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Chapter 16: Cat

Lei Dun received the latest special secret mission ordered by D. Y—that was to catch the cat beside Zhang Zhiyin, take good care of it for a day, and then quietly send it back in the evening…

And the key point was to not let that little furry guy get hurt.

Lei Dun was at a loss as he looked at the soft white cat in his hand. He simply did not know what to do.

The kitten was unwilling and it stared at him with resentment while spitting ice shards at him.

He did not know when Meng Kali had appeared and he was now looking at the cat in his hand in surprise. He gestured as he asked: Can I touch it? Meng Kali was emitting an air of surprise with the aura of a maiden and adding on to his ghostlike posture hidden under the shadow of his huge hoods, Lei Dun could hardly look at him straight in the face.

Meng Kali was a very mysterious figure in Dr. Y’s camp. His mystery mainly came from the way he dressed.

His height was less than 1.6 meters. He wore a long black robe covering until his feet and outside of his the black robe was a black hood that covered most of his face, revealing only a chin. He was aware that his space ability was good, so he never walked with his feet on the ground, but instead, he floated in the air. From time to time, he would suddenly appear, and then suddenly disappeared again. He was just like a ghost, floating in Dr. Y’s experimental base.

He never spoke, nor could he see the outside world with his eyes. This kind of blindness and dumbness could not be cured even by Dr. Y, because they arose from his ability, and if they were to be cured, his abilities must be removed.

Lei Dun dared not underestimate him.

Meng Kali had both space and psychic abilities at the peak level simultaneously. Through his psychic ability, he could see everything within a hundred miles clearly. He could also use his psychic ability to communicate with all conscious creatures. But Meng Kali stubbornly communicated with them in sign language.

The doctor himself had no time to deal with their affairs. Those space items that Lei Dun and the rest used daily were all made by Meng Kali.

Lei Dun reached out and said, “Touch it.”

As soon as Meng Kali touched Yin Xiaoxiang, Yin Xiaoxiang vomited a handful of ice shards on him.

However, Meng Kali was still very happy and he gestured excitedly, “Does it have a name? What do you think of calling him Xiaobai?”

Lei Dun looked at him with a blank face and he had yet to speak when a cool, and slightly low voice suddenly came from behind them.

“It has a name.”

Dr. Y leaned at the door in his simple research jacket, looking intently at the cat in Lei Dun’s hand.

Lei Dun and Yu Huo were immediately stunned.

After a minute, Meng Kali could not help but boldly raise his hand and gestured, “What’s its name?”

“The name is ‘Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son’, and the nickname is Yin Xiaoxiang. If you call it Xiaoxiang, it will know you are calling it.” Dr. Y seldom spoke such a long sentence in one breath, however, his expression was still faint.

Yin Xiaoxiang, who had been called so many times, “Aowu, aowu” a few times in the direction of Y.

Meng Kali immediately took back the hand he had placed on the kitten and never dared to be rash again.

Lei Dun’s hands that were holding onto Yin Xiaoxiang trembled.

For the first time, Zhang Zhiyin’s great name had exerted its anticipated power.

Dr. Y continued, “Take good care of it. I’m going out. It drinks milk every day and eats only cod. It also has no teeth. The cod must be spooned and it has to be bathed in the evening.” After that, he left without paying attention to their reactions.

Lei Dun and Meng Kali stared at the little fellow. They really suspected that it was the doctor’s real son.

Yin Xiaoxiang continued to spit out ice shards.

Meng Kali stood in front of him in a daze, and after a long time, he dared to put his hand on it again.

Yin Xiaoxiang showed him its pink toothless gums.

Meng Kali was scared off.


Zhang Zhiyin woke up to realize that Yin Xiaoxiang was not beside him.

Instantly, his mind became clear as he was woken up from fright.

Yin Xiaoxiang usually nested around his neck and slept obediently. It loved to sleep in late. It would not get up early every morning and when it was put in his pocket, it would still continue to sleep with its eyes closed. This was the first time that it suddenly disappeared.

Zhang Zhiyin looked around the cave and rushed out. He found the little fellow squatting in front of the stream at the entrance of the cave. It looked very vexed. Its whole body emitted a ‘do not get close’ aura.

My family’s Xiaoxiang might be a little bit small, but it still had some momentum- was what Zhang Zhiyin thought of.

He approached only to find that a tuft of hair on its buttock was wet.

And Zhang Zhiyin bizarrely read a sorrowful message from the cat’s expression such as “My fur is wet, I can’t meet Zhiying handsomely now”.

He laughed secretly at his nonsense and thought that he was rather imaginative.

Then he strode forward and took the kitten into his arms. He touched its little head and said, “Okay, don’t make a fuss, I’ll love you no matter what happens.”

The moment Zhang Zhiyin embraced the kitten, it became frozen. After hearing what he said, it blinked its ice-blue eyes and then rubbed its face on his arm. After a while, like it was dissatisfied, it began to roll around its whole little body in Zhang Zhiyin’s arms. After rolling for a while, it then stopped and was rubbing it soft fur on Zhang Zhiyin’s chest instead. It lifted its head up and looked at him carefully, and seeing that Zhang Zhiyin did not respond, it relaxed and continued to rub itself on Zhang Zhiyin. This ball of fur, was just like it was particularly dependent on him.

Zhang Zhiyin noticed its abnormality and patted it: “What’s wrong with you?” He touched the fur on his ass indifferently and laughed, “It’s just a piece of fur. It’ll be dry soon.”

Suddenly the kitten turned its head and stared at him with two ice-blue eyes; A sudden imposing and domineering aura.

Zhang Zhiyin lost his laughter and struck its head with his hand. “Pretentious.”

Suddenly the kitten withered and obediently retreated into Zhang Zhiyin’s arms. It peeked out a pair of small eyes that blinked at him.

It looked like it staring at some rare treasure.

Zhang Zhiyin took it back to the cave and put it at his feet. He began to pack up what he needed to beat the goat boss for later on. Efficient HP potions were essential, in addition to a pair of ice gloves he had just bought from the Item Store for 50 yuan.

Although it was just a glove, it played the role of a weapon. It could help enhance the effect of the ice ability and was also able to bring out an ice defense skill, Ice Wall. It could be said to be the better equipment among low-level equipment. <Tomorrow>’s world’s weapon system had always been a marvel. All sorts of things could be used as weapons. There were magical swords, cold weapons, hot weapons… It had everything that one would expect to find.

Zhang Zhiyin was about to put on his gloves. Suddenly, the kitten staggered over, put out its tongue and tentatively licked his index finger.

Zhang Zhiyin ignored it. Anyway, it wasn’t just recently that Yin Xiaoxiaong liked to play with his hands.

Seeing that he did not respond, the kitten licked his middle finger and then his ring finger. Finally, it turned back and held half of Zhang Zhiyin’s index finger and bit it gently.

Zhang Zhiyin had no choice but to hold it up with his other hand.

Xiao Xiang was not like this before. At most, it liked to suck on his little finger, but now it had developed to the point of attacking his whole hand.

Zhang Zhiyin gently reprimanded, “Xiaoxiang, don’t make a fuss.”

The kitten took his hand in its gums and looked at him in grievances. At least in the eyes of Zhang Zhiyin, that look was a grievance.

“Be good, we’re going to fight the boss later on. Be good and don’t move around.” Zhang Zhiyin put him in his pocket and turned to leave.

As a result, the kitten struggled to climb out of his trousers pocket, and then it climbed on his shoulder with great agility and dexterity before jumping into Zhang Zhiyin’s T-shirt in an instant. Its two small claws clawed oh his collars and poked out its head. It even deliberately stretched its neck to look at Zhang Zhiyin.

As soon as Zhang Zhiyin bowed his head, he could see its plush little head.

He quickly pulled out the kitten and put it back in his pocket before patting its head. “This is your place. Be obedient.”

The result after three seconds later was that the kitten occupied the front of the T-shirt again.

This was a rebellion!

Zhang Zhiyin took two deep breaths. In the end, he could only express his powerlessness and let the cat occupy his t-shirt.

The ice-blue pupils quickly revealed a smile, and the kitten in the T-shirt stretched its body and reached up to lick Zhang Zhiyin’s neck.

Zhang Zhiyin could only surrender and allow it to lick him and he helplessly said, “You can lick to your heart’s content, but you have to be obedient when we fight the monster later on.”

The kitten whined, as if frightened by its own voice, it then hurriedly shut its mouth, cleverly lifting up a paw.

Zhang Zhiyin kneaded its little meat and laughed, “The contract has been set.”


Xiaobai: Little White

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