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Chapter 20: The Road to Become a God

The other party was a very well-known guild, not only had they stationed themselves on different major servers in <Tomorrow>, they were also quite influential in other games. They purchased wantonly and treated the transactions as nothing. They immediately made payment and Zhang Zhiyin handed his goods over to them. They also made an agreement with Zhang Zhiyin to sell his materials to their guild first when he had more.

Zhang Zhiyin was so thrilled to see the freshly-earned 5,000 yuan, his hands were trembling.

Because of this business transaction, all of his previous investments in the game had been repaid.

Zhang Zhiyin hung the fur of the snow leopard cat in his shop after finishing the transaction. While snow leopard’s hair was not as popular as snow leopard’s nails, it could make delicate and beautiful ice or water elemental armor, thus, female tailors were in favor of it. It wouldn’t be long before they could earn him a small sum of money.

Afterward, he took out the stove to refine medicines. Through refining infancy pets advancement pills, his pharmaceutical skills had upgraded to Level 3, now his success rate of refining the Level 2 Bai Huo Pill had reached 70% to 80%. After filling up twenty bottles, he put them all in the shop, rested for a while, and went on his way.

He calculated that although time, in reality, had not passed much, in fact, he had been in this valley for more than half a year. He would be able to catch up with the major forces civil war plot that happened before the establishment of the Cloud Sky Alliance if he left the Valley of the Extinct Dragon now. He didn’t know how long he would stay in this strange reality world of <Tomorrow>, but if he wanted to continue to mingle in this world, he shouldn’t separate himself from human society. If he wanted to mix well, it would be better to join a base that would become the foundation of the alliance in the future. Thus, when the alliance was founded, he just needed to perform well enough, then he would naturally become the backbone of the alliance. After that… he should be able to go and live the time of his life like those NPCs in the game?

Moving from the safety point to the north breach of the Valley of the Extinct Dragon, he fought and absorbed the crystal nucleus all the way. Currently, his ability was at Level 3, and it was close to Level 4. Perhaps, two more monsters to defeat and he would finally advance to the next level. Adding the stats from the “Redemption of the Last Age”, by then, his strength could actually reach close to Level 5.

This time, when Zhang Zhiyin went back to reality, he specifically checked the game’s information. When Cloud Sky Alliance was founded, their leader, Yun Lietian, just broke through Level 7, and he was considered as one of Humanity’s top two masters. Thus, Zhang Zhiyin’s strength could at least be ranked in the middle and upper class.

At that moment, Zhang Zhiyin, who was so enthusiastic about planning his life, he completely forgot that the person he loved was the legendary ultimate villain boss.

Ten days later, looking at the nearing exit, Zhang Zhiyin, who had successfully ascended his ice elemental ability to Level 4 and his precision ability to Level 2, touched the little boy who kept calling out in his trousers pocket and said, “Rest assured, I will try my best to earn money to support you and not let anyone eat you.”

Yin Xiaoxiang, “Auwo.”

“And cat meat is said to be terrible?” Zhang Zhiyin pinched the soft flesh on the back of its neck and continued to travel down the route.

Yin Xiaoxiang hid in his pocket.

Strangely, half a year had already passed in this world, but it still hadn’t grown up. Its appearance was still the lost little kitten he had first seen.

Zhang Zhiyin sighed, pulled it out and seriously educated it: “If you don’t breathe, you will suffocate.”

The Yulin Base built in the abandoned city covered only a small area and had a population of no more than 1,000. Their defense was average and the buildings gave the viewers a feeling of fragility and dilapidation, such that even a wave of slightly more advanced zombies could destroy it completely.

Fortunately, the base was surrounded by a large expanse of wilderness. The density of zombies wasn’t very high, so was their levels. Therefore, the base was able to hold onto itself until now.

Presently, all large-scale base forces were fighting amongst themselves, trying to swallow each other and strengthen their own forces. Only the leader of the Yulin Base was planning to find a good opportunity every day to surrender to a reliable base.

Suddenly, a solitary young man appeared at the gate of the base.

It was dusk, and the orange sunshine dragged the long shadow of his figure.

The young man’s face was a little tired, but his eyes were mild and amiable. He was wearing a simple white shirt and jeans and there was nothing fancy about his attire. In his right pocket, a kitten was looking left and right curiously.

He smiled at the man that was guarding the gate, “May I join you?”

Neither of the two people and one cat at that time would have thought that in a very long time later, this scene would be recorded, reproduced, and passed around in a groundbreaking manner.

Under the painter’s brush, the indistinct young man carried a holy light that sliced through the endless darkness and the cat in his pocket had sacred compassion for heaven and man. In the legend, the young person, as the source of light, lifted his right hand lightly in front of Yulin Base’s gate and silently announced the arrival of a bright era.

They called this incident “Genesis · The Advent of the Savior Z.

The doorkeeper of Yulin Base was called the first person to witness to this oracle. Among the sculptures that recorded this event, there was no lack of the figure of an elder uncle who bowed and looked up to the young man as piously as if he could see the light of a new life.

However, at that time, the gatekeeper did not foresee his future legendary image at all. He just yawned casually and responded as per the rules: “Yes, you just need to do the examination.”

Zhang Zhiyin received routine virus screening and functional tests and was assigned to a single room, but the conditions of the were much worse than the dormitory where he used to live in university. And it was still said that the rooms assigned to the ability users were better.

He simply shook the sheets and collapsed on it. Originally, according to the game map, he should see a large human base soon after he got out of the Valley of the Extinct Dragon’s breach. As a result, he neglected the fact that the timeline was different from that in the game. The places where the base should have been built were still deserted. It took him a long time before he found this dilapidated small base.

Fortunately, he was a man who had an item store with him, so he would not fall halfway in his journey.

Before long, Zhang Zhiyin heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and the tall and thin man who had examined him before was waiting there. When he saw him come out, he said directly, “The leader wants to talk to you.” Under the plain expression, those eyes implied deep awe.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t think much about it and went directly with him.

As soon as he entered the leader’s office, he was held by a pair of warm hands. Then the leader patted him on the shoulder excitedly and said, “You are very welcome to join us! We need people like you right now!”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

He had not fully reacted to the situation, and there was only one idea in his head; that this leader must be a powerful mutant, then he heard the leader urgently saying:

“I’ve decided to appoint you as the captain of the first team of Yulin Base.”

After all, Zhang Zhuyin had worked for three years, so he self-consciously said, “I’ve just come here and I am appointed as the captain of the first team? Isn’t that not good?”

“It’s fine.” The leader patted him on the shoulder again. “Don’t worry, we only have one team.”

“What about the former captain?” Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help asking another question.

“Me—” the leader took pride in clapping his chest.

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