Chapter 63

Zhang Zhiyin was very supportive of Yin Nian’s decision to go out and work. Afterall, earning money was second, while going out to make more contact with society was the most important.

However, he also had some worries about the consequences of such a high-powered character like Boss residing in his own home. For example, as shown in movies, agents from intelligence agencies of A Country breaking into his home to kidnap himself along with Boss.

Zhang Zhiyin wasn’t assured of Yin Nian finding a job by himself, so he decided that he would help the boss find a suitable job.

“Beijing 123 Love Stories Originality Network Technology Co., Ltd. is sincerely recruiting customer service specialists, pays annual leave, five social insurance, one housing fund, and double pay at the end of the year.”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the requirements in detail and felt that it was good.

It was under 123 Love Stories just like the game, and this was the city’s literature company customer service, not the game’s customer service, so the tasks given should not be much. Besides, most of the books were read by soft and cute sisters, so they should be easy to talk to and would be safe.

Yin Nian had no requirement for his work, so he obediently went to 123 Love Stories and requested for the customer service job. He was responsible for managing a Weibo account called “123 Love Stories customer service”.

When Yin Nian returned from his first day of work, Zhang Zhiyin asked him how he felt.

Yin Nian pondered about it and said, “It’s good. I received 137 feedbacks and complaints today. Some of them were solved directly, and most of them were transferred to the technical department for processing.”

The next day Yin Nian came back and said, “Today, I received 128 feedback. Those problems are similar to that of yesterday. They were all transferred to the technical department.”

On the third day of Yin Nian’s return, Zhang Zhiyin asked, “Is today almost the same as yesterday?”

Yin Nian calmly told him, “I applied to transfer to the technical department today, and then solved the feedback I received two days ago.”

A Country, Global Group headquarters, the core R&D department.

A seemingly competent middle-aged man was blocking Dr. Yatesi’s desk, who was the head of the research and development team. His face was serious.”Doctor, you have to take this seriously. It’s dangerous. In the first place, you shouldn’t have changed the plan without any authorization and let it continue to exist.”

“You’ve said that yn427 wasn’t dangerous. He’s safe and even friendly. It’s under our control. If you just want to say this, I don’t think it’s necessary. ” Dr. Yates had a kind smile, with gentle light in his pale grey eyes, and the wrinkles on his face made him look like an ordinary old man.

The man in ‘internal control’ raised his voice and sneered, “If by control, you mean stealing billions of dollars worth of oil reserves and the latest biological materials in ways we don’t know, and then make a completely anthropomorphic body for itself in a way no one can understand, then it really is under our control.”

“Oh, as you said, he’s cute, isn’t he? Listen to me, he’s kind to human beings. You know, he found himself a human lover and even gave himself a name. It’s nothing for him to use some petroleum. Young people like them are always confused by love, just like my son stealing from his mom when he was in high school to invite girls to the movies. Yn427 is trying to learn to be a human being. I think his behavior should be encouraged. Yn likes human beings and he is willing to be with them and help us live a better life. He won’t cause the end of the world or anything like you’ve said.”

The middle-aged person felt that he was punching on cotton. He was choked until he could not say anything, he could only take a deep breath. “The company is not willing to destroy it, I understand, after all, the value of investment in it is much more than those of oil, and we do not know when we will be able to succeed in making a yn427 again. But, Doctor, I think you should know better than we do. I read the latest report and I do not doubt that yn427 has the ability to create a world like God. It may even bring immortality or destruction to mankind.”

Dr. Yates still looked at him with a kind smile.

The middle-aged man sighed weakly and turned away. At the moment of closing the door, he added, “Humans are always ambitious in trying to control things they don’t even know, but doctor, he’s not your son. He is not human, he has no feelings, he knows no good or bad, he only knows how to complete his goals at all costs. While the power to destroy him is still in our hands⁠—”

With a click, the door was closed.

Yates’s kind grey eyes flickered, and he took up his cup and sipped his tea.

Living up to his age, something it was very hard for people to persuade him.

A young man walked out of the compartment on the back of the lab and whispered, “Teacher.”

Yates looked back at him with a smile and said, “Oh, Yi, how’s everything going?”

Dayi closed his eyes and opened them again. He said earnestly, “Teacher, I think Dr. Philip is right.”


Although they would never be tired of being with their loved ones every day, Zhang Zhiyin had not forgotten that they still have a world created by Yin Nian, which would become their eternal home.

He was still the captain of the Thunder Unit who dealt with the people from Yu Huo Base ruthlessly on the front line. Yin Nian was still the villain boss Dr, Y, and the founder of the missing Bai Mang Association, Dr. Yin.

Once again, back into the world of <Tomorrow>, time still stayed in the night when he was talking about life under the moon. But the next morning, seeing a series of developments about Dr. Y’s camp reported by the team members, Zhang Zhiyin’s mentality was totally different.

He looked at Yu Huo Base calmly and placidly. There was an indescribable satisfaction in his heart. Did you know, your ultimate boss had turned his coat and he’s with my base now.

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