CF – 7

Chapter 7

Winter had come, the weather had become bleak and cold, and the first snow of this year followed.

Snow floated down from the sky like a flock, and the ground was a sheet of white. The wind whistled through the branches wrapped in silver, shaking the fallen broken snow.

Mujin couldn’t sleep at all. After dinner, he just sat on the sofa with a thick blanket and watched the TV uninterestedly.

He turned the volume loudly, with the attempt to fill the silent room with the noise and laughter from the TV.

There were normally only two people in the house. Auntie Chen goes back to her room after she finished clearing up the dinners. Mujin stared at the screen, it was unknown how much went into his head.

He had been married to Gao Tianchen for a month, and the days when Gao Tianchen comes back are hardly any. Most of the time he lived in the company or hotels.

Even on the wedding night, Mujin waited for him in this villa he called his new home, thinking that he had drank with the guests and boiled him vinegar and brown sugar water.

At then, he was also sitting on the sofa waiting for him to come back, but even until the brown sugar water had cooled, the groom did not come back. Later, he learned that Gao Tianchen was drunk that night. He went alone to the graveyard of Muze and sat for a night in the deep winter.

Mujin knew his younger brother’s importance in his heart, but he still wanted to strive for happiness. He also had the right to love.

He was emotionally awkward, and he did want he could do. 

As a child, he was not good at cooking. He learned a lot of dishes from Auntie Chen with his heart and soul. His cooking craft became more and more exquisite. At the same time, his hands were winding up several pale scars.

Every day on the table there will be three dishes and one soup with all sort of colors, fragrances, and flavors. From steaming hot to a cold tasteless, from full of joy to dull disappointment.

Every time he asked him, he always said that there were many things in the company and he doesn’t have time to come back.

Mujin was not a fool. Naturally, he knew being busy was just an excuse. He was afraid to face him. After all, they were in an awkward position.

He brought the big teddy doll from his former room in the Mu family. He thought he would never use it again after he got married. He didn’t expect that the one to accompany him from childhood to now, it was only this doll.

The heating temperature did not seemed to be very high. Mujin pulled the heavy blanket and his eyes fell at the teddy doll on his side. He hugged it like a child, compacting the four corners of the blanket.

The roaring wind from outside seemed to be mixed with the sound of cars, which dimly spreaded to the ears of the person on the sofa.

Mujin pulled the blanket aside and stood up. He dragged the cotton as he ran to the door. The teddy doll fell to the ground and he was not concerned.

With the sound of the key turning, the door was pushed open and a cold, astringent wind poured in.

As soon as Gao Tianchen came in, he saw Mujin standing in front of the porch, with bright eyes and a slightly exciting look. His face glowed with brilliance, and even the cotton slippers turned left and right.

Suddenly, there was a wonderful feeling in his heart. A person who cared so much about himself that it made him so excited and showed such a happy expression when he came back.

“Come in.” There was no warmth in the door. Gao Tianchen walked in quickly, and Mujin followed him.

“Have you eaten yet?”


They went into the house one by one. Gao Tianchen suddenly seemed to thought of something. He turned around and looked at Mujin, with a little doubt in his eyes.

”Isn’t your estrus today?”

“Ah? What? ” Mujin was a little confused by his sudden inquiry, estrus? He clearly did not felt any sign of it.

Gao Tianchen’s doubts deepened. According to the date of Mujin’s adulthood banquet, today should be the first day of his estrus.

He calculated the days and canceled all the work for these two days, just for his omega’s estrus period.

Looking at the innocent face of the person in front of him, Gao Tianchen felt something was wrong, but he could not think of it for a moment.

“Come on, go to bed if you’re alright.” Then he turned and walked into the room.

The corner of his clothes was pulled, the warmth spread from the back to the whole body. Mujin grabbed him from behind.

“Actually, even if its not my estrus period, it’s okay to…” His face was buried behind him, and his voice was muffled, but he could still hear him.

Mujin was so shy that his ears were red. He felt shameless that he invited this kind of thing on his own initiative.

Gao Tianchen was silent for a few seconds, he seemed to be thinking about something, then turned around and picked up the person in front of him.

He buried his head in the alpha’s powerful arm and led himself to carry him into the bedroom.

Gao Tianchen put Mujin onto the big warm and soft bed. He hugged his thin body in his chest and pressed onto him.

The person in his chest emitted a good-smelling gardenia flower fragrance, which came from the pheromone of Mujin. As it was not the estrus period, the scent was not strong, and the fragrance was faint.

The man beneath him buried his face in his broad chest, making his expression invisible, but his trembling hands and body exposed his nervousness and shyness.

After all, apart from the drunken chaos, they never did this when they were awake.

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