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Chapter 48

Walking along the road toward Dr. Y lab, Yu Huo quietly enquired Lei Dun: “Brother Lei, what order does the doctor have again?”

Lei Dun: “I don’t know either.”

Yu Huo was aware that the way he handled things never matched with Dr. Y’s objectives, hence he was repeatedly summoned and he felt extremely nervous.

Pushing over the door, they saw Dr. Y standing behind the glass of the experimental platform staring coldly at them.

“What’s happening to the group of people at Lab E?” Y directly asked.

That group of people that created the mutant belonged to Lab E. The Cloud Sky Alliance wasn’t aware of their existence at that moment.

Yu Huo pondered over and over again before he cautiously replied: “As according to your instructions, we pretended that we don’t know their existence and let them be.”

Yin Nian closed his eyes and thought, “They have a stronghold near Muwo City. If you have nothing to do, get someone to stir some troubles for them. You don’t have to destroy everything. You can leave some alive.”

It was rare to hear Doctor giving such detailed instructions that Yu Huo didn’t understand the reasoning behind it. He took an opportunity and asked one more question: “This…. why?”

“It’s ugly, The city’s appearance will be affected.” Leaving these eight words behind, the door of the laboratory was shut in front of them.

Yu Huo who had been chased out of the door touched his nose; Dr. Y looked very annoyed.

Inside the door, Yin Nian who looked very annoyed felt for a white ceramic kitten in his broad white robe pocket. He rubbed it on his nose and the temperament surrounding him became infinitely gentle in an instant.



Zhang Zhiyin who had returned to the real-life bought ten sets of [Enhanced Angelic Clairvoyance Eyes] from the Item Store at the first moment.

The introduction of this item was very domineering. It was said to be something about crossing hundreds of miles to survey, like it was similar to the Beidou Navigation System1. It could monitor every detail and report any anomaly at the first moment. However, in the game, its only use was to track a player on the map, which was normally used because the user wanted to kill another player out of hatred.

Zhang Zhiyin set the downtown business district of Muwo city as the base point and set all of the Enhanced Angelic Clairvoyance to patrol the area.

As zombies did not breathe, they were considered a dead matter. So, according to logic, Muwo City was a dead city, if there was any abnormality, it would probably have something to do with the “lurkers”.

At the same time, he also reported this matter quickly, hoping that they would attach equal importance to this matter.

He found Shang Si first.

“Deputy Manager Shang, that time when we went out… to fight, coincidentally, we encountered so many high-level mutants. Don’t you think something is wrong?”


“And how did all the mutants came about? This itself is very suspicious…”


Zhang Zhiyin listed a lot of doubts. Unfortunately, Shang Si only went along with him and did not state any opinions. He looked at him with one hand on the table, like he was staring at a piece of cheesecake.

Zhang Zhiyin went out of Shang Si’s office in a negative mood. He thought that he could make friends with him normally. It seemed that he was too simple-minded about this matter.

Boss, who stayed in the office, sneaked out the ceramic kitten that Zhiyin had given to him and touched it a little.

With a lesson from the past, even if Zhiyin was in front of him, he dared not embrace him. This was just a human tragedy.

Yin Nian had begun to seriously consider the feasibility of sneaking into Zhiyin’s room in the middle of the night to hug him for a while.

Zhang Zhiyin finally found the General Manager and conveyed the same doubts he had to him. The General Manager took it seriously and reported it to the alliance quickly.

It was not long before the Cloud Sky Alliance sent people to explore Muwo City, but they found nothing. Finally, they allocated a batch of weapons and equipment to Station 7 and Station 3 and reminded them to be careful before they left.

Just like in the game, it took more than two years after the collapse of the Station 7 and Station 3 for them to uncover parts of the truth.

In fact, the [Enhanced Angelic Clairvoyance] was more reliable. It could not only explore the surface of the ground, but also go deep into every detail of the interior of the building; go deep underground, go deep into all aspects of space, and come back with the “records” without being noticed.

After watching five recordings straight, Zhang Zhiyin gradually understood the inside story.

Muwo City was a very important experimental site chosen by those lurkers to create mutants.

He also knew that those lurkers called themselves the Lab E.

Their laboratory in the city was just below an office building with an industrial building sign on Street 24. Muwo City was only their test site. Their stronghold was somewhere else, but it shouldn’t be far away.

The cleaning operations of Station 7 and Station 3 must have interfered with their experiments, or even inadvertently discovered their secrets, leading to those murders.

Now it seemed that if Station 7 and Station 3 didn’t take the initiative to give up the task of cleaning up Muwo City, this encounter would be unavoidable. Zhang Zhiyin’s goal was to preserve his side as much as possible, attack his opponents, and rewrite the plot in the game.

At the same time, Yin Nian probably knew what Zhang Zhiyin wanted to do, but his goal was different. His short-term goal was to “let Shang Si die at the right time in an appropriate way, without causing nostalgia, and disappear”. His ultimate goal was to “strive to learn to correctly brush the good feelings of Zhiyin, promote the development of the plot so that he could dally with Zhiyin as soon as possible and adequately.”

If Zhang Zhiyin, the one with the villain complex, now changed to Yin Nian complex, know this, he would surely sigh. His family Lord Boss Yin Nian was probably the first person with such an ultimate goal that was so superficial and unproductive.

Unfortunately, Zhang Zhiyin did not know this, so in his eyes, Dr. Y was still the cold, noble, apathetic to worldly affairs, eminent, and the unapproachable big villain who somehow created the apocalypse.

Although many acts of Yin Nian had partly refreshed his understanding of him.


In Zhang Zhiyin’s heart, his boss was lovely in any sense of the word, and this kind of Yin Nian was even more lovely and totally beyond control…

He clearly knew he wasn’t a good person from the beginning when he liked him, but after two contacts with him— His family’s Boss looked so pure that he didn’t look like the legendary destroyer who wanted to destroy the world at all!

At an unknown place, Yu Huo who always did the opposite of what Doctor wanted inadvertently flapped the butterfly’s wings.

The people at Lab E in Muwo City had fallen into chaos.

“I don’t understand why You Huo Forces suddenly come to us for trouble!”

“It seems that Yu Huo has identified us as the people from Renaissance Base.”

“But it’s hard for us to continue our experiment if they harass us so much. Now it’s at its critical stage!”

“Then, speed up the progress.” The leader with the code name, Second Monarch, interrupted the public’s comments and complaints.


Suddenly that voice fell silent, and everyone under the cold eyes of the leader understood.

There was no objection nor suggestions.

They still lacked the experimental materials, but weren’t there many people in Baiyin Station 7 and Station 3?

Wouldn’t it be a great honor for the annoying little mice that ran around every day to dedicate their lives to the establishment of their great new country?

The Second Monarch pushed the iron mask on his face: “Oumi, lure them here.”

The man, known as Oumi, nodded his head and quickly sank into the darkness.

He was a speed ability user and was generally regarded as a useless speed ability user.

Chapter 47 | Table of Contents | Chapter 49

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