Chapter 54

After another two days of rest and reorganizing tactics of fighting the zombie boss, the team gathered again at the entrance blocked by the big boulder and stood in two rows. Then they covered their mouths and noses.

The two thunder ability users in the team stood together and gathered their energy to form a thunderball that was about half a meter in diameter before throwing it at the boulder. Instantly, it broke apart and dusty air spilled out of the originally blocked entrance. It took around 5 minutes before the air was completely cleared.

The hole was narrow, so it wasn’t easy for the ability users to use their skills, especially for ranged skills where it could easily injure someone accidentally.

One of the biggest gimmicks of <Tomorrow>’s game advertisement was the direction of free career development. It was unlike the previous generation of online games where each profession had its own unique characteristics. For example, mages who usually had long-range skills and warriors who were human meat shield tanks. In <Tomorrow>, there were different abilities and roles. Everyone could match their skills, abilities, and equipment to their most suitable mode of combat. For example, although earth elemental ability users seemed to be superior in their defense, they could also develop into strong earth elemental attackers.

Zhang Zhiyin’s Redemption Suit provided him with a comprehensive upgrade of his stats, but considering his Sincere Love Pistol that held the combination of ice and precision dual powers in it, fighting at long range was the best method for him. His Sincere Love Pistol was like an amplifier that could multiply his powers.

Now all Zhang Zhiyin had to do was lure out the zombie boss.

He went to the opposite side of the entrance and stood in the middle, which was not within the scope of the zombie boss’ attack but still within the range of Zhang Zhiyin’s attack, and he could see the boss.

Lift, aim, shoot—

In the middle of its eyes, a critical strike landed!

But it was a high-leveled boss after all, so this attack could only play the role of luring it out of the hole instead of causing serious damage to it.

There was a primary skill called Haste in the wind elemental ability, which could speed up the movement of the user. Those wind ability users with a slightly higher level would constantly activate Haste during their battle. It was because of the existence of these support skills that made players question about the significance of common enhanced abilities, such as speed and power ability. As a result, there were no ordinary enhanced players in the game nowadays. Anyway, ordinary elemental abilities could be bought at 50 yuan, and this could be considered an entry fee to the game for those people who were reluctant to spend a lot of money on the game. Players with leisure time could create another account until they managed to get the abilities they wanted. Even if their characters’ stats weren’t good enough, they could create ten accounts to do novice tasks ten times until they get an account with abilities they wanted.

At this time, the zombie boss rushed out with Haste activated.

At the entrance, the team members with fire and earth ability had already prepared the Fire Mine array and those waiting in ambush were ready with their strongest attack.

As soon as the boss stepped into the trap, fireballs, thunder chains, wind blades, hanging vines… Everything was unleashed at once.

One-third of the Boss’s HP had been reduced.

Sure enough, the zombie boss directly entered into the second stage as written in the strategy— Thunder Ranged-Attacks.

Compared to the wind elemental ability of the same level, the thunder ability had a stronger attacking power and a wider attacking range.

Zhang Zhiyin had already drawn on the ground the estimated range of this attack with white paint. The prepared members began to retreat outside of this range after their first round of attack. Only two of them injured their back because they were too slow, but their injuries weren’t too serious.

Ten members of the defense group began to use thermal weapons to attack the boss under the temporary cover of the earth walls built by earth ability users.

In the game, taking into consideration of growth, lethality, gaming habits and other factors but excluding individual’s hobbies, the vast majority of players would only choose one ability, but in the real world of <Tomorrow>, thermal weapons, especially the improved weapons made by the Bai Mang Association, were still humanity’s weapon of choice.

Before the boss could launch its big move again, the defense group had retreated. Outside the earth wall, all the ability users with protective skills set up barriers in front of the team.

It was another wave of large-scale thunder bombing, the rock dust on the top of the cave rustled down, falling onto the protective cover before bouncing off of it.

The bright purple thunder raged through the dark cave, venting its master’s discontent.

To speak of the truth, this sight was beautiful. But he had seen a more beautiful and spectacular thunder. And it belonged to that man.

Zhang Zhiyin kept his eyes closed, gathered his thoughts quickly in the next second, focused on his target and pulled the trigger—

Ice-blue air currents erupted from the muzzle of the gun, forming a huge white ice sphere that headed straight toward the chest of the zombie boss.

The boss, who had just finished making its big move, was hit head on. It had yet to respond when the second big move of the battle group landed on it again.

The zombie boss jumped up. Its HP had dropped to one-third and it was entering the third stage; a three elemental hybrid attack.

It aimed at Zhang Zhiyin, who currently had the most enmity value.

Zhang Zhiyin was already prepared.

But who would have thought that when Boss jumped close to him, it suddenly changed direction. It bypassed Zhang Zhiyin, stretched out its huge mutant poison claw, and attacked Chen Guang who was behind him.

This was different from the instance’s strategy. In the instance, this zombie boss would only attack the main attacker without any exceptions. In order to ensure he was the main attacker, Zhang Zhiyin even gave up his crowd control role and placed himself in the attacking position when planning the tactics.

But this was not a game, and the boss in front of it was not a mass of data.

Zhang Zhiyin turned around and fired five shots at the boss and froze it in place. The team members who had restrictive skills also reacted and began to cast their skills at the boss incessantly. The attacking group attacked the boss with all their abilities and bullets.

Chen Guang’s reaction wasn’t slow either and he turned sideways to avoid the attack.

Even so, the sharp poisonous claw still tore into Chen Guang’s uniform, leaving a long scratch on his chest to his left waist. The wound wasn’t deep and if it were any ordinary zombies that caused this wound, injecting two shot of anti-zombie virus drug would do, however, this was a poisonous zombie boss.

The poison spread rapidly and the places it touched quickly turned black and necrotic. There were even signs of ulceration.

Zhang Zhiyin gritted his teeth. “Hold it up a little.”

He immediately formed an ice blade and cut off the wounded flesh. At the same time, he took out an ultra medicine for knife wounds which he had bought from the Item Store and sprayed a thick layer on him. From those days of being helpless to becoming unhesitating now, he had gained many experiences, naturally, he learned to be calm. At this moment, every second was critical and the one who was injured was his team member. It wasn’t the time for him to hide his secrets.

Chen Guang could be considered to be strong-willed. The surrounding people who looked at him took in cold breaths and felt their backs getting chilly. His skin and flesh were scraped off, but he did not utter any sounds.

The defense group quickly went to Chen Guang and carried him on a stretcher to the back.

At this time, the restrictive skills could no longer suppress the boss, the earth prison had been broken and the zombie boss was struggling to free itself  from the wooden shackles created by the wood elemental ability users, at any time there was the possibility of it breaking free.

The boss was in a low health status. At this point, it had to be suppressed and should not be set free else it would release its ultimate skill!

Zhang Zhiyin raised his head.

The team members who had been following him all understood his intention. Ah Mu gritted his teeth and tightened his vines even more. Dadao gathered his power and once again released metal chains at the boss.

Zhang Zhiyin directly froze the boss with his left hand, at the same time, instead of retreating, he advanced and approached the zombie boss. His lifted his right hand and pressed the Sincere Love Pistol firmly against the boss’s throat. A glint of hatred flashed in his eyes.

The vine was withering away, and the freezing effect was also diminishing, leaving him less than 20 seconds.

His joints moved, and everyone could see a fleeting faint blue light at the muzzle of the gun entering the black and decayed corpse. In a twinkling of an eye, Zhang Zhiyin had made twelve shots, nine of them was a critical hit, not to mention, the throat was a zombie’s weakest area.

The team members’ abilities had recovered and they made another round of attack toward the boss.

The body of the zombie boss flashed red, and before its ultimate skill could be released, its whole body finally lost its strength and it fell to the ground on its knees.

Zhang Zhiyin nodded to the two elemental ability users, both of them understood and burned the zombie boss.

A zombie’s body was poisonous, if it was not handled timely, there might be the risk of the zombie’s poison spreading.


In the temporary residence of the Thunder Unit, Xiao Mo rested in the corner of the wall. Yin Xiaoxiang slept comfortably in her arms.

Tang Xiaoli came timidly and tried to ask her, “Sister Xiao Mo, may I touch it too?”

“Do not touch His Highness casually.” The dead grey eyes turned to look at her, coldly replying as if she was disdaining her.

When she was picked up, she was only a thirteen-year-old child. Three years later, she was imperceptibly influenced and unknowingly retained part of boss’s shadow even after shedding off her disguise.

The little girl did not understand what was an ultimate villain’s aura, but she was frightened and ran away in tears.

Xiao Mo “stared” at the direction of the girl’s disappearance for a while, then calmly lowered her head and continued to take care of the kitten in her arms.

Anyone that stayed in the station regardless of their age and health had to help out in the station to exchange for food. Even though she was so young, she still had to help her mother with the meals. However, Big Sister Xiao Mo had arrived here for three to four days and did nothing but play with the captain’s cat. Many people in the logistics team complained about her, but it was her mother who spoke up for her and even had to do more tasks because of it.

But Big Sister Xiao Mo was so indifferent. Tang Xiaoli unknowingly wandered away and even left the scope of the station.

She was thinking that since big sister was so good-looking, then it shouldn’t matter that she was so indifferent. She would try harder and treat her nicely. By the time she gathered her thoughts, she had already wandered to a place she didn’t know.

“Tender little girl…” Two strange-looking men suddenly appeared and stood in front of her, looking at her like she was a freshly white steam bun that came out from the pot.

“Captain Shiren will be glad to see her, won’t he? We should be able to receive a good reward.”

Captain Shiren of Yu Huo Base was a dual ability user with strength and metal ability. His hobby was to eat human meat.

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