleasant smile: “Son, don’t be so heartless, can’t you at least give Mom some reassuring pills? Was it true or false? If you don’t tell me, your Father and I will arrange a blind date for you.”

“Do whatever you want. I won’t go anyway.”

“You’re going too far, bastard! Okay, since you chose to not say anything. Don’t blame me when your father and I interrogate Uncle Li! By then we can find the address and kill our way there. See how you, this stinky little bastard hides it!” Mother Ling said until she was gnashing her teeth.

She had already used both the hard and soft approach and made threats and promises. What’s wrong with this son of a jerk?

“If you are not afraid of frightening your future daughter-in-law and future grandchild, then just come, I don’t mind.” Ling Zhanyi lightly told her. He then asked, “And, Mother, next time, when you scold me, don’t scold Father too. Because according to genetics, if I were a bastard, you and dad would not be… Cough… You know, Ha…”

“You little basta…” Thinking of what Ling Zhanyi just said, Mother Ling’s sentence stopped abruptly, she was so angry that she had almost dropped the phone.

Ling Zhanyi’s lips were raised slightly, and he no longer bickered with his Mother. He laughed and said, “Okay, Mother, don’t be so anxious, all right? After I woo my wife, would you still be afraid that you wouldn’t be able to hold your grandchild? Would you mind on not giving me any more troubles at the moment? I am still in the negative points, I still have to work hard to be on the positive side and then quickly upgrade it to 100 percent. The road to chase my wife is long and has no end; yet high and low, I will search with my will unbending.”

“I understand. Still pretending to be charming when you aren’t. Your phrase is also wrong, you should find a language teacher to teach you.” Mother Ling satirized and recalled Ling Zhanyi’s words just now, such as “daughter-in-law in the future” and “having a grandchild in the future”. That was to say, the most important message she got was that there was indeed such a person who had turned his son’s spirit and soul upside down and was also pregnant with their Ling family’s seed.

So Mother Ling mercifully decided to let go of this stinky boy for a while. Of course, before hanging up the phone, she didn’t forget to tease her son again: “So there are times where you can’t handle someone! Negative score… Haha… Negative score… You deserve it!”

“Are there any other mothers like you? You don’t encourage your son, but instead, you had even shot your son who was down. What should I do if I lose confidence and failed to chase my wife? You won’t be able to hold your grandchild by then.”

“Come on, come on.” Mother Ling pleaded again, “Can you show me and your father a photo of them first? We are really curious.”

“Later.” Ling Zhanyi refused and then urgently said, “Okay, I won’t say it. He’s finished eating. I have to give him the soup.” After that, he hurriedly hung up the phone.

Mother Ling stared at her cell phone and sighed, “Stinky boy, you haven’t even served me and your father! You’ve really changed after having a wife ah…”

Su Ziyang had been listening to Ling Zhanyi’s conversation. Although he couldn’t hear clearly, he had some ideas. His good appetite gradually disappeared and he only ate 10 dumplings.

“No more? Why did you eat so little?” Ling Zhanyi looked at the remaining three-quarters of the dumplings and frowned, “Not feeling well?”

“I can’t eat anymore.” Su Ziyang put down his chopsticks. He couldn’t endure it any longer and eventually asked, “Your mother called?”

“Yes. She’s such a gossipmonger.” Ling Zhanyi smiled as he mentioned his mother.

“Does she know you’re gay then?” Su Ziyang continued to question.

Ling Zhanyi shook his head and told the truth, “She doesn’t know yet. I haven’t figured out how to tell them yet.”

“So what are your plans in the future?”

“Of course, I will take you home when our relationship is more stable. I will tell them that we love each other and even have a baby. Once they know that the Ling family already had an heir, they will surely not blame me. ” Ling Zhanyi smiled and explained, “But I think my father and mother are quite receptive. Maybe they wouldn’t even verify our relationship in the first place.”

If there were children… Would not verify as long as Ling family had an heir…

“Really?” Su Ziyang’s eyes dimmed.

Sure enough, Ling Zhanyi had pursued him only because of his special constitution to get pregnant. If he waited until the child was born, he might take the child away and put himself aside.

What could a nobody like him do? How could he attract a multinational President of humble respect and of yield standing just to please him?

Originally, the saying that “mother depends on son” was not just a feudal superstition. That was the truth.

If he had no such constitution and could not be pregnant, he would surely not have had become pregnant after that night. Ling Zhanyi would not think of him, and he would not think of Ling Zhanyi. They were just using each other in a chance encounter.

Even if they could meet again, Ling Zhanyi would certainly not have anything to do with himself. Even if they took 10,000 steps back and were still involved, then it must be just another one-night of indulgence. This mutual giving would certainly not be genuine.

But now, instead of becoming strangers, they were now in the same theater and were even living like an ordinary couple.

Such a lifestyle was warm and blissful, but it had a huge hidden danger. Because after all, these were only appearances. When reality cruelly dissected the sweet appearances, it would reveal the bloody truth.

Look, now that he knew the truth, he felt very terrible.

People like him lacked security, especially when the status and family background of the two parties were very different.

Ling Zhanyi saw Su Ziyang’s spirit was not good and his expression were dimmed. He roughly guessed that he might be thinking fantastically, but it might also be that he was ill. He was someone that had a lot of thoughts and easier go into thinking about insignificant problems, so he could not help persuading him, “Ziyang, don’t think confusedly, I don’t mean to hide you. I didn’t take you to see my parents because I don’t think the time is ripe, and aren’t you testing me? How dare I tell my parents about you without your permission? Besides, you’re resting your body right now. It’s not good to have too many people bothering you.”

Such an explanation would surely coax Su Ziyang during normal occasions. But now Su Ziyang had decided that Ling Zhanyi was with him just for the sake of his child, so he felt even more uncomfortable when he heard the last sentence of ‘resting your body’. He closed his eyes, leaned back on the quilt behind him and whispered, “Well, I know, you don’t have to explain that. I understand all this. And even if you take me to see your parents, I won’t go with you. We haven’t gotten there yet. It’s getting late. You can work more. I’ll sleep a little longer.”

“…” Ling Zhanyi sighed a little when he saw his look of ‘I’m tired’, ‘Don’t want to talk to you anymore’. At this time, his concern level was in chaos, and he did not think that Su Ziyang was thinking a deeper level, that was, ‘mother depending on her son’,—— which was him thinking of an insignificant problem.

“I won’t go to work in the afternoon. I’ll accompany you at home. By the way, you haven’t finished the ginger soup yet. Take a few more mouthfuls. Otherwise, your cold will take a very long to recover and it will be very uncomfortable for you.” Ling Zhanyi stood up with the bowl. “I’ll go and get you some warm food. Cover yourself with the quilt after you are done drinking to sweat it out. Maybe you will be better soon.”

“En.” Su Ziyang had no objection to this. After all, he was dizzy and with his nose was runny. He had to hurriedly get better if he wants to fight a brave and smart battle to puncture his conspiracy! Hmph!

Anyway, he would keep observing, if the bastard only wanted the child and not him, then he would take the child away and completely disappear in his sight!

Mother depends on son: In the past, in the family of many wives and concubines, concubines had sons, and their status was improved; or when sons became officials, their mothers became prominent.

Thinking of an insignificant problem: lit. to penetrate into a bull’s horn (idiom); fig. to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem

The road ahead is long and has no ending, yet high and low I will search with my will unbending: is the actual phrase, just that Ling Zhanyi added the wifey part.

He and She have the same pronunciation in Chinese, so the mother still doesn’t know the gender.

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