Chapter 73

When Mist Unit had arrived, the battle had already ended.

Li Shuifeng looked at the scene and glanced at Zhang Zhiyin before leaving with his men aftering addressing the situation. Mist Unit also had a task tonight, there was no reason for them to stay here.

Everyone else who heard about the situation all came to see Captain Zhang’s legendary cat who had made great contributions.

Yin Nian was shy and snuggled back to Zhang Zhiyin’s pocket, mewling quietly.

Most of the women and guys in the team exclaimed in surprise, “It’s so cute!”

“No wonder you spoil it so much, Captain. It is really powerful!”

“You wouldn’t think that if you knew who he is,” was what Zhang Zhiyin thought secretly.

But he also felt that it was abnormal for a cat to be like this, so he made up an excuse at the moment. “It can only use its power once a month. It is my secret weapon.”

“How come I haven’t seen Daxiang when we were in our station?” One of the older members who had been with him for a long time asked.

Zhang Zhiyin smiled slightly. “En, Yin Nian gave it to me two days ago when he left.”

Ah Kong, Xiao Jin, and the rest looked at each other as if they had understood something.

Yin Nian hid in his pocket and began to rub around.

Zhang Zhiyin hit him through his pocket. “Be obedient.”

A group of people couldn’t stand seeing this scene anymore.

“Captain, be nice to it.”

“It’s rare for a cat to be so clingy, loyal, sensible, and powerful.”


Zhang Zhiyin could only yield to public opinions, taking Yin Nian out from his pocket and combing his fur. “Good.”

Yan Nian happily rubbed against Zhang Zhiyin’s wrist with his head and accepted the waves of praises from everyone.

No. 3 who was initially ambushed by the invaders had been examined by the healers in the headquarters. The diagnosis showed that nothing was wrong with his body, it’s all superficial injuries, but he did inhale a kind of gas that made one become weak and muddle-headed. As that moment, No. 3 had already recovered his senses.

Zhang Zhiyin had made arrangements and asked Dadao to gather people to deal with the aftermath of the battle while he took Xiao Jin, Ah Kong, Old Zhu, and Ah Mu to the headquarter’s hospital to visit No. 3. These were the older people who had experienced Baiyan Station 7’s event and would be able to discover more clues.

Zhang Zhiyin asked No. 3 to recall the situation at that time which included every minute detail. No. 3 raised his head slightly and recalled carefully. “I’m sorry, Captain, I was a little careless at that time, and I was suddenly caught by someone the next moment. I wanted to call for help, but I couldn’t make any sound. I then turned my head and tried to see the person who had captured me, but I couldn’t see him. There was only air, yet there was really someone holding me down tightly… Then I lowered my head and found that I could not see my body anymore… “

“At this time, I saw my teammates looking in my direction. They should have noticed something was amiss… But, but, their expressions were all the same, I know that they were looking for me, but they couldn’t see me… Then I heard the captain’s gunshots, and then I fainted. “

“Alright, I understand. Take a good rest. You did well. Don’t be too hard on yourself. ” Zhang Zhiyin grinned at No. 3 and nodded hard.

After leaving the ward, they went to Dadao’s room together. Dadao had finished settling the aftermath of the battle and was waiting for them.

All along the way, Zhang Zhiyin recalled the course of this incident, and after sitting down, he took the lead and asked, “What do you think? Have you made any new discoveries? Tell me about them.”

Old Zhu was the first to say, “Those invaders are very strange. They seem to have no mastery of any abilities at all. They just use the most primitive physical attacks. Their strength and defense are average, but they do have an ability, and that ability is very strange.”

“Yes, when they faced me head-on, what I felt most is their speed. They are too fast, ” Ah Kong added.

“The ambush they did at the periphery were very ordinary, but those people were very strong. The moment Storm Unit arrived, they immediately withdrew,” Dadao reported.

Zhang Zhiyin nodded. “It is the same group of people at Baiyin Station 7, they are from E Laboratory. I got a new item from Yin Nian and used it to monitor Li Shuifeng because of that incident— I discovered that they are colluding with each other. “

He didn’t tell the truth. He was watching Li Shuifeng with an enhanced version of clairvoyance, not with an item from Yin Nian.

His comrades were shocked and understood immediately.

The real Yin Nian crawled out of his pocket. He climbed on Zhang Zhiyin’s shoulder with his swaggering tail and crouched there, looking like a proud king inspecting his territory.

Zhang Zhiyin ignored him and continued to put forward his ideas. “I don’t think they have any special new abilities, they just developed new methods to utilize their abilities. The eleven invaders from today might be just ordinary speed ability users. “

Old Zhu’s mouth was opened slightly. “How can it be?” As a Level 5 speed ability user, he believed he knew what a speed ability user was like.

“I suspect that they use shadows, it must be related to shadows.” Zhang Zhiyin picked up the pen on the table and began to draw a sketch of the hall layout on a piece of paper. “No. 3 is here, and they appeared in this range when they infiltrated in large quantities. What these two places have in common is that there are shadows that cannot be illuminated by the light. “

This proved that Dadao was indeed formerly a worker with a high education level — his residence always had paper and pen, which was the working and living habits he had brought from before the end of the world.

For Zhang Zhiyin to be able to think of this was because he was looking at it from the perspective of a game. He believed that the game should be relatively balanced, <Tomorrow> was a pay-to-win that was enjoyable even without having the players paying for it, but it shouldn’t be a case where normal mutant abilities could be enhanced to this point. He did not think that any game company would design one or several classes that would render other classes useless.

There had been many examples before. With the continuous update and data adjustment of the map, it was possible that the originally outstanding classes would be suppressed and other originally neglected classes would rise. Strength, defense, speed, and accuracy were the same as the outstanding attributes of a warrior, knight, assassin and archer in the classic traditional design of RPG games. Although there were many varieties in different professions of various games, their basic core was the same — they had their own strengths, they could cooperate with each other and suppress each other.

“Stealth”, “Shadow Dodge”, “Trap”, or other similar skills were classic skills of assassins. It’s not surprising from the point of view of the game that speed ability users could acquire these skills.

Zhang Zhiyin’s words opened their thoughts, several people’s thoughts started flowing at once, they thought of many kinds of possibilities. Ah Kong was responsible for summarizing these and forming a report after all of this. If all these guesses were correct, then they could not only effectively prevent an attack from E laboratory in the future, but also follow their example to further develop and improve the level of their combat power.

Before leaving, Dadao asked Zhang Zhiyin, “Captain, how are you gonna handle Li Shuifeng? This conference is indeed the best opportunity to expose him. “

Zhang Zhiyin smiled. “I think it’s about time.”

After a night of fighting and negotiation, Zhang Zhiyin returned to his house around after seven in the morning. It was bright, other staff had rushed to start the relevant arrangements of the conference.

Zhang Zhiyin opened the door and found that a piece of paper had been stuffed into the door:

“Eight o’clock late, usual place. Ma’ao.

Zhang Zhiyin looked down at the paper, not noticing that his cat had jumped down and quickly turned into a human.

Yin Nian put his arm around his neck, pressed him to the door, and put his face close to his neck, whispering, “Zhiyin, I didn’t get to hug you to sleep last night. Not happy, I want compensation.”

Boss raised his head, his eyes were dark and his face was cold. He seemed to be two different people compared with the spoiled attitude he had just now, but Zhang Zhiyin was long used used to his indifferent attitude.

He gently covered Zhang Zhiyin’s face, kissed him and murmured, “Zhiyin, how about a kiss as compensation for me?”

At eight o’clock, Yin Nian was on time to attend the Alliance Conference as “Dr. Yin of Bai Mang Association”.

Zhang Zhiyin sat in the room in a daze, feeling like he had forgotten something.

Then he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to ask Yin Nian why he became Yin Xiaoxiang and deceived himself that year!

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