Chapter 58

Within two minutes, space was split apart and Dr. Y, dressed in a white robe, appeared directly in the middle of the square. He quickly picked up the pitiful little white dumpling and rubbed his chin on his fluffy little body to comfort him. “Mimi, it’s all right. I told you not to run out by yourself.”

Zhang Zhiyin was suddenly picked up and he whispered piteously twice before turning around and stretching out his paws to hit Yin Nian, waiting for Y to put him down. However, the small flesh claw that kept waving in the air was caught by him.

Yin Nian grabbed his little paw and waved it affectionately. “Be good, little naughty.”

Zhang Zhiyin continued to flop around, stretching his body toward the prison.

Yin Nian could only compromise and held him in his arms. “Okay, where do you want to go? I’ll carry you.”

Everyone saw a small white cat that could pinch be pinched to death by a twist of a finger, sitting like a dumpling at the doctor’s chest. It stretched out it short-fleshed limbs and pointed out the direction boldly, whining and reminding him from time to time.

As if he was the real boss while the boss was just a little brother ordered around by him.

In the underground prison, Ah Kong, who was well-stocked, suddenly saw a young man coming in with a cat in his arms, followed by a group of fearful people. All of them were the underlings of Yu Huo.

“Dr. Yin?!” Xiao Jin took the lead in shouting, “Why are you here? …You were caught by them too?!”

He is now Dr. Y., Zhang Zhiyin thought, he won’t reminisce with you about the past.

Sure enough, Yin Nian ignored him and looked down at the cat in his arms.

Zhang Zhiyin took the opportunity to rush forward and held the lock on the prison door tightly.

He was not afraid that he would cause Yin Nian to suspect him, and he did not intend to use his kitten’s identity to do anything particularly against the law.

“Mimi, come down! There’s electricity!” Immediately, Yin Nian became anxious, just like a cat owner who found his cat playing with high-voltage electricity.

Zhang Zhiyin wrinkled his cat’s face and even shrank toward the direction of Ah Kong.

“You want to let them go?” Yin Nian raised his eyes slightly and looked at Zhang Zhiyin.

The kitten nodded foolishly.

“All right.” Yin Nian turned to the guards who were far away and shouted, “Let them go.”

His voice was elegant and quiet, and it amazed Ah Kong and the other three. 

The people in Yu Huo Base dared not have any doubt, but only execute the orders at the first moment — they were just four ordinary captives anyway, as long as the doctor’s cat was happy.

Until they succeeded in returning back to Thunder Unit, Ah Kong and the rest did not know why they were released, let alone know why Dr. Yin was in Yu Huo Base and had the authority to release them at will.

They did not get anything from this trip. Although Ah Kong, Xiao Jin, and two other people were captured, and although they did not hear any news about the captain, they rescued Tang Li.

The nearly puzzled candy master was telling people about his strange experience.

“You can’t imagine that Dr. Y asked me to make chocolate for him, and Yu Huo assisted me to make some chocolate…”

“What does Dr. Y look like? Is he frightening? Like the king of the zombie, the father of the zombie, the king of the lost?”

“No…” Tang Li shook his head. “He’s a very handsome, a very handsome young man. He is also very tall.”

He described the appearance of Yin Nian in detail, and Xiao Jin and others were surprised. This was clearly what Dr. Yin looked like, and they indeed met Dr. Yin today and was released by him.

Those people, such as Dadao, who had seen Yin Nian were all confused.

“Write a detailed report on the matter before the captain comes back. Now there is about a 70% chance that the captain has somehow escaped from Yu Huo Base.” Eventually, they decided to do what Old Zhu had said.

In his report, Tang Li described in detail the packaging of chocolates Dr. Y had asked him to make—

“Peach-pink heart with pink ribbon…”


“Mimi, you can’t eat anymore. It’s already three bowls.”

Yin Nian forcibly removed the small bowl which belonged to the cat, put it aside, stretched out his hand and turned Zhang Zhiyin over forcefully, and touched his round stomach. “You see, you have eaten until you turn yourself into a ball.”

Zhang Zhiyin complained grievingly, struggled to turn over and chase his bowl with his short legs. As a result, he hit his head right into Yin Nian’s chest and was picked up by the man with one hand.

Thinking that he was still young, eating three small bowls of fish soup was just an appetizer for him, but Yin Nian actually did not allow him to eat anymore.

The fish soup from Yu Huo Base was very delicious, much better than the fish soup he had from Dr. Y’s Base.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t know that Yu Huo Base’s chef had specially prepared the fish soup for Doctor’s kitten, while the fish soup for he had in Dr. Y’s base was made by Yin Nian himself.

He lay down on Yin Nian again and played with Yin Nian for a while. After he had eaten, his tiredness surged. He waved his paws weakly at Yin Nian’s face, and gradually fell asleep— His belly was still pressing on one of Yin Nian’s hands, he had just noticed that his four paws couldn’t beat Yin Nian’s two hands, so he kept pressing onto Yin Nian’s right hand hard with his stomach, and fight with Yin Nian with his two paws.

Yin Nian watched him fall asleep before lifting his slightly numb right hand. He folded his hands together and picked up the cat before carefully placing him on his leg.

The cat gradually regained the appearance of a young man that had his eyes closed quietly. He laid on his legs, while the corners of his brows and eyes carried some grievance just like his cat’s appearance.

Yin Nian leaned over and kissed him softly.

“Zhiyin, I don’t want to wait anymore…”

“But you will surely like me. You can only like me.”

No one else could see how gentle the cold and expressionless Dr. Y’s face was. He closed his eyes gently to hide all the dark, complex and dangerous emotions within them.

He did not know why he was born.

However, he appeared in the world and wanted only one thing.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhiyin had returned to the real world. He drowsily pressed the alarm clock on his phone and, as usual, opened the mobile’s web page in a daze. He went to the official website and looked at the new news.

“Dr. Y’s camp has a new character, and the identity of the third villain has been revealed—”

There’s a picture of a tall new villain in a long dark hooded gown with a white cat curled up and squinting in the crook of his arm.

“Meng Kali? Called, ‘The Cat Prince’? It’s just like my family’s Xiaoxiang…” However, this might also indicate that Xiaoxiang was indeed some kind of cat in the game, rather than being a unique cat with unknown origins.

Looking at the time, Zhang Zhiyin left his phone behind and got up to wash up.

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Cute Kitten FTW!

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