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Chapter 25: Battle

Everyone in the team noticed that the sobered up captain was pondering on something while maintaining a calm face.

Suddenly, he stood up and waved his hand: “Follow me out.”

Looking from the outside, the whole building’s dilapidation was even more obvious. The walls had lost their original color and some places were exposing the brick foundation. The windows were broken and were hanging half askew outside.

Some people said that architecture had life and humanity was like the soul of the architecture. Different people lived in it and they gave different souls to the architecture. Those buildings that had experienced many masters always appeared to be in vicissitudes and held wisdom. With the advent of the end of the world, buildings had lost their original owners. Just like zombies without souls and flesh, they became ruins little by little.

This place was not far from the base. Soon, the assistant team brought back what they needed from the base. Zhang Zhiyin checked it once, nodded, raised his left hand high and waved it down.

The demolition campaign officially began.

What was brought from the base was something like a ladder and a slinger. Every base prepared similar equipment to prevent zombie sieges and protect the base. This was now put into use at this moment.

First of all, three fire elemental ability users in the team would stand on the high ladder and work together to release fire dragons and fireballs in the direction of the fourth level attic. Fires produced by the elemental ability were more aggressive than ordinary fires – they were hotter and harder to extinguish once ignited.

The fire burned quickly, and the whole attic was plunged into a sea of fire in an instant.

They heard a scream and everyone felt a shock and a splitting headache. They thought that the zombie of this attic realized what was happening and had became angry.

About ten minutes later, it seemed that the strength was insufficient and the fires gradually died down, and at last, little by little, they extinguished and went out completely. Within the smoke, the burnt black walls were still visible. But the whole attic was still intact and undamaged by the fire.

Zhang Zhiyin had predicted this when the fire powers withdrew, he and two water ability users climbed the ladder and quickly cooled the wall with ice and cold water. The attic had cold air wafting up.

The assistant team operated the launcher and began to launch stones into the attic.

After the end of the world, this kind of launcher was specially designed to guard the base had been greatly developed. Advanced launchers were not only easy to operate, but they were also able to launch a kind of projectile-like light mass with great damage. Ordinary launchers could also launch combustible weapons such as artillery shells and explosives. Yulin Base’s launchers were the lowest grade and could only throw rocks.

But that was enough. As the boulders hit the walls, after two rounds of devastation it began to show its fragility by crumbling.

The only wood ability user in the team, Ah Mu, came up to Zhang Zhiyin and gestured “Everything is okay”. His head was sweaty and his lips were white, which showed that he had consumed a lot of energy. Zhang Zhiyin nodded, patted him on the shoulder and told him to have a good rest.

Like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, with three consecutive boulders thrown into the attic, the fragile attic “roared” and a hole appeared. Almost at the same time, the earth shook, and a block of wood as thick as a group of people hugging together grew rapidly from the center of the house. It opened two floors of ceilings and finally broke through the floor of the attic. This was the power of life, the most difficult ability to resist.

The field that dramatically elevated the zombie boss’s power was eventually broken.

All the players present showed a sigh of relief, but then they instantly became alert again.

With another scream, the zombie boss appeared in the holes created by the boulders. It looked coldly at the people on the ground, although it was also inappropriate to say “look”. There were only two black holes in its eyes, which revealed a ghostly cold aura. But it’s psychic ability was so strong that it could reach anywhere. Everyone felt a sense of coldness and tremendous oppression.

A wind ability user couldn’t bear the tremendous pressure. With a cry of alarm, he took the lead and aimed a wind blade at the zombie boss.

The zombie boss tilted his head and jumped from the hole, it launched a wide range of mental attacks.

Xiao Jin, Ah Kong, and the rest could not handle it and squatted on the ground while clutching their heads. People like Dadao and Ah Mu, who had a slightly higher ability level, were also closing their eyes tightly.

Zhang Zhiyin was in a slightly better state, but he was barely conscious. He saw the zombie boss jump toward the wind ability user and reached out to strangle his neck. An icicle flew past, blocking its movements.

The zombie boss quickly moved to Zhang Zhiyin and attacked him. Dadao and the rest joined the battle to assist Zhang Zhiyin.

Zhang Zhiyin sent out a frozen-break ice ball but it was evaded by the zombie boss. He also put up an ice wall to block the claws of the zombie and tried to take the opportunity to push the ice blade back against the boss to distance it from him. He was not a rival of the zombie boss in hand-to-hand combat.

When he lifted his hand, he suddenly saw the black hollow eyes of the zombie boss. He was stunned and stood there frozen.

“Be careful! Don’t look at it in the eye!” Dadao roared at first sight and at the same time urgently responded, holding the boss back with two fire ability users.

Zhang Zhiyin went into an illusion again.

The second protagonist this time was still Yin Nian. But it was totally unlike him at all.

There was a big black snake in front of him. The big snake spat out its blood-red tongue and looked at him disdainfully. BOSS held his sleeve pitifully. “Zhiyin, I’m scared. Will you kill it?”

The snake ran in the direction of Yin Nian, who hid behind Zhang Zhiyin in fear.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly woke up and broke away from the illusion.

Sure enough, what he originally thought as the direction of the big snake was actually the direction toward his own chest. This illusion utilized the protective desire of his heart for his lover.

Unfortunately, when the other protagonist turned into Yin Nian, everything became like a bad prank.

Zhang Zhiyin pouted his lips.

This attempt to use his lover’s illusion was bound to be unsuccessful because the one he loved was the ultimate boss.

The interference field was destroyed, and the zombie boss, who had lost his home field advantage, fell into the final period of rage under the siege of the crowd. Dadao and other people were exhausted, they were temporarily unable to deal with it. They could only struggle alternately with it.

At this time, an ice blade penetrated the whole chest of the zombie boss.

Zhang Zhiyin, who had just recovered, took over the position of the main force and began to launch more severe attacks.

Five minutes later, the body of the zombie boss fell onto the ground unwillingly, and there was no more movement.

The battle group looked at each other with a wretched smile. The assistant group gave a cheer and went up to help the wounded and provide supplies.

Zhang Zhiyin was so tired that he sat down on the ground and rested on the spot.

In the distance at a place that had not been discovered, a tall and vague figure watched the battle in silence.

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