Chapter 57

It was pitiful that he as the Captain of the Thunder Unit had to transform into a cat to seek for survival.

He felt like he was in the same situation as the giant panda.

He had a powerful variant ability at Level 6, he wore the Redemption Suit that had been upgraded twice, he could blow up an ordinary Level 5 zombie with a single shot, and he led the Thunder Unit to grow up step by step.

But now he had to make a living by selling meng.

Zhang Zhiyin squatted on the ground, his expression was melancholy. His small black eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of water and mist.

He took the initiative to approach the man’s black trousers and rub them intimately. Then he looked up at the man in front of him and gave a weak and low cry.

Everyone stared at the bold cat.

Then, under the many different pairs of eyes filled with surprise, awe, or curiosity, the man crouched down, held the kitten in his arms, and called softly, “Mimi.”

This was Dr. Y’s cat.

The pursuers looked at Zhang Zhiyin’s small, round and furry body, and suddenly came to a realization. They didn’t dare make any more disturbance and quickly retreated in an orderly manner.

Zhang Zhiyin licked Yin Nian’s palm in goodwill and raised his wet round eyes to look at the man in an effort to please him.

He had run away previously and disappeared for so long, he didn’t know what kind of reaction Yin Nian would give.

Yin Nian looked very happy and tapped his nose: “Mimi is so smart that you even know how to come back to me. Were you being bullied outside?”

The praised Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Then he rubbed his head into the man’s chest and gave an “Auwo”.

Yes, I was bullied by your people.

The kitten buried its head in its chest, acting coquettishly like it was asking for a hug. When Yin Nian held him, instantly, he felt that his whole world had been lit up. 

“Come on, let’s go back.”

The Yu Huo Base had sufficient manpower and inventory. Within ten minutes, someone delivered a cat bell tied with red silk to Yin Nian.

With one hand looped around the struggling Zhang Zhiyin and the other hand combing his fur, Yin Nian tied the bell on him.

“Mimi be obedient. It’s crowded and chaotic here. I’m afraid they’ll step on you.”

The magnificent gold bell engraved with a large Y was placed on the unwilling Zhang Zhiyin. He stretched out his small claws and pulled at it.

It was like he was being stamped with a seal.

“Very obedient.” Yin Nian picked him up and kissed him on the forehead like he was rewarding him. “It’s getting late. Shall we go to bed together?”

Tang Xiaoli and his friend were sent back to Thunder Station.

The antidotes were sent to Chen Guang, Tang Xiaoli was fetched back by her mother and Tang Li’s good friend told them about Tang Li and the captain’s situation. Everyone seemed very worried. 

“The captain’s origin is not simple. He has many magic weapons with him. There shouldn’t be anything happening to him. We’ll stand by tonight and make more decision tomorrow morning.” It’s late, rushing into the enemy’s headquarters would be unwise and definitely not what Captain Zhang would want to see. As a result, everyone agreed with Dadao’s words and each of them made preparations in accordance with their responsibilities.

Xu Mei carried her lost-and-now-found daughter and cried silently as she thought of her husband’s uncertain fate.

Tang Xiaoli never once spoke. When she went to bed, she suddenly whispered, “Mom, I heard Big Sister Xiao Mo speaking today. Her voice sounded the same as a strange person we met in that place. It felt like the voice was ringing directly in my head.”

The new girl couldn’t speak. Xu Mei took it that her daughter was frightened and didn’t take her words seriously. She reluctantly calmed down and continued to cuddle her daughter to sleep.

The next day, Zhang Zhiyin woke up on Yin Nian’s chest.

Yesterday evening, as soon as he went to bed, he was violated. Yin Nian turned him over and rubbed him repeatedly.

At first, on the record of how he had run away for so long and how the other party took him back without questioning him, Zhang Zhiyin didn’t resist his advances. It wasn’t until he was turned over and getting rubbed on the stomach that he couldn’t stand it anymore. He reached out his paw and slapped it on Yin Nian’s face. Y then finally stopped and placed the cat in his arms before sleeping.

Zhang Zhiyin climbed up with difficulty and, lowering his head, he could see Yin Nian’s chest.

Like he was possessed, he closed his eyes, lowered his head and licked.

Seemed like he licked something bad.

Without waiting for Yin Nian to speak, Zhang Zhiyin turned his head to the side and shyly cried out.

Ever since he became a cat, he became extremely easy to tear up, like there were tears stored in his eyes. He wondered if real cats were like this too.

The boss that got licked by his family’s Zhiyin opened his eyes and saw him crying. Immediately, he lost all his thoughts. He sat on the bed and held him in his arms, coaxing him, “Mimi, you can do anything, don’t feel sad. If you want to lick, you can continue licking.”

Zhang Zhiyin, who was so shy that his hair was standing up still had tears in his eyes: “…”

He widened his eyes and looked up hesitantly at Yin Nian’s face before pouncing in, licking his right cheek.

“Mimi is so obedient.” Yin Nian even praised him and kissed his neck.

Fortunately, Zhang Zhiyin had not completely lost his mind and forgot about his current status and responsibilities.

He decided to take this opportunity to explore the interior structure of You Huo Base. Currently, in the game, Yu Huo Base still belonged to the unopened monster site, and it was divided into two parts: ordinary monster area and instance dungeon, even so, the information regarding this area was not completed.

Whereever Zhiyin went, all creatures fled.

Lord Yu Huo had already warned them that anyone who dared to touch the doctor’s cat could just wait to collect their corpses.

So Zhang Zhiyin, wearing his own golden bell jingled all the way through the base. He thought that he was walking coolly, but in reality, he was stumbling around. All the people who met came around him consciously took three steps to give him a large space to walk. Reportedly, cats liked to chase their own tails.

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head as he went on walking. In fact, this task was not as simple as he had imagined. His own body was a shortcoming by itself.

He was too small. Not only did he have limited vision, he also walked very slowly and clumsily, unlike other cats that were nimble. He couldn’t even run and would stumble even if he was walking. The only progress he made was that instead of every three steps, he would fall every ten steps now.

It was not easy for him to move from Yin Nian’s temporary bedroom to the public square of the Base. He looked up and tried to see as far as possible. He saw a scene that worried him, Ah Kong, Xiao Jin, and two other Thunder Team’s members were being brought into the prison.

They must have came here because he didn’t return nor did he send back any messages. Hence, they came here with the intention to gather information, but because Dr. Y happened to be at the base, and that there were infiltrators yesterday, the security of the base had been strengthened more than 3 times. They must have been caught when they came to investigate.

Zhang Zhiyin was in a hurry. He rushed forward regardless of whether he was a cat. As a result, he fell to the ground after just two steps and landed in the middle of the square. He watched Xiao Jin and the rest being taken away right in front of him. He felt pain, urgency, and grievance. He whimpered, lifting his little head and started crying.

The crowd was nervous, they whispered among themselves. When the person in charge who was patrolling saw this scene, he also dared not intervene. He quickly said to the other in charge, “Go and ask Lord Yu Huo to come. Tell him that Doctor’s cat had fallen and is crying to be carried.”

The captured Ah Kong looked over her shoulder at this strange scene. Yu Huo Base also had a cat that looked like Xiaoxiang, but it was bigger. They should be of the same breed.

But it was just a cat that had stumbled, why did all those vicious and ruthless villains look so nervous?

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