Chapter 51 

Yin Nian was followed by Yu Huo and some other people that looked a little familiar to him. Zhang Zhiyin thought carefully and found that he had seen them in the game. They were all the small bosses in You Huo Bases. At this time, they followed behind Y trembling in a panicked manner. They dared not even raise their heads nor even take a look at the man in the clean white research clothes in front of them.

Zhang Zhiyin held his breath.

Although he was infatuated with Yin Nian until he was obsessed with him, he still held some rationality. He did not think Dr. Y and the people of the You Huo Base would be easy to deal with, or that they would mercifully let him go. He wasn’t also hoping that Yin Nian would look at their few days of friendship in Hope Base and spare him.

These people were the ultimate villains the world had always recognized.

He was still aware what villains would do when they were in action.

A bitter smile covered Zhang Zhiyin’s lips. He looked at the place where Shang Si once existed, and quietly move to a corner when those people outside weren’t paying attention. He dared not look out.

For the sake of those many given chocolates, he prayed that Lord Boss would protect him from being discovered and that they wouldn’t have a sudden impulse to check this ruined room. He would offer more chocolates when he was back.

Zhang Zhiyin heard someone reporting that the person in charge of this lab and another ability user had escaped. Yu Huo immediately asked Boss for instructions.

Yin Nian replied coldly: “Let them go, there’s no need to bother.”

He could hear the slight sound of leather shoes stepping on the ground, and subconsciously, he knew that that was the footsteps of Yin Nian.

Calm, composed, everything was within his grasp.

It seemed that the mantis caught the cicada while the yellow sparrow was behind it. The people in Laboratory E intended to attract Station 3 and 7 and make them as their test experiments, but they did not know when they provoked Dr. Y, causing You Huo Base to completely eliminate them. Now it looked as if the ability users who were stationed in Lab E were either dead or had escaped, but Yin Nian still wanted his people to destroy the lab.

But that was good, at least he wouldn’t have to face Lab E’s ability users anymore and as long as he was not discovered by the people from You Huo Base.

The people in You Huo Base were very efficient. They listened to the sound of abilities manifesting and of weapons ringing before Yu Huo lowered his voice and spoke to Yin Nian. Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t hear the conversation.

Then there was the familiar voice of Boss: “Okay, don’t bother, let’s go.”

As the footsteps of a group of people faded away, Zhang Zhiyin waited another twenty minutes before he was brave enough to move.

He emptied a small medicine bottle filled with that could recover the HP in the space bag before moving to the place where Shang Si had disappeared. He gathered up the dust on the ground bit by bit into the bottle and placed it close to him.

Then he went out through broken iron door vigilantly.

Sure enough, everything outside of the laboratory had been destroyed, and its original appearance could not be recognized anymore. The destroyed instruments had toppled and scattered on the ground, leaving people with nowhere to step on.

Zhang Zhiyin walked over carefully and suddenly saw completely undamaged shelf at a conspicuous location at a conspicuous location. There was a pistol in it while its surrounding was empty.

The pistol was a subdued silver color with smooth lines and no embellishments, but it was exquisite and perfect as a work of art. Under the white light of the underground laboratory, it emitted a cold light.

Zhang Zhiyin was fascinated by it and took it down for a closer examination.

This was an ice elemental weapon and the level of it wasn’t clear, but the size of it fitted his hands as if it were tailor-made for him.

As an ice and precision dual ability user, an ice elemental pistol was actually the most suitable weapon for him. But the thing itself was very popular in the game and pistols with better attributes in the Trading House cost more than 500 yuan. Zhang Zhiyin weighed the quality-price ratio and couldn’t bear to get one for himself.

After You Huo Base had swept and destroyed the place, Zhang Zhiyin felt that he was really lucky to be able to obtain this. However, he did not want to give it up due to his unexpected luck and the intrinsic possessive nature of human beings.

With the pistol in hand, Zhang Zhiyin speeded up to the house where he and Shang Si had escaped before— wondering whether the people from Station 3 had survived.

The Mind Clearing Pills and Antidotes should have played a certain role in helping them recover. The pink gas in that room had all dispersed. When Zhang Zhiyin arrived, the people were gradually regaining back their consciousness.

Afterward, they searched the entire laboratory, all the data, and instruments related to the mutants experiment had been destroyed, which seemed to be the work of the people from You Huo Base, thus, leaving them with no valuable information. In another similar chamber, they found members of the death squad in a coma, but the first 11 people who disappeared were never found, they most likely had been killed.

When they left the lab and walked to the surface, everyone looked a little solemn. The elder brother of the two brothers who brought Zhang Zhiyin and Shang Si there hesitantly asked, “Captain Zhang, Shang Si, he…”

Zhang Zhiyin pointed to his chest and said, “Here he is.”

The pocket there held the bottle that contained the powder Shang Si had turned into.

Both of them were stunned and did not speak. After a long time, the elder brother said, “My name is Qixing and my brother is Qilong. In the future, if Captain Zhang need anything, we will be ready to risk our lives to help you.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and sat in a car by himself. He contacted Station 7 and through the communicator to meet up with them.

The small porcelain bottle in front of his chest was gradually getting warm from his body temperature. Zhang Zhiyin dropped his eyes, put down the steering wheel with his left hand, and gently touched the bottle through his clothes.

He was still not strong enough.

He thought that with an Item Store to help him, there would be no danger in this world; he thought that the world was just a dream for him, and the greatest advantage was that it could help him reach his long-cherished wish of getting closer to Yin Nian.

But here, he had people he cared about, the people he hated and the goals he wanted to achieve. Dadao, Xiao Jin, Old Zhu, You Kun, Li Shuifeng… Also, Shang Si…

He wanted to cry but he couldn’t. He was willing to spare no effort to let that person come back alive. Unfortunately, this world was the same as that one. The dead could not be revived, with the exception of himself.

He would carry their lives, hopes, and live on forever.

After returning to the new stationing point of Station 7, Zhang Zhiyin only said a few words before he fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Zhang Zhiyin opened <Tomorrow>’s official website. He paused for a while before entering the word “Shang Si” in the search bar.

No relevant results were found.

Zhang Zhiyin also tried to search for Li Shuifeng. As a result, two pages of relevant information, task information, and even activity information appeared.

What he wanted to see could not be seen, Zhang Zhiyin silently closed the web page and logged in to the game.

In the end, he decided not to give up. He reopened the official website, picked up the mobile phone on the desk, dialed the manual service to the customer service on the official website.

“Hello, is there an NPC called “Shang Si” in the game? May I ask if it is possible to design a plot to revive him?”

While saying these unrealistic words, Zhang Zhiyin thought in his heart that he would probably be regarded as a crazy person.

The customer service lady did not show any emotion, and she continued to politely answer in a sweet voice: “Hello, sir, I checked for you, there is no such NPC in the game. Thank you for your support and I wish you a smooth gameplay.”

Zhang Zhiyin then hung up the call.

The game had begun smoothly. As usual, Y stood silently in front of him with his usual cold face.

Zhang Zhiyin bought three chocolates and put them on the floor. He stepped forward and typed, “Y, thank you for helping to clean up Lab E and not exposing my location.”

“But one of my friends died… You are so good, if you can, help me bless him…”

Later, Zhang Zhiyin contacted Fenghuo Gucheng.

Before returning to the real world, he had put the ice elemental pistol he had just obtained into his shop in the Item Store, and now he could get it in the game. Sure enough, in the game, the pistol’s attributes showed an [undetermined state] and were grayed out.

The ordinary appraiser in the Item Store couldn’t identify this pistol. It was obvious that its grade was different.

Some players had item appraisal as their life skills. High-level appraisers could not only help others to identify high-level items, but it also circulated in forums and other places that the attributes of equipped weapons or devices identified by high-leveled appraisers with good personality would have better quality.

People were more or less superstitious, and Zhang Zhiyin was no exception to this. He contacted Fenghuo Gucheng, hoping that he would be able to help him find a high-level appraiser with a good personality.

Fenghuo Gucheng agreed immediately.

Fenghuo Gucheng was considered a part-time game player. He spent at least 10 hours a day in games and had a wide range of friends. He really found Zhang Zhiyin an appraiser that was famous from all over the region.

Zhang Zhiyin chose “show this item” to the appraiser.

After half a minute, the attributes of the pistol became [identified], and a large number of colorful attributes were introduced below.

Looking at the number of entries, he knew he must have found a treasure this time!

Zhang Zhiyin was very happy and didn’t look at it carefully. He asked, “How much is the appraisal fee?”

The appraiser insisted that they were all friends of Fenghuo Gucheng. He was just doing a small favor. He wasn’t going to charge any fee.

The appraiser could also see the attributes of the objects identified by himself. He just identified a bunch of attributes and knew it was another divine artifact. He then began to persuade Zhang Zhiyin not to pay any money and to consider this favour as a result of their brotherhood. After Zhang Zhiyin left, he began to look at the newly-identified pistol carefully—

What the hell?! This was a bug! As a well-known appraiser, he had seen a lot of superb artifacts, but he had never seen such a weapon that defied the natural order!

If you sell this on the Trading House, somebody would probably buy it at 100,000 yuan?

The most important thing was that this weapon was still forged because players would be able to choose to engrave a sentence on it when they made high-level items in the game, which would be displayed in the property bar, and this sentence was engraved on the handle of the pistol—

“With my sincere love1, Y”

However, this powerful weapon forger was most likely a girl. He had never heard of her before…

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