Chapter 61

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t speak, he only quietly leaned over and buried his face in the other party’s embrace, holding the person tightly.

For the first time, he really hugged him.

It was a warm and powerful body, mixed with that person’s unique smell.

Zhang Zhiyin’s heart skipped a beat.

He had numerous conjectures about his bizarre experience, and after knowing about the chocolate incident and other events, he also implicitly guessed that Yin Nian knew about the two worlds— but he had never thought that the truth was like this. Yin Nian was neither a human nor a game character; and that the world was built on the basis of , and the reason he came here was because Yin Nian wanted to save him from the car accident.

He raised his head, glanced at the moon in the sky and at the chin of the man in front of him, whispering, “Of course.”

Eternality was always a concept that made him feel uneasy. When time was drawn to eternity, nothing was immutable. What’s more, when his lover said forever, then it would truly be forever.

But his partner was this person, so he was willing. No matter what, he was willing.

Yin Nian looked very happy, his usual cold face was stained with a child-like smile. He kissed Zhang Zhiyin on the forehead and said lightly, “Wait for me.”

Zhang Zhiyin did not fully reflect the meaning behind the two words at that time.

He began to ask some questions that he did not understand: “Yin Nian… why are you still playing the role of Dr. Y?”

“At first, I wanted to learn to be a human in this way.” Yin Nian turned his head and looked at Zhang Zhiyin with a pair of warm and pure eyes. “Later, I wanted to build this world into a place where we could be together all the time, so I introduced Dr. Yin of Bai Mang Association. If you want to destroy the world, then I will be Y, and destroy the world with you so that you can build the world into what you desire; if you want to save and reshape the world, I am Yin Nian that will revive everything with you… I can be whatever you want me to be.”

When talking about all this, Yin Nian acted very calmly, as if everything is really just a game that could be played at will.

Zhang Zhiyin swallowed his saliva, though he knew that he held indifference toward justice and evil, he also had any moral and ethical values. He was simply explaining his goal. And right then his goal was just to “build a world that Zhiyin likes and is willing to live with me there forever in the future”, as long as this could be achieved, anything was fine.

Zhang Zhiyin calmly held his hand and touched his nose with his other hand. “I still prefer a stable and prosperous world. Can we quickly bring an end to the apocalypse?”

Yin Nian thought about it. “Suddenly wiping out the zombies and the other forces will break the world’s balance, if a world is imbalanced, it will destroy itself…”

Zhang Zhiyin then interrupted him at this point, “It doesn’t matter. It’s good for us to make the world look like it was before the end of the world bit by bit.”

Although Yin Nian couldn’t break the balance at will, he could control the speed of time in the world. People in this world couldn’t feel it, but Zhang Zhiyin felt it clearly— he closed his eyes while being inside his lover’s arms and woke up in the real world the next second.

He switched on his computer with somewhat excitement and nervousness, logged on to the game, bought chocolate and sent it out with a:

“Good morning [kissing expression].”

Zhang Zhiyin seemed to act much bolder through computers rather than facing the real person.

Then he opened the dialog.

Only to see it say, “Wait for me. Miss you, Y. [Kissing expression]”

This is clearly a foul! Even if we talked about it, you can’t be so reckless! Clearly, they just talked to each other less than five minutes ago. What if the game company realize that he was an intruder?

However, Zhang Zhiyin knew that with the technology of 123 Love Stories, they shouldn’t be able to discover Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin ruthlessly wiped his face, covered his chest and stood up to wash. He was late for work.

Unfortunately, his heartbeat did not return to normal until he sat at his desk.

He spent the whole day in a state of vague contemplation, sometimes he would be distracted, and when he came back to his senses, he realized that all his thoughts were about that person.

The moonlight was so beautiful that night, and the man was too arousing.

Zhang Zhiyin sighed and could only make this conclusion.

He left work, as usual, waited for the subway to go home. Below his apartment, he bought ten yuan worth of steamed buns and carried them upstairs. When he opened the door, the light was on in the room.

A man was sitting on his little sofa, his black eyes were shining at him.

“Zhiyin, you are back.”


Yin Nian explained to Zhang Zhiyin how his body came into being, but Zhang Zhiyin did not understand any single words, he only roughly understood that the main raw material of this body was petroleum.

But he still listened to Yin Nian seriously.

He liked the way he talked.

When an originally cold and alienated person with little words looked at you wholeheartedly and only talked with you seriously— the most important thing was that you never expect this person to appear in your life, Zhang Zhiyin felt that as long as he looked at him, he would be full of joy.

He silently passed a steamed bun to Yin Nian, thinking that the lord boss he knew would never buy steamed buns for dinner— even if he did, he would have to buy one that costs fifty yuan!

Yin Nian was very happy to eat steamed buns.

He was also very happy to talk to Zhiyin.

When he thought of how he could openly hug Zhiyin, touch Zhiyin, kiss Zhiyin, be with Zhiyin anytime and anywhere, he was even happier!

It wasn’t easy for him to get together with Zhiyin in the real world. Yin Nian excitedly expressed that he wanted to have Zhiyin and spend every single moment with him.

So he changed the time ratio between ‘s world and reality again— he couldn’t cut off Zhang Zhiyin’s connection with casually, otherwise, Captain Zhang of the Thunder Unit would suddenly disappear in that world. So he chose to take the approach of slowing down the time flow of or even pausing it so that Zhang Zhiyin could stay in reality longer, while time wouldn’t pass too fast at the other side. 

That night, Zhang Zhiyin slept normally and did not enter the world of .

But he was faced with reality’s problems.

Before, Zhang Zhiyin had never thought about issues such as buying a house, buying a car and starting a family. He also enjoyed living in his small apartment he rented by himself that only had one room and one living room and taking the subway every day.

But now it was different. There was one more person in the house. Every time he looked at how Yin Nian wore the clothes he bought with Maobao1 while wearing a cool and elegant expression that uniquely belongs to the villain boss as he sat at the normal single bed and the small couch he bought at random from a furniture store, he felt that he had wronged the boss.

Although when Yin Nian wore the Maobao’s clothes, the effect he brought out was much better than those models, making the clothes on his body looked like they were genuine goods. Zhang Zhiyin still felt that it was his fault— he provoked Yin Nian and lured the innocent boss into his home, but he didn’t have the means to feed him, and couldn’t give him the good life he should have.

Even more so, every morning and evening, Yin Nian would insist on accompanying him to and from work by subway; he stubbornly wanted to pick him up. Zhang Zhiyin was even more reluctant to squeeze his family’s Boss Yin into the subway. Besides, the price of the subway had risen now. It cost ten yuan to go back and forth alone, so it would be better to buy a car.

Zhang Zhiyin firmly believed that as long as Yin Nian was around and that he had the money to buy a car, then getting a house wouldn’t be a problem!

The ancients said, “Discipline yourself to conduct your life meticulously, so that you may then put your house in order”. Now that his family was becoming complete, it was indeed urgently urging Zhang Zhiyin to become a man with career ambitions.

At that time when his graduation was nearing, he had considered a job. It was high-pressure and competitive, but it came from a top-notch company that would be able to give a good salary. At that time, he was afraid of the competition and losing the selection. He chose to go to his present job without even trying it out.

Now in front of reality, he had tried to find his ideal job and several other better paying jobs.

His ideal job was short of manpower. After all, Zhang Zhiyin had actually done more than three years of related work. Although most of them were documents and materials work, his theory was solid, so he passed the written examination quickly. During the interview, with the addition of the calm and competent leader temperament he had gained in , he smoothly passed the interview.

Zhang Zhiyin simply felt that everything had been going well since he and his family’s boss talked about their feelings.

He went back to his original job for resignation procedures, and his boss was also very sorry, he said recently, he felt that he had performed excellently just as if he had become a changed person. Originally, he wanted to promote him.

Zhang Zhiyin thanked him and went back to his desk to pick up his things.

His colleagues were also aware that he was leaving, they slacked off around his table and chatted with him, “Xiao Zhang, you are leaving, I’ll have no more companion for lunch anymore… But you are young, you have all the academic qualifications and abilities, you can do anything and have unlimited prospects.”

Zhang Zhiyin said modestly, but he couldn’t help showing off, “In fact, the key is that I have a partner now, he2 recently came to live with me, so I want to save money to buy an apartment to give him a home and let him live comfortably.”

Dui Zuole: “Being in a relationship just makes one different. It’s good that girls are looking for you now. You are down-to-earth, at a glance, you look like you will treat your girlfriend well.”

Zhang Zhiyin recalled a sentence on the Internet and said, “No, I’m in charge of making money to support my family. He’s in charge of being beautiful.”

He added in his heart that he wasn’t a girlfriend, he also doesn’t seem to be the boyfriend too. Yin Nian wasn’t even a human… forcibly speaking, could he be counted as a male god?

In fact, he wasn’t deliberately spoiling the boss. The key was that Boss Yin had no ID card nor a diploma. As an artificial intelligence born in the laboratory of A Country Global Corporation, he did not even have a passport!

He was still wearing Dr. Y’s appearance, but it’s not like he could find 123 Love Stories’ design team and ask them to produce a birth certificate…

This was worrying, he didn’t know how they were going to get married with their current state.

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