Chapter 62: Little Ancestor falls in love with the bathtub!

Ling Zhanyi was not the only one happy!

The big stone that was pressing on his heart was suddenly removed, Su Ziyang was also relaxed by a big margin.

After Ling Zhanyi went out to buy vegetables, Su Ziyang was bored waiting by himself, so he got up and wandered around the big house. He was ready to observe Ling Zhanyi’s home environment.

There wasn’t anything special. At most, it was valuable and luxurious. That’s what happens when you get used to seeing them. Su Ziyang strolled around on the first floor, looked at paintings, fiddled with the vases and studied the antiques. At present, he did not have the strength to go to the second floor for inspection, but occasionally doing some exercises was actually good for the fetus.

The rooms on the first floor were limited. Soon Su Ziyang had only one room to walk around. When he opened the door, Su Ziyang suddenly realized that this was the bathroom.

Let’s just say that the room he just went to was a washroom with no shower head. He was still wondering if Ling Zhanyi had installed the bathroom on the second floor. So whenever he wanted to take a bath, he would have to climb the stairs. Wouldn’t he die of exhaustion?

Fortunately, he thought too much. The bathroom was on the first floor and it’s very big and luxurious.

—— Super big bathtub with an anti-slippery floor. The floor around the bathtub was covered with a red carpet that was anti-slippery.

Su Ziyang clicked his tongue twice. It wasn’t wrong to call that person a bastard at all. Look at how wasteful he is!

But… Looks like it’s really enjoyable…

He could try it at night. What’s the taste of taking a bathtub? It should be more comfortable than taking a shower?

Facts have proved that Su Ziyang’s conjecture was quite correct.

After having lunch with Ling Zhanyi, he went to sleep first. As a result, he woke up at night and Ling Zhanyi had long gotten up. He was sitting beside the computer, occupied with something. Su Ziyang lifted the two quilts on his body and was rendered speechless: “Ling Zhanyi, do you want me to die of heat?”

This is really! It made him sweat a lot!

When Ling Zhanyi heard his voice, he stopped tapping on the keyboard. He got up and went forward, “Your cold have not recovered yet. Cover an extra quilt and sweat. You will be better soon.”

“But you don’t have to cover me with two quilts, do you? Now it’s summer! What if the heat makes me get a heatstroke?” Su Ziyang stared at him.

“No, I’ve been watching you. If there’s something wrong, I’ll take the quilt away.” Ling Zhanyi answered with a grin. He caught a glimpse of him pulling the quilt and knew that he was really hot. He said, “Now that you are sweating all over, let’s go to the bathroom and take a bath. My bathroom won’t run out of hot water!”

Su Ziyang looked askance at him: “Are you disdaining my house? Then don’t go to my house in the future! You’re not allowed to bathe in my house either!”

Ling Zhanyi went up and lifted him. He laughed and said, “It’s okay not to take a bath, as long as you don’t think I stink, haha.”

“I’ll let you sleep on the floor in the living room. It doesn’t matter if you are smelly, hmph!” Su Ziyang was supported by him to the bathroom. At this moment, there was no feeling of being head-heavy and foot-heavy like he was in the morning. It seemed that sweating was really good for a cold. Besides being slimy and uncomfortable, Su Ziyang was much more relaxed.

Ling Zhanyi pinched his nose: “You are really cruel!”

“Stop moving, go and fill up the water!” Su Ziyang patted his hands away. He wondered what was it like to use the bathtub.

Ling Zhanyi answered kindly, “I’m just waiting to take off your clothes and preparing to wash them.”

During the conversation, Ling Zhanyi’s vision lingered calmly on Su Ziyang, as if to say that both of them already had a baby, it was only taking out your clothes, why are you so nervous?

Su Ziyang understood the words in his eyes. Thinking about it too, what was he so afraid of? If Ling Zhanyi dared to come up with some nonsense, he would use the baby in his stomach to warn him and see what he could do about it!

So Su Ziyang also calmly took off the rest of his clothes, Ling Zhanyi supported him into the bathtub and helped him sit down. He pointed to the handle Su Ziyang was relying on and said: “If you are tired, you can also lie down and soak. It’s very comfortable.”

When Su Ziyang stepped into the bathtub, he realized that the material of the bathtub on the sole of his feet was also anti-slippery. He could not help exclaiming that being rich was really good, how this life must be so enjoyable!

He tried leaning back and rested his neck against the place specially designed for the user. Su Ziyang sighed, the warm water surrounded him was really comfortable!

“How is it? How do you feel? Ling Zhanyi was like a child waiting for praise as he looked at Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang nodded like an uncle: “Not bad.”

En, he didn’t answer him ‘barely’. Ling Zhanyi instantly felt contented.

“There’s bath lotion here, have all kind of scents…” Ling Zhanyi said, suddenly leaning over Su Ziyang’s ear and whispered, “I prefer chrysanthemum-flower flavor…”

Su Ziyang lifted a handful of water and poured it on Ling Zhanyi’s body: “Go to hell – you pervert!”

How could there be such a scent for bath lotion! This bastard was really brazen to the extent!

Ling Zhanyi was still overjoyed even though his face was thrown with water. He laughed and got up. “I wanted to take a bath with you, but in order to avoid the last bathroom incident, I’d better go out to work obediently in order to earn money to support you and our son!!”

“Tsk -” Su Ziyang stared at him contemptuously. “Didn’t you say you had a lot of money without working? Seemed like you’re a bit unreliable!”

“I want to make more money. You are such a money addict. I’m afraid my son will inherit you to become a small money addict. What can I do when I don’t earn enough money? Wouldn’t it be too late to regret if my son and wife dislike and abandon me?” Ling Zhanyi made fun of him intentionally.

“You’re a money addict! All your family is money addict!” Su Ziyang continued to splash water at Ling Zhanyi.

Ling Zhanyi had hidden far away. He laughed even more when he heard Su Ziyang’s words. He was not ashamed but proud of it. He agreed, “Correct. My whole family is a money addict. With you, a small money fan and your son, a small money fan, I’m sure I will be infected by you and become a big money addict. So, ah, it’s better to make money. Come on, Wife, I’m leaving. Give me a kiss and reward me for my good work.”

Su Ziyang’s small eyes had been flying out blades, Ling Zhanyi shrugged his shoulders and spontaneously kissed Su Ziyang: “Then I’ll give Lord Wife a kiss. Take good care of yourself and our son, oh, can me if there’s anything, I’ll be here right away.”

“Come up and go.” Su Ziyang laughed at him. “You are naggy than Monk Tang1!”

Ling Zhanyi left with a laugh, and Su Ziyang began to take a bath after playing with the water for a while.

The temperature of the water was just right. It was not too high or too low, and it was comfortable to lie flat in the tub. After playing with the water for a while, Su Ziyang began to take a good bath. He rubbed his arms, rubbed his knees, and hummed a song in his mouth.

Before long, Su Ziyang discovered one of the benefits of bathing; because of the buoyancy of the water, he was submerged in the water and felt much less pressure on his abdomen than being outside. The baby probably also noticed that the mild water environment outside was similar to the water environment around him, especially in his abdomen. So it slept peacefully and no longer made him tired.

After discovering this benefit, Su Ziyang decided to take more baths in the future.

Wouldn’t it be a waste of time if such good conditions were not used?

As a result, Ling Zhanyi found that Su Ziyang had soaked for more than an hour, and was still reluctant to get up.

Ling Zhanyi was afraid of his cold. Although the water was hot, he was still bared. If the was cold aggravated, would it be be bad?

So he tricked the little ancestor out of the bathtub, spontaneously wrapped the bathrobe around him after drying him, and then busily wiped his hair and feet.

As soon as Su Ziyang came out of the bathtub, his stomach felt bloated. He leaned lazily against Ling Zhanyi: “I don’t want to walk anymore. My stomach is heavy and I can’t walk.”

This was Ling Zhanyi’s first time hearing Su Ziyang acting coquettish to him. He was naturally happy and willing to indulge him unconditionally. “So what do you want? Would you like me to take you back to your room?”

“En!” Su Ziyang nodded and put his hands around Ling Zhanyi’s neck consciously.

Ling Zhanyi did not whether he should laugh or cry, but he was definitely more delighted. He told him one sentence, “Hold tight!” and then leaned over and picked him up to head for their big bedroom.

What Ling Zhanyi did not expect was that, for the next period of time, this situation would continue. First, he would have to coax the person out of the bathtub with sweet words, and then carefully carry him back to the room.

Su Ziyang simply loved the bathtub, which made him have a headache and at the same time helpless. It was not that he did not want to carry him, but as the baby in Su Ziyang grew, his weight also increased. It was getting a little hard to hold him.

Of course, it was not that Ling Zhanyi lacked strength. He was afraid that he would not be able to hold someone firmly and thus accidentally drop him. He’ll surely regret it if anything happened!

The hard-pressed Big President Ling thought twice and decided that he needed to increase his physical exercise and arm strength… to meet the needs of Lord Wife!

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