Chapter 59

After work had started, a client came to their doorstep. This client was originally handled by Xiao Li but somehow an issue had arisen in the work process and now he was back at the company.

Xiao Li wasn’t around, the person in charge had not arrived and other staff didn’t bother about this issue. No one was willing to wade in mixed water.

Zhang Zhiyin recalled that the material of the case was handled by himself in the early stage. The boss had planned to take this opportunity to promote him by letting him take charge of the matter, but later Xiao Li robbed him of this opportunity. However, many documents were still done by him and he had to admit that he had some understanding of this matter. Looking at the client who was getting more and more angry and impatient while sitting on the sofa, he had no other choice but to walk over and politely ask, “Hello, what’s the matter?”

The client saw a young man standing in front of him.

He could be considered to have met a lot of people and he had a good judge of character. When he saw this young man, without mentioning anything else, his temperament and momentum were already different.

— Zhang Zhiyin was in command for more than two years in the world of <Tomorrow>. He was still the leader of the Thunder Unit. After several tough experiences, Zhang Zhiyin would naturally have a different manner and momentum from the ordinary office-sitting staff. He didn’t realize it himself, but in the eyes of unfamiliar people, he was quite different from the person he was before he was hit by a car.

The client’s attitudes also eased down and he explained the situation clearly one by one.

After returning home from work, Zhang Zhiyin looked at the profile of the new character in detail.

Players had always known that Dr. Y had three big villains under him, but they have only seen Yu Huo and Lei Dun whereas the third person had never made an appearance, so his identity was a mystery. It was said that he had been staying in Dr. Y’s base all year round. Now the third villain had finally been released by the game officials:

“Meng Kali, gender unknown, age unknown, a dual ability user of psychic and space… Holding a cat he called “Prince” all-year-round…

Zhang Zhiyin shut down the web page and logged into the game. He bought two boxes of chocolates for Yin Nian. He remembered that he had fought with him in that world before he woke up, and he wasn’t winning— Yin Nian always held both of his claws in one hand when he was about to win, then he would laugh and release his grip.

Zhang Zhiyin, who had restored his human appearance, recalled his foolishness when he was a cat and suddenly felt sad because he was simply an embarrassment to cats.

When he returned to the world of <Tomorrow>, he found that his transformation effect was gone, and immediately, he broke into a cold sweat.

The light in the room was dim, he could vaguely see that he was lying in bed and Yin Nian was next to him. He seemed to be in deep sleep, with one of his hands still resting on his waist.

Zhang Zhiyin was scared to the point that he wanted to cry, he quickly opened the Item Store. Fortunately, the store was quite reliable at the moment and he managed to purchase a transportation talisman. He sent himself back to the Thunder Station frantically, and in his hand, he was still holding onto Yin Nian’s shirt.

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” QAQ, boss took off his clothes and put them on himself, as he was rushing to send himself back, he didn’t notice! He didn’t intentionally steal the boss’s clothes!

He bowed his head and found that on his neck still hung the golden bell that belonged to Mimi.

The Thunder Unit sensed the presence of someone and they came rushing to this side.

Zhang Zhiyin hurriedly removed the bell.

Such that he ignored an obvious and illogical situation — as the ultimate boss of the opposition fraction, how big was Yin Nian’s heart for him to let a stranger sleep in his room while being oblivious to it.

Zhang Zhiyin reluctantly hid the bell in his pocket and the shirt was still in his hand when Dadao and rest arrived.

The captain went out for a round and came back with a shirt. This shirt didn’t look like it was his size or his style.

Old Zhu coughed twice and reminded him, “Captain…” After all, it didn’t matter now as the people here were all his old members; it would be bad if they were seen by other Thunder Unit’s member.

Zhang Zhiyin folded the shirt with a straight face and handed it to Xiao Jin.

He first asked about the latest situation, then explained the arrangements for the next few days. Finally, after taking a look at Chen Guang’s injuries, he returned to his room with a bundle of reports. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to ask for his precious shirt from Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin and others gathered in Old Zhu’s room for a small meeting.

Xiao Jin: “The captain must have met ‘that person’. Maybe this time that person is helping him. Have all of you forgotten? The captain said that he had no space items left, but this time, he saved Tang Xiaoli and they came back using space items — there are two explanations. The captain had some hidden skills, or that person saw the captain and gave him more items; with that shirt as evidence, I believe it’s the latter.”

Everyone agreed that what he said was reasonable.

Xiao Jin went on to add, “I saw it. The shirt was of very good quality. Few people could wear clothes of that good material in this apocalypse… The size is bigger than the captain’s own size.”

Zhang Zhiyin was unaware of this. He was quietly looking at the reports handed in by the team members about the events of the past two days. This one was written by Tang Li.

“Pink-peach heart with pink ribbon…”

He muttered and felt as if he had grasped something terrible, but it was just short of something and he couldn’t remember what was the most important issue at the moment.

It was just like when you’re taking an exam, you’ve clearly seen the problem, but you just wasn’t able to think of a solution to it. Only when you handed in the paper did you remember, but then you could only lay in regret.

There was a slight noise outside the window.

Zhang Zhiyin looked up and saw a shadow passed by.

He frowned slightly and chased as he sent a message to the members.

Taking advantage that the Item Store was opened, he purchased a lot of commonly used items at one go, so at this time, he was even more fearless.

The dark shadow was keeping itself ahead of his pace, it gradually led him to the side of the station, and discovered the abandoned town of the young girl, Xiao Mo. Zhang Zhiyin had noticed the other side’s intention, and he pondered for a moment and decided to follow up in the end— after all, most of the cards in his hands were beyond the imagination of the people of the world.

As he approached a dark lane, the clouds dispersed and moonlight poured down, and he could already see the other side’s figure— he was floating in the air in a long black hooded robe with his feet off the ground— except for high level wind ability users, only very high level space ability user could do that.

Meng Kali.

It’s the new character he had just seen, the third villain in Dr. Y’s base.

The other party suddenly stopped.

Zhang Zhiyin, regardless of using peaceful measures before force, directly sent two ice blades to the other party, exploring whether he was real or an illusion.

The other party slightly moved to dodge, while at the same time, a small white ball fell out of his black robe. It whimpered and rolled on the ground, shaking the two tufts of hair on its head.

“Xiaoxiang?” Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help crying out.

Although he knew that the new villain boss had a cat named Prince who looked almost the same as his cat, such that they might even be twins, Zhang Zhiyin was confident that he could tell that this one in front of him was his silly Xiaoxiang.

Yin Xiaoxiang looked at Zhang Zhiyin and then looked back at Meng Kali, tilting its head to “Auwo” as if it couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“Your Highness!” A sudden startled voice flashed through his mind.

Zhang Zhiyin was shocked, it was Meng Kali who was in front of him that spoke, calling out to Yin Xiaoxiang, who laid on the ground and planned to continue to sleep regardless of anything.

“What did you call it?” Zhang Zhiyin squinted and looked at the scene. He relaxed his hand on the gun and asked.

It didn’t look like the other party came to fight with him.

“Your Highness… His Royal Highness.” The voice continued to ring in his mind, while Meng Kali raised his hand and took off his hood, revealing the delicate and fragile face of a girl face beneath.

“Because you named your Highness ‘Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son’, so in our eyes, His Highness is the prince.”

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