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Chapter 21: Strategy

Zhang Zhiyin gradually realized that the remaining population of the Yulin Base was only around 700 people, over 70% of them were ability users, and there were only twenty elemental abilities users with strong fighting capacity, their levels were also at Level 2 or 3. The first leader was the only fire ability user in the base who was about to break through the fifth level. He had been working diligently on the front lines of the base.

It was said that the leader wasn’t the strongest person here before. There used to be a well-rounded team passing through the newly built Yulin Base. When they left, they announced that they could take all the people above Level 4 with them. At that time, all the strong people above Level 4 in Yulin Base chose to leave, only the leader who had just risen to Level 4 remained. Afterward, he naturally became the leader.

Since then, two or three more people in the base had broken through Level 4, but they had left also due to different circumstances. All that remained was the leader.

The current ability detection technology could not detect dual powers. It could only detect the highest level of an ability, so the leader regarded Zhang Zhiyin as a Level 4 ice ability user.

Zhang Zhiyin was unanimously welcomed by the people at the base.

For the people in Yulin Base, living was their biggest goal now. To have a stronger person here meant to have more hope for their life.

On the third day, Zhang Zhiyin received his first assignment.

The leader asked him with a bitter face, “Zhiyin, can you take someone to look at the ruins in the northeast? There should be a high-level psychic zombie inside because it affects many ordinary people in our base, making them unable to sleep well. During the day there will be hallucinations and even mental disorders. Xiao Jin has explored that area with his psychic ability, but his level is so low that he can only judge that there is a zombie with a higher level than him.” Xiao Jin was the only psychic ability user in the base and he was at Level 2.

Zhang Zhiyin agreed.

The leader was so excited, he patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him, “Okay! I’ve not mistaken you! Twenty people in our team are under your command! You go back and have a rest first. I’ll see you formally in the evening.”

At night, when Zhang Zhiyin finished his dinner, he heard a knock at the door and he didn’t put any thought into it. He went and opened the door. He saw a crowd of men and women standing in the corridor; there were fat, thin, old and young people. He saw their eyes glittering before they all stopped and shouted, “Greeting captain, listening to the command of the captain!”

The leader stood at the front of the line simply and said with a triumphant smile, “What’s the matter? Are the people in our team good?”

Zhang Zhiyin felt only the darkness in front of his eyes and fainted directly.

You needed to know that when Zhang Zhiyin was growing up, the only biggest leadership role he had taken before was to collect his classmate’s and his homework. To suddenly let him command twenty people to fight the zombies with their lives on the line; he later responded to this task and felt that… It’s a little difficult.

Fortunately, as soon as he opened his eyes, he returned to the real world, which was in line with his thought that it was time for him to go back. At least he did not have to face that arduous task right away.

It was the weekend again. Zhang Zhiyin opened the game after washing and rinsing. During this period, his snow leopard’s hair and Bai Huo Pills also sold a lot. He looked at his balance of more than 5300 yuan and hesitated for a moment. Instead of turning it over to his bank account, he opened the gift area of the market and moved the mouse pointer to the shining crystal ring.

“Have you decided to buy it?”

A dialogue box popped up, Zhang Zhiyin did not hesitate to click ‘OK’.

There was a pair of rings in his backpack.

Zhang Zhiyin, who got his hands on the ring, did not fly straight to the Abandoned Laboratory for the first time. Instead, he opened the world map built in the game and began searching for the approximate location of Yulin Base based on the Valley of the Extinct Dragon.

Then he did find that there was an instance dungeon showing that it was in a closed state, and it basically coincided with the coordinates of the Yulin Base.

Zhang Zhiyin still vaguely remembered the instance dungeon, the name was ‘Ge Lou Ge Sheng’, It was said that the players passed near the instance dungeon, where survivors told them that they had not been sleeping well recently, and they had hallucinations during the daytime. They hoped that the player could help with identifying the situation. Entering the instance dungeon was basically to beat all the monsters. There were three small bosses, which had strength, wood, and special poison mutation. Finally, the boss would be a psychic mutant. This instance dungeon was an early medium-sized version, limited to ten to twenty-five people. Later, as the game was updated, the instance dungeon was closed.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that the instance dungeon looked like the place the leader had asked him to explore.

So… not knowing how to command was nothing. He had a strategy!

Zhang Zhiyin immediately opened the game forum and searched for various leadership strategy for the instance dungeon.

Not only did he learn about the relevant technical guidance posts and battle videos, but he also learned about similar strategies that he felt were valuable for reference. After all, he was not certain if that the place was that exact instance dungeon.

Zhang Zhiyin never led when he was playing games. He spent most of his time and energy on brushing Yin Nian. Occasionally, if he were to participate in instance dungeon, it was usually in a team of random people. It was common to meet unprofessional teams and die seven or eight times. It was also common for professional teams to abandon and kick people out. He didn’t know much about these professional strategies. At first, he had a hard time remembering them. Then he slowly gradually understood the technique needed and how to execute them according to the boss’s attacks and skills. In the days of fighting in the Valley of the Extinct Dragon, he had also mastered a lot of combat skills subtly. Now what he needed most was to exercise the ability to master overall control over the battlefield.

He studied until □□ o’clock in the afternoon. Both of his meals were takeouts. His hard work and temporary cramming at this moment were just the same as that year when he took his examination.

When it was time to go to bed, Zhang Zhiyin hesitated to run to the abandoned laboratory.

Looking at the ring in his bag, and looking at the expressionless boss. Zhang Zhiyin finally clenched his teeth and smiled. He bought two boxes of chocolates and carefully put them on the ground. He ran to him and hugged him. “Today’s chocolates, don’t eat too much. Be careful not to be heaty.”

There was no mention of the ring until the computer turned off.

Laying in bed, Zhang Zhiyin deeply resented himself. He bought a ring for 1,000 yuan, and he didn’t even dare to give it to a virtual character.

In fact, the worst result would be boss Yin getting angry and ignoring him, which was no different from the current situation—

Anyway, he just did not pay any attention to him before.

Thinking of this, Zhang Zhiyin was slightly depressed. He stuffed himself into the quilt as his heart kept thinking about it, waiting to return to the game world to desperately give out the ring.

When he woke up again, the leader and the tall, thin man who had initially tested him were watching him around the bed.

The thin and tall man was known as Lao Zhu. He was a Level 2 speed ability user. He could not fight, but he was quick and orderly and was responsible for all logistics affairs at the base.

Zhang Zhiyin met his eyes, “I have to go to bed at the correct timing, otherwise I’ll fall asleep instantly. It’s all fine.”

The leader patted him with great understanding: “Rest first and then explore in two days. Or you can stay in the base, I’ll take someone to explore the place.”

At that moment, Zhang Zhiyin suddenly remembered the captain uncle that had entrusted him the blue fruit.

He paused and reassured the leader. “It’s all right. Today, I am taking the team to check out the situation. If the opponent is not strong, we can get rid of them directly. If the other party is strong, we can come back and make arrangements.” Zhang Zhiyin was actually trying to make sure that this place was really the instance dungeon of the singing voice attic while he was still able to recall the strategies he had remembered.

The leader thought about it and nodded. When a group of people set out, they deliberately pulled Zhang Zhiyin aside and told him, “Zhiyin, safety first. This… our base medical skills are not very good. We must try not to let everyone be too seriously injured.”

Zhang Zhiyin smiled and said, “Certainly.”

When he pushed open the door of the two-story abandoned building with his twenty members and saw the familiar setup, Zhang Zhiyin only wanted to sigh for a long time – he had taken so many examinations, and he finally had gotten a question right.

This place was indeed the attic of the singing voice, an instance dungeon.

In the remote secret base of Dr. Y, for the first time, when the legendary ultimate boss got the chocolate, his dark black eyes seemed to show a slightly disappointed and depressed look.

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