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Chapter 60

“Xiao Mo.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the girl in front of him and didn’t respond for a moment.

But what he was most concerned about at the moment was another question: “How do you know this name?”

“Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son,” He only told Yin Xiaoxiang about this name, as well as Yin Nian in the game.

Meng Kali: “The doctor told us.”

How did he know about this? Zhang Zhiyin was stunned in an instant, and all the things he had neglected or never thought of before flashed clearly in his mind:

Yin Nian indulging the cat, disguising as Dr. Yin of the Bai Mang Association and taking special care of himself, Tang Li’s report that clearly stated the same pink heart-shaped chocolate packages just like the chocolates from the Item Store, the pistol with the words “My Sincere Love” and even the extremely strong Shang Si that appeared out of nowhere and made him feel out of sorts. He clearly did some annoying actions in the beginning, but he still couldn’t help wanting to get close to him.

Now it suddenly occurred to him that they were not just similar in terms of their voice, but also their dark eyes. The way he always stood beside him was just like the way he protected Mimi.

“Yin Nian.”

How careless he was as a person for him to not recognize the person he loved.

Zhang Zhiyin clenched his fists tightly and hung his head. Once upon a time, he simply didn’t dare to imagine this possibility, but even now, the results of all the clues still suspended him in disbelief.

He must be crazy. Everything about this and all of these unrealistic ideas was probably his dreams.

Meng Kali looked somewhat puzzled at Zhang Zhiyin’s ever-changing expression because of his one sentence. He stooped down and held Yin Xiaoxiang, and dutifully passed over the last sentence.

“He wants to see you.”

The next second, the girl’s figure completely disappeared from the space, as if she had never existed.

Zhang Zhiyin raised his head blankly.

The luminous moon hung in the sky, the clouds wafted and gathered. The bright moonlight shone down, and earth seemed to be flickering in between darkness and light.

Between the light and shadow, a figure stepped on the moonlight and came forward. It was tall and slender as its gaited unhurriedly.

The long clothes fluttered with the wind along the darkness of the night.

It seemed as if there was a hand clutching onto his heart, his breathing was stagnating.

Zhang Zhiyin was in a state of confusion and he subconsciously raised his gun at the person.

He’s Y, and he was not Mimi now. Facing this man, he only knew how to be passionate but he never dared to think that his feelings would be reciprocated.

He didn’t realize that his expression at the moment was overflowing with deep love and indistinct grievances.

Yin Nian.

The man finally came up to him and he didn’t seem to care that the silver pistol was pressing on his chest.

He lowered his head slightly, and his black eyes looked intently at the person in front of him. Then he sighed and held him in his arms. He asked gently, “Zhiyin, if I am not the Y you know, will you still like me?”

Just like how Shang Si had asked him before he died, “If he isn’t what you thought he is, will you still like him?”

He did not wait for Zhang Zhiyin’s answer, but continued to lower his head and spoke with countless emotions that he himself did not understand.

“I like you.”

“Zhiyin, I like you.”

The silver pistol that was stretched out between the two bodies fell to the ground and rolled far under the rebound.

Zhang Zhiyin closed his eyes and hugged the person in front of him tightly.

He still did not understand the current situation nor the meaning of Yin Nian’s words, but he didn’t care.

From the moment he fell in love with this person, he had chosen insanity.

There was a kind of person in this world who was timid, cowardly, and they never dared to say what they want loudly. They would only try quietly if they really wanted something. At the same time, they also told themselves that “I don’t want it that much, it’s alright even if I can’t get it, it doesn’t matter whether I have it or not.”

Zhang Zhiyin was such a person, or his symptoms were more serious than others because he didn’t even dare to give it a try.

He was afraid of not getting what he wanted, and even more afraid of losing it after getting it. In particular, he did not believe in the so-called feelings of “love” between people. His biological parents gave him the best example. How magnificent and passionate was it for them at the start, only for them to fall out in the end. They became estranged and never met each other again.

He only dared to place his feelings on a fictitious character who was strong, handsome and capable of subverting the world, and as long as he liked him, he would never refuse him.

Being like this once made him felt pitiful and hateful for a very long time.

But at this moment where he held the man in front of him as he closed his eyes gently, he only felt that everything was surreal.

He said, “Yin Nian, I don’t care who you are. This, is my greatest fortune.”

So, never leave me, never stop liking me.

For so many years, I have finally found a person who can convince me that he loves me.

“I like you, Yin Nian.”

I only like you. Since a long, long time ago, in the dark laboratory of the game, he was able to get the phrase “My name is Yin Nian” out. The person who knew Yin Xiaoxiang’s name was “Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son” had been accompanying him all this time.

He just never thought that this sentence of confession that he had poured out countless of times, could really be vocalised one day.

“I like you, Yin Nian.”

On one side of the alley was a low and dilapidated brick wall.

They sat on the pile of bricks and looked at the moon hand in hand.

Talking about life.

Yin Nian held the hands of the person next to him tightly. His head was lowered slightly, hiding most of his face in the shadows.

He said, “Zhiyin, I am not human.”

Zhang Zhiyin took his hand back, and like he was still dreaming, he whispered, “It’s alright, I know.”

“I’m also not the virtual character in the game you think I am.”

Yin Nian pressed his hand and continued to speak slowly. “My original code name is yn427. In the eyes of human beings, I may be regarded as artificial intelligence. Yin Nian is the name I gave myself.”

With the rapid explosive development of science and technology, about twenty years ago, A Country Global Corporation began the research and development of the artificial intelligence project. In addition to the simple intelligence that could help people simplify their daily lives, they were also studying artificial intelligence that was comparable to or even beyond the level of human knowledge and ability.

In their ultimate plan, the ‘Human Project’, they tried to produce the ‘best’ artificial intelligence. They did not expect it to be able to do anything if they succeeded. They just wanted to test the effectiveness of their research methods and explore the upper limit of artificial intelligence. Initially, they only created an ordinary artificial intelligence which seemed to be the most advanced at that time, and gave it almost the maximum authority. The only instruction that was given to it by the humans who created it was to “make itself stronger and more perfect”.

The project lasted for a long time, and most of the experiments were not successful and had even been destroyed. Yn427 was the most successful out of all the projects; at least in the eyes of those who created him at that time, he was successful and perfect.

According to the original plan, once the experiment had succeeded, the finished products would be destroyed immediately after they obtain the data they needed. For human beings at this time, they had yet to be able to control a powerful and unknown intelligence that was far beyond human beings.

One must know it would be difficult for humans to understand the methods of action behind the body of wisdom that does not belong to humans. They had no human feelings, no human sympathy, no moral sense, no distinction between right and wrong, they would only strictly act in accordance with their established purposes to achieve their goals by all means.

But yn427 was so perfect that the researchers responsible for implementing the ‘Human Project’ were reluctant to destroy it as soon as possible. So they revised the original plan and started the second phase of the experimental program. They hoped to empower yn427 with emotions, let it understand human feelings and thoughts, and become “humanized” in their eyes. This not only made yn427 more perfect, but also greatly reduced its risk of losing control if the plan succeeded.

Researchers of the ‘Human Project’ had come up with thousands of programs to equip yn427 with emotions but they all failed. They eventually tried to build a personality for it by “implantation”. Initially, they tailored a set of identity background memories for yn427 and tried to implant them into yn427, but they were rejected by it. Researchers then came up with a solution; they gathered a huge database of all of the existing virtual persona backgrounds around the world and let yn427 match the most suitable identity for itself.

Finally, the character with the highest degree of matching was from an unpublished online game from country Z, called Dr. Y. The matching degree was as high as 57%, which allowed its incorporation. The excited researchers overlooked how special the identity background of the virtual character was; a mad genius that created the end of the world.

Who knew if it was fortunate or unfortunate, after absorbing the identity of Dr. Y, yn427 also awakened his own self-awareness. He knew that he was not Dr. Y, but an artificial intelligence born out of an experimental program.

He learned to imitate the human thought process and then act in accordance with human thinking, but it was still difficult for him to have real human emotions.

He could roam freely all over the world, invade any place and comprehend everything in the world, but he could not help but feel close to Dr. Y’s identity and often stayed at where the virtual image of Y existed.

Later, he found that there was a special place and someone often came to find him.

He would talk to him, give him gifts, hug him, and say he liked him.

He used his energy to build a new world, which was basically built according to everything in <Tomorrow>.

He played the role of Dr. Y in the world. He was born, he studied, he entered the laboratory, and lived like an ordinary person until he created the apocalypse just as according to the development of the game world.

“Zhiyin, you make me feel like a human and because I feel like a human, I can be closer to you.” Above the low wall, the young man approached his lover and murmured softly.

In his opinion, even though Dr. Y’s existence was completely fabricated, his identity was still human. The stronger he was, the more omnipotent he was, the clearer he knew that he couldn’t become a human in any way, he could only “act” like a human as far as possible.

He was afraid that he would not be accepted by the person he cared about. He was also afraid that the person liked the image of Dr. Y, which was designed by the game planning team, but not himself.

“I know that human life is very short, and I don’t plan to disturb your normal life.” Yin Nian’s eyes were pure black, like it was reflecting the sky and moon. “I was going to bring you to this world with me when you died.”

“According to human understanding, I could split the consciousness and the flesh into two parts. I can connect your consciousness to this world so that you won’t disappear.”

“But that day you had an accident and became very weak. I was panicking. I couldn’t think of any other way than to bring you here ahead of time.” Those black eyes suddenly overflowed with faint sadness and fear as he looked at the person in front of him quietly.

“Later, I thought for a long time and I still wanted to ask you directly.”

Yin Nian once again held the hands of the person in front of him tightly, and ten fingers were intertwined.

“Zhiyin, would you be willing to be with me forever?”

The world existed because of you.

If you don’t want it, it will lose its meaning.

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