Chapter 67

Zhang Zhiyin had already viewed the different apartments earlier on. So, this was settled down quickly. He asked the renovation company to begin the renovation. It was expected that there it would take some time before the renovation reached completion. But he couldn’t help being happy thinking that he would have his own home soon.

Even when he returned to the headquarters of Yuntian Alliance and saw Li Shuifeng’s face accidentally, it did not destroy his good mood. He just subconsciously had a little coldness in his eyes.

At a distance from the headquarters, Yin Nian left and joined up with the members of Bai Mang Association. After all, he had a special status, and it was somewhat inappropriate for him to enter the headquarters of the human alliance.

At this time, Ah Kong, who was following him, felt this anomaly and asked quietly, “Captain, what are you looking at?”

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head and pursed his mouth.

Li Shuifeng was coming in with a group of people, he was wearing the uniform of Mist Unit. On Li Shuifeng’s left arm hung a golden badge just like Zhang Zhiyin’s, which was the captain’s logo.

The twelfth battle units of Yuntian Alliance was named after natural scenery and phenomena, and had different uniforms. For example, the Thunder Unit wore mainly black with silver accents; the Mist Unit’s uniform was mainly white, embroidered with blue team logo. Their uniform were made from the latest materials developed by Bai Mang Association. They were easy to clean and wear, and even those light-colored clothes were not easy to dirty. In addition, the captain had a golden badge on his left arm as a distinguishing feature. On the battlefield, if the captain sacrificed himself and passed the badge to someone else, the person would be the next captain.

The two teams met in the hall. Li Shuifeng also saw Zhang Zhiyin. His pupils contracted quickly. Then he laughed, reached out his hand, nodded and said with a consistently gentle and steady attitude, “Captain Zhang.”

He must have heard of Zhang Zhiyin’s name before, and thus verified that this Zhang Zhiyin was the one he had pushed off the car from. After all, this name was not common.

Zhang Zhiyin always felt that it was more difficult to deal with people such as Li Shuifeng than those like You Kun who had malicious things written on their faces who liked to make things difficult at the first opportunity. In a minute he could want your life but the next he could talk and laugh with you. You thought you had a trustworthy relationship with him, but he would just stab you in the back unknowingly; a fatal stab.

Zhang Zhiyin had long eyelashes, and his female colleagues at work sometimes joke that he had false eyelashes on. Every night when he closed  his eyes and slept, Yin Nian would like to come up and kiss his eyelids and eyelashes before holding him in his arms forcefully and domineeringly.

At that time, Zhang Zhiyin lowered his eyes to hide his almost uncontrollable hatred for a moment. When he opened his eyelids again, he could also face Li Shuifeng gently and greet him with a smile, “Captain Li, I trust you’ve been well since we last met. I heard Captain Li’s water ability is very powerful. I really need to learn from you some day.” It’s like facing they were facing an old friend they haven’t seen for years.

Li Shuifeng raised one eyebrow. “Captain Zhang’s ice ability is as powerful the rumor say, each has its own adventures.”

Those year at Base No.1 , Zhang Zhiyin only showed an ordinary precise ability.

Zhang Zhiyin did not speak any more. He smiled politely and turned away with his own people.

The benevolent see benevolance, the wise see wisdom. He now knew how Li Shuifeng’s water ability came into being. In Li Shuifeng’s eyes, his ice ability might not have came righteously. Now Li Shuifeng harbored ulterior motives, he was probably a thorn in his eye that he must get rid of it quickly. According to him, if he could not stirke first and gain the upper hand by geting rid of himself, then he would surely make himself disreputable and held no credibility.

For himself, if a person like Li Shuifeng was allowed to remain, how could he face his brothers who had sacrificed their lives out of friendship if his crime was not disclosed to the public?

Zhang Zhiyin smiled, arranged the team in place and turned back to his room.

Know yourself and the other well, one would come unscathed through a hundred battles. When he shook hands with Li Shuifeng, he had placed the enhanced version of the clairvoyance beside him. As for the next step in this situation, he only had a general direction, he had not yet figured out what to do in order to be absolutely safe, after all, in reality he had never experienced similar things.

Slightly frustrated and ashamed, Zhang Zhiyin opened the door to his room.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Yin Xiaoxiang running grievingly to him, holding his feet with his paws and “Auwo” and “Auwo”-d ceaselessly.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Zhiyin squatted down and embraced Yin Xiaoxiang in his arms, he followed the kitty’s line of sight.

A white dumpling cat with the same style but two sizes bigger than Yin Xiaoxiang, was sitting on his bed with a haughty face. Its eyes brightened clearly when it saw him came in.

“Zhiyin, you’re back.”

That cat could even talk. It’s voice was cool and elegant, it was the intonation he was most familiar with.

‘Yin Nian.’

Zhang Zhiyin, holding Yin Xiaoxiang in his arms, strode over, pulled the big dumpling on his nape and asked him, “Why did you assumed a cat’s appearance?”

He neglected Yin Xiaoxiang for a moment and let go of his hand. Yin Xiaoxiang was dropped on the bed. The kitten looked back at the two of them in grievance before  running to the foot of the bed to huddle together.

“I miss you so I came to see you, I thought you would like it.” Yin Nian said, and the same grievance appeared on the cat’s face just like Yin Xiaoxiang’s. He then took the opportunity to break free and occupy Zhang Zhiyin’s arms.

Yin Xiaoxiang “Auwo”-d as a protest.

Who knew what method Yin Nian used. Wherever Zhang Zhiyin came into the world, Yin Xiaoxiang would also come along. When Zhang Zhiyin went back, the Yin Xiaoxiang made out of the spare materials would also wake up. At first, Yin Xiaoxiang was obviously confused and panicked when it went back and forth between the two places, but seeing Zhang Zhiyin made him feel a lot more at ease. Later, it knew that it could eat, drink and sleep wherever it went, so it lived its happy and comfortable days again.

Zhang Zhiyin felt that Yin Xiaoxiang could recognize Yin Nian and his smell. After all, in reality, there were three living creatures in his family.

Yin Nian often assumed the responsibility of feeding the kitten. It probably could not adapt seeing Yin Nian changing to its own appearance.

Cat Yin Nian satisfactorily nested in Zhang Zhiyin’s arms, his two meatball claws held Zhang Zhiyin’s neck and made a small yawn.

“And this is more convenient.”

Zhang Zhiyin soon understood what Yin Nian meant by “more convenient”.

Dadao and Ah Mu came to his room to look for him. Yin Nian didn’t hide but hung on him so conspiciously.

Zhang Zhiyin was helpless. Faced with the questioning eyes of his team members, he could only explain in a cursory way, “Maybe Xiaoxiang missed its father very much. I don’t know what happened but it came here.”

This was against common sense. But it was the apocalypse now. Anything could happen.

Ah Mu sighed heartfeltly. “This cat is really powerful, but Captain, Xiaoxiang is a variant breed, it’s no wonder.”

Zhang Zhiyin grinned stiffly, thinking that you would never guess that the cat was the most powerful person in the world. But Yin Nian seemed to be unaware, like he was really a cat who couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He kept rubbing itself and licking Zhang Zhiyin. He enjoyed himself very much.

The three chatted for a while about the current situation. Zhang Zhiyin told them about Li Shuifeng. He pushed the reason as to why he had an ice ability to a pill that Yin Nian had given him before his death. Anyway, they all knew now that they and Dr. Yin of Bai Mang Association and him were so-called two little chilhood sweethearts who grew up together. He explained that he was dying after being attacked by a zombie. Out of desperation, he swallowed the only medicine on his body. Unexpectedly, he not only repaired his body function, but also awakened the ice ability.

As for the loopholes in the words, let Dr. Yin fill them in the future. Zhang Zhiyin took a look at white cat, who looked even more innocent and playful than Yin Xiaoxiang in his arms. He pinched his short leg.

The cat gave him a strange look.

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