Chapter 66

“Zhiyin, I’m sorry. I know I don’t deserve to be your friend, but I really didn’t expect this. I only know that you are special to him, but I didn’t expect that yn would create a body to be with you. You are just an ordinary person. Don’t be involved in this matter any more. There is no way he can be your lover.” At this point, Dayi bitterly smiled, he took out a card from his pocket and handed it to Zhang Zhiyin. “At the beginning of this incident, I wrote a report and listed you as a special assistant researcher and applied for a special compensation of one million dollars for you. This has already been approved a long time ago, but I don’t know how I should give it to you.

“Take the money, buy a house and find someone to spend your life with. It doesn’t matter if its a girl or guy, as long as they are human. Really, Zhiyin, this is the normal life that should belong to you.”

Zhang Zhiyin stood up, walked around the table and punched Dayi hard in the chest before calmly taking the card. He was saving money now and with this amount of money, it would be sufficient. Besides, this would be evidence of his encounter with Boss. There was no reason for him not to take it.

What had happened had gone by, and in Zhang Zhiyin’s opinion, no matter what purpose Dayi had in that year, this result was the best for him, there was no need for him to pursue other matters anymore. But he was very concerned about Yin Nian. He could sense something from Dayi’s tone, so he wanted to know exactly what, they, wanted to do.

“Why?” Zhang Zhiyin said calmly as he looked at Dayi. “What are you going to do to him that you don’t want me to be involved?”

“Yn427 is dangerous. It is not what you think it is.” Dayi raised his chopsticks only to put them back down impatiently. “It stole billions of dollars worth of petroleum reserve and the latest biomaterials from A, creating a body that is identical to human beings, but we don’t know how he did it. We’ve lost control of it and we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“He’s not dangerous. He’s kind and responsible. Last weekend when we took the bus to the park, he even took the initiative to offer to give up his seat to a grandma.” Although knowing that it might be useless, Zhang Zhiyin unconsciously defended his lover incoherently. “As for the petroleum, I remember when I was a child, my grandfather taught me to sing ‘overthrow A imperialist with wild ambitions’ or something. Is him doing that not contributing to our country? Right, you are working for their company now, pretend that I didn’t say that. “

Dayi looked at him frustratedly. “Zhang Zhiyin, don’t you try to change the topic. I’ve already told you that out of the world’s hundreds of millions of virtual character database that has been built, Dr. Y matches him the best, with 57% compatibility. An absolute villain who created the end of the world, and he had also successfully integrated himself with the character’s identity and background. It can only be said that in essence, he is not the little white flower you think he is.”

“There are no absolutely good people or absolutely bad people. Even if Dr. Y is bad, like 70% of him is bad, Yin Nian is not 100% compatible with him. Yin Nian might match between 30% good and 27% evil.” Although Yin Nian did not appear in Zhang Zhiyin’s life as a positive role at first, after being together, Boss Yin’s image in Zhang Zhiyin’s heart began to draw close to a kind flower, who was honest, pure, and kind. Even though he knew that Yin Nian was not Yin Little Flower, he tried to show his lover’s sunniest side in front of outsiders.

“Most importantly, he likes me and I like him too. We plan to spend our lives together.” Zhang Zhiyin looked at the friend who had been with him for many years and suddenly became serious but also insipid.

“You really ought to see Dr. Yates. You’re exactly the same in thinking that yn427 is innocent and friendly,” Dayi muttered, slightly depressed. “Zhang Zhiyin, I am seriously telling you, although I don’t know why he is acting like that right now, there is no way he will like you, he’s not human. He will not die as long as he’s supplied with proper energy resources; wind energy, nuclear energy, solar energy and even other energy we do not know. He has no feelings, he could not understand all animalistic emotions and instincts. He had no impulse, no, the essence of his existence was to act according to instructions. The only difference is that he’s out of control now. Instead of acting on the instructions we gave him, he gives himself instructions. Zhang Zhiyin, let me beg you, at first I pitted you and didn’t stop you in time, but you’ll have to face the reality, okay? One day your illusions will be shattered, I’m afraid you can’t accept it.”

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t want to hear him continue talking. The Yin Nian in Dayi’s description was not the same person as the Yin Nian he knew. He directly asked his most concerning question, “You say you think he’s out of control, then what are you going to do?”

“Destroy it. Now everyone agreed on it, as long as we can convince Dr. Yates. He is really stubborn, obstinately persisting just like you.” After saying that Dayi felt that something was wrong, he looked up at Zhang Zhiyin but found that the person had disappeared.

When Zhang Zhiyin hurried home, Yin Nian was already there. He was watching the Animal World channel leisurely with a notebook in hand.

Hearing Zhang Zhiyin coming back, he turned around and looked at his empty hands. He was slightly disappointed and said, “What about the pumpkin juice, Zhiyin, I want compensation.”

Zhang Zhiyin remembered that he had left the pumpkins at the hotel.

But he couldn’t be bothered about it right now. He just stepped forward and hugged Yin Nian, putting his head on his shoulder. “Yin Nian, I met a man today, he said that they want to destroy you.”

Compensation or what, let him be. As long as he would not disappear just like his worries.

“En, it hasn’t even been a day or two since they tried to destroy me.” Yin Nian understood who they were even if Zhang Zhiyin did not explain. He held his lover comfortably and kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t worry, they have no ability at all. They just think they are capable.”

Even after hearing Yin Nian say this, Zhang Zhiyin was still not at ease. He looked up at him quietly.

“So, Zhiyin, I promise you, as long as you still love me, I will never leave, will never disappear.”

Yin Nian lowered his head slightly and looked at him seriously.

When acting spoiled, he was just like a child, trying every means to achieve his own goals; at this time, his aura was overflowing the atmosphere, making him seem incomparably mature and reliable, as if he could give himself and his whole world to him without any doubts.

Zhang Zhiyin looked into those dark black eyes and finally showed a smile.

“You promised me.”

After dinner, Zhang Zhiyin took out the card that Dayi gave himself and prepared to hand it to Boss as he was always the one in charge of the money.

As a result, Yin Nian took the lead in taking out a card and handing it to Zhang Zhiyin. “For you, the password is your birthday.”

Zhang Zhiyin was shocked and did not understand what he meant.

Yin Nian looked at the ceiling, his complexion was normal, but there was a faint shyness hidden in his dark eyes. He used his usual placid tone to feign calmness and say, “When I went to work, I heard them saying that in human customs on your side, that the man would be the one to buy the house.”

What in the world.

Zhang Zhiyin went to the notebook to check the balance on the Internet with his card, the heat on his face didn’t fade.

As a result, his account showed a balance of 35 million.

Zhang Zhiyin watched the figure with his hands shaking. Did boss rob a bank because he wanted to buy a house? More accurately, according to his keen criminal record, he should have robbed A’s Federal Reserve.

As a result, Yin Nian calmly explained that everything was legally earned by his stock speculation.

Amuse me. Although he was not an expert, Zhang Zhiyin, who read newspapers every day, knew that the most prosperous period of the stock market in the past few days had faded. Now the mood of the whole market was so bad. Although the government intervened two days ago and 21 securities dealers jointly entered the market to save the market or something, the whole price trend was still wavering, who could still make so much money in such a short period of time?

But boss was not a human being.

In fact, Yin Nian had innate advantages, while he could not forecast, he possessed the strongest ability to collect and analyze information. For him, the whole human society, from macro to micro, had almost no secrets, and the so-called “information asymmetry” in the market did not exist for him. In terms of stock speculation, through the information network, he could instantly understand the actions of large financial institutions and even small retail investors, and thus, reflect the price trend of each stock. It was impossible for him to lose money, the only difference was whether he would earn more and/or earn less, and for him to only get back this amount of money, it was because his capital was too little.

Zhang Zhiyin, in front of his over-powerful lover, sweetly and sadly took back the card he got from Dayi. He would prepare to buy a car for Yin Nian. As Boss said, according to the human customs here. It was said that one side would buy a house while the other side would get a car.

It was a pity that he could hardly remember what they were going to do after they bought a car and a house as according to human customs here.

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