Chapter 70

Thinking of the game plotline, Zhang Zhiyin suddenly thought of another person who could maybe help him deal with Li Shuifeng ⁠— he was the person in charge of Base No.1, the head of the western district, Eaglehead Captain’s younger brother. In the game, he would issue the task, which also meant that  he would be deeply attached to the Captain Elder Brother and will never forget him.

Dadao was right. Li Shuifeng was selfish and greedy. At the same time, he must be feel guilty. Because of the guilt in his heart, he would show an unusual appearance in the face of Zhang Zhiyin and he would want to get rid of him. These three points could serve as a breakthrough to reveal him.

Two weeks after the conference, the invitation letter had been sent out along with the news of Yun Lietian’s death. Base No. 1 was the nearest base to the headquarters, and its representative would be here soon. What Zhang Zhiyin had to do was to win his trust.

Before that, however, he needed help from someone, and he would be the only person in the world who was sure to help him.

Zhang Zhiyin returned home with cat in Nian in his arms, he closed the door before giving warning first, “Yin Nian! You mustn’t turn me into a cat today. I have something important to talk to you about! “

Cat Yin Nian lightly jumped onto the bed, changed back to his original appearance and patted the post beside him. “Sit down and talk.”

Zhang Zhiyin obediently walked over and sat down. “Can you help me interfere with a person’s dream?”

He knew that in the game, a Level 8 psychic ability user could choose to learn three dream-related skills; continuous health lost nightmare attack skill, decrease skill dream and increase skill dream. Presumably in this world, these three skills really had the effect of influencing other people’s dreams, and Yin Nian could certainly do it.

Although it was an inquiry, but in private, Zhang Zhiyin had already affirmed that Yin Nian would agree to help him! After all, what was the relationship between them!

As a result, Yin Nian looked at him as he supported his cheeks, his eyes blinking, saying softly, “Beg me.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Where on earth did he learn these tricks?!

Seeing that he did not respond, Boss Yin turned his head deliberately and raised his voice, “It’s fine if you don’t wanna beg for it~ You probably would not be able to find any high level psychic user besides me.”

Zhang Zhiyin gritted his teeth and said, “I can find Xiao Mo.”

Yin Nian pondered about it; Xiao Mo is Meng Kali. Right on the spot, he spoke to him through space and time with a straight face and serious voice, “No dream-related psychic powers are allowed to be used until the next month.”

Then he resume turning his head and looked at Zhang Zhiyin. “So beg me.”


At Dr. Y’s base, where Lei Dun and Meng Kali stayed behind to take care of things.

Lei Dun felt the fluctuation of space and came up to him and asked, “What are Boss’s new orders?”

Meng Kali shook his head and then nodded them again, telling Lei Dun with his psychic power, “Until next month, Boss does not allow me to use any dream-related psychic ability. Do you understand what this means?”

Lei Dun looked at the ceiling and meditated for a moment, then he patted Meng Kali resignedly on the shoulder. “I think it’s already good to just act according to what the boss says. As for the reason ⁠— it’s not necessary to know.”


“Please,” Zhang Zhiyin didn’t lose his temper but powerlessly said.

“That’s not correct,” Yin Nian frowned, “you humans will be like this in this situation—”

He used his psychic energy to create a virtual scene in mid-air instantly. Zhang Zhiyin looked up and saw that it was a popular 10 pm soap opera that was broadcasted on TV daily. The female lead’s mouth was pouted slightly as she tugged at the sleeve of the male lead and swung it around. With a coy, expressive, aggrieved, and delicate voice, she begged, “Lin Gege, please~~~~!”

Zhang Zhiyin took a deep breath and could only try to explain it as best as possible, “Yin Nian, listen to me, we normal human beings are not like this.”

This kind of brainless show shouldn’t be watched! Don’t mention about teaching the wrong stuff to children, misguiding the big size AI is not good too!

At the beginning, he should have ordered Yin Nian to go to bed at 10 o’clock every day, so that he would not squat on the sofa with Yin Xiaoxiang to watch TV!

Yin Nian raised his head slightly with an indifferent face. This kind of indifference was not his usual lack of human emotions indifference, but a new, emotionally rich, unreasonable indifference.

“I don’t care,” he said coldly. “I want that.”

Zhang Zhiyin felt that Boss was either stimulated or infected with a virus today. He decided not to argue with a poisoned AI.

Anyway, he had no other alternatives, it wasn’t like he hadn’t said even more shameful words to the person in front of him.

So Zhang Zhiyin sighed and said, “Yin Nian…”

Before he could finish his sentence, boss lowered his head slightly and stared at his sleeve; the implication was obvious.

At the same time, he softly reminded him, “Gege.”

Zhang Zhiyin could only grasp his white sleeves with his hands, swung them around and softly asked, “Yin-Gege, please? En? “

Not coy, not delicate, not expressive, but he nailed the pitiful appearance.

Yin Nian’s heart melted into a puddle of water and his eyes even turned into hearts. He hugged the person into his embrace and rubbed his head. “Be good, Yin-Gege will agree to whatever you want.”

Yin Xiaoxiang drilled out of the corner of the blanket and glanced at the two people in front of itself. It made a soft “Ao” sound and its expression became even more dull.


Li Shuifeng began to dream frequently.

He didn’t know if it was because he had met Zhang Zhiyin again and afterwards, his thoughts turned into dreams. He dreamed that none of the people of that year were dead. The captain, Lao Ma, Da Hu… They all stood in the darkness and looked at him with unfathomable eyes.

They said over and over again in a light, unshakable tone just like a blowing wind, “Li Shuifeng, do you think we’re dead? You think nobody knows except Zhang Zhiyin? Li Shuifeng, we know more than you think… It’s not just about the matters of causing our deaths.”

“Reputation swept away, wasted efforts, all of it is futile…”

There was also a sharp, tuneless tone of a female role in Chinese opera floating around, singing a play of unknown origin.

“Schemes were frustrated, mistakenly throwing away your dear life…”

Then all those people who were murdered by him appeared and disappeared in a constant busy circulation. Men and women, old and young, with different voices, all repeated the same sentence in a single tone,

“Li Shuifeng, wait for me…”

“Wait for me…”

Once, twice, three times, four times, after a long time, he wasn’t even sure whether the people he saw in his dream were ghosts or humans.

With the approaching of the date of the conference, the representatives of each base also arrived one after another.

Base No. 1 was indeed the first group to arrive. When Zhang Zhiyin once again saw Younger Brother Captain, he became certain. Sure enough, Younger Brother Captain’s appearance was somewhat similar to his brother, and it’s difficult to distinguish them apart for those who were not familiar with him.

The reaction of the captain’s brother was similar to what he and Old Zhu had expected. After listening to what Zhang Zhiyin said, the middle-aged man, who was obviously weathered and grey-haired, just raised his head and looked at Zhang Zhiyin with cautious eyes. “How can I believe what you said is true?”

At the beginning of the end of that year, the base had just been established, and there were numerous deaths and injuries and frequent population changes. Even the data collected by the teams at that time could not be preserved in the base. If it were not for Zhang Zhiyin, he would not even know who was on the team at that time. The situation reported by the search and rescue team at that time simply consisted of four words; the whole army was destroyed.

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head. “You don’t have to believe me. You’ll know if you try to find out yourself.”

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