Chapter 64

Thunder Unit and Yu Huo Base had entered a situation where their confrontations could almost be regarded as stage-phoning1. Specifically, on Monday and Wednesday, Yu Huo Base would attack Thunder Unit, on Tuesday and Thursday, Thunder Unit would attack Yu Huo Base. Before sending their people to the battle, they would shout messages to the other side in order to inform them. On Friday and the weekend, both parties would rest and reorganize their units.

Everyone in the unit were puzzled, no one could explain how exactly did they reach this situation, but they were also secretly rejoicing by themselves because in this way, their strength could improve substantially and the casualty rate would remain low. At present, this was their current situation and there was nothing they could do about it.

Zhang Zhiyin’s plan to upgrade his team’s equipment and combat effectiveness also launched smoothly.

Today was a Saturday, a day of ceasefire. Zhang Zhiyin took his team to the instance, “Qiao Rock Cave”, which was near the base. This instance was similar to the White Bone Cave, and a drop item, the Giant Suit, was especially suitable for defensive players.

The front segment of the Rock Cave was full of mutant beasts and elite zombies. It was easy for the experienced Thunder Unit to clear this instance. The trickiest part of this instance was the boss. Even the strategies on the official forum were not very effective in dealing with it, because this high-level zombie boss had a special ability; shapeshifting.

The ability of shapeshifting allowed the user to change into all sorts of object the user had seen before and thus, obtaining the abilities of said object. Naturally, the strategy would also change every time the zombie boss shapeshifted itself into something else, so it was very difficult to achieve coordination between the team.

Correspondingly, the stronger the ability of the object the user had changed themselves into, the more energy the user would have to consume, likewise, the duration of the transformation time would also be shorter. For example this zombie boss only needed one-tenth of its energy to transform into Yin Xiaoxiang, however, to transform into Zhang Zhiyin, a third of its energy would be consumed. Nevertheless, even if it exhausted all of its energy, it would not be able to transform itself into Yin Nian, because the power Yin Nian held wes beyond its capability.

The zombie boss initially attacked them with his own actual body, after bombarding them with two big moves, it then transformed itself into the members’ appearance and mixed itself within the group. This brought great chaos to the team as they were confused by this disturbance. As its ability level was very high, it was very difficult to distinguish the appearance between the real one and the fake, but there was one thing; the zombie boss could not speak but only imitate the voice it heard before, so the real team members only need to say a long string of words, such as Da Jin who recited Ai Lian Shuo2on the spot, letting everyone see through the truth and falsehood at once.

Other members also learned this trick, and for a moment, “In the Quiet Night3” and “I Opened This Road4” emerged endlessly. When it was Zhang Zhiyin’s turn, he did not know which chord in his mind suddenly misplayed. He suddenly shouted, “Where are the you in my residence certificate!”. The members raised their eyebrows and looked at him, and they were almost attacked by the boss.

When the boss saw that the plan had failed, it let out a long whistle and turned into a giant black iron-scaled snake with red and blue eyes. It was actually a snake with fire and water elemental ability.

It swept its long tail and three teammates were swept away as they could not escape in time. Then the huge head of the snake which was nearly one meter wide raised high. The snake king looked at the crowd like a giant disdaining people. It spat out a torrent of water with its widened mouth, the members could not stand stably because of this.

Zhang Zhiyin was under the stream of water, he slightly avoided some of the direct impact, and he who was drenched raised his arm with his pistol in hand. He directly shot at the giant snake’s opened mouth and hit the internal walls of its mouth.

In fury, the serpent spat out a fireball at Zhang Zhiyin, it then leaned down to chase and bite at him.

Zhang Zhiyin, like a hawk, flipped over to avoid the fireball, but he was actually sending himself to the mouth of the giant snake. Seeing that he couldn’t avoid those eerie fangs, Dadao and the rest were all nervous for him as they couldn’t save him in time.

At that moment, two fire dragons burst into the air with great power, raising their heads and wagging their tails. One after the other, they attacked the giant snake.

The serpent turned back to dodge. It wrestled with them and was forced to give up its prey.

After the fire, a young man appeared silently in the rock cave. He was slender and handsome, but his cold expression was implying a ‘stranger do not come close’ atmosphere.

When Tang Li saw him, he was shaking like a straw house. In comparison to that person, the giant snake in the cave was nothing.

Xiao Jin, Dadao, Ah Mu, and the rest nodded and greeted, “Dr. Yin.” Their expressions were of utter surprise, no one could imagine why the legendary missing Dr. Yin would suddenly appear here.

Yin Nian nodded at them, his eyelids were slightly lowered, and another five fire dragons whistled out of his hands, pouncing at the giant snake. Then his figure flashed, instantly moving to Zhang Zhiyin’s side and took him away from the battlefield.

The team had reduced the zombie boss’s health significantly, it also consumed a lot of its energy when it transformed itself turned into a giant. It had spent its power and under the siege of the fire dragons, it soon fell onto the ground.

The defend group went forward to clean up the battlefield and collect the loot.

Zhang Zhiyin took the opportunity to introduce Yin Nian to the rest of them. “This is Dr. Yin Nian, the founder of Bai Mang Association.”

Bai Mang Association was well-known, so when this remark went out, those who were originally curious about the sudden emergence of this strong person were instantly enlightened. They couldn’t help admiring him.

Xiao Jin was curious for a long time. At last the battle was handled, he quickly questioned, “Dr. Yin, aren’t you a dual ability user of space and psychic? Why do you know how to use fire ability too?”

Yin Nian felt that Xiao Jin was familiar and he knew that he had been following Zhang Zhiyin all the while. After thinking about it, he said, “It happened when I went missing. I was in a similar environment with Dr. Y at the beginning of the apocalypse. It’s not surprising that I can activate all three abilities when he can activate every single ability.”

Seeing that Dr. Yin seemed easy to talk to and wasn’t as unfriendly and aloof as the rumors suggested and together with the fact that the captain was standing next to him, Tang Li went on with trepidation, “I met Dr. Y by chance. You look exactly the same as him.”

“Oh, that.” Yin Nian took a look at Zhang Zhiyin and answered faintly, “He is my twin brother.”

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