Chapter 74

Zhang Zhiyin went to see Ma’ao.

Ma’ao toasted his glass at him. “I went to see him as you said. I understood when I saw the look in his eyes when he saw me. “

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and said nothing else. He could see the sadness in this man’s eyes. Because of the hardships that were brought in by the apocalypse and, they lost their peaceful life, family, and their loved ones. At this point, it was hard for him to say that all these was just a part of the game’s plot, that it was made up by the game planning group and created by Yin Nian. Even watching a movie or a television drama would inevitably bring the viewers into the protagonist’s point of view, there was no need to mention about his current situation.

And he couldn’t even criticize the creators, he could only strive to make all these develop toward a good direction. He would be afraid because of his insignificance, anxious because of his lack of power, but fortunately, Yin Nian was with him.

“Do you need me to help you with anything?”

Zhang Zhiyin pursed his lips and nodded. “Yes.”

The alliance conference would last for a week. It was at the fourth day, which was the most crucial moment when they would decide the next leader. The first three days were just for the involved parties to play games with each other.

Meanwhile, Thunder Unit’s achievement of settling the invaders on the eve of the conference while remaining practically unharmed was spreading in the base, causing their popularity to rise rapidly.

After finalizing the details, Zhang Zhiyin had chosen to expose Li Shuifeng during the third day of the alliance meeting, which was the eve before the voting of the alliance leader. During that time, everyone would be given the opportunity to present their views and opinions on the alliance.

As the founder of Bai Mang Association, Yin Nian, who had successfully returned from being “missing”, would attend almost all of the meetings.

Zhang Zhiyin could almost imagine how resentful Yin Nian would be.

The only advantage of being participants was that Yin Nian and other representatives of Bai Mang Association would be residing in the headquarter’s base. Their residence weren’t far from Zhang Zhiyin’s. At last, he could be openly intimate with Yin Nian as a human!

After the last meeting in the afternoon, the actual leader of Bai Mang Association, Sang ‘The spokesman for the cold and alienated Dr. Yin’, ‘didn’t know the real identity of his boss at all’, ‘was in fact in the same pitiful position as Lei Dun, Meng Kali, Yu Huo, and the rest’, ‘they worked for the same boss even though he was in the righteous faction’ Le warmly invited his family’s boss and the rest of the Bai Mang Association to have a meal together.

Yin Nian stood up and looked at him. “I have an appointment.”

Sang Le was stunned for a moment, thinking, the doctor who had been single and lonely for thousands of years had an appointment? Later, he responded and thought that this couldn’t do. Boss, you’ve been missing for so long and you’ve finally came back to the association. There are so many things waiting for you to deal with. You can’t go on a date at this time. Even if you go on a date, you should take me with you and settle one or two business matters on the way.

So he stood up, straightened his coat, picked up the papers on the table, and said seriously, “I’ll go with you.”

Yin Nian glanced at him and said indifferently, “You are not allowed to go with me.”

However, Sang Le still followed him quietly.

This was the advantage of not knowing the truth.

In Sang Le’s eyes, although Yin Nian was slightly cold, he was truly a good man with intelligence and an impartial heart, so he was never as afraid of Yin Nian like how Meng Kali, Lei Dun, and Yu Huo feared him. In his opinion, the doctor would not excessively blame him for seizing his personal time due to important matters for the well-being of mankind!

If Lei Dun and the rest knew this, they could only show their sympathy toward him. Too simple, sometimes naive1.

Yin Nian ignored him and directly used his space ability to teleport to Zhang Zhiyin. Although they were in the headquarters base, the use of space ability to teleport oneself was prohibited unless the user had obtained special permission.

When Sang Le arrived at the canteen gasping for air, Yin Nian no longer cared if he was following him.

Just like when Yin Nian was a cat, Zhang Zhiyin took Yin Nian to have dinner with the Thunder Unit. The marginal influence of Sang Le could be ignored under the influence of the whole Thunder Unit. Yin Nian’s plan to have a good meal with Zhiyin just like at home was doomed to fail.

Dr. Yin, who rarely attended the meetings obediently, showed his displeasure. This pressure spread to the whole canteen, and the diners’ eating speed all unconsciously grew three times faster than usual.

Sang Le looked at Zhang Zhiyin, who was sitting closely to Yin Nian with a surprised look on his face. “Captain Zhang?! Since when did you and the doctor… ” has such a good relationship? He still remembered in Hope Base, the always cold doctor stood out to help the captain defeat the people who had framed him. Although the action should have had a left a deep impression, he didn’t expect that they were still in contact with each other. And it seemed that their relationship wasn’t shallow.

Xiao Jin looked back at him in surprise. “As Dr. Yin’s assistant, you don’t know?! Our Captain and Dr Yin grew up together!”

And they were definitely not any simple ordinary little childhood friends, Xiao Jin added this sentence in his heart. They could at least be counted as good friends! Might even be those kinds of friends with circumstances which didn’t permit them to be together, having separated for a long time only to reunite again, even any hardships of life and death could not separate them anymore again!

Sang Le sat quietly to digest this fact.

Zhang Zhiyin listened to Xiao Jin’s words and thought, “Don’t even talk about Sang Le. Even he didn’t know that he and Yin Nian were childhood friends until he said it.”

In order to change the topic and appease Yin Nian’s mood, Zhang Zhiyin pulled Yin Nian’s sleeve and said in a coaxing manner, “How was today’s meeting?”

“They have been reporting their results in dealing with Dr. Y and discussing future plans to deal with him.” Yin Nian looked at Zhang Zhiyin’s face and his expression relaxed by a margin. He held Zhang Zhiyin’s hand instead, then turned his head over and slightly raised his eyes to look at him. “That’s it.”

Zhang Zhiyin was speechless.

“They also asked for my advice every ten minutes.” Yin Nian added.

“My God. They don’t know that Y is your twin brother?” said Xiao Jin.

Yin Nian shook his head.

Sang Le moved closer in alarm. “Doctor, you have a twin brother? It’s Y?”

Yin Nian looked at him and nodded. Feeling sorry that he could not use his usual method of ordering “Go to Yu Huo Base and stay there. Do not return without my orders.” However, he could consider letting Yu Huo capture him instead.

Xiao Jin looked at Sang Le with sympathy again. “You don’t know that either?”

Zhang Zhiyin defended Sang Le silently in his heart. Before Yin Nian said it out loud, probably Yin Nian himself also didn’t know.

Looking at Sang Le’s shocked eyes, Xiao Jin crossed his legs and and a smile crept onto his lips. His sense of superiority was bursting— he knew it, being someone from the bride’s side was surely beneficial! This principle, he had understood ever since Ah Kong made her first boyfriend in junior high.

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