Chapter 4: Lover Filter

There were a lot of goods in the Love Mall. There was everything that one expected to find, including food, medicine, and machine armor.

He Ruge looked at the price of the machine armor: Little Heart x9999

He looked at his balance again: Little Heart x20

He Ruge: “…”

Sorry, I’ve disturbed you.

If he remembered correctly, the number of little heart seemed to be linked to the degree of affection, so was this increase in affection the reward from saving the little white rabbit?

So now, did the little white tiger like him with an affection level of 20 points?

If he wanted to check out the affection level, he needed to click on the floating icon next to the little white tiger. He Ruge used the last “One-Time Monitor Jammer” to open the metal door and saw the little white tiger was a blank face.

He Ruge pushed his glasses up. He was sure and certain that he saw an “unbelievable” expression on his opponent’s fluffy face.

However, the surprise was fleeting. Very soon, the little white tiger reverted back into its expressionless face. Compared with the previous flying claws and cold frowns, the little white tiger’s state was obviously more relaxed, and its slightly wagging tail exposed its happy heart.


[Friendly]: For No. 20, you are a special existence and have an affection level of 20 points.

[Unawakened]: No. 20 has not been found to be a little monster, except for by you.


Special existense~

The happiness in his heart changed into a rippling wave. He Ruge clicked [Dialogue.] in anticipation.

No. 20:

[… Roar, roar (You talk.)]

This was the first time that he heard the calm voice of the little white tiger. It actually sounded like a snoring voice; a very light snoring voice that would not disturb and wake one up in the night.

He didn’t know if he was wearing a filter toward this little white tiger. He thought that this snoring was strangely lovely. He clicked his mouse on [Dialogue.] again.

No. 20:

[… Roar (En.) (It doesn’t seem to be very good at chatting. It needs a long time before it can answer each question.)]

The little white tiger gave a serious roar and slackened its tail on the cotton nest.

He Ruge was shaken by the lovable attitude of this little white tiger. He felt that he could keep going on talking and observing the reactions of the other party until the end of time.

The mouse followed his heart and clicked [Dialogue.].

No. 20:

[… (It doesn’t really want to talk, but just looks at you quietly.)]

The little white tiger’s chin pressed on its two paws, and its blue eyes gazed at the person in front of him.

He Ruge looked at the little white tiger who was looking more and more like a pancake. He was no longer satisfied with simple dialogue, he… He wanted to rub his hands on the cat!

He Ruge pressed [Touch.] with a trembling hand. The hand on the screen stretched over and the bandage sticking to the arm was particularly conspicuous. When the fingertip was about to land on the “王” on the little white tiger’s forehead, He Ruge was already holding on to his breath.

The little white tiger crooked its head and easily avoided He Ruge’s hand. The only thing that made him happy was that the little white tiger was not like before. It did not keep a distance and avoid him like a plague, but instead, it only crooked its head.

The hands on the screen were stiffened in mid-air.

It was just like He Ruge’s feeling at the moment; no matter how he comforted himself, he still felt a little disappointed.

As soon as He Ruge was about to finish his self-reflection, the little white tiger suddenly raised its paw and touched his fingertips with a deigned and dignified manner.

No. 20:

[No. 20 tilts its head to avoid your touch]

[… (It looks at the slightly depressed you.)]

[It touches your fingertips.]

[Ao? (Although it does not understand very much, but will you be happier if it does that?)]

The eyes behind the screen widened in surprise. He Ruge could hardly restrain his inner joy. His lips raised up crazily and proclaimed, “Happy! Very happy!”

He Ruge clicked [Touch.] again as he talked.

This time, instead of touching its head, he touched its paws. The little white tiger struggled slightly before finally letting the person in front of him pinch its pad. Although he was just pinching a fantasy pad, a write up came out as the camera did a close up of the pinching.

The pink pad was pinched slightly.

The blood around it was emptied in an instant.

No. 20:

[ Ao (Only let you touch it for a little while.)]

[… Roar (It feels strange to be pinched like this.)]

[The soft touch of No. 20 pad reverberates onto your hands.]

The little white tiger made a low roar, just like a little wife who took back his hand because he was being disrespected. When He Ruge clicked on [Touch.] again, the outreached hand was being pressed by a little white claw. The little white tiger shook its head seriously.

No. 20:

[No. 20 rejected your touch. Love is restraint; When your lover expressly said no, it must not be mistaken for boudoir interest, because your affection level has not reached a high level.]

He Ruge had some regrets about giving up touching it. He had a presentiment that if he touched it again, his level of affection would be deducted.

Speaking of affection level, He Ruge clicked on the affection status. He wanted to see how much affection there was now.


[Friendly]: For No. 20, you are a special person with a good feeling of 25.

[Unawakened]: No. 20 has not been found to be a little monster, except for you.


Affection level increased by 5 points! If he rounded it up, wouldn’t it be a hundred million! At this rate of increase, he was not far from the happy days of rubbing the cat?!

He Ruge felt that the future was bright, moreover…

His eyes fell on the dignified and reserved little white tiger. Even if it said that it did not want to be touched, but, in fact, its heart was still very happy right? It was really in denial.

The little white tiger sitting on the screen shivered. It looked at the person in front of him in some perplexity, then made himself into a pancake and lay down on the cotton nest to think about life.

The little white tiger without any expression had a childish temperament reflected in its appearance. A light blue irish with extremely small black pupil; there was a phrase called “Tiger with suspended eyes and white forehead”, this was exactly referring to these kind of eyes that tipped upwards at the corner.

In addition to the black pattern on its snowy white fur, coincidentally, there were two lines that grew from the corners of its eyes, and it looked like a distinctive outer eyeliner.

He Ruge couldn’t help but think of the Military Male God on the opening screen of the game. The man lowered his head and covered his eyes with the brim of his hat.

If he raised his head and showed his blue eyes, the corners of his eyes would raise upward even if he was not laughing. It would not be bewitching, but it held indifference.

What if… he smiled?

With this kind of eye shape, there must be two crescent moons appearing when he smiled. No, no, no, no, the little white tiger was so fierce, his laughter should not be the sweet kind, his eyes would be like a curved blade that had the ability to scratch someone, matching up with the military uniform, he could make one’s visual nerves tremble.

He Ruge was almost bent by his handsome visualization. He did not know why but he seemed to feel his heart beating faster when he saw the opening character at first sight. As if the other party was really his exclusive lover that came about according to what he liked.

… Except for the gender that was not quite right.

With the fingertips pushing against the frames, He Rege began to brainstorm and think about the possibility of being bisexual. After careful consideration, he came to a conclusion——

He should be paper sexuality1.

The character was so beautiful. He wore the military uniform with such provocation. If he took off the uniform, he could transform into a kitten and sell meng. There was salt and sugar2, who would not love him?

A pair of pampering eyes cast its sight to the little white tiger on the screen, the mouse lightly clicked [Feed.]. He Ruge looked at the screen and uncontrollably said, “Come, let’s eat candies~”  His tone was as gentle as coaxing a child.

The flower bud-like tiger’s ears trembled slightly. The little white tiger looked down at the candy in the palm of his hand. It seemed that after a fierce psychological struggle and a long standoff with He Ruge, it picked up the candy with its claws.

He Ruge looked at the screen expectantly and dared not blink his eyes. He was afraid that he would miss the image of the white tiger eating the candy.

The little white tiger glanced up at He Ruge, then turned around with the candy in his mouth, and faced him with its buttocks.

He Ruge:”???”

No. 20:

[No. 20 took your candy, it’s a little shy, so it turned around and ate it with its back facing you.]


It’s shy~

He Ruge’s inner happiness once again turned into a rippling wave.


After listening to a long bunch of game instructions, Xi Guican suddenly realized that he was playing a love game.

His “exclusive lover” was nothing but good-looking with a good voice. He had an incorruptible kindness and a gentle personality that could never go bad… He Ruge?

Well, the name sounded pretty nice too.

Major General Xi who had never praised anyone in his life awkwardly changed “nice” into “pleasant to hear”.

If Mao Zixie, the doctor in charge, heard this, He probably would be so shocked that he reverted back to his original form, because Xi Guican, a man who never finds anything appealing to his sight and hearing, his highest compliments was just “ordinary”.

While Xi Guican was silently evaluating He Ruge, the young man pushed open the metal door, and it was just as if the man in front of him had run out of his heart. This left his brain blank for a moment.

He Ruge wore the black-rimmed glasses this time, and Xi Guican took a serious look at them, thinking that they were still quite pleasant.

“Can I speak to you?” The person in front of him squatted half down, and the tone rose elatedly. It was light and pleasant.

He looks very happy?

Why is he happy?

The glasses were unable to hide the brightness of his black pupils, which was an extremely pair of penetrating eyes. In between the fluid glance swirled a twinkling brilliance as he looked around.

Xi Guican could not describe his feelings at this moment. That brilliance was just like the person in front of him had set fire to his heart, burning him until his mind was shaking.

He subconsciously agreed: “… You talk.”

He was stunned by the time he reacted to his words.

Xi Guican did not like to talk with others. Perhaps because when he was a child, he experienced the “Ice project”. He was deprived of the desire to express his language and did not wish to talk or touch others.

“Talk” seemed to be far away from him. In his dictionary, “giving orders” and “doctor-patient communication” were the words that replaced talking.


He Ruge is really a special existence.

Everything that he hated, when connected with this person, became pleasant to his eye. The young man lowered his head, his expression was supple and the fundus of his eyes opened up layers of smiles.

Bathed in this gaze, his unique soft voice rang in his ears. Suddenly, Xi Guican recalled that he left the mental compartment where he had been staying for three months for the first time and was locked in a cage to transfer his position. Those people carried the cage along the aisle and there was a half-open window at the end of the narrow corridor. Through the window, the afternoon sunshine fell to the ground, and the world he saw was shaking and it shook out a ray of light——

A very gentle light.

Like when He Ruge pushed the door open, the light behind him rushed in, and warm colors smudged in.

Xi Guican was so absorbed that he didn’t even know when the dialogue would end. Until one hand reached over, he turned his head unconsciously to avoid it.

Close to the distance, Xi Guican can smell the fragrance of the other party’s fingertips lingering. The skin was a milky and shining white, it might also have a sweet milky taste if one was to lick it.

… Want to take a bite.

Xi Guican was shocked by his sudden idea. He raised his head in a circle and saw He Ruge’s hand hanging in mid-air awkwardly.

That was a loss visible to the naked eye. This person’s eyes were watery, similar to how the black eyes would shine when he was happy. Once he was disappointed, the black eyes would be held up with tears.

Xi Guican felt his heart getting stung lightly by something.

He was unaware of the strange mood. Because in his barren sea of emotions, there had never been such a soft and sharp feeling.

But Xi Guican suddenly wanted to do something to make up for it, and anything was fine. Although he could not understand why He Ruge always wanted to touch him——

The fluffy little claws hesitated slightly, and it touched the youth’s fingertips akin to a dragonfly on water. The movement was fast and light, like a cautious beast.

Although I do not really understand, but would you be happier if I does so?

The man in front of him smiled in surprise. He could hardly restrain his joy. He kept saying, “Happy! Very happy!” Not only did he say that, but he also reached out and touched Xi Guican’s small claws.

Xi Guican: “…”

Are you asking for a yard when you already have an inch?

Do you think I’m the kind of tiger that can be touched casually?


You can only touch it for a while.

After his pad was pinched, there was a strange feeling lingering. When Xi Guican thought about how his paw had been pinched by He Ruge, he felt that he could not lick it calmly in the future.

He frowned and pressed the hand that he wanted to touch again, but he did not realize that while his left hand was pressed down, the other right hand was stretched out.

The palms were spread open, and a candy lay quietly in them.

This was the candy that the little rabbit next door liked very much, but he did not like it. He had passed the age of liking candy, but…

Other than the dried fish that every little cat could not resist, it seemed like this person’s expectant gaze would have to be added to the list.

Under such a keen gaze, his whole body became strange. Xi Guican turned around uncomfortably, and his mouth was filled with the sweet taste of fructose, which was an extraordinarily strange taste.

In Star Sea Orphanage, he could only drink the nutrient solution that only had a weak taste after his weaning. Day after day, it seemed that only the nutrient solution was left in his diet.

Even if he became a Major General and he was no longer a cub trapped in compartment 20, he was still used to eating the nutrient solution.

So for him, this candy… It’s far too sweet.

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