Chapter 69

Soon after, the pillow cloth was lifted by Yin Nian’s claw and the aggrieved little white ball, Zhiyin, who hid underneath it was exposed.

“Ao?” Zhang Zhiyin stretched out his paw toward Yin Nian in dissatisfaction, twisting his little buttocks as he ran over to chase the pillow cloth. As a result, he was pressed down again even before he could take a few more steps.

Relying on the advantage of his body size, Cat Yin Nian pressed Cat Zhang Zhiyin under his body.

“Aowu aowu aowu-” Zhang Zhiyin waved his four short legs and swung them around unhappily, trying his best to beat Yin Nian with his meat pads. This is enough, turn me back to a human if you dare, what’s the meaning of turning me into a cat? Zhang Zhiyin glared with his bright black eyes. It was full of spirit and brimming with fighting will.

As a result, Yin Nian held him down easily with one paw.

Ah Kong and Ah Mu’s voices were echoing from outside.

“Why does Captain’s cat keep calling? Did something happen?”

Then came the sound of Ah Mu’s knocking on the door. “Captain, Captain, Captain—”

Zhang Zhiyin was all at once stunned and dared not make any sound. He looked at Yin Nian foolishly, hinting him to find a solution quickly, or he could also turn himself back!

However, Yin Nian held him tightly with his four short legs, closed his eyes and pretended to be dead. He didn’t show any reaction at all.

Zhang Zhiyin was also angered to tears. He used his small meaty paw and hammered the pillow in hatred.

His beloved was powerful yet unreliable. Such a life was too difficult to live. 

Seeing that there was no response, Ah Mu and Ah Kong discussed for a while, they were afraid that something might have happened so they went to get the key to open the door.

Only to see two white dumpling cats with four pairs of fluffy short legs tangled together. They were embracing and sleeping well at the moment.

“The captain is not here, he probably went out. Seems like there is nothing wrong. It should be the captain’s cats playing just now and got tired, so they are sleeping now.” Ah Mu said.

It’s not playing! It’s *! Zhang Zhiyin shouted in his heart, but on the surface, he was still a good cat sleeping soundly.

Ah Kong could not help whispering, “The captain’s cat is so obedient and cute. The cat even knows how to take care of the kitten and hug it to sleep!”

Then they closed the door and went away.

Zhang Zhiyin reckoned that he was mistaken for Yin Xiaoxiang who was sleeping in the quilt.

Zhang Zhiyin used his little paw and patted Yin Nian for a while and saw that the other party’s remained unmoving, hugging him tightly even if Mountain Tai collapse in front of him. He wheezed and simply closed his eyes and slept.

Anyway, that wasn’t the first time he had become a cat so he was long used to this. This time, Yin Nian was also a cat and he didn’t need to undergo getting groped like last time.

Thinking of this, Zhang Zhiyin suddenly realized a problem— according to what Yin Nian had confessed last time, he had always known that “Mimi” was himself— then, didn’t that mean he had deliberately played with him?

Zhang Zhiyin grew anxious again and he struggled to wave his meatball paws, focusing on hitting his face. His small tail also swung, and regardless of whether he would be able to hit him or not, he vigorously struck at him.

As a result, just like how powerful he was as a human, Yin Nian’s paw clamped him down and patted him with the other paw soothingly. “Zhiyin, be good, sleep.”

On the second morning, without needing Zhang Zhiyin to say anything, Yin Nian had already turned him back into human. He continued to occupy Zhang Zhiyin’s arms and nested comfortably.

Yin Xiaoxiang foolishly watched the two men leave as it sat at the bedside. “Ao?”

It was said that Yun Chu had summoned six combat unit and assigned tasks to them yesterday. Today he continued to summon the remaining six units.

Along the way, until the conference hall, everyone looked at Zhang Zhiyin, particularly at the white cat nested at his arms, looking especially contrast against the black uniform.

Zhang Zhiyin had to keep explaining,

“My cat is more capricious than I am, he must be with me, I can’t control him.”

“Yes, my cat is the boss, he controls all the money in the house.”

“I couldn’t beat him either. Every time I was suppressed by his strength.”

Others just thought that Zhang Zhiyin was joking, and they all lamented that the captain of the Thunder Unit was actually so humorous and doting of his cat. Little did they know that every blood and tears-inducing sentences of Zhang Zhiyin were true.

At the meeting, Yun Chu confessed to them that Yun Lietian had been killed.

Although rumors had surfaced, everyone still could not hide their surprise when this piece of news was confirmed. For a long time since the end of the world, to a very large extent, the “first master” Yun Lietian was no longer a person, but a symbol in everyone’s mind.

This matter could not be concealed for a long time, all kinds of rumors had been rising, if it were to be concealed again, it would only be more difficult to control the situation. It was clear that the headquarters of the Alliance would officially publicize this information tomorrow and that a second conference of the Alliance would be held in two weeks to elect a new leader.

Thunder, Mist, and Storm Unit were assigned to guard several core areas of the Alliance.

After the meeting, a middle-aged man came quietly. He asked Zhang Zhiyin to go, saying that Yun Chu had called him.

Yun Chu’s appearance was basically the same as that in the game, he still had the demeanor of a young master. The only difference was that he looked even more real.

After seeing Zhang Zhiyin, he greeted him and inquired about some matters regarding Yu Huo Base before going straight to the point. “Captain Zhang, I want to ask you one thing. During this period of time, please be sure to protect Yun Chu thoroughly.” With that, he bowed deeply.

Zhang Zhiyin hurriedly agreed, but he could not help getting lost in thought inwardly; he remembered a plot of the game — when he was a game player, he worked with the Thunder unit to undertake the task of protecting Yun Chu. The day before the General Assembly began, a wave of invaders came. Of course, in the game, Yun Chu, a Level 8 ability user, had no use at all. The legendary captain of Thunder Unit with bersek attacking power was also unable to put up much of a fight, as the storyline progessed, the captain of the Thunder Unit then helped Yun Chu block an attack, fell and died. 

Li Shuifeng who was the nearest to him led the Mist Unit to come in time and beat back the invaders.

It was also because Li Shuifeng’s appearance at this last moment was too cool that he gained so much popularity. Likewise, in the game, Li Shuifeng’s prestige had greatly increased. After this task, the Thunder Unit did not appoint a new captain again, instead it was directly led by Yun Chu and became the first unit in name.

Yun Chu was one of the characters in <Tomorrow> that had huge changes to his personality.

The game official felt that character design of the villain, Dr. bossy, was made too fashionable, causing the villain faction to have a large number of the ‘good-looks clubs’ fans, and even Lei Dun with his passers-by’s appearance because of his “silent, few words”, “save the show in time”, “powerful”, “villain big shot” and so on had caused him to gain quite a number of fans, therefore, completely crushing the rightest faction.

They rethought for a while, and concluded that the popularity of villains and supporting characters were a common phenomenon. But the image of Yun Lietian, the traditional “uncle hero who knew how to plot”, was not popular at the moment. So his successor, who had a very low sense of presence, Yun Chu, was designed to be a graceful young master that was “broad-minded and righteousness”, “not less powerful than his father”, “the pupil that surpasses the master” while at the same time, where his “methods and intelligent would not lose to anyone else”.

But it might be because of the rushed work, the plot related to him had not been designed well. If he wasn’t looking weak and often needed the protection and sacrificial of others, then he would be overly Virgin Mary. The game official had made a few more plots to make up for his image of being the frequently roasted Virgin Mary. As a result, he seemed to be extremely sinister and cunning. Not in the least did it help his image, it just made him looked like he had a spilt personality.

Zhang Zhiyin knew nothing about what kind of person this Yun Chi would be in this world, considering that he had been played spoil by the game official. But he had planned one thing— the gathering of delegates from all sides of the alliance conference was absolutely the best time to tear off Li Shuifeng’s face, and this time, as the leader of the Thunder Unit, he would not die, nor would he allow Li Shuifeng to use the opportunity to raise his prestige.

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