Chapter 55

Yu Huo Base had always been regarded as the representative of Dr. Y’s camp, the darkest and most chaotic place in the whole apocalypse.

In here, as long as you gave your life away to the base, no one would care whether your soul was sold to God or the Devil. Even in the eyes of the Cloud Sky Alliance, the place itself was a more terrible existence than that of a Devil.

For example, the number one fire ability user in the apocalypse, Yu Huo. Another example, the thunder man who seldom appeared upfront but had immeasurable strength, and… The shadow that always pressed down on the heads of all people in the apocalypse—Y.

In this world, he symbolized despair, darkness, and death, and now some people even began to doubt whether Y really existed or was he just an epitome of what they had imagined out of fear in the apocalypse.

The underground prison was the darkest and most chaotic place in the whole Yu Huo Base, where there was no natural light, only a simple crackling of torches that emitted a weak light.

The guards here were always careless because they were only guarding a group of dead people — those who were taken to the underground prison of Yu Huo Base would not be able to leave this place alive. They either became the food of Captain Shiren or were taken away by other leaders and landed themselves in a more disastrous situation before dying miserably.

The frightened little girl grabbed her father’s cuff and trembled.

Tang Li calmed her down before raising his head to grin bitterly at his friend who had accompanied him to look for his daughter. He mouthed, “I have implicated you.”

His friend shook his head, indicating that there was no need to say anything more.

He did not expect them to be so unlucky, encountering two of the most powerful underlings under Shiren. They were both at the peak of Level 5 and had a good coordination with each other. They specialized in hunting for delicious food everywhere for Shiren.

Underling No. 1 suddenly appeared from the shadows with two guards were standing behind him.

“Take them out and bring them to Captain Shiren.”

Tang Li’s face could not help turning white.

It didn’t matter what they wanted to do to him, but he would rather die than let them hurt his daughter.

But at that time, their abilities had been sealed and they were just like any ordinary people. In the face of these high-level ability users, they stood no chance at all.

The sky was already dark and they were escorted outside. They could not see the buildings in the distance but only their dark silhouette.

A black shadow drifted towards them absent-mindedly.

All of a sudden, the guard and Underling No. 1, who was holding them confidently stooped down with trepidation.

“Lord Meng Kali.” They were respectful in their courtesy.

The face beneath the hood seemed to turn in their direction. At the same time, the six people heard a voice ringing in their minds: “What are they for?”

“For Captain Shiren.” Underling No. 1 responded cautiously while inwardly cursing. The lord in front of him was sent to their base for an unknown reason and he did nothing but float around all day. However, none of them dared to disobey what he said. Moreover, this Lord liked to give strange orders. He hoped that he would let him go this time and not meddle in his affairs. He was expecting Captain Shiren to be happy enough to help him break through Level 6.

Unfortunately, contrary to his wishes, the voice continued to linger in their minds with a long haughty tone:

“Do not go.”

“My Lord?” Underling carefully questioned.

“I said do not go. Send the people back.” Leaving this sentence, the dark shadow then drifted away quickly.

Underling No. 1 couldn’t help but lament that he was really unlucky, Meng Kali had disappeared for four days in a row, but he just had to come back today. He did not dare to disobey his order, otherwise, he would be the one who would be made into food tomorrow.

He waved his hand and directed the guards to put the people back to the underground prison.

And on this evening, there was a piece of news spreading in Yu Huo Base—

Dr. Y is here. He is somewhere in the base.

The depressed Underling No. 1 and No. 2 were drinking in the base pub and sighed when they heard this news: Such an important figure, whether they come or not, had nothing to do with small fries like them.

Maybe it was relevant, for example, if the doctor wiped out the Thunder Unit with a wave of his hand, then there would be changes to their task— oh, they wouldn’t be able to find food for Captain Shiren from nearby.

The guards who kept an eye on Tang Li and the rest hardly knew what sort of evil had hit them that day.

Not only did they saw the three big shots of the apocalypse in one single day, but they even received the real king of the apocalypse.

But at this time, they only dared to bow their heads, bent their waists down deeply, and watch the white robe pass before their eyes. It was so clean that it was at odds with the dark and smelly dungeon.

Lei Dun and Yu Huo curled like bare quails behind Yin Nian.

Lei Dun, who thought that he knew everything, was aware that his boss had not seen, touched, or licked his wife for more than half a year, so he’s getting more and more moody recently. While Yu Huo who had always been outside doing all those dirty work indicated that he didn’t know anything, but he agreed that their boss was really getting moody.

The good news was that their boss was getting more and more human-like and showing more emotions, rather than giving out the apathetic feelings that caused them to be too scared to approach him. On the bad side, those working under him would have to suffer.

Now, for example, Doctor suddenly insisted on coming to the dark underground prison to meet someone…

Candy Master from Thunder Unit?

Standing outside the prison, Yin Nian looked down.

Lei Dun tactfully led Yu Huo out to empty the area around them.

Tang Li saw a clean and handsome young man standing in front of him. His dark eyes looked at him and he said, “You know how to make chocolate?”

Tang Li hugged his daughter before he hesitantly and vigilantly answering, “…Yes.”


It was hard to imagine that an area of the dark and chaotic Yu Huo Base would be filled with the sweet scent of chocolate.

Now wasn’t the time to talk about compromising with the enemy. Tang Li, as the world’s leading candy master specializing in chocolate, had dealt with numerous dignitaries and officials. Although he only met that person once, he could sense that he was an extraordinary young man. This opportunity was likely to determine whether he, his daughter, and his friend could be saved or not.

As an experienced confectionery master, he could partially judge what the customer might like after knowing the identity and background of the other party.

So he turned to the man next to him who was sent by the young man to help him. He was fair-skinned and plain-looking. He asked, “Sir, I want to ask you who is the young man who asked me to make chocolate…?”

“He’s Dr. Y,” Yu Huo said calmly and earnestly.

Tang Li stood with his mouth open for three minutes before he forced a stiff smile: “How do I address you?”

Yu Huo: “I’m Yu Huo.”

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