Chapter 71

The captain’s younger brother was called Ma’ao and like what Zhang Zhiyin had suggested, he decided to test it out.

 Zhang Zhiyin believed that he would come back to him. This was the end of the world, there weren’t any places for procedural justice or morality. Whether Li Shuifeng’s conduct and deeds were as Zhang Zhiyin had said, as the captain’s younger brother, Ma’ao would evaluate based on his own judgement. 

And he vaguely felt that this would be the locus of the plot development. Considering the importance of Li Shuifeng’s role in the game, the quest that Ma’ao would set for the squad would by no means be ordinary. Zhang Zhiyin inferred that this might be one of the prelude quests.

Moreover, if he did not exist in this world like in the original game scenario, Ma’ao should definitely play the important role of exposing Li Shuifeng’s true facade That was why it was imperative for Zhang Zhiyin to pull Ma’ao into this situation. Yin Nian said that at the beginning of the construction of this world, he also integrated the plot, settings, characters, etc of the game without filtering anything out. This world would actually continue to improve and develop through drawing his power, becoming more and more realistic and strong, at the same time it would regenerate power to repay Yin Nian. But it also meant that it wasn’t easy to change some of the trajectory of the plot development in the game, otherwise the world would lose its balance.

With Ma’ao in the mix, Zhang Zhiyin’s plan would move even more smoothly.

However, Ma’ao hadn’t yet come back to find Zhang Zhiyin, and the plot had already progressed to the stage where the intruders were going to launch a sneak attack

Zhang Zhiyin had prepared for everything and took the initiative to get in touch with the Storm Unit— the Thunder Unit and the Storm Unit were responsible for safeguarding the same location in two shifts. The Thunder Unit would be in charge at the night before the conference to dawn while Storm Unit was to take guard after dawn. In fact, the captain of the Storm unit took the initiative and sought Zhang Zhiyin out.

The captain of the Storm Unit scuffed her clunky boots and twiddled her hair, seemingly to be searching for suitable words. “I don’t think I should be saying this… but something fishy is going on, it would never be this quiet on the eve of the conference… I feel that Yun, Yun Chu’s arrangement isn’t very appropriate. No one will show up at the meeting confidently early in the morning—because on that occasion, all the heads of the bases will be gathered together, bringing along the strongest abilities users in the base… at least looking at the probability, it’s much lesser compared to tonight. I know that the Thunder Unit is very powerful, but we are always ready to help out at all times. If you need anything, feel free to contact us.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded. “I believe we will need your assistance. I have the same thoughts as you do.”

The captain of the Storm Unit smiled and pointed to the communication device on her waist before waving at him and stroding away.

The night came around, Dadao was in command of the team members stationed outside while Zhang Zhiyin and four other members stood guard near Yun Chu.

If the event wasn’t set to take place at the headquarters of the Alliance, Zhang Zhiyin wouldn’t have bothered to take responsibility for Yun Chu’s life or death. He firmly believed that as a Level 8 ability user, Yun Chu was more than able to secure himself, rather than have Zhang Zhiyin sacrifice his own team members to try and save him. At least from what he gleaned from the game and based on the brief contact he had with him today, Zhang Zhiyin didn’t see what role this young man who was about his own age could have in saving the world from the apocalypse. His father, Yun Lietian, really did have an unusual charisma and ability to bring people under his fold, but Zhang Zhiyin felt that on the strength of power, leadership skills, and many other aspects, Yun Chu and Yang Fu were on par. This might have stemmed from his personal prejudice, because even in the game, Zhang Zhiyin just didn’t like Yun Chu’s role. He even thought that for Yun Chu to progress at such a deviant speed in the middle and late stages was merely because the game planning team wanted to introduce his character to the storyline.

However, in this situation, Zhang Zhiyin could only protect Yun Chu as if he was an in-game NPC tasked to protect a character.

Yin Nian also followed Zhang Zhiyin, sometimes peeking out from the pocket of his jacket. When there was no one around them, he’d mewl loudly, but when there was someone around, he acted like he didn’t exist.

Ah Kong had once quietly asked him, “Captain, why did you bring Daxiang out with you?”

“Daxiang”. This name wasn’t what he’d come up with in the first place. At first, the members started calling Yin Nian “Yin Xiaoxiang his father” Later, perhaps, they felt that this was too inconvenient, so gradually, he was called Daxiang.

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t say that he was forced under Boss’s tyrannical abuse so he could only stammeringly say, “Daxiang has its own ability. It might be able to help us out.”

They all knew that Yin Xiaoxiang could spit ice shards. So despite Ah Kong’s doubts, Ah Kong did not continue to ask questions and she went back to her duties. In her mind, she thought that even if it was a bit more powerful than Yin Xiaoxiang, at most, its ice abilities would only be in the range of Level one or Level two. She could only hope that it didn’t end up dragging down the captain at a crucial point.

Zhang Zhiyin was the first to find the intruder. Dadao and the others who stood on guard outside did not even issue a warning signal.

He had known that he was going to face a living enemy that knew how to adjust themselves according to the changing circumstances. Even though this setting was only included as one of the main tasks, it was not as simple as merely playing a boss instance.

The opponents he would have to face would only get better and new information might come at any time. He had to be constantly vigilant.

As the commander and the person in charge of the team, he had to be in control of all aspects and thus, he was the first to discover that Jie, who was keeping watch at the third spot, had suddenly vanished.

A person who was right there just a second ago mysteriously disappeared. He had only heard of one incident when something like this had happened.

And that incident was the disappearance of Baiyin Battle Station 3. The timing and the setting completely matched the description of the events narrated by the remaining members of the battle station.

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