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Chapter 7: Evacuate

Zhang Zhiyin made a prompt decision and opened the Item Store and purchased the ice ability he was most familiar with.

His body had a peal of numbness and limpness, and the grey mark on the wrist representing the precision ability gradually disappeared. A shallow, nearly grey, ice-blue sign emerged.

Zhang Zhiyin recalled the ability in the game. Unconsciously, a transparent ice ball encircled with faint fog appeared on his fingertips.

It’s small; grasping it in his palm would make it melt, a gentle tap at it might break it into pieces. Yet it would grow to be his greatest dependence in this strange world.

Sister Lan officially notified them of the decision to evacuate and counted the list of people willing to evacuate with them.

City M could not be said to big or small. There were three large safety zones for the survivors, such as Lihua Shopping Mall. There were seventeen or eighteen small ones and were in touch among themselves.

The evacuation was decided by the three large safety zones, and it would be divided into three batches, and the order of evacuation would be decided by lots. Lihua Shopping Mall was picked to be the last to evacuate. More than 10,000 people had decided to evacuate this time and there were 4,500 people who would be following Lihua Shopping Mall. It was not easy to organize and coordinate the work. However, Zhang Zhiyin did not need to worry about these.

Brother Fei and Uncle Yun gathered together the ability users and the backbones and assigned them tasks.

“Li Bo, Liu Yuan, and Zhang Zhiyin!” Brother Fei called, “All three of you are a precision ability user. You are responsible for the guard work in Group E No. 12, and each of you take one gun.”

Zhang Zhiyin followed the other two and took a gun. He weighed the heavy fellow he had never touched before and was in a dilemma.

He had no precision ability now. Should he try to fish his way through or talk to Brother Fei? How do you explain that your precision ability suddenly turned into an ice ability? In fact, at this point in time, everyone didn’t have a deep understanding of abilities mutation. He would be fine as long as he evade everything and said that he didn’t know anything. However, Zhang Zhiyin still felt this was trouble and there might be hidden dangers. As the result, after the meeting, glancing at Brother Fei, he had a desire to speak but ended up stopping several times, and finally watched Brother Fei leave helplessly.

At night, Zhang Zhiyin lay on the ground and felt apologetic. Group E No. 12 was the closest to the rear, they should be on the alert and held the responsibility in paying attention to the situation happening behind the convoy and give timely reminders in advance. Having three people was a good precaution. If one of them failed to do his duty, it might lead to danger.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t want to implicate everyone because of him. He decided to go to Brother Fei early in the morning to confess.

But before that, he wanted to try.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at his remaining balance of more than 700 and bit his teeth. He wanted to buy a good weapon and some other equipment. According to his game experience, the second ability was actually a chicken rib, because the second ability he activated under normal circumstances was still the ordinary enhancement ability.

Three seconds later, a smaller mark appeared above the original one. It’s grey, same as the one he used to have.

Looking at the restoration of the clear and delicate vision of the precision ability, Zhang Zhiyin breathed a sigh of relief. For the first time, he felt that accuracy skills came so timely.

These two days when Zhang Zhiyin had nothing to do, he would be practicing the use of his ice ability, slowly reaching the level of his game’s initial usage of his small ice dagger and ice ball. However, he did not have the opportunity to engage in a real battle, hence he did not know what the effect would be.

On the morning of the third day, Zhang Zhiyin and his colleagues Liu Yuan and Li Fei went into the car and took charge of the warning work in the southeast, east and southwest directions respectively.

They noticed that a lot of cars were following behind them even after the numbered A- E fleets.

“Uncle Yun said to let them follow, those who could not join the army to evacuate together but wanted to follow.” Liu Yuan looked at the convoy and looked slightly dissatisfied. Indeed, these unplanned, uncontrolled “tails” may cause them a lot of inconveniences or even danger.

“Why are there so much!” Li Bo was surprised.

“There were people who said they would not evacuate and change their minds at that time, and there were people who followed the evacuation but were not accepted at that time.” Liu Yuan explained.

There were more than 4,000 people in this safety area of Lihua Shopping Mall. There were many different reasons as to why many people failed evacuate even if they wanted to do so at that time. Zhang Zhiyin was absorbed in the newly awakened ice ability these two days, so he did not know much about these issues. At this time, listening to Liu Yuan, he thought about the outcome of M City and his heart could not come up with any feeling.

As they reached Runfa Supermarket where the high-end mini zombie boss was located, the zombie crowd grew dense. What made Zhang Zhiyin thought that it was unbearable was that they were mostly passive when they were in the game at below Level 30, but now all the zombies in this real world had turned into active zombies.

It’s worrying to think about how they would be besieged and beaten without even starting one group attack.

Those in charge of the fire raid at the front had begun to open a way. The commander ordered the convoy to accelerate uniformly.

Zhang Zhiyin’s car speed was also obviously accelerating.

It was unknown who commanded those who followed up behind. The completely unprepared cars appeared to be a little behind the rhythm. It was just a gap and it was almost impossible to move forward as it was surrounded by zombies.

Zhang Zhiyin watched them anxiously, not knowing how they could get out of this trouble. Most of the ability users were persuaded to leave the city, leaving behind a small number of ability users, the firepower could not be compared to the larger forces.

The rear convoy was clearly under the command of someone. Without knowing what orders were given, Zhang Zhiyin suddenly saw the roof of the car next to them open — a man was thrown out.

Then there’s another one.

Four people were thrown in four directions.

The zombies around went to surround the person who had been thrown out, and the cars behind him got a chance to breathe and immediately increased their horsepower to follow up.

Obviously, Li Bo also saw that he knocked the gun in his hand hard, there were even vague tears bursting out at the corners of his eyes and he shouted, “Scum!”

Zhang Zhiyin was completely stunned.

And if he didn’t see wrong, the fourth one being thrown out was Yu Huo.


Yu Huo lay quietly on the ground, and the pain of being tore and broke apart seemed to have got away from him.

He could not even tell whether he was alive or dead.

He should be dead.

Right, he should be dead. That was what he thought.

It was unknown when the sky started raining. Dripping and dropping, it was icy cold as it landed on his face.

Yu Huo felt the coolness on his face and barely opened his eyes. The guys who had been tearing and gnawing around him were gone some time.

At the end of the long street stood a man.

The man was wearing a plain white shirt and black trousers, with a windbreaker outside and a black umbrella in his hand.

The man approached slowly, step by step, and finally stopped in front of him.

From the perspective of Yu Huo, only his black upper and trousers feet can be seen.

“Do you want power?” The man asked indifferently, with a calm and undulating tone.

If someone had asked him before the end of the world, he would have responded with, “Crazy.”

But now it was different. He struggled to raise his head to see the black eyes without emotion, and said in a hoarse voice, “Yes.” The voice was so hoarse that it hardly resembled a human voice.

“Come with me then.” The man turned and left without saying another word.

He was anxious to catch him but strangely found himself standing up. Only the dismembering pain on his body reminded him that everything before him was not a dream.

“What do I call you?” He took two quick steps and asked.

“Call me Y.”

Y. Yu Huo was stunned. Is that the person? The devil who was identified as the cause of all this.

He tried to see the man’s face, but suddenly he noticed that his left hand, which had been hidden in his windbreaker pocket. He seemed to be protecting something.

Pink, heart-shaped box… Chocolates?

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