Chapter 62

The salary of the new job was almost twice the amount of his previous job.

Although Zhang Zhiyin didn’t have the means to buy a house at the moment, he moved into a new apartment that had two rooms and two halls, which was twice as spacious as before. Naturally, the rent was also quite high. But when Zhang Zhiyin thought of Yin Nian, he still chose this place.

It was almost human nature to be nice to someone you love.

After moving, Zhang Zhiyin invited Dajia and Dayi to have dinner.

When they entered the door, they were shocked by Boss Yin who came out.

In order not to be impolite, the two men kept calm in front of Yin Nian. When Yin Nian was gone, they quietly pulled Zhang Zhiyin aside and asked, “Zhiyin, I see how your friend resembles Dr. Y, the villain Boss you like in the game.”

Zhang Zhiyin turned serious. “The world is so big. Don’t be paranoid. He is a decent person.”

Dajia and Dayi were inside their own thoughts.

Dajia knew that Zhiyin had finally achieved his long-cherished wish. Eventually, he would no longer be a delusional internet youth that was addicted to games. Dayi had always been unpredictable in his thoughts, and at this time it was impossible to know what he was thinking about.

In fact, Zhang Zhiyin also felt that it would be more troublesome for Yin Nian to continue bearing Dr. Y’s image. After all, there was no such a person who looked so provocative in reality. He mentioned that Shang Si’s appearance looked good but Yin Nian strongly rejected it.

Yin Nian expressed that Zhang Zhiyin would still prefer his present appearance the most, so he must appear in front of him in his favorite appearance. He was also accustomed to Dr. Y’s identity and appearance, he was unaccustomed to the change and he would feel that he was dating his lover in someone else’s shell.

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t refute it, so he listened to Boss Yin.

Dajia walked around the house and sighed, “Zhiyin, your home has even more furniture, and it’s becoming more and more like a home.”

Zhang Zhiyin said, “En”.

His salary was entirely handed over to Lord Boss who would be taking charge of his bank card.

Yin Nian wanted to drink pumpkin juice, so he bought a blender and asked Zhang Zhiyin to squeeze it for him.

With this instance as an example, we could see how most of the new equipment came about.

Zhang Zhiyin could only quietly sigh. Yin Nian, this kind of beautiful species, was indeed a luxurious good.

Zhang Zhiyin went to work and told Yin Nian to tidy up the house. When he returned, he found that Boss had bought a new vacuum robot from Maobao at 1500 yuan.

The originally ordinary vacuum had also been remodeled into an all-round household duty robot.

Zhang Zhiyin once wondered if Yin Nian would think that the vacuum robot was more like his own species. But after expressing his doubts, Yin Nian only unenthusiastically said, “Which part of that running disk that moves around the house do you think resemble me?” He looked down upon it with a tone full of contempt.

Later, Zhang Zhiyin gradually realized that according to the Lord Boss’s logic, the species classification was differentiated like this:

The highest class: Him.

The next class that was very far below him would be the foolish humans and all sorts of animals.

Then one more class below: all kinds of stupid things made by foolish human beings.

Special class: The cutest, the one and only in the whole world, my family’s Zhiyin.

But Zhang Zhiyin still felt that the vacuum robot in his house was somewhat weird because of Yin Nian’s remodeling.

When Dajia and Dayi changed their shoes and sat on the sofa, the disc-like small robot would appear and slide in quickly. Whilst vacuuming, it would shout slogans with its electronic voice:

“I am Little Fool No. 1 who has been entrusted by Lord Yin Nian to serve Lord Zhang Zhiyin and devote itself to the family’s tidiness and harmony. Today’s goal is still: to be neat and spotless.”

“Dear Lord Zhang Zhiyin, are you satisfied with the service of Little Fool? If you are satisfied, you must remember that you are loved by Lord Yin Nian.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the faces of his two friends and thoughts of banging his head to suicide even came.

During the meal, Dajia discovered something new. “Zhiyin, you actually have a cat.”

The little white dumpling was sitting in the corner of the table. From time to time, it would rub itself intimately on Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian.

Then it would find a suitable place between them before nesting itself to sleep.

Zhang Zhiyin: “Yes.”

In fact, Yin Nian said that he still had some of the raw material that he used to make his body, so he made Yin Xiaoxiang’s white cat body, and then connected it to Yin Xiaoxiang’s consciousness from the other world.

The appearance of Yin Nian brought tremendous shock to Dajia and Dayi, but this meal could still be considered a feast for guests and hosts.

Finally, Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian went to the door to see them off. Dayi suddenly turned back and asked Yin Nian, “Do you recognize me?”

Yin Nian looked at him and shook his head. “You are a friend of Zhiyin. I don’t know you.”

Zhang Zhiyin’s close friends were only Dajia and Dayi. Now that Yin Nian had met them, he was considered to have gained the approval of his circle of friends.

The new job paid high but it also had many tasks.

Considering how he had Yin Nian at his house right now, Zhang Zhiyin’s chosen job had a relatively fixed working time, there wasn’t too much overtime hours, the task could also be taken home to complete, but it was inevitable that occasionally, he would have to go out for business trips.

This time, it would take him two days.

At 5:30 in the morning, just before dawn, Zhang Zhiyin got up to pack up. He folded the spare clothes and put them in the traveling suitcase. Yin Nian then sat up from the bed, reaching out his hands and hid the clothes inside the blanket. He even looked at Zhang Zhiyin with an expression of “I didn’t do anything”.

“Yin Nian.” Zhang Zhiyin looked at the time and groaned. He clearly told Boss Yin yesterday and the Lord himself also reluctantly agreed to let him go for the business trip. He had also been making great sacrifices these many days to satisfy all the reasonable and unreasonable demands of Boss Yin. In the end, that morning before he was about to leave, Yin Nian came to make trouble again.

Looking at Zhiyin putting the clothes from under the blankets back into the suitcase, Yin Nian’s expression darkened. He looked at Zhang Zhuyin, and the corners of his mouth drooped. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I’ll miss you.”

Then he reached out his arms and held him quietly.

Zhang Zhiyin’s hand was trembling from this seduction and emotion attack, he finally struggled to get out of Yin Nian’s embrace: “Yin Nian, but I’ll have to work. For human beings, only by working can we make money, only with money can we have pumpkin juice to drink, food to eat, and clothes to wear.”

Yin Nian knew that money was very important to Zhiyin. He had countless ways to get it, but he also knew that most people in general would not execute those methods.

Ever since he came here to find Zhiyin, he had decided to act according to human’s ways and rules. He would strive to be a good human so that he could accompany Zhiyin.

So he silently let go of Zhang Zhiyin. “Okay.”

As a result, two days later, when Zhang Zhiyin came back, he heard the announcement of an important decision by Lord Boss.

“Zhiyin, I’m going to work just like human beings, to earn money and support my family.”

“To support you.”

Zhang Zhiyin was so touched he instantly became muddled. Yin Nian was so adorable like this.

But there were still many practical problems, such as identity, education, and so on.

But before he could open his mouth, Yin Nian silently handed over a paper bag.

It contained ID card, graduation certificate, driver’s license, all kinds of qualification certificates and a residence registration book belonging to Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin felt that the residence certificate looked a little familiar. He opened it up and as expected, it was indeed his. Now there was an addition page.

So when did Yin Nian make himself appeared in his registered residence certificate?

Yin Nian looked at his family’s Zhiyin who was stunned. He smugly consoled himself that this would be the last time he would not abide by human’ rules.

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