Chapter 68

A person must have several people who he could confide in and would support his back. Despite Li Shuifeng’s shrewdness and betrayal, Zhang Zhiyin never lost trust in others and he especially trusted several of his team members. After You Kun’s incident, he learned to share his problems and difficulties with them and brainstorm together.

Among these people, Dadao and Old Zhu had rich experience and was good at guessing people’s intents. Xiao Jin and Ah Kong had keen thinking and could often come up with various new ideas. Although Ah Mu seemed to be slightly inarticulate, he was practical and cautious, which was most helpful to remedy his shortcomings. With them, they could make up for Zhang Zhiyin’s flaws to a large extent.

Dadao proposed, “It is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character. If Li Shuifeng was able to do such a thing, he wouldn’t be the so-called role model of wholeheartedly serving the alliance for the greater cause of human revival. Selfishness and greed are his most prominent nature. Everyone has their self-centeredness and greedy side, but ordinary people will discipline and restrain themselves from hurting others because of these inherent nature, but this Li Shuifeng obviously will not. As long as you keep an eye on him, we will surely find out about his immoral conduct. Or else, we can set up a trap and directly entice him, we’ll not be afraid that he will not leave any information behind that can be used against him. It was very difficult to find evidence of that year. But in order to bring justice to the deceased, it is better to start by tearing his facade apart. At this end of the world, everyone fears and dislikes people such as Li Shuifeng.”

The three chatted for a while and gradually sort out their thoughts on how to reveal Li Shuifeng’s true colors.

As soon as it was time for dinner, Zhang Zhiyin, Dadao, and Ah Mu went to the canteen to eat.

The Cloud Sky Alliance’s headquarters were built on the original Yuntian Base. With its large scale, perfect facilities, and safety protection work, it also became known as “the last refuge of mankind”, meaning that even if other places were occupied by zombies, this place could still preserve the last of humanity’s strength.

The Thunder Unit was assigned to the dormitory adjacent to Storm Unit’s dormitory. The two teams also chose to eat at the same canteen hall on every occasion. That canteen wasn’t big and the people there were scattered around, eating their meal, however the most prominent sight was of black uniforms and green uniforms, with killing intent assaulting in the air. The two teams were not familiar with each other, Zhang Zhiyin only nodded to each other when he came in.

The captain of the Storm Unit was also a wind elemental ability user. She seemed to be no more than thirty years old, a very neat looking woman. When she saw Zhang Zhiyin, she smiled softly and showed a hint of mild consideration. He had to admit that she was a very attractive elder sister.

The white ball in Zhang Zhiyin’s arms saw him smiling at her, so he pretended to be clumsy, and abruptly hit him in the chest with his head.

Ah Kong, who arrived earlier than them, saw this scene. “Ai, Captain, when did Xiaoxiang grow so big and learns to be violent when it’s jealous?”.

Ah Mu explained honestly, “That’s not Xiaoxiang. The captain said it’s Xiaoxiang’s father and he doesn’t know how it came about.”

Xiao Jin who was drinking soup at one side said, “It seems to me that captain and Dr. Yin each raised a cat, one big and one small. Now that Dr. Yin left, he wasn’t at ease and even sent his cat over to look after the captain so that he will not mess around.”

Ah Kong nodded his head, but he could not help thinking about the special crying kitten he had seen when he was caught at Yu Huo Base, which was loved by Dr. Y. It looked like this one, too. Yin Xiaoxiang was a very special breed, so far he had only seen these three. But Dr. Yin said that Y was his twin brother, and there was no explanation for it. The captain did not mention it, and so they did not ask about it in detail.

The Storm Unit was at the table next to them, they could hear each other if they speak in a louder voice.

They listened to a big man saying, “I heard that the missing Dr. Yin from Bai Mang Association has been found. Dr. Yin was praised as the light of the apocalypse. Without the many technologies he and Bai Mang Association have provided, we wouldn’t be able to settle down so quickly. It was good for him to come back. But Yang Fu was at a disadvantage because of his disappearance, and could never be the leader of the alliance. Now that the old leader is gone, Dr Yin is back, and Yang Fu is out of touch, do you think things will change?”

The captain of the Storm Unit bent her left palm and knocked on the table. “Watch your words.”

The big man stopped talking at once.

The people at the side once again mentioned Yu Huo Base, Yu Huo, Dr. Y, and so on. Suddenly, a young man stood up and asked Zhang Zhiyin, “Captain Zhang, you fought all year long in Yu Huo Base, have you seen Dr. Y? Does he really look like what the rumor said? Especially terrifying?”

The Thunder Unit’s members said in their heart, exactly like the “light of the apocalypse” you’ve just mentioned.

Zhang Zhiyin inwardly said, he’s right in front of you, this silly cat that amused himself by stealing my food.

But since the other party kindly asked, Zhang Zhiyin could only talk about their daily combat matters, Xiao Jin also complemented and added, after some time, the two teams were chatting together, no one was concerned about the problem of “Dr. Y’s appearance”.

The real Dr. Y yawned quietly and stole small ribs from his bowl while Zhang Zhiyin was inattentive.

Thanks to the technical support of Bai Mang Association and the fighting efforts of frontline powers, the planting and production areas of various bases had been expanded. Large bases such as Cloud Sky Alliance Headquarters had been able to provide normal rice noodles and a small amount of vegetables daily, people wouldn’t have live on nutrient solution only. Like today, when most of the teams were reporting to their headquarters for the first day, they had been provided with a small amount of meat for their reception.

A member of the team who had already eaten his meal since a long time ago looked at the mutant cat who was eating spareribs happily in the captain’s arms. He thought that the cat was really spoiled. After all, meat was a luxury for most people now.

He could not help sighing. “Captain, you are very kind to your cat.”

Ah Kong answered, “Captain is not that much. The most spoiled cat I have ever seen is Dr. Y’s cat. When I was confined in Yu Huo Base, I heard that Dr. Y had invited a chef to cook for his cat. When I was caught, I saw the cat running and falling down, purring on the ground pitifully. As a result, all the villains in Yu Huo Base became very nervous. “

Zhang Zhiyin’s expression was embarrassed, Don’t talk about such a humiliating experience, although nobody knew that he was the protagonist.

Yin Nian looked up at Zhang Zhiyin with his cat’s face, he felt as if his achievements had been unanimously affirmed.

After dinner, Zhang Zhiyin took the cat back to the room. He just locked the door and sat on the bed when his vision went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he found that the cabinet and chairs in the room were much more bigger, like it was a huge monster. Then he looked down, his four legs were white and soft and he fell down on the bed carelessly.

“Auwo.” Zhang Zhiyin opened his mouth and uttered a pitiful whimper.

In front of him, Cat Yin Nian, standing tall and upright, looked at him with great pride.

The little cat that was still his arms the previous minute was now clearly one size bigger than him. When he was a human, he was taller than him. When he was a cat now, he was still bigger than him. He simply couldn’t endure it.

Needless to say, it must have been Yin Nian’s doing for him to become a cat.

Yin Xiaoxiang was still nested in the corner, looking at them curiously.

Then Yin Xiaoxiang saw the other two white dumpling cats rolling and twisting their limbs together, rolling on the bed.

It seemed fun.

Eventually, Zhang Zhiyin lost. He could only bury himself in his pillow while complaining. Clearly, Yin Nian became a cat and could still speak, but he could not talk when he became a cat. He was clearly treated differently.

The truth was that Yin Nian enjoyed how when Zhiyin turned into a cat, he would look at him with tears in his eyes and speak in a miserable tone, though every time he saw this appearance of Zhiyin, he would even forget his surname.

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